Supreme Rebirth Chapter 1: When I was born again


Chapter 1 Reborn as a Teenager

“Come on, boss.”

A voice awakened Chen Lei, who was in deep thoughts. He raised his eyes and found that he was actually standing in the Chen family’s martial arts field. Under the supervision of , he punched and kicked his legs, exhaled, and sweated like rain to practice the basic martial arts of the Chen family, Kuangfeng Palm.

Chen Lei has a feeling like a dream. The one who talked to him just now was his best brother Chen Fan in his youth. However, Chen Fan, more than ten years later, was on his way to protect Chen Lei. Killed by monsters, no bones left.

It was from then on that Chen Lei awakened his strongest physique in the rainy weather and embarked on the journey of martial arts. He was forever shaken in his heart.

“I remember that I was crossing the strongest calamity at Tianshen Peak. I only remember the last round of the strongest calamity. The thunder was like sea water, and it drowned me in an instant. Could it be that I failed to transcend the calamity, but I failed to transcend the calamity. It should be the death of all spirits and souls, but this way, it doesn’t look like a successful transcendence. If the transcendence is successful, it should be a god, how can you go back to your youth?”

Chen Lei only felt a mess in his head. Even though he was a great emperor back then, with rich experience and knowledge, he didn’t know how to explain his current situation.

“I, Chen Lei, was a young man. I entered the gate of martial arts when I was nearly thirty years old. Since then, I have been brave and diligent. Holy body constitution, only by incorporating a trace of thunder and lightning energy, can we condense true qi and step into the door of martial arts. It can be said that more than ten years of time were wasted in vain. If I can lay a solid foundation at the most critical time, I will have another life How can there be so many regrets and unwillingness?”

Unable to figure out why, Chen Lei simply stopped thinking about it. Since God has given him a chance to live again, he must firmly grasp the regrets of the previous life. He must make up for the regrets of the previous life. , This life must be completely crushed, the Hongyan who died early in the previous life, this life he wants to change her miserable fate, this life, he will firmly grasp the fate in his own hands, defying the sky and becoming a god.

“Chen Lei, what are you doing, why don’t you continue to practice, although you can’t condense your true energy in the five-day assessment, but you must practice hard, even if my Chen family is a handyman disciple, don’t waste it .”

The speaker is Chen Lianshan, a teacher who is in his forties this year. He has a fifth-level cultivation level of True Qi, and is responsible for teaching the younger generation of the Chen family. Chen Lianshan has a strange temper and is extremely gentle towards talented disciples. For those disciples with poor talent, they were extremely strict, and could even be said to be severe. They often carried out cruel and inhuman corporal punishment. Among the younger generation of disciples, when the disciples with poor talent saw Chen Lianshan, it could be said that it was like a mouse seeing a cat.

At this moment, Chen Lianshan stood in front of Chen Lei with two sharp eyes, staring at Chen Lei fiercely.

“Chen Lei, you are already fifteen years old this year. After five days, the family assessment will be conducted. The family stipulates that those who have not reached the true aura state at the age of fifteen will be delegated to the shops outside the family, starting from the lowest-level handyman disciples. .Although you used to be the top genius of the Chen family, but now you have a broken military base, it is definitely impossible to reach the true aura. If you lose even your diligence, what will you live on in the future? Parasites?”

Seeing Chen Lianshan who severely reprimanded him in front of him, Chen Lei felt warm in his heart. Although Chen Lianshan was strict, Chen Lei knew that Chen Lianshan was really thinking about these poor disciples. Now he is stricter, and he will face it in the future. Only when there are gangsters and giants in the rivers and lakes and monsters and monsters in the wild will they have a trace of life-saving capital. Although this trace of capital is pitifully small, Chen Lianshan later died in order to protect a young disciple of the Chen family. In the hands of bloodthirsty bandits.

“What Chen taught is that Chen Lei has been taught, and I will definitely practice hard.”

Faced with this seemingly strict and respectable teaching, Chen Lei said.

“Okay, since that’s the case, after the training is over, you can add another 30-kilometer weight-bearing run by yourself. Don’t be lazy.”

Chen Lianshan said seriously when he saw that Chen Lei knew his mistake and could correct it.


Chen Lei nodded his head and ran with a heavy load in the mountains for 30 kilometers. Such a subject is definitely a form of torture for those disciples of the ninth level of the martial arts base, and it is also a huge burden for the current Chen Lei. However, Chen Lei didn’t haggle, because he knew that this kind of running training with heavy loads would indeed be of great benefit to martial apprentices of the Wuji period.

“Trash is trash, no matter how hard you work, it’s not the same in the end. It’s impossible to break through the realm of true energy, and you can only become the most humble disciple of handyman, like a pig and dog.”

At this moment, a harsh voice sounded. Chen Lei looked towards the source of the voice and found a young man looking at him coldly. The words just now were this young man. Chen Lei was also very familiar with this young man, but he had a deep-rooted hatred.

This young man, called Chen Ying, has extraordinary talent. He is also fifteen years old, but he has already broken through the martial arts realm and has become a warrior of the true qi realm. Among the many teenagers in the Chen residence, they are enough to rank among the best, and they are the elites that the family plans to focus on training.

“It seems that the Chen family was destroyed by this son…”

Looking at Chen Ying with a sarcastic expression, Chen Lei remembered all kinds of past events about Chen Ying. Chen Ying failed to fight for the palace master, and finally colluded with the Blood Wolf Bandit Group. In the Chen family, the Chen family village was washed with blood. All the wealth accumulated by the Chen family for thousands of years was looted, all the men were killed, and the women’s fate was even more tragic. Chen Lei’s parents and sister also died in that battle.

