Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 3024 Rights


Elder Tree didn’t expect that Xingye went to find Lucia first and invited him over.


Elder Tree has a lot of doubts in his heart, especially the three people provided by Yeshu No. 10. He urgently needs to learn about these people from Lucia.

Even though Lucia can stick to the rules of Starry Street, just like Lucia’s voluntary departure from Starry Street before, it is not necessary to speak to understand a person.

Elder Tree has plenty of ways to extract information from Lucia.

As for Lucia, if he wants Starry Street to exist in Billon Grove for a long time, he will definitely cooperate.

Elder Tree couldn’t wait to “communicate” with Lucia, but before Elder Tree could open his mouth, he took the star leaf from Lucia, glanced at Elder Tree, and glanced at Wa in the distance from the corner of his eye. Yin.

As an old partner, even if Xingye didn’t say a word, Elder Shu immediately realized it.

He bowed to Earl Hei: “Lord Earl Hei, please forgive me for taking my leave first, I will let Gainor and Shayona stay by your side.”

Black Earl: “You don’t have to care about me.”

Elder Tree quickly shook his head, no matter what, they couldn’t leave Earl Hei alone. This one is related to the future of their Biluosi family.

“Gai Nuo, Sha Yina, come here.” After the elder tree called Gai Nuo and Sha Yina over, he gave them the order with the psychic belt.

Although Elder Shu didn’t have much confidence in Gainor, a “brainless” person, Sha Yina was a smart person, and with her around, Elder Shu was very relieved.

After the explanation, Elder Tree expressed his apology to Earl Hei again, and then went into the dark shadow with Xingye and Lucia to discuss matters.

As for the outside world, only Gainuo, Shayina, and Wayin remained.

Although Gainor’s character is a bit reckless, he also knows the weight of the patriarch of the Noah family. When facing Earl Hei, he didn’t dare to say a word, but just stood aside, looking at the arena full of ruins, silent.

Sayinna is much better than Gaino, and she can answer the conversation with Earl Hei. However, Earl Hei seems to have no interest in the topic she is looking for. “Oh” to answer. No matter how good Shayinna was at dancing, she couldn’t do anything to face Earl Hei who was too lazy to talk.

Moreover, in this dark night full of gunpowder smoke and blood, she really didn’t know what topic to find to make the scene a little less rigid. With no other choice, he could only say some irrelevant things abruptly.

However, what Shayona didn’t know was that Earl Hei’s short answer did not mean that he had any objection to Shayona’s topic. Purely, Wayin was also talking to him in his heart.

Compared to the irrelevant topics Shayina talked about, Earl Hei would rather answer Wayin’s doubts.

Since returning to Bilon Tree Garden, Wayin has more and more doubts in his heart.

He is not only curious about why Bilon Grove was attacked, but also curious about all the gossip about the Belos family.

For the former, Earl Hei has no answer for the time being, but Earl Hei knows something about the Biros family.

The first question Wayin asked was about “Gai Nuo”.

Wayin is a bit confused, what is the relationship between Gainor and that Dress, why they are obviously enemies of the same family, and they are still targeting them everywhere at this time.

This kind of question, even with Earl Hei’s backing, Wayin would not dare to ask Gainor so blatantly, so he could only ask secretly in his heart.

“Power struggle.” Earl Black said calmly.

“Competing for rights? What rights are you fighting for?” Wayin was a little puzzled.

“The patriarch of Biros.” Earl Hei gave the answer directly.

Hearing the answer, Wayin was even more puzzled. This answer is too bloody, how does it sound like a civil noble struggle?

They have all advanced to become extraordinary, why are they still doing this.

The Black Earl: “It is true that not everyone cares about the ‘desire for power’, but the vast majority of wizards care about the ‘desire for profit’. As for the so-called ‘rights’, power comes first and then etiquette. Only when you have power can you benefit It can be seen. Therefore, fighting for power is not uncommon in the wizarding world. This is especially true for this kind of wizarding family that is flourishing.”

When Earl Hei said this, he paused: “Actually, from a certain point of view, I also envy the Biros family. At least, they still have people who are willing to fight for power…”

Looking back at the Noah family, except for him, everyone else is salted fish. Although Earl Hei also knew that there was his factor in this, but because the younger generations were afraid of him, they even lost the desire to compete, and he himself had nothing to do.

