The Delicate Lady Coroner Chapter 208: Ten Flowers 22

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Chapter 208 Ten Flowers 22

It was only halfway through Shenshi that news came out from the palace. The attendants sent out came back and reported: “The county lord, the father-in-law, and the marquis were temporarily kept in the palace. Uncle Zhongyi said it was because he did not want to leave Princess Anyang and Feng His Majesty and the Queen Mother were very moved by the fact that Yu had just left his body with him. Just now, His Majesty sent people to the ancestral mausoleum of Uncle Zhongyi, planning to quietly move the remains of Princess Anyang and Feng Yu into the ancestral mausoleum tonight. Uncle Zhongyi has already Yes.”

Bo Ruoyou and Fu An looked at each other, and she said in surprise: “So Uncle Zhongyi has not been suspected?”

“I don’t know this yet. I only know that the Queen Mother went to see His Majesty after noon. I don’t know what she said later, so she sent people to the ancestral mausoleum of Uncle Zhongyi. In order to move the remains, the ancestral mausoleum had to be dug up. Most of them were Afraid that uncle Zhongyi’s movements would attract attention, the people in the palace quietly left without anyone noticing.”

Bo Ruoyou frowned, “Is there any movement at Uncle Zhongyi’s Mansion?”

The attendant shook his head, “No, everything is as usual.”

Bao Ruoyou nodded, and when the attendant stepped back, her face was full of confusion. Seeing this, Fu’an comforted him and said, “Don’t worry, wait for the Marquis to come back. There is something wrong with his behavior. As long as you continue If you investigate, you can always find evidence of guilt.”

Bo Ruoyou felt a little anxious in his heart, “Uncle Zhongyi burned himself and erased the scars. Even if I came forward to testify, it would be useless. And when he burned down the alchemy room, he probably had a chance to bury the underground palace. As for the alchemy furnace, The gold and silver inside are probably evidence of smelting crimes. If he burns the Buddha treasure, there is really nothing he can do against him.”

Fu’an also looked confused, “What should we do?”

Bao Ruoyou calculated carefully, “He removed the scars and destroyed the Buddha treasures. It is impossible to determine whether the crime scene where several children were murdered is in Zhuangzi. Even if it is, after many years, it will probably not be left behind.” Traces…”

Gong Fu said fairly: “He buried the underground palace, but still kept the bodies of Princess Anyang and Feng Yu, but this is not a serious crime compared with murder.”

“He committed the murder in order to bring Princess Anyang and Feng Yu back to life. Naturally, he would not destroy the bodies. Now he only needs to admit that he did not bury Princess Anyang and Feng Yu in the ancestral mausoleum. Your Majesty and the Queen Mother I feel that he has a deep love for Princess Anyang, and as long as he doesn’t do anything harmful to nature, I won’t blame him in any way.”

Bo Ruoyou pondered for a moment: “Li Shen believed me and has already murdered Wen Jin. If we can find evidence that he and Uncle Zhongyi had known each other for a long time, then Uncle Zhongyi’s suspicion will be even greater.”

Uncle Zhongyi often appears in the eyes of the world with an appearance of being indifferent to fame and fortune. If he is involved with a murderer who believes in evil, he will naturally become more suspicious. Bo Ruoyou glanced at the door anxiously, but he still didn’t see Huo Weilou. The figure said, “Since the body has to be removed, Master Sun and Lu Ke will no longer be able to investigate it soon.”

Bao Ruoyou was not mistaken. After only two cups of tea, she did not wait for Huo Weilou to come back. Instead, she waited for Sun Zhao and Lu Ke. They had been busy all night, and now their bodies were covered with dirt from the fire. He was wearing charcoal ash, and he even brought two bamboo baskets with him. The frames were full of black charcoal blocks. If you look closely, you can see that they are somewhat gold and silver.

Lu Ke pointed to the “charcoal blocks” in the frame and said: “County Lord, these are all taken out from the alchemy furnace. Uncle Zhongyi didn’t know what he melted. We couldn’t tell for a while, and the palace sent another People went to Zhuangzi to send messages, so we had to come back first and bring these things back with us to see if we could find anything.”