Chen Lei was not in Chenjiazhuang at that time. He was lucky enough to escape and became one of the few survivors of the Chen family. Later, Chen Leixiu made great progress, and the first thing after becoming Wuzong was to kill the blood wolf alone. The bandit group took revenge for more than 3,700 dead souls in Chenjiazhuang. However, he killed the blood wolf bandit group, but did not find any trace of Chen Ying. After that, he inquired extensively, but there was no news of Chen Ying. Chen Ying seemed to be Disappeared in heaven and earth.

Thinking of this, Chen Lei showed a trace of killing intent, and said coldly: “Chen Ying, what are you, you dare to say that I am a waste, and you are the real waste.”

Chen Ying’s expression instantly turned cold, with a deep chill in his eyes: “Chen Lei, say it again.”

Chen Lei sneered and said, “Don’t say it once, even ten or twenty times. I dare to say that you are the trash, and the trash among the trash.”

Chen Ying laughed silently and said: “Okay, very good, I don’t know where you got such courage, dare to contradict me, originally, you can still be a lowly handyman disciple, but now, You don’t even have the qualifications to be a handyman disciple, and in the family assessment five days later, I will kill you with my own hands, and I will do what I say.”

Chen Lei said indifferently: “Okay, I will accompany you anytime.”

Even if Chen Ying didn’t kill him, he still had to find a way to kill Chen Ying, the black sheep, so as not to bring disaster to the Chen family.

Seeing that the smell of gunpowder between Chen Lei and Chen Ying was getting stronger, Teacher Chen Lianshan snorted coldly: “Why, in this classroom, you still want to fight and fail, is it because you are really over-energized, or does this teacher say that? The means are gentle, Chen Lei, you should go and practice the 30-kilometer load-bearing running in the mountains now, without delay, Chen Ying, you will give this instructor 30 times of Kuangfeng Palm in one breath, each time must contain true energy, one less This teaching must be unforgiving.”

Seeing that Chen Lianshan was angry, the rest of the young Chen family kept silent and did not dare to make a loud noise. With the help of two disciples, Chen Lei tied iron sandbags weighing 20 pounds to each of his legs. , wearing a 50-pound iron sand vest behind his back, under the urging of Chen Lianshan’s teacher, he quickly ran towards the back mountain.

“Today, everyone practiced the Tornado Palm ten more times…”

Chen Jiaoxi’s stern voice sounded on the martial arts field, followed by the complaints of countless young disciples, but he did not dare to discount the amount of practice, and practiced honestly and meticulously.

Chen Lei ran towards the back mountain. During the run, he used a strange breathing method. Every time he took a breath, he would absorb a lot of fresh oxygen and integrate it into the blood of the whole body. Not only would he not feel tired at all, but instead It can continuously temper his physical body and make the physical body stronger.

This breathing technique was one of the opportunities he got in his previous life. In fact, it was a clever breathing technique called the Qinglong Water-Draining Technique. It was the most suitable for him, who was now laying the foundation.

The 30-kilometer weight-bearing run Chen Lei completed quickly. In the past, after completing the 30-kilometer weight-bearing running training, his muscles were sore and he was so tired that he could hardly stand up. Stable, the whole body is comfortable, and even the strength has increased a little.

“Teacher Chen was afraid that I would lose in the battle with Chen Ying, so he took me away in advance. Indeed, now that I am against Chen Ying, even if I can win, it is only a miserable victory, but fortunately, There are five days left, enough for me to do some preparation.”

Chen Lei can understand Chen Lianshan’s painstaking efforts, and there are indeed some problems with his current body. Even though he has countless extraordinary skills and skills in his mind, as well as a wealth of fighting experience, he has already broken through the real state of Chen Qi. Eagle will never be defeated easily, but given him five days to prepare, with the experience of powerful metamorphosis in his previous life, he will definitely be able to easily suppress Chen Ying.

“The most important thing now is to rebuild the base and break through the real aura.”

Chen Lei returned home directly from Back Mountain to prepare for the rebuilding of Wuji.

Chen Lei used to be the most dazzling new star of the Chen family. He could be regarded as fast in the cultivation of the martial arts. At the age of eleven, he cultivated to the great perfection of the ninth level of the martial arts. At that time, it can be said that the entire Chen family was shaken, the entire Qingyang Town was famous, and even the city of Duanshan, a hundred miles away, knew that such an amazing young genius as Chen Lei had appeared.

It’s just that the aura of genius did not last long on Chen Lei’s head. When he reached the perfect state of Wuji and broke through the realm of true energy, Chen Lei went into the devil’s way and not only failed to break through to the realm of true energy, but damaged Wuji, the realm of Wuji Great Perfection also dropped three layers, and fell to the sixth layer of Wujijie, and no matter how much he cultivated later, his cultivation base could not advance an inch. A laughing stock in the eyes of countless people.

Nowadays, Chen Lei is still only a Martial Apprentice on the sixth floor of the Martial Base Realm. It is absolutely impossible to reach the True Qi Realm in five days. Therefore, Chen Lianshan will be so strict with Chen Lei, just hope that Chen Lei will be in the future. Even if you become a handyman disciple, you can still have some self-protection power. You must know that the work done by a handyman disciple is the most tiring and dangerous. If you don’t have a certain strength, you will be the first to die.

“In the past, it was indeed impossible for me to break through to the true aura in five days, but now, breaking through the true energy is just around the corner.”

Chen Lei returned home, with strong confidence in his eyes. He was reborn, and he knew the flaws in his body like the back of his hand, and he knew how to make up for it. The fatal flaws of the previous life were not at all for Chen Lei at this time. not a problem.


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