Super Dimensional Wizard: Section 1: Young Angel


The town of Gru, Jammeh province.

When the beginning of the permafrost came, this remote town far from the center of the Golden Sparrow Empire suddenly welcomed a line of silver armored knights with high family emblems and flags.

The old pedant of Gru Town, the old man Parsha, saw the pattern on the flag at first glance, his eyes were round, and he broke out in a cold sweat.

——The tiger treads on the python, and the python wraps around the full moon.

Parsha’s neighbor is Dim, the only blacksmith in town. Seeing the demeanor of the old neighbor, Dim asked in confusion while smoking a hookah: “Hey, old man, what is your expression… Do you know the origin of these knights?”

Parsha took a deep breath and whispered to Dim: “If I read it correctly, the pattern on the flag seems to be the emblem of the Munn family.”

The Munn family? ! After Dim listened, he looked back at old Parsha in a daze.

“Are you sure you read that right?”

Without waiting for Parsha’s answer, Dim seemed to think of something, his whole body shook, and he turned his head and slipped into his narrow and cramped blacksmith’s shop, fastened the door, and looked trembling.

Through the glass window of the blacksmith shop, Parsha shook her head when she saw Dim’s cowardly look. In the past, the pair of bad friends must have laughed at each other, but today, the Munn family came to Gru Town inexplicably. Thinking about the functions of the Munn family in the empire, Dim’s counseling has an explanation.

Parsha recalled a rumor she had heard at the Hunter’s Tavern in town.

The Munn family, known as the backbone of the Golden Sparrow Empire, has produced at least six military generals for hundreds of years, and has made great military contributions in resisting the invasion of enemy countries many times. Moreover, in every war, the members of the Mengen family are not hiding in a safe shelter to point fingers. Every member of this family is a soldier in the front line of the vanguard, not afraid of fighting, and has courage. Such a dedicated family with a distinguished background naturally grasped the military lifeline of the empire.

Recently, the Golden Sparrow Empire and the neighboring country Heilan are in a state of confrontation. The border of the Heilan Dynasty is not far from Gru Town. At this time, the knights of the Mengen family are coming… Perhaps, it is for this reason .

Parsha guesses that there are two purposes, recruiting or arming, or maybe both.

No matter which purpose, it is fatal to the blacksmith Dim. Because the conscription rules of the Golden Sparrow Empire clearly stipulated that in the towns that were included in the conscription area during wartime, each household must have a young adult, or pay 100 gold coins to obtain an exemption token. He is the only man in the Dim family, and he happens to be in the conscription age group. If he is conscripted, the life of his future wife and daughter will definitely not be guaranteed. As for paying gold coins? In the entire town of Gru, perhaps only the Pat family can have a hundred gold coins in deposit. You know, one gold coin is enough for his family’s living expenses for half a year.

Parsha himself experienced the initial surprise, but he quickly returned to normal. He is an old bachelor, and now he is approaching his twilight years and is not within the scope of conscription, so he is not worried. Even, there is still the mind to observe the movements of the Munn family.

Hey, they didn’t look for the mayor of Gru Town, isn’t it conscription?

Pasha continued to observe, but this team of iron hoofs went to another place instead.

——That, even in the permafrost moon, is still full of beautiful and prosperous Viscount Pat’s mansion!

Pat Manor.

Two maids in beige sackcloths were working and whispering.

The objects of their gossip are the two young masters of the Pat family.

“The master and his wife have been dead for two years. According to the laws of the empire, the frost month after the permafrost month this year is the time for the eldest young master to inherit the title.” Among them, the apple-faced young maid slightly Worryingly, he said, “I don’t know if the second young master’s situation will change after the eldest young master inherits the title.”

“Oli, it’s better for the two of us to talk less about the adults. However, I don’t think it’s necessary to worry about your troubles. Although you work in the second young master’s tea garden, the tea garden is after all. It’s too far from the main house, you may not know that the relationship between the eldest young master and the second young master is good! Don’t worry, those rich and powerful families in the opera script will not appear in our manor.” The pock-faced middle-aged maid smiled road.

At this time, the sound of hooves rang from the path outside the tea garden.