Bo Ruoyou thanked him for his hard work. Eunuch Fu hurriedly ordered people to bring hot water and meals. Everyone washed up briefly and ate again before starting to look for clues in the pile of gold and silver. Bo Ruoyou, Sun Zhao and Wu Xiang We discussed, “The Yamen went to conduct a thorough investigation of Feiyun Temple that day. In which year did Uncle Zhongyi start offering incense in Feiyun Temple?”

Wu Xiang went to investigate this in person, so he naturally remembered it clearly, “It has been many years, at least more than 20 years, because Uncle Zhongyi also had the habit of believing in Taoism in the past. There are several Taoist temples outside the city. They have been worshiping from time to time since their ancestors. , when Uncle Zhongyi came to this generation, he first followed his father to visit Taoist temples. Later, when old Uncle Zhongyi passed away, he was also quite kind-hearted and never stingy with money for sesame oil.”

Most aristocratic families in the capital have the habit of believing in Buddhism, which is normal. But thinking that Uncle Zhongyi might have had the opportunity to get acquainted with Li Shen, she always felt weird in her heart. Li Shen was pushed out to take the blame, so this person Did he tell Uncle Zhongyi about the art of death, or did Uncle Zhongyi tell him?

And Wang Qingfu was a Jinshi in the 12th year of Jianhe. If Feng Qin really helped him…


Bo Ruoyou frowned fiercely. In the twelfth year of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Princess Anyang and Feng Yu had not yet passed away. At this time, why would Feng Qin help Wang Qingfu, who had nothing to do with him?

Old questions have not yet been solved, and new mysteries are covering the road ahead like mist. Bo Ruoyou feels a little panicked in his heart. At this moment, the attendant from outside quickly comes to report, “The Marquis is back!”

Everyone was refreshed and stepped out to greet him. Soon, they saw Huo Weilou striding towards him with a cold expression on his face, followed by Ning Xiao who also had a solemn expression behind him.

Huo Weilou was not surprised when he saw Lu Ke, Sun Zhao and others returning. He stepped forward and met Bao Ruoyou’s eyes for a moment, then asked about the results of the search outside the city. Lu Ke followed them into the house, “No After finding key clues, the subordinates took a look at the bodies of Princess Anyang and Feng Yu. There were no obvious wounds or deformations. Since they were not victims of the case and their identities were valuable, the subordinates did not dare to be disrespectful. Then they searched the entire body. In the underground palace, nothing was found. When the people in the palace arrived at Zhuangzi to send a message, the subordinates brought back the things they took out of the alchemy furnace to see if they could find anything.”

Huo Weilou nodded, and after taking off his cloak, he said: “The news from Huai’an has arrived. There are some new doubts. Please listen.”

The word Huai’an attracted Bo Ruoyou’s attention. Ning Xiao stepped forward and said: “Our people found Zhao Qianshan and asked about Wang Qingfu’s scientific examination and official appointment. Almost twenty years later, he still remembered , according to him, it was Feng Qin who found him back then and asked him to show mercy to Wang Qingfu. At that time, Zhao Qianshan was just the head of the official department and did not dare to act rashly. However, Feng Qin was the good son-in-law of Prince Zhong, and in the early years, Prince Zhong had These students from Huai’an are very helpful, so he is willing to take risks.”

“Furthermore, he said that the reason why he was willing to take risks was because Feng Qin told him that Wang Qingfu was born in an official clan and was quite famous in Qiangzhou. He only ended up miserable after being implicated. He also said that Wang Qingfu had an indifferent temperament. He is not a person who pursues fame and fortune. Even if he joins the Sixth Department, he will go to the Qinggui Yamen. He will never attract attention and attract suspicion and investigation. At that time, he did not know what the Qinggui Yamen was, but he did not expect that later Wang Qingfu entered the Rites Department first, and soon went to Taiyuan. Changji, he was relieved at that time.”

If Wang Qingfu showed his talents, he would naturally attract people’s hatred. If he were to be impeached as being from a family of guilty officials, it would probably have an impact on his official career. Zhao Qianshan would not be able to escape his involvement by then. But if he went to a government office like Taichang Temple, it would Much safer.

