Sword Moved the Ninth Heaven Chapter 1: Black Broken Sword



Chapter 1 Black Broken Sword Rough Stone Town, Zhou Family.


In the scorching sun, there are dozens of young men and women practicing kung fu in a square, all of them sweating and miserable. A middle-aged man walked through the crowd with his hands on his back, snorted from time to time, and scolded the lazy boy.


On a large stone on the edge of the square, sitting cross-legged, a young man with sword-brow and star-eyed eyes was only seventeen or eighteen years old, slender and very handsome.


It was mid-September, when the autumn tiger was at its most poisonous. Under the sun, the stone was so hot that it could boil an egg. But the handsome young man’s brows were twitching, but he never stood up, and the sweat rolled down and wet his temples.


His name is Zhou Heng, and he is practising the Lieyang Technique, a secret technique passed down by the Zhou family.


The cultivation of a martial artist is to refine the food eaten in the stomach, extract the energy that can be absorbed, refine it into its own true energy, and store it in the cells of the body. This blazing sun art can use the power of sunlight to speed up the absorption of food and improve the efficiency of transformation.


The more blazing the sun is, the more efficient the transformation will be. However, there are a few people who can withstand the scorching sun, and they have to go under the shade to enjoy the coolness after cultivating for at most ten minutes or half an hour. went.


But Zhou Heng started cultivating from sunrise in the morning, and it has been three hours now!


Not a day or two, but years as a day!


It is a pity that Zhou Heng’s body is too crippled, and he is still in the early stage of the first level of body refinement, and he is almost indistinguishable from those who have not practiced before.


A warrior is divided into 12 steps according to the level of cultivation, called the 12th level of body refinement. After reaching the 12th level of body refinement, they can reach a higher level. It is said that once they succeed, they can reach the sky in one step! However, for more than a hundred years, there has never been a person who set foot on the road to the sky in the Zhou family.


The twelve layers of body refining can be subdivided into four realms. The first three layers are the skin refining realm, the fourth to sixth layers are the flesh refining realm, the seventh to ninth layers are the bone refining realm, and the ten to twelve layers are the refining realm. blood.


The true energy that a martial artist cultivates is stored in the cells of the body. This is a gradual process, first the skin, then the muscles, then the bones, and finally the blood.


Therefore, there are four realms of division.


The power gap between each realm is very large. A martial artist in the flesh refining realm is basically killed by an instant against the previous martial artist in the bone refining realm! Within the same realm, for example, the fourth layer of body refining and the sixth layer of body refining are both in the flesh refining realm, then the sixth layer of body refining is definitely more dominant, but it cannot be a rolling type.


The road of martial arts is difficult. The higher you go, the more bumpy the road will be. After entering the blood refining realm, you may not be able to improve to a level for more than ten years!


However, it is quite easy to break through the skin refining realm. Generally speaking, as long as there is enough food supply and if you are diligent in your cultivation, you can reach the peak of the first level of body refining and complete the entire skin refining realm in half a year. It only takes three years.


Zhou Heng started cultivating the Lie Yang Art at the age of eight, and it has been nearly ten years now, but his cultivation is still in the early stage of body refining. The slightest result can only be attributed to one reason, that is, Zhou Heng’s own aptitude is too poor, and he is not naturally suitable for cultivation!


It’s like a rock!


What makes people puzzling is that Zhou Heng’s father, Zhou Dinghai, is a genius, a real genius. He completed skin refining in half a year, meat refining in two years, and bones refining in five years. Has reached the tenth level of body refining, blood refining realm!


Prior to this, the fastest clan member of the Zhou family to enter the blood refining realm was 63 years old, which shows how terrifying Zhou Dinghai’s talent is!


Such a genius definitely has the qualifications to hit the road to heaven!


Tiger father and dog son!


This is the Zhou family’s evaluation of Zhou Heng, and this is still polite. Many people are calling him a waste behind his back. If Zhou Dinghai is not one of the six elders of the family, this insult should be taken seriously. Splashed over the face.


“Isn’t that trash still willing to give up?”


“Hmph, what can I do if I don’t give up? Many doctors have seen him, and all of them say that he has no disease or disease, and that he cannot cultivate because his own aptitude is too poor!”


“Fortunately the family still has us, otherwise if the monsters attack, everyone will have to wait to die!”


“Obviously he’s a waste, but he eats more than anyone else, he’s really a rice bucket!”


“I think he is just pretending to sit there on purpose, not cultivating at all!”


The boys and girls in the square stopped to rest for a while, and several of them chatted in ear to ear. Their voices were not low enough that Zhou Heng could hear them clearly.


“Shut up!” The middle-aged man in charge of the supervision immediately reprimanded him. His name was Zhou Yuanyang, and he could barely be regarded as Zhou Heng’s cousin in terms of blood relationship. He said with a serious face, “Pretend? Come on! Whoever sits on that big rock for an hour, I’ll save him the rest of his homework for the day!”


When these words came out, the boys and girls were all speechless.


Just kidding, who can sit for an hour with that stone so hot it can boil an egg? Not to mention an hour, even ten minutes is enough! Only a few people who practice the Lieyang Art can transform the high temperature – but not everyone in the Zhou family practices the Lieyang Art!


