Tempered Immortal Chapter 39: Ling Yun Jue



In the early morning of the next day, the entire summit was crowded with people. For Lingyun Sect, today was an unfortunate day to disband and become a seller. Been looking forward to it for a long time.


In the major sects, not to mention the Xiuxian family for the time being, they are casual cultivators, and they are looking forward to picking up leaks to find good treasures. Lin Xuan woke up very early, but when he came to the square, he found that it was already crowded with cultivators. By.


At the entrance, each person was given a jade tube slip, and they could see the detailed arrangement of today’s activities by injecting their spiritual consciousness.


The entire treasure fair is divided into two parts, auction and free selection. Let’s talk about auction first. Since it is for the participating cultivators to bid, the things you buy are naturally more advanced, including spiritual tools, crafting materials, And beast eggs.


Everyone knows the material of the spiritual tool and the crafting tool. This beast egg is the unincubated offspring of the monster beast.


As we all know, monsters, like cultivators, can absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and have great supernatural powers. However, although monsters are ferocious, they can be tamed, and once they recognize their masters, they will never betray. For the purpose of guarding the mountain.


These beast eggs are produced by the spirit beasts domesticated by Lingyun Sect. Since they have not yet hatched and have not yet recognized their masters, it is very cost-effective to buy them back.


From this, it can be seen that the auction items are the real treasures of Lingyun Sect, but these ordinary loose cultivators do not need to think about it, they must be divided up by several sects such as Piaoyungu, Huolingmen, Daofu Mountain, and Tianxingzong. , Even the various cultivating families would at most pick up the leaks and drink a little soup, and buy a few low-quality spiritual tools that various factions despised, or garbage beast eggs.


The second part of the fair is free selection. The so-called free selection is a bit similar to the stalls set up by the cultivators a few days ago, except that the Lingyun Clan categorizes the things they want to sell and then let everyone choose.


Although the best treasures have already been put up for auction, Lingyun Sect’s thousands of years of accumulation and net worth are still not trivial. All kinds of things that low-level and even foundation-building cultivators may use may appear.


These various sects are not interested anymore. The main buyers are the Cultivation Family and some wealthy people in the loose cultivation.


The introduction in the jade tube was very clear, and even the items to be sold were listed in detail, which made Lin Xuan happy and saved himself a lot of trouble.


I will ignore the others first. Lin Xuan directly found the exercises. There are all kinds of low-level exercises. There are more than a dozen types. Lin Xuan’s mind is alive again. Low-level exercises, but for an underappreciated disciple like him, it is the most common thing to do casually.


Really good low-level exercises are only allowed to be taught to a few outstanding elite disciples.


This is also the reason why I have a lot of elixir to help me, and I have been practicing hard, but I still haven’t been able to break through the fifth floor.


Although Lingyunmen is not as good as Piaoyungu, it refers to the number of high-level monks and the quality of intermediate-level exercises. As far as low-level exercises are concerned, the two sides are actually not comparable.


Then why don’t you buy an exquisite low-level exercise, so that you can practice more smoothly and faster.


What made Lin Xuan’s heart especially excited was that due to the lack of space in the square and the large number of cultivators participating, the booths became somewhat stretched. For two games, buy the cheaper one first in the morning, and then buy the more expensive one in the afternoon.


While the low-level exercises are items that are traded in the morning, the middle-level exercises are traded in the afternoon, so that you don’t have to worry about one or the other, and you can choose slowly.


After clarifying the situation described in the Jade Tube Brief, Lin Xuan went directly to the place where he bought the low-level exercises. Since he wanted to buy it, he had to act quickly. Lin Xuan didn’t want to be preempted by others. He wanted to acquire Ling Yun. The best low-level exercises in the door, other ordinary ones are not of interest.


I found it quickly. This is a relatively remote corner. There is no other reason. The low-level exercises are only suitable for disciples in the agile period. Interest, but poor, even if I barely have enough medicinal pills in my hand, I can’t bear it.


Therefore, this is a kind of thing that is not easy to buy, and the person in charge of setting up the stall is also an ordinary low-level disciple.


There were very few people interested. Lin Xuan took a look. There were more than a dozen jade tube slips on the booth, and a young man in his twenties sat in the back.


“Hun Tianshu”, “Ziyang Jin”, “Softwood Art”…


On the front of each jade tube slip, there is a label with the name of the exercise clearly written. Lin Xuan looks down one by one~IndoMTL.com~ Finally, the three words “Ling Yun Jue” are reflected. eye.


It is also a coincidence. When I was listening to a lecture from the faculty chair in Zhiying Pavilion, a knowledgeable foundation-building expert once commented on the basic exercises of various sects. It was mentioned that among the seven or eight sects in Yanzhou, the strength is of course. With the strongest in this sect, there are the most monks in the foundation-building stage, and there are masters in the condensing stage like the master Yunhe.


But as far as the low-level disciples are concerned, the Lingyun Sect at the back is actually not inferior to their own sect, especially their best basic exercise “Lingyun Jue”, and the first-ranked “Lingyun Jue” among the low-level exercises of this sect. “Feiyun Jin” has its own strengths and is indistinguishable from each other. They are all excellent exercises to lay the foundation.


Lin Xuan didn’t care about these words at the time, but he always remembered that the words of the foundation-building cultivator highly praised the “Ling Yun Jue”, so he naturally wanted to buy this exercise.


He picked up the jade tube slip marked with the three words “Ling Yun Jue” and poured his spiritual consciousness into it. After a brief glance at it, Lin Xuan raised his head and said casually, “How much?”


“Thirty low-grade pills for washing the marrow.” The disciple didn’t lift his head.


“Yeah.” Lin Xuan didn’t say anything. He directly took out three jade bottles from his arms and placed them on the booth. After the other party counted the number of pills, he turned around and left.


The whole process took less than five minutes, and then he continued to wander around the market as if nothing had happened. Compared with the stalls set up by the scattered repairers, the business here was very hot. First, there were more valuable treasures. Second, The Cultivation Clan is also richer than the Loose Cultivator. For this fair, they have prepared enough pills in advance and started rushing to buy them.


Lin Xuan did not make another move. After wandering around for a while, he returned to the inn. The acquisition of Lingyun Jue was also a temporary intention. The main purpose of this trip was to include medium-level exercises with spiritual control. There was no accident in the afternoon, and the trip was complete.



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