When Bo Ruoyou heard this, he couldn’t help but ask: “Master Hou, what did the palace say? Do you really not doubt Uncle Zhongyi?”

Huo Weilou said solemnly: “Your Majesty, if there is no evidence, peace is the most important thing.”

There is indeed no direct evidence at the moment, but Bo Ruoyou’s doubts a moment ago seem to have the answer, “Master Hou, Uncle Zhongyi came to Zhao Qianshan in the twelfth year of Jianhe, which shows that he was willing to support him at that time. Wang Qingfu, and he also wanted Wang Qingfu to go to a quiet place according to his wishes. What’s more, he had already thought about it at that time and wanted Wang Qingfu to go to Taichang Temple.”

“I was thinking the same thing when I heard Zhao Qianshan’s words.” Huo Weilou frowned, “It was the twelfth year of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Princess Anyang and Zhongyi Bo were singing in harmony, and Feng Yu had not yet suffered from the disease. He died of an illness, and their family lived in harmony. Feng Qin had already given up his official career and seemed to be living a life of idleness, but he secretly helped Wang Qingfu.”

Bo Ruoyou’s heart beat fast, “Wang Qingfu was implicated and his official career should have been bumpy, but later he stayed in the capital as an official. Uncle Zhongyi was his great benefactor. If Uncle Zhongyi had supported him in return, then Let him use his position to help him make profits…”

Huo Weilou made the final decision, “It is very likely that he started to be involved in **** before Princess Anyang and Feng Yu died.”

Anyang and Feng Yu were infected with HIV before their deaths. Later, their beloved wife and eldest son died of illness within a short period of time. Unable to withstand such a blow, they naturally became mentally disturbed and had thoughts of committing evil acts.

Bo Ruoyou felt a little embarrassed, “But Anyang and Feng Yu hadn’t passed away at that time. If they just read some evil teachings and had evil thoughts, could they find a way to put people in the court? Tai Chang Si is in charge of the etiquette and sacrifices of the Tianjia Ancestral Temple, and what he wanted at that time was not to bring Anyang mother and son back to life, so he should not have made such an arrangement.”

Huo Weilou fell silent. Even if he had evil thoughts, he would not take risks for these evil thoughts from the beginning. How could Feng Qin be so far-sighted at that time?

Unless then, he has an unattainable goal and has planned how to use Wang Qingfu.

“Perhaps Feng Qinxin’s death technique was not for others, but for himself.”

Huo Weilou spoke in a heavy voice, and these words coincided with Bo Ruoyou’s guess in her heart. A slight chill ran down her spine, but she felt that the fog in front of her eyes had dispersed, “Just now, Capt. Wu also said that Uncle Zhongyi is outside the city. Several Taoist temples started offering incense very early, so it is very likely that he had known Li Shen for a long time, but he had just kept quiet for many years.”

Overturning the speculation that Feng Qin fell into evil ways because of Anyang and Feng Yu, Bo Ruoyou felt confused for a moment, “But if it wasn’t for the resurrection of Anyang and Feng Yu, why didn’t he let Anyang and Feng Yu be buried properly?”

Huo Weilou glanced out the window. Dusk had arrived and dark clouds were pressing over the city. Thinking of Feng Qin’s cowardly appearance in Zhaoyang Palace today, he said coldly: “If we don’t let them be buried, we will be excused today.”

Huo Weilou’s words made Bo Ruoyou shiver in his heart. Feng Qin was obsessed with practicing Taoism and had demonic obstacles in his heart. Either he needed someone in the court, or he had really thought about the Buddha treasure for a long time, but he could spend several years to support it. Wang Qingfu, who has committed crimes for many years, may have already guessed that one day he would be discovered, but he actually wanted to use the bodies of his wife and children as a cover? !

If Feng Qin really had such thoughts, how unpredictable would he be? When Princess Anyang happily married Feng Qin, might she have thought that the person she shared the same bed with would have such a heart?

“Can he really have such thoughts?”

People’s hearts are unpredictable. Bo Ruoyou has seen many vicious and ruthless people, but it is probably Feng Qin’s deep love for Princess Anyang that has preconceived notions. She actually doesn’t want Feng Qin to have this intention at the moment.