A short while later, a knight in shiny bronze armor appeared in front of them.

The horse neighed and the knight stopped at the entrance of the tea garden and took off the helmet he was wearing.

This is a young man with brown hair full of masculinity. The backlight makes the contours of his face even deeper, and his already handsome appearance is even more extraordinary at this moment.

The youth’s gray-green eyes swept toward the two maids. Skip Oli directly and focus on the middle-aged maid.

“Manna Maid, good afternoon.”

Mana put down the bamboo basket in her hand and greeted the young knight: “Good afternoon, Master Leo.”

Leo glanced at the freshly picked tea leaves in the bamboo basket in Mana’s hands, and there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes: “Is my brother looking for the old man again?”

Manna bowed her head and said respectfully, “Master Angel is studying with Mr. Jon.”

Leo pouted and whispered to himself: “Study? That old man doesn’t know what’s wrong. He talks about fallacies every day. My younger brother is looking for him to study, and he also offers tea every day. I think he is crazy. I don’t know what evil my brother has fallen into, so I have to learn from him.”

Leo irritably pulled the reins: “Okay, I understand. You guys are busy, I’ll go look for him now.”

After he finished speaking, Leo rode his horse and left with hooves.

After a long while, Leo came to the southeastern edge of the manor. On a hill near the woods, there was a rather delicate wooden building on stilts. The architectural style is very peculiar. The cornices are tilted and the two layers stand side by side. Except for one side that is connected to the main house, the other three sides are suspended in the air and are completely supported by pillars.

This stilted building, in terms of construction method, shape and style, is completely different from the architectural characteristics of the Golden Sparrow Empire, and even several other countries that Leo has been to have no similar style.

“It’s an amazing building! Three sides are suspended in the air and still stand still.” Although Leo complained in his heart that old Jon stole his brother’s attention, Leo was also quite impressed by Jon’s amazing craftsmanship in architecture, but He never showed it on his face. Besides, apart from the stilted building in front of him, Leo has no admiration for Jon anymore. Maybe the production method of this stilted building is very popular in Jon’s “country”? Even though Jon stayed at Pat Manor for nearly twenty years, Leo never knew where Jon’s country was.

Pushing aside the fence, the yard of the stilted building was loaded with vegetables and fruits, and the shelf beside it was full of wilted vines. This kind of vine would produce a lot of ‘hanging strings’ during the harvest month. Jon calls it grapes. I tried it in Lyon, and it tasted quite sweet, but now the month has passed the grape season.

As soon as I opened the bamboo door of the stilted building, I saw a small room, a young man with delicate features buried his head on the parchment scroll, dipped the ink on the side with a feather pen, and quickly recorded something.

As Leon approached, even though he had deliberately restrained his pace, the copper boot armor still made a loud bang after contacting the wooden floor.

“Hey, you’re here?” The young man drew a period on the vellum, looked up at the person who came, and his voice became clearer and more sparse, with a strong emotion of intimacy.

“My dear brother, Angel. Listening to your tone, do you know that I will be here today?” Leon laughed.

Angel shrugged and smirked: “I don’t know, just answering like this will show me a little more initiative.”

“That old man taught you that?”

Angel shook his head: “Do you still need to teach this? Dad didn’t like to talk like this when he was alive.”

“Then if others misunderstand you and know their intentions, so you don’t speak after coming in, how do you speak?” Leon raised his eyebrows.

“I’m not moving, I’ll wait for him to speak first.”

“What if he doesn’t speak?”

Angel pouted: “That would be embarrassing. If it was me, I would turn around and leave to avoid the atmosphere being even more embarrassing. If the other party stops me, there will naturally be a follow-up.”

Leon smiled and nodded, without commenting on it, but looked around the room.

“Where’s the old man Jon?”

As soon as Leon mentioned Jon, Angel frowned slightly, with a little worry in his eyes: “You also know that the teacher’s health is getting worse and worse, and every part of the body is gradually getting worse. Shrinking, just the day before yesterday, the instructor’s legs were completely unable to move. The instructor just applied the medicine, and now he is resting upstairs.”


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