Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 3025 The Suspect


As soon as Vai finished muttering in his heart, he heard a sigh from Earl Black.

Way startled: Am I thinking wrong?

Count Hei was silent for a moment before he said in Wye’s heart: “From a general perspective, your guess is not aimless. But if you were Elder Moon, do you think you would do this?”

The Black Earl motioned for Wye to raise his head and look at the arena not far away.

There are rubble and smoke everywhere.

Some people have fallen and some are still being rescued.

Wai looked at the situation and seemed to understand.

Is this picture of disaster created by Elder Yue? Dare she do it?

Even if Elder Yue harbors hatred towards the Bilos family, if she wants revenge, it will only be limited to the Bilos family. And it wasn’t just the Bilos family who suffered here.

She did this, unless she wanted to bring in outsiders, and through the power of outsiders, she would perish with the Bilos family.

But she really wants to die together. With Elder Yue’s status, she has all kinds of methods, so why use such stupid methods. Because even if outsiders are brought in, they may not be able to wipe out the roots of the Bilos family.

What’s more, Elder Yue has been in Bilon Tree Garden all the year round. If she really harbors hatred, how could she not reveal the slightest for so many years?

No matter how you think about it, it’s hard to imagine that Elder Yue is an inner ghost.

However, it is impossible to talk about the matter here, and it has nothing to do with Elder Yue.

After all, this is the first time the interior of the Biron Tree Garden has been so empty for so many years. Most of the wizards went to the garden labyrinth, and a small number of wizards were pulled away by Elder Moon. Only when no one could come out did the Bilon Tree Court suffer such a tragic disaster.

Way is well aware that they will be fine on their side. Then, it is only possible that Elder Yue has leaked the news.

Therefore, Elder Yue is not entirely without fault.

But it’s wrong, it may not be Elder Yue himself, but her subordinates or people close to her leaked the news.

Way shares his analysis.

After hearing this, Earl Black said: “It’s a step further than the previous guess, but it’s still not complete.”

After a pause, Earl Black said again: “It is indeed possible for Elder Yue to leak the news, but does it really have something to do with Elder Yue?”

After being reminded by Earl Black, Wye also reacted after being stunned for two seconds.

“As long as you know the movements of the wizards of the Bilos family, you can infer that the interior of the Biron Tree Court is empty. And the information on the ‘wizard’s movements’ may not necessarily be leaked by the elder Yue, or even the apprentices who stayed in the Bilos family. , it is possible to analyze it and leak it out!”

Count Hei: “That’s right. But… Then again, the apprentices who stay behind don’t have a big intelligence advantage, and their probability of leaking is actually very low. The one who really has an intelligence advantage is…”

Wai dumbfounded: “Night tree.”

Earl Black smiled and didn’t continue, but it was obvious what he wanted to convey.

Way also understands that Earl Black is saying that the night tree is most likely to reveal information to outsiders, after all, they are the real intelligence organization of the Bilos family.

But…isn’t Yeshu still under the jurisdiction of Elder Yue? !

Dare I analyzed a long list, and finally returned to Elder Yue.

“I didn’t say that your analysis was wrong, it’s just incomplete.” Earl Hei said lightly: “Yeshu is the most likely, but it cannot be ruled out that some left-behind apprentices also discovered the wizard’s movements and leaked information to the outside world. .”

Way: “…” After going around, he wanted to say that his analysis was not comprehensive. But the result is almost the same, so why care about the process?

Although Wye thought so, he didn’t dare to say it, he could only complain silently.

While Wye was secretly talking with Earl Black, on the other side, Gaynor was also talking with Shaina using a mind tie.

And what they were talking about was actually similar to what Wye asked about, and they were also guessing who the ghost was.

The answer given by Shaina was similar to what Earl Black analyzed. She didn’t think it was Elder Yue either, she was more inclined towards intelligence units.

As for who the intelligence unit here refers to, Shaina did not say clearly, but both Gaynor and Shaina knew it well.

In addition, Shaina also gave a conjecture: “There may not be an inner ghost. Perhaps, there are prophets in the attackers, and they predicted that the interior of the Bilon Tree Court will be relaxed today.”