How could Huo Weilou not know what she was thinking? Thinking of what he said and done to Feng Qin when he went to Zhuangzi outside the city last night, he became more and more certain that this man was extremely powerful. “Only because he came to the Marquis Mansion in person that day and told us the art of death, this man His mind is very accessible to others. If he had even the slightest fear at the beginning, he would try to get us to find someone else, but he came to the door on his own.”

Not only did Bo Ruoyou feel a chill, but Lu Ke and Ning Xiao also changed their expressions after hearing this. Sun Zhao and Wu Xiang looked at each other. They had dealt with Uncle Zhongyi before and thought he was an immortal and indifferent to fame and wealth. , but now I feel scared.

Sun Zhao sighed, “Although no direct clues have been found on Zhuangzi this time, as long as we continue to investigate, there is still hope.”

Huo Weilou said: “Tonight, the bodies of the princess and Feng Yu will be moved and buried. Uncle Zhongyi is injured and will stay in the city to recuperate. Two days later, the eminent monks from Xiangguo Temple will be asked to perform salvation rituals for them. The Queen Mother and Your Majesty has never punished Uncle Zhongyi, but he also feels that his obsession is too deep and unethical, so he will not let him continue to practice Taoism.”

Having murdered so many children, can not practicing Taoism be considered punishment?

Bao Ruoyou suddenly realized Feng Qin’s brilliance, and knowing that the government might re-investigate Gui Lan’s case, he first proposed a scapegoat with complex conditions. If he really took the scapegoat, he would rest easy forever. If it is not done, it may not be found on him. Even if it is found, the underground palace may not be found. Even if the underground palace is found, it is just a harmless mistake due to too much affection.

With this cover and erasing the irrefutable evidence, he will never be the murderer.

The sky outside the window has darkened, and the room is also a little darker. Bo Ruoyou’s mood at this moment is as dark and unclear as the skylight.

“We still need to find the old Wen Po. Yuan Jie is far away in the northwest, and the news has not yet been sent back. If it can be confirmed that Yue Mingquan’s promotion in the Zhenxi Army is related to Feng Qin, it can at least prove that he helped two people. They all happen to be related to the case of the lost Buddhist treasures at Famen Temple. Your Majesty is not a dim-witted person, so he naturally understands that there are many mysteries involved.”

Huo Weilou was giving instructions to everyone, but his eyes fell on Bo Ruoyou, “Uncle Zhongyi now knows that we are suspicious of him, but he thinks that he has handled it properly and everything is fine, so there will be times when he loses his guard.”

After speaking, he looked at Lu Ke and said, “It’s already late. Let’s go and screen the gold and silver that we brought back. Sun Zhao and the people from the Yamen should go back and have a rest.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the attendant said outside: “Master Marquis, Ming Yuanzheng and Mr. Ming have arrived.”

The victim of the first case that year was Ming Guilan, and last night the embroidery envoy entered the Zhongyi Bo Villa, which alarmed the Queen Mother today. After such a long time, there must be some rumors among the aristocratic families, and the father and son of the Ming family It’s not surprising to come after hearing the news.

Huo Weilou ordered his attendants to invite his father and son in. As they walked along, they saw that the Hou Mansion’s yamen and the embroidery envoys were all exhausted, so they knew that something big had happened last night. When they arrived at the main hall, they saw Sun Zhao and others again. Wu and Xiang were both there, and their eyes could not help but reveal hope.

After bowing and sitting down, Huo Weilou told the truth. When they heard that the murderer had not been caught, both Ming Guilan and his son were a little disappointed.

Ming Zhonghuai sighed, “I should have thought that it would not be so easy, but is it really Feng Qin?”

Huo Weilou will naturally not elaborate, but he will not deny it, “The key evidence has not been found yet.”

Ming Zhonghuai is so insightful, and Huo Weilou always sticks to his word. His answer almost condemned Feng Qin. His eyes were slightly shaken, and he took a moment to accept the answer, and then fell into a certain In this memory, “It was actually him. Previously, Guilan helped the Marquis and the county owner buy a house outside the city. I heard what he said, saying that it was done by a close family in the city. I didn’t believe it, but I didn’t expect that there were so many people. There are people who come and go.”