His organ avatar did hide some backhands, but that didn’t mean that he completely gave up on these youngsters.

As long as they can take that step, the Black Earl will naturally give them the greatest freedom, and even let them enter the sequence of inheriting the position of patriarch.

However, none of the juniors currently have such ambitions.

It is precisely because Earl Hei understands this that he hides his backhand in the organ clone. This backhand might even kill the younger generation.

This is also the earl’s intention.

Since you don’t want to revitalize the family, you can only let him continue to bear the pressure. And the life of the younger generation became the fuel that ignited Earl Hei’s progress.

Of course, it sounds like Earl Black wants to sacrifice his descendants to achieve himself. The actual operation is not like this, and Earl Black has not performed such operations several times.

Generally speaking, Earl Hei still loves his younger generation, and hopes that his younger generation can flourish. Therefore, there is almost no one who is really determined to kill the younger generation, and most of them are played to death by the younger generation themselves.

Of course it is impossible for Earl Hei to tell his juniors these words. He sincerely hopes that they can cheer themselves up.

Currently, among the younger generation of Earl Hei, there is no one who can cheer up for the time being. However, Earl Hei is not annoyed, he still has a lot of time, and he can wait…

Moreover, a lot of information about the hollow people of the Noah family was exchanged from the wise master this time. Maybe these left-behind clansmen and their descendants can bring him surprises.

On the other side, Wayin naturally understood Earl Hei’s hint. He actually has a little heart to advance now, especially seeing Doakes now, he is even more eager to advance.

However, Wayin is still unwilling to let him fight for power and profit.

Compared to power, isn’t his divination house more popular? Wouldn’t it be nice to hang out with Doakes? Wouldn’t it be nice if I could catch the last train of Doakes and hold the thigh of an idol?

Go back to the Noah family to fight for power? forget it.

Wayin intentionally ignored Earl Hei’s worries about the future of the Noah family, and continued to ask about the Biros family: “If it is for the position of patriarch, then Gaeno and Dries may indeed be hostile to each other. But I think that ‘Xingye’ patriarch is not very old, so he shouldn’t give up so early?”

“He is indeed young.” Earl Hei paused, and said in a tone full of deep meaning: “But, he has higher pursuits.”

Xing Ye is the patriarch of the Biluosi family, and his strength is also the number one in the Biluosi family, and the top of the second-level wizard. But he is not satisfied with this, he also wants to go further.

Xing Ye longed to set foot on the top hall of the third-level wizard.

However, not everyone can set foot on the top hall, which requires a ticket.

The “admission ticket” for the third-level wizard is also the advanced condition.

There are two basic conditions: first, the energy must continue to reach the peak of a second-level wizard; second, set foot on the road of true knowledge.

Xing Ye has already satisfied the first condition, but he has not yet satisfied the second condition.

Xingye has been wandering in front of the door of the true knowledge wizard for more than three hundred years, but has found nothing.

According to some information obtained by Earl Hei, Xingye announced that he would resign as the patriarch more than 30 years ago to travel to a wider world and pursue the path of true knowledge.

Since that day, the Biros family has been fighting for power and profit both openly and secretly.

As for why Xingye made this announcement thirty years ago, Count Hei also had speculations. Because at that time, the Starry Street District officially settled in the Bilon Tree Garden, it is very likely that Xingye exchanged with the “Preacher” at that time, which made the Didia family not encounter any resistance in the Bilon Tree Garden.

The exchange that the evangelist can give to Star Leaf is naturally…prophecy.

Perhaps, Xingye learned of his opportunity to advance from the prophecy, so he announced his resignation from the position of patriarch, resolutely going to travel outside the region.

However, this is only a guess after all. The only thing that can be seen is that the Biros family did indeed start to have chaos thirty years ago.

After thirty years of fighting for power and profit.

Most of the competitors have disappeared, and there are only two deputy patriarchs who are still competitive. Therefore, I am guessing now that the patriarch will be born from the two deputy patriarchs.

Gai Nuo and Dress are the two deputy heads of the Biros family.

