Super Dimensional Wizard: The third thousand and forty-oneth quarter clay puppets


“How’s the surrounding situation?”

It was Kael who spoke, and the object of his questioning was Doakes.

After Benson finished describing the situation in the cave, Doakes volunteered to test Benson’s words. So, he closed his eyes and explored his surroundings with mental strength.

“As Benson said, there is indeed a large labyrinth around.” Doakes: “My spiritual power can’t penetrate the wall, nor can it penetrate upwards. It should be what Benson called the space trap. Make trouble.”

“There is indeed an area of ​​the road behind that collapsed, presumably it is the road that Benson took when he came here before.”

“Turn to the right three times in a row, then walk straight for about a hundred meters, and then enter the poisonous spore fog. The poisonous fog can’t penetrate the spiritual power, and the specific situation inside is unknown.”

Doakes explored with his eyes closed, and fed back what he had discovered.

“If you turn right in front of you twice, then go straight for 30 meters, and then turn left four times in a row, it will be a swamp…”

Speaking of this, Doakes suddenly froze, and unconsciously let out a “huh” sound in his nasal cavity.

Not long after, Doakes opened his eyes amidst everyone’s puzzled expressions.

“Why did it stop when it reached the swamp? Did something happen in the swamp?” Kael looked at Doakes curiously.

Doakes pondered for a moment and said: “I saw a mud puppet in the mud…”

What’s so strange about seeing a golem? Kael was a little confused.

Aren’t the poisonous spore fog and the slime puppets the main obstacles when exploring the maze?

Doakes: “Moreover, there are more than a hundred clay puppets at once.”

Kael was stunned for a moment, but he still felt that it was no big deal. Didn’t Benson say before that these slime puppets are all group activities. Hundreds of mud puppets are a little too much, but they can bear it.

Kael once encountered nearly a thousand gregarious monsters near the sandworm market. It was a special kind of desert army ant. It eats whatever it sees. Ant plague; these marching ants are also at the level of elementary and intermediate apprentices.

So comparing the two, the mud puppets are just like that.

“The point is not the type of monsters, nor the number, but…they seem to have sensed my spiritual power, and they are now rushing towards us aggressively.” Doakes sighed softly.

Kael finally lost his composure when he heard the monsters coming towards them.

Although group monsters are not very lethal individually, if they gather together, the power will be terrifying.

In the Principality of Laxum, even formal wizards are unwilling to face the ant plague alone.

Besides, if you encounter army ants, you can fly into the air to hide; but in this semi-enclosed maze, they encounter a wave of monsters coming, and it is difficult for them to find a place to hide.

At this time, Angel said, “This sounds a bit wrong.”

After a pause, Angel looked at Benson, who was frightened, and asked, “When you met the goblins before, did they take the initiative to chase you?”

Benson shook his head: “No…no.”

Benson’s answer made Kael’s face change suddenly.

He had thought before that, even Benson could dodge the slime puppets, so they should be able to, too. And now Benson told them that the golem hadn’t chased him? !

What’s going on with Dox?

Doakes didn’t do anything to the goblins. He was just investigating with his mental power, and the goblins were rolling in. Did this trigger any rules of the game?

Although Benson’s answer made Kael’s face turn pale, when Doakes heard his words, he showed an expression of “as expected”.

Angel: “Do you want to avoid? Or do you want to fight?”

Angel is not too afraid of mud puppets. As an illusion wizard, what he is least afraid of is this kind of group monster that is not too strong alone; Throwing it in the enemy’s camp can guarantee safety and well-being.

However, the abnormal behavior of the clay puppet made Angel somewhat puzzled.

Benson has also used his mental power to detect the golem. Otherwise, if he found the golem with his naked eyes, he might not have time to avoid it.

It’s fine for Benson to use his mental power to detect the goblins. Why is there a problem with Doakes’ detection?

Because Doakes is an official wizard?

However, mental strength is not the criterion for judging an official wizard.

