Tempered Immortal Chapter 34: Arrived at Lingyun Gate



He looked up at the precipitous Tianzhu Peak. According to Li Hai, the mountain gate of Lingyunmen was on the top of the peak. Of course, ordinary people couldn’t get there, but Lin Xuan couldn’t be bothered.


As the real essence circulated in his body, Lin Xuan used the Wind-Resistant Technique, and crossed the cliffs and cliffs as if walking on the ground, easily speeding away like a mountain top.


Although the magic is magical, it still takes a certain amount of time to climb 5,000 meters high. On the way, Lin Xuan also met a few people who flashed by. Needless to say, they were all cultivators who wanted to participate in the treasure fair.


Lin Xuan did not come forward to chat, but avoided it. He would not take the risk to make friends with strangers. If he encounters a guy with strong mana and bad intentions, he will not ask for trouble. The purpose of this trip is to acquire The practice method is not to increase the knowledge. It is better to have more things than less things.


In this way, after half an hour, Lin Xuan came to the top of the peak, but his eyes were shrouded in layers of fog, blocking his vision, and he couldn’t see anything clearly.


Lin Xuan smiled slightly. Although he was only a cultivator in the spiritual stage, he could see at a glance that there was the most superficial illusion in confusion.


Strictly speaking, this kind of illusion is not a ban, because it is too thick and too low-level, even if it is a monk of the first layer of the agility period, as long as the mana is transferred to the eyes, it will not be affected. , its function is mainly to block mortals. After all, although Tianzhu Peak is steep, martial arts masters among mortals may still come up if they prepare tools, so here is the distinction between ordinary people and cultivators. Phantom array.


Lin Xuan’s cultivation base has reached the middle stage of agility, and naturally he will not be affected. The spiritual power in his dantian flows to his eyes along the meridians. Suddenly, the misty illusion disappears, and a simple teleportation array appears in front of him.


The reason why it is said to be rudimentary is that this teleportation array can only move a short distance, but it is also beneficial, because it does not require much energy and does not need to consume spar, just inject spiritual power into the eye of the array.


Standing on it, Lin Xuan stretched out his hand and injected mana into it. Immediately, the patterns around the teleportation array lit up, the scene became blurred, and a vast expanse of whiteness appeared in front of him. When these visions disappeared, Lin Xuan had already arrived. to another location.


This seems to be in a small hill, but the area is very wide, with green grass and flowers blooming, and the scenery is very beautiful.


“Daoist friends are here to participate in the treasure fair!”


A voice came to his ears, and Lin Xuan turned his head and saw a young man welcoming the guests. Judging from his clothes, he should be a monk from Lingyun Sect, but his expression was very gray and he looked weak. No wonder , was forced to disband the sect, self-abolished the cultivation base, and changed from a high-level cultivator to an ordinary person.


This young cultivator can only force his spirits and greet foreign guests. Once the treasure fair is over, they must abolish their own cultivation.


Although it was a question, it was actually nonsense. Of course, only cultivators could come here. The young man handed a jade tube to Lin Xuan’s hand.


Lin Xuan was a little surprised, but seeing that everyone around the monks had distributed one, he took it without saying a word.


When Lin Xuan came to the bottom of a big tree, Lin Xuan looked at no one around, used his mana, and injected his divine sense into it. Immediately, rows of words and pictures came into his mind. Of course, the contents inside were not exercises. It’s about the introduction of this treasure trading conference and some things that need to be paid attention to.


Lin Xuan took a look and saw that there are several intermediate-level exercises. Unfortunately, the introduction is not detailed, but there is no doubt that it contains spirit control techniques. Lin Xuan is overjoyed, but on the surface, he is calm and withdraws his consciousness. out.


Putting the jade tube into his arms, Lin Xuan lifted his feet and walked towards the mountain. First, he came to a building in the east according to the requirements of the precautions in the jade tube.


Those are small lofts one by one. It used to be the post house of Lingyunmen, but now it is used to receive foreign cultivators. If you want to participate in the treasure fair, you must first register here.


“Name, sect?”


“Zhao Gang, loose repair.”


Lin Xuan is determined not to reveal his identity~IndoMTL.com~ did not hesitate to apply a pseudonym. Of course, the old man with complicated registration would not go to verify it. Zhao Gang is engraved with mana on the front of the waist card, and a loose character is engraved on the reverse.


“Okay, this is your token during the transaction, take it.”


Although it was a simple gesture, the old man’s cultivation made Lin Xuan stunned. It was actually in the early stage of foundation building. However, like the disciple who distributed the jade tube slip, the old man also seemed blank-eyed, and the trade fair was over. , he would have to abolish his cultivation and become a mortal.


A cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage is so powerful. There are more than a dozen Lingyun Sect, and they are forced to disband. Lin Xuan is full of curiosity about how powerful the cultivator of the Pill Condensing Stage is. In the condensing stage, but as a low-level disciple, he also met from a distance when he entered the valley. Usually Yunhe Master is in retreat, not to mention that even if he comes out, Lin Xuan is not qualified to meet again.


With a little emotion in his heart, but an indifferent expression on his face, Lin Xuan took the badge and looked at his room first. It wasn’t luxurious, but it was still spacious and comfortable. There is a layer of prohibition that can only be broken by using an identity badge, so that cultivators can not only sleep and rest, but also practice and cultivate in it with confidence.


After looking around the room, Lin Xuan dragged a futon and sat cross-legged on the ground, not to practice the exercises, but to recover his strength. Although he was not in a hurry for the past two days, the continuous use of the wind control technique was still exhausting. A lot of spiritual power.


After meditating for about an hour, the spiritual power in the body has been replenished. Then Lin Xuan came to bed to sleep. It was still early before the treasure fair. First, restore his body to the best state. Anyway, it is evening, at most Go to bed a little earlier.



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