There will be conflicts, even hostility between them, which is quite normal.

Hearing this, Wayin roughly understood the relationship: “So it’s like this…”

Earl Black: “Speaking of which, since you are interested in the power struggle of the Biros family, who do you think will be the head of the Biros family in the end?”

“I’m not interested in their struggle for power, I’m just curious, curious…” Vayin whispered.

“Then according to your curiosity, who do you think will become the patriarch?” Earl Hei still asked indifferently.

After thinking carefully for a moment, Wayin said: “I feel that Gainor seems to be too impulsive, maybe it’s Dries?”

Although Wayin hates such yin and yang people as Dreis more, how can a patriarch be handed over to a reckless man.

The Earl of Black: “Isn’t Dress impulsive? In front of so many people, it is also impulsive to show that he is targeting Gaynor.”

Way Yin thinks it is right when he thinks about it. In terms of impulsiveness, these two people are pretty much the same.

But in this way, Gainor and Dress seem to be unsuitable to be the patriarch.

Wayin couldn’t think of an answer either, so he simply asked Earl Hei directly: “Who does your lord think it could be?”

The Earl of Black: “My opinion is that if the scope is really limited to these two people, there is a high probability that it will be Gaynor. But the moment anything is not finalized, there may be variables.”

“Maybe at the last moment, someone new will come out to compete for the patriarch?”

Wayin: “If there are changes at the last moment, the selection of the patriarch is too hasty…”

“What I said is that the position of patriarch is delimited to two deputy patriarchs. This is only rumored news. Maybe it’s just a public opinion propaganda war waged by a certain competitor. What do the core members of the Biros family think? Yes, who knows?” Earl Hei said indifferently: “Besides, it is Elder Tree and the current Patriarch Xingye who really decide the position of patriarch. When they don’t open their mouths to assert, everything is still unknown.”

Wayin pursed his mouth and mumbled in a low voice: “Then, isn’t it the same as if you didn’t say it?”

The Black Earl sneered a few times, but did not answer.

Wayin coughed twice, and started to ask about other things. Apart from being interested in Gaeno and Dress, he was also interested in the night tree that appeared before.

“Night tree?” Earl Hei didn’t hide anything, and said directly: “It’s similar to an intelligence organization, and Elder Yue is in charge.”

From the way Ye Shu appeared before, and their conversation with Elder Shu, Wayin actually guessed that the other party might be responsible for intelligence. Such intelligence organizations are not uncommon in major wizard families and wizard organizations.

Including the Noah family, there is also an intelligence team under its jurisdiction.

“Elder Yue? Speaking of which, the members of the Biros family who came to the ruins of the garden labyrinth today seem to be Elder Yue, the core class, who did not come?”

Wayin had heard about the structure of the Beros family from Earl Hei before.

The tree, the sun, and the moon are the three elders of the Biros family. Among them, Elder Tree is the Great Elder, and he is a very special existence in the Biros family.

Because all the tree elders have served as the patriarch of the Biros family in the past.

The status of Elder Tree belongs to re-employment after abdication.

Because of this, regardless of prestige and power, Elder Tree is actually no lower than the patriarch, and may even be higher.

Elder Ri is the Second Elder, and Wa Yin does not know the specific powers and responsibilities, only that he is in charge of the Traveling Merchants Organization. Today, Elder Ri is still staying in the garden maze, even if Bilon Tree Garden was attacked, he did not come over.

Elder Yue is the third elder. Before that, Wayin only knew that she was a woman, but nothing else. But now it can be confirmed that the other party is in charge of Yeshu, and Yeshu is an intelligence organization, so it is very likely that the Elder Yue is in charge of diplomatic responsibilities this year?

However, these are not important. Now, Wayin suddenly mentioned Elder Yue because he thought of one thing.

“If Elder Moon stayed in Bilon Tree Garden, he wouldn’t turn a blind eye to the attack here, right? Moreover, I heard the conversation between No. The high-end combat power of the Shaobiluosi family.” Wayin murmured in a low voice: “Could it be that the elder Yue and the attacker are together this time? It was she who deliberately took away the combat power of the Biluosi family, which led to When the Bilon Grove faced the attack, it seemed weak?”


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