Huo Weilou’s heart moved slightly when he heard this, “Gui Lan said that you had some dealings with the uncle’s house in the early years. Do you know about Princess Anyang’s postpartum hemorrhage? Did you also go to the princess’s funeral? Does Feng Qin look strange?”

Ming Zhonghuai didn’t know why Huo Weilou asked about Princess Anyang, but now that he knew that Feng Qin was the murderer who had harmed his son all his life, he naturally recalled it with all his heart. He had been practicing medicine since he was a child, and he had no knowledge of anything related to diseases. You Qi has a profound memory, “I know this. When Princess Anyang gave birth to her second son, she had a very hard pregnancy and a very difficult delivery. She did have a hemorrhage at that time. At that time, the palace was alarmed. The Queen Mother sent The imperial doctor went to save her life, and it was said that she had been saved. However, after the imperial doctor left, the princess still did not hold on, and she naturally went to the funeral.”

Ming Zhonghuai narrowed his eyes. He was a doctor. When talking about the patient’s death, he should have compassion. But thinking of Feng Qin’s evil, he felt that this might be Feng Qin’s retribution. “The couple were married at that time. Feng Qin, who had a reputation for love and affection, passed away after childbirth. Feng Qin was very sad. He seemed to have lost his soul. Not only did he ignore the newborn son, but even the eldest son who was infected with the epidemic was only taken care of by his servants. Therefore, the eldest son of the Feng family died of illness due to improper care.”

“When the eldest son died of illness, Princess Anyang had not yet passed her first birthday, which naturally dealt another heavy blow to Feng Qin. He buried his eldest son hastily and was unable to recover. He closed his doors and thanked guests for three whole months. Three months later, Then he became a different person and devoted himself to seeking the truth.”

At this point, Ming Zhonghuai glanced at Ming Guilan, his eyes still unwilling to accept it, “Speaking of the movement between the two houses in the past, it was also because when Princess Anyang was pregnant with the eldest son, she was also quite weak due to her physical condition. Because of the difficulties, my father carefully nursed the princess back to health, so that the princess could successfully give birth to the child. The child’s birthday was quite auspicious. He was smart and clever at a young age, and had a good reputation in Beijing, but he didn’t want to live up to his expectations. It is easy to break, and if you are extremely intelligent, you will be injured. It is a destiny to die young.”

Ming Zhonghuai couldn’t help but look at Ming Guilan’s legs, “At that time, Feng Qin was very grateful to his father. Although the Ming family was not a marquis, they were also doctors for generations, and the two families were not clinging to each other. Later, Feng Qin In the first two years when I devoted myself to seeking Taoism, I had less contact with the surrounding aristocratic families, and then my family became less frequent, but I didn’t expect that he would actually set his sights on Gui Lan.”

Thinking that the young master of the Bo family was also harmed by him, Ming Zhonghuai looked at Bo Ruoyou with a bit of compassion, but people like Bo Ruoyou and Huo Weilou who knew the circumstances of the case found it a bit strange. .

Everyone thought that Feng Qin’s pursuit of Taoism began after the violent death of his wife and eldest son. However, various signs indicate that he was most likely to have his mind set on it before that, and his actions in supporting Wang Qingfu were not an attempt to resurrect Anyang. Intend.

Bo Ruoyou carefully judged whether Feng Qin’s change after the death of Anyang and Feng Yu was true or false, but suddenly, she looked at Ming Zhonghuai with a strange expression, “Ming Yuan just said that the eldest son of the Feng family Is your birthday very auspicious?”

Ming Zhonghuai nodded, “The eldest son of the Feng family is the same age as the Marquis. At that time, he was worried about the birth, so he invited my father to sit in the house. Therefore, my father knew the eldest son’s birthday. His birthday was an extremely important day that year. It is a rare number of three yangs. It is said that people with this birthday are born with more blessings than others——”

Before Ming Zhonghuai finished speaking, Bo Ruoyou’s expression changed, “The number of three Yangs?”

She looked at Huo Weilou without waiting for Ming Zhonghuai to nod, and Huo Weilou immediately straightened his back, “Are you really not remembering it wrong? Is it the number of three Yangs?”