Gainuo is actually very reluctant to believe that there are ghosts in the family, so he prefers Shaina’s second guess: “It is very likely that there is a prophecy wizard behind it, and the three suspects are all From the Starry Street!”

Who is standing behind the Starry Street? One of the observers of the Crown Star Church, the preacher of the starlight!

And Gaynor also knows that Starlight’s Diamond members have the opportunity to buy the preacher’s prophecy at the fair.

While the raider is not necessarily a prophecy opportunity purchased from the preacher, there is no escape from the fact that the Starry Block is closely related to the prophecy wizard.

If the visitor really came from the Fanxing District, it is very likely that they would be helped by the Prophecy Wizard!

Shaina sensed Gaynor’s emotional ups and downs in the psychic tie, and she also understood that Gaynor was more inclined to predict the possibility of a wizard. But as far as Shaina is concerned, although she proposed the possibility of prophesying a wizard, she still feels that the possibility of an inner ghost is more likely.

However, she did not refute Gaynor at this time, but guided Gaynor through words, not thinking about prophesying about the wizard for now.

“If there is a prophecy wizard standing behind the attacker, I believe that the Star Leaf Patriarch and the Tree Elder will definitely get the answer from Lucia.” Shaina said.

Gainuo said bitterly: “I shouldn’t have let Lucia bring the so-called starry block into Bilon Tree Court!”

Shaina sighed in her heart. The matter of Fanxing Street is not a matter of disagreement between Bilen Shuting… This is the result of a three-party game, and it is doomed.

Many of the Starry Streets of the Wizard’s Fair have settled in as soon as they have settled in, and the managers of the Wizard’s Fair have nothing to do with them… Patriarch Star Leaf can exchange a prophecy opportunity from the preacher, which is actually quite profitable.

Saina: “Since Lucia took the initiative to come, it can be regarded as a face for the Xingye Patriarch, and then you can wait for the results from their side… Speaking of which, do you have an impression of the three suspects?”

Gainuo was easily distracted by Shaina: “I have never seen those three suspects. However, the woman in the first picture, I always feel that her temperament is a bit familiar.”

Gano looked at Shaina: “You are both witches, do you have any impression of her?”

Saina: “She doesn’t have to be a witch yet.”

Shaina has seen it with her own eyes, another identity of Lucia: Lucia.

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter if it’s a man or a woman.

Gainuo: “You mean, maybe she’s not using her real face?”

Saina: “It’s possible, but it’s also possible that I’m ignorant.”

“No, it’s definitely not ignorant. I’ve always felt a sense of familiarity since I saw her. She must be someone I’ve met.” Gaynor: “It’s intuition.”

Shaina raised her eyebrows: “A man’s intuition is not reliable at all… What, do you want to refute?”

Gainuo stared at Saina, and didn’t say anything to refute for a long time. After all, Saina was his partner. In the end, he just muttered in a voice as thin as a mosquito: “…It doesn’t make sense, I do have a sense of familiarity.”

Saina: “With your lackluster social circle, you are familiar with a witch, and I think the other party should not be someone who is unknown.”

“I don’t know anyway. But since you have an intuition, we can ask.”

Gainuo froze for a moment: “Ask? Who?”

Shaina glanced at Vai with her eyes: “Of course it is to ask Lord Black Earl.”

Gainuo frowned. After all, this matter is an internal problem of Bilon Tree Court. Is it wrong to ask outsiders?

Shaina obviously knew Gaynor well. Seeing him frown, she guessed what he was thinking: “Just inquiries, not necessarily answers.”

Although Shaina had a lively chat with Gaynor in the tie, but outside, she was always looking for topics and wanted to talk to Earl Black.

It wasn’t Shaina’s wish for the atmosphere to be so rigid.

Even if Earl Black doesn’t want to answer, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, let’s throw the topic out first, and talk about the rest later.

Gainuo thought about it for a while, but didn’t stop Shaina, and let her ask Earl Black.

And if Shaina wants to ask questions, she will definitely not only ask one of the three suspects. She directly asks Black Earl what he thinks of the three pictures displayed by Night Tree No. 9.

Shaina thought that her question would be the same as the previous question, and she would not get a response.