Moreover, Doakes is not a wizard who is good at mental power; many apprentices who specialize in spiritual power will not be much weaker than Doakes in mental strength.

If you meet an apprentice who is good at spiritual power and a wizard who is not good at spiritual power, it will be difficult for Angel to judge who is an apprentice and who is a formal wizard based on the fluctuation intensity of their spiritual power alone.

That’s why Angel felt something was wrong. The behavior of the clay puppet is too abnormal.

Equally abnormal, however, is… Doakes.

It’s not his style for Doakes to offer to scout around and get off the field himself. This kind of investigation work, Doakes can completely hand over to Su Ling.

Besides, is it really necessary to explore the surroundings?

Their goal is very clear, that is, the clone of Suling.

The way to find the clone is very simple, just let Su Ling lead the way. Even if Su Ling’s clone is not in the clay puppet maze, it doesn’t matter. Big deal, just go through a few more space diaphragms.

This is the anomaly of Doakes.

In addition, Angel also saw some tricks from Doakes’ expression.

He went to explore the way, maybe not only to explore the way, but also have other deep meanings?

So, Angel did not raise any objections, but asked Doakes about his next plan.

Dokes: “Don’t avoid it… After those mud puppets come over, take a closer look.”

After a pause, Doakes said in a meaningful tone: “I have a feeling that these slime goblins will bring us surprises.”

“What surprise?” Angel asked directly.

Doakes said mysteriously: “When the time comes, you will…”

However, before Doakes could finish speaking, Angel interrupted directly: “The fate of the Riddler is usually very miserable. Besides, haven’t you been complaining about Wai’s death divination? Why, now you also Are you talking about it after learning?”

Dox’s expression froze, he looked away unnaturally, and said in a slightly embarrassed tone: “Actually, my uncle cough… I don’t know what will happen, it’s just a vague feeling.”

Angel glanced at Doakes, nodded and said, “I accept this answer.”

Angel is also clear about the characteristics of Doakes’ abilities. After all, he is not a sorcerer of prophecy and cannot see the real future. His abnormal behaviors are obviously dominated by inspiration.

Inspiration is more mysterious than prophecy. He didn’t know what to expect, that’s normal.

If you don’t know, you don’t know, just say it.

Since Doakes’ inspiration directs them to face this group of goblins, so it is. Angel didn’t say anything more, but silently arranged illusion nodes.

As for the conversation between Angor and Doakes, Kael thought it was normal. But Benson on the other side was full of surprise.

He recognized Doakes, but he didn’t know Angor…or, in other words, he didn’t know Angor after changing his face.

In Benson’s mind, Doakes should be the center of the group. But now it seems that this red-haired and golden-eyed wizard is the backbone? But who is he?

When Benson looked at Angor in amazement, there were already bursts of roaring in the distance.

Accompanied by the roar, the earth began to tremble.

Obviously, the group of slime goblins is getting close to them.

Seeing this, Benson also gave up thinking about Angel’s identity. Instead, he took a deep breath and shrank back: “I, I…”

Benson’s idea was to leave here first, but he was also worried that if he left, he would offend the two official wizards, so he stammered for a long time without saying a complete sentence.

Angel glanced at Benson, threw an illusion to cover him casually, and said: “The illusion lasts for half an hour, and within the illusion, normal goblins won’t find you. You can choose to continue.” Stay here, or leave.”

Benson didn’t know if Angel’s words were true or not. He couldn’t believe everything the wizard said.

However, Benson still showed gratitude on the surface, and then backed away while saying grateful words.

After retreating more than ten meters, Benson still hasn’t figured out how to say the words to leave.

Angel said lightly: “Go.”

Benson froze for a moment, lowered his head and thanked Angel, then quickly turned and left. It is worth mentioning that this time the thanks are much more sincere than before.

No one stopped Benson from leaving, and no one blamed the choice.

If they were Benson instead, they would have made the same choice.

Compared to Benson, who is thinking about leaving, the current situation is undoubtedly more worthy of attention.

Angel arranged another illusion for Kael, and motioned him to step aside. Then, Angel arranged a trigger-type illusion node around himself and Doakes.