Ming Zhonghuai not only nodded in agreement at this moment, but also sighed bitterly: “I can’t remember it wrong, because Guilan’s birthday was also said in the same way. But there is no extra blessing, but they are all warlocks. Just words.”

Bo Ruoyou’s fingers in her sleeves were tightly twisted together, and it was the number of the three yangs. Although such birthdays are rare, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the capital, and the babies born on the same day every year are not counted. There were only a few, and the murderer in this case all chose those with auspicious longevity. Ming Guilan was like this, Bo Lanzhou was like this, and the other children who were killed, except Wen Jin, were like this.

However, this was the first time that Bo Ruoyou knew that Feng Qin’s eldest son, Feng Yu, was also born on this date. Her voice suddenly became a little more difficult, “Shicaiyuan was saying that Feng’s eldest son was infected with the epidemic. Did someone die of illness because of improper care?”

“Yes, there was a famine that year. In winter, many victims wandered outside the city, and plagues broke out. Those plagues were similar to typhoid fever, but they were extremely difficult to cure. A servant of the uncle’s house accidentally contracted the disease when he went out to visit his family in the city. When I came back, the other adults in the uncle’s house were fine, but the eldest son was infected. The illness lasted for a month and could not be cured.”

“Fever, sore throat, lack of food and water, and coughing up blood, which was quite torture. At that time, an imperial doctor came to the house to diagnose the disease. Others were busy with the funeral of the princess, and some were afraid that they would be infected. Naturally, he neglected to take care of him. He should have called the imperial doctor as soon as he had a fever, but the servant was negligent. Later, the child continued to have a high fever, coughed and stained his clothes with blood, and finally died.”

Huo Weilou understood why Bo Ruoyou asked this question, and countless questions emerged in his heart, “Did anyone see it with their own eyes when Feng Yu died of illness?”

“There were two people responsible for taking care of the children, a wet nurse and a maid. Feng Qin was furious at the time and killed them with a cane before they were escorted to the government. The young one among them was not a domestic slave, but an outsider. The purchaser did not sign a death contract. For this reason, the family found him and almost went to the government, but was later suppressed. Few people in the government knew the specific situation, and even the subordinates did not know. This was also heard intermittently later. .”

Huo Weilou’s eyes darkened, “Have you seen the child’s body?”

“No.” Ming Zhonghuai said: “The princess’s first seven years have not passed, so it is impossible to hold a funeral for the child, so we performed rituals in the small courtyard, and then buried him next to the princess’s new grave. .”

The two slaves were killed with a stick, and more than ten years have passed since this incident. If you go to the mansion to ask the old man again at this time, I’m afraid you won’t be able to find out anything. But Feng Yu’s death sounds strange, so Huo Weilou and A terrible guess came up in Bo Ruoyou’s heart. They looked out the window and saw that the night had fallen. At this time, in the villa outside the city, preparations must have been made to remove the bodies of Anyang and Feng Yu.

Bao Ruoyou kept calculating the possibility that his guess was true, and the more he thought about it, the more chilled he felt in his heart. At this time, Huo Weilou had already made a decisive decision and stood up, “Maybe this child did not die of illness.”

He turned to look at Bo Ruoyou, “It’s too late to stop him now. If someone is buried, it will no longer be possible to open the museum and dig the grave.”

No matter how unbelievable Bao Ruoyou was, he made up his mind because of Huo Weilou’s decision, “Okay, I want to get the autopsy box first.”

Huo Weilou ordered his attendants to fetch it, and ordered Lu Ke to immediately take his order to the villa outside the city to stop the person who was moving the body. Neither Ming Zhonghuai nor Ming Guilan could react to this momentary turn of events. Sun Zhao He was shocked, “Does the Marquis suspect that Feng Yu was killed? But…but he is Feng Qin’s biological son, and we have no evidence at the moment, can we verify it?”

Huo Weilou’s eyes turned cold, “He is the uncle’s son, so he cannot be tested, but if he is the victim of this case, then he can be tested!”

Huo Weilou was holding up even if the sky fell, and everyone followed his will. Soon, several people from Huo Weilou wore cloaks and walked out of the house. He got into the carriage and galloped towards the city gate like an arrow from a string in the howling cold wind of winter!


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