But this time Shaina was wrong.

“You want to ask me, the identities of those three?” Earl Black’s voice echoed in the air.

Shaina was stunned for a moment, but her good psychological quality quickly restored her calm expression: “I have this idea, but I guess that the three people may not be using their true colors. Judging from the picture , it may be difficult to determine the identity of the other party.”

“So, rather than asking about their identities, what I want to know is, how does Lord Black see the performance of these three people in the picture? In Lord Black’s eyes, which of the three of them is most likely to be the prisoner? ?”

“This…” Earl Black paused, did not answer immediately, but asked Wye, “Way, what do you think?”

Saina did not expect that the black earl suddenly left the topic to his junior.

Although Shaina didn’t think Vayi could give any answer, she also set her sights on Vayi… As long as she doesn’t stand still, she can talk about anything.

Way was not surprised by Earl Black’s question.

Because, when Shaina asked Black Earl, Vai was also asking Black Earl about those three pictures.

That’s why, Earl Black suddenly answered Shaina.

Sheer coincidence.

Wai pondered for a moment: “In the first picture, the woman’s performance is indeed very suspicious. She is smoking a cigarette while watching Anhui Lux show her power, just like a spectator who is not involved.”

“But because of her outgoing attitude, I don’t think she is likely to be the initiator.”

Count Black: “Why?”

Way scratched his head and said with an innocent expression: “The reason, in fact, I can’t tell. But if I was the one who caused the disaster, even if I was there, I probably wouldn’t show this kind of play. attitude.”

This kind of attitude of watching a play is too “detached”, very much like watching children fight. This mentality, in Wye’s view, is not quite like the mentality of an attacker.

On the other hand, although Shaina didn’t speak, she actually agreed with Wye’s words. However, attitudes can be faked, so Wai’s judgment may not be entirely correct.

Count Black did not comment on Wye’s judgment, but said, “Continue.”

Wai: “The second picture is of an ordinary apprentice who was neither injured nor dead. There is something strange, but it may also be a coincidence. If I were to substitute for that female apprentice, my reaction might be the same as hers. The same, so just from the reaction, I don’t think she’s a problem.”

Count Black: “Continue.”

Way: “The third picture, I personally think, is the most like the attacker. His position is right at the top of the signal tower, so he can overlook the chaos below. His performance is also very strange. , looking at the disaster caused by the shallow sea Lux, he was not alert but smiled.”

“Either he has absolute strength and can crush Anhai Lux. Or, he made all this, and he knows that Anhai Lux will not pose a threat to him.”

“That’s what I After Wayi finished his analysis, he cautiously said: “Is there something wrong with my statement? “

Shaina shook her head. She felt that Wye’s analysis was still in place. However, her judgment could not be used as a reference. It still depends on what Earl Black thinks.

Shaina looked at Earl Black.

Count Black: “I happen to know the woman in the first picture. I won’t say who she is, but she does not look like the attacker. In the second picture, is this female apprentice played? Check it out. You’ll know right away.”

“As for the third picture, it’s difficult for me to judge whether he is the attacker or not just from the expression on the other side. But…”

Earl Black suddenly stopped and didn’t make a sound for a long time.

Shaina looked at Earl Black with some doubts: “But…what?”

“However, the man in the third picture is nearby. If you doubt him, you may as well ask directly.”

When Earl Black said this, a strange force pulled Vay up and raised his head.

Way knew that it was Earl Black who was controlling him to look up, and he didn’t resist, he raised his head following this force, and followed Earl Black’s guidance, his eyes looked not far away.

Wai looked in the direction of a building that was not completely destroyed.

The Sky Tower’s registry.

It’s not the Sky Tower, it’s just a place to register, but even so, it’s one of the tallest buildings in the Arena.

Because of the darkness of the night and the cover of gunpowder smoke, Wai didn’t find anything for a while.

Until, a special energy melts into the eyes.

At this moment, his eyesight was like a plug-in for a delusion and a telescope, and he broke through the fog in an instant and saw the top of the Sky Tower registration office.

A gentle man in a suit slowly raised his eyes.

At this moment, the eyes meet.

(End of this chapter)


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