Activate anytime.

Whether to use illusion depends entirely on the specific situation at the moment.

At this time, dust and mist began to float in the passage ahead, and the ground shook wildly. They are obviously a group of apprentice-level monsters, but they have created a wizard-level aura.

Seeing that the goblin is coming, Doakes seems to have discovered something again, and said to Angel: “You don’t rush to do it, leave it to me here.”

Angel nodded. He didn’t trust Doakes very much, but he trusted his inspiration a lot.

Angel took a few steps back, quietly watching Doakes and the group of majestic slime goblins from behind.

To be precise, it is no longer a group of clay puppets and monsters, but a torrent of monsters.

Their goals are very clear, without the slightest pause, they lock on Doakes and roll over.

The dust is all over the surroundings, and even the true face of the slime goblin is hard to see, only the impact of the terrifying torrent can be felt.

And Doakes alone, standing right in front of the torrent, seemed to have no fear of the ooze.

His calmness seems to have angered the goblins. They moved faster, rolling, jumping, and grinning, trying to crush and swallow Doakes completely.

There are even quite a few clay puppets, all staring at Angel.

As long as Doakes is resolved, the new target will be Angel.

But before they could face Angel directly, they encountered Waterloo at Doakes’ level.

With the strength of one person, with that thin body, Doakes stopped the seemingly majestic and infinite torrent.

Even Angel couldn’t help secretly praising this scene.

Doakes obviously didn’t activate the bloodline, and he only used his physical strength to hold the slime monster. This is enough to prove the strength of Doakes.

The bloodline side is indeed the bloodline side, the background of invincibility at the same level is just different… On Angel, he dare not play like this; of course, he can’t afford it either. Except for the attached green-striped seeds, his projected bloodline is really not enough to look at. It is currently too weak to be useful.

After blocking the mud puppet, Doakes did not attack the group of monsters, but quickly walked through the monsters.

This behavior, in Angel’s view, is full of weirdness.

But from the perspective of the puppets, Doakes’ slippery behavior like a loach is like a provocation to them.

The mud puppets became even more angry. There were quite a few mud puppets that had already set their sights on Angor. It stands to reason that Doakes rushed into their group with no defense behind them. They could come and attack Anger. Geer; but at this time, the provoked anger prevailed, they completely ignored the existence of Angel, and continued to attack Doakes one after another.

And Doakes seemed to feel that the provocation of “running into their team” was not enough, so he closed his eyes, looking completely at ease.

For a while, the narrow passage was filled with roars and roars.

“Master Hongjian is… what are you doing?” Kael’s slightly hesitant voice came from the soul belt.

Angel shook his head: “I don’t know, maybe I’m looking for something?”

Angel said this because he noticed that Doakes’ ears had been moving. He probably didn’t close his eyes for provocation, but used a spell like ‘balance of the five senses’ to enhance his hearing by closing his vision.

However, Angor couldn’t be sure what exactly Doakes was looking for.

Because he didn’t know Doakes’ target for the time being, Angel simply turned his attention to the goblin.

Before, the mud puppet came with a dusty body and a majestic momentum. For a while, I really couldn’t see the appearance of the mud puppet. But now, after being stopped by Doakes with his physical body, although these slime goblins have become stronger, they have also become sluggish, revealing their true colors.

I have to say that the slime goblin looks very individual.

Other non-human monsters are basically the same in the eyes of most wizards.

It’s like an ordinary person watching a black panther. Even though the stripes and hair are obviously different, it is generally difficult for human beings to distinguish the appearance characteristics of the black panther. I just feel that all the black panthers I meet look the same.

The oozes are different, each of them looks very different.

As their name suggests, they are a kind of clay doll: a doll made of mud.

Their images after clay sculptures are completely different, including humans, cats and dogs, birds and fish…they are also completely different in size, the big ones are like tusks, and the small ones are like insects.

It looks exactly like “The Great Illustrated Book of Biology” – clay sculpture version.


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