Zhou Yuanyang walked up to Zhou Heng and sighed slightly in his heart. He saw the efforts of this young man, but God had no eyes, so he was born unable to cultivate.


“Don’t take it to heart!” He could only comfort Zhou Heng.


“Thank you, Uncle Clan!” Zhou Heng showed a sincere smile, as bright as the sun.


“Don’t be too tired, pay attention to your body!” Zhou Yuanyang advised.


Sitting on this big rock to cultivate, even he couldn’t last for a long time, let alone Zhou Heng who didn’t even reach the first stage of body refining?


“I understand!” Zhou Heng nodded, but he didn’t mean to get up at all.


Zhou Yuanyang sighed in his heart again, feeling more regretful, thinking that if this young man can have the same talent as his father, then with such hard work, I am afraid the future will be brighter!


He turned his head to look at the boys and girls resting under the shade of the tree, and suddenly burst into anger, shouting: “The rest is over, continue to practice!”


“No, we just rested for less than five minutes!”


“That’s right, I couldn’t catch my breath in such a short time!”


“It’s all the fault of that jerk, it’s got us all involved!”


Those boys and girls sparsely returned to the playground, staring at Zhou Heng with hostile eyes, blaming everything on him.


Zhou Heng saw these eyes, but he didn’t take it to heart at all. He was still running the Fierce Sun Art, using the power of sunlight to continuously refine the food in his body and convert it into his own true energy.


In his body, the food is continuously refined under the action of sunlight and exercises, forming countless free energy, and under the operation of the Lie Yang Art, it is transformed into a series of true energy, which circulates in his body.


Everything was normal up to this point, but when the real energy flowed to the abdomen, it suddenly turned a corner, plunged into the dantian, and never came out again!


Only when it is stored in cells can it burst out when needed. Skin, flesh, bone, and blood are all over the human body. But what is Dantian? Although there are rumors that the dantian is also very important and is related to the illusory road to heaven, Zhou Heng has not even established the foundation yet, how can he think about the road to heaven?


Only Zhou Heng knew that the reason why he couldn’t cultivate was because of his dantian!


Specifically speaking, it is a broken sword in the dantian!


Zhou Heng has a secret that no one knows, that is, when he started to cultivate at the age of eight, it seemed that his consciousness could be transformed, and he could freely circulate in his body and see every detail of his body.


At that time, he saw a broken sword floating in his dantian.


It is more than a foot long, and its entire body is pitch black, even the hilt of the sword is jet black. Although it is Broken Sword, it gives people a majestic power that sweeps the world, as if it already existed when the world was created, and it will last forever!


I changed to another child, and 80% of them were scared to cry when they saw this scene!


But Zhou Heng has been a very assertive person since he was a child, and he was stunned to hide this secret.


He doesn’t want to be a monster in everyone’s eyes!


Zhou Heng was still worried when he was diagnosed by the first doctor, but the doctor did not detect the existence of the broken sword at all. Not only this doctor, all the doctors invited by Zhou Dinghai did not find the existence of the black broken sword, as if it only existed in Zhou Heng’s mind!


Since others don’t even know the existence of the Black Broken Sword, how can they take it out?


Over time, instead of becoming a monster, he has become a recognized waste. But no one knows that it’s not that he can’t cultivate martial arts, but that the true energy that he has worked so hard to cultivate has been “eaten” by the black broken sword!


This robber, even if he hides in his own body as a den, actually sucked out his true energy!


He knows that this black sword is a bandit~IndoMTL.com~ Why does Zhou Heng keep practicing?


Because he still has a silver lining, that is, there will always be a time to feed the Black Broken Sword!


At that time, the real energy he cultivated will be able to be used by himself!


His aptitude is not bad, which can be reflected from his appetite, because for a martial artist, food is equal to true energy. He eats more food every day than any of his peers, which means that the real energy he cultivates every day is far more than others!


Because of this glimmer of hope, he calmly faced a pair of contemptuous eyes and a stinky face of disdain! He firmly believes that as long as the Black Broken Sword does not hold him back, he will definitely be able to make a fool of himself!


This day is getting closer and closer!


He could feel the Black Broken Sword changing all the time, but the process was too slow. But a drop of water can still penetrate a stone. After ten years, it is finally time for a qualitative change!


These days!


This hope supports him to endure the scorching sun, the high temperature that can burn his buttocks, and the extremely boring meditation, which is to continuously practice, practice, practice, and support the huge appetite of the black broken sword in Dantian. .


Aside from eating, Zhou Heng has been sitting on a rock to practice. It’s not because he practiced the Lieyang Art, which can transform high temperature and has been roasted long ago!


A few hours later, when the sun went down, Zhou Heng stood up staggeringly and walked towards his residence.


“Want to go? Climb under me!” A teenager suddenly blocked Zhou Heng’s path, folded his arms around his chest, with a proud smile on his face, and beside him were four teenagers watching a play~IndoMTL .com~Welcome all book lovers to come and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in~IndoMTL.com~


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