Star Odyssey Chapter 5150: Tianjiwen

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The strongest member of the Musheng clan suppressed his excitement and whispered: “In the ancient history of our clan, there was a Tianjiwen. It was that Tianjiwen who gave us guidance and allowed our clan to survive until now. But that A bit of secret information is also left for us

Advice. ”

“First, the whole family changed its name to Niu Niu and waited for a creature who could name Chu Heizi, Chu Yi, Fertile Tu, etc.”

“Second, give that creature a map.” As it said, it carefully took out a map and handed it to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin took it. This map is very old, and there are words on it – I don’t know who will come here, try your luck, forget it if it doesn’t happen, anyway, throughout the ages, I have left more than one point. Take this map as the center and search thousands of miles around, you must

To be able to find Tianjiwen, the premise is that there is Tianjiwen.

No one in the inner or outer world knows these characters. They are unique characters to the Three Realms and Six Paths. Even the ancestors didn’t know about them when they created this characters. The purpose was just to be lazy.

Yes, I am lazy when practicing.

This kind of writing has not been spread, and there are no fixed rules. You can create it as you like.

So, this is something that only the Three Realms and Six Paths can understand.

Lu Yin can understand nature because of ancestor Lu Yuan. He glanced at the strongest members of the Musheng tribe. This tribe must have been to the points marked on the map, but they did not know the words and did not understand the meaning of these points. The point was not the points, but that Tianjiwen could be found in the range around the points. Especially Tian

The birth of Jiwen is not inevitable, and few have been born throughout history, so the map is meaningless to the Musheng tribe, and they cannot associate it with Tianjiwen.

Then the question is, how does fate determine the location of Tianjiwen?

Also, her message has more than one point in the years. What does this point mean? What does it have to do with Tianjiwen? Could it be that she had been asked by Tianji? Lu Yin had too many doubts that he wanted to solve. He originally thought that as his cultivation level increased and he had reached the level below dominion, he could no longer care about some things. But both Death and Destiny have been hidden until now, and they are targeting them

It must be the master, or in other words, the master.

What level are they at now?

Of course they won’t surpass themselves, but they have their own layout methods.

Definitely able to play a role at critical moments.

Lu Yin left, left the Musheng clan, and went to look for Tianjiwen.

Since fate has given me a way to find Tianjiwen, of course I can’t give up.

For destiny, it is extremely difficult for the remaining points to be encountered by oneself.

As for the Musheng clan, Lu Yin gave them another amount of resources in return for keeping this map until now. Those resources were enough for the Musheng clan to give birth to strong men.

There are a lot of points marked on the map, and Lu Yin can only look for them one by one.

Even so, it is not much different from finding a needle in a haystack, he still has to try his luck.

After all, it is still a question whether Tianji is born or not.

The probability of birth is very low.

When he reaches a certain point, he can cover thousands of miles with his consciousness. Tens of thousands of miles is a very small area for him now. His consciousness can easily cover every living being, not even an insect.

Then the second, the third…

Tianjiwen was an ordinary creature, and he didn’t know how to find it.

Until he saw a dying squirrel-like creature, Lu Yin’s eyes fell on it.

The squirrel’s eyes were full of wisdom. It was lying on the tree, as if it was going to die at any time. It’s not that he’s injured, it’s that his lifespan has expired.

Lu Yin teleported and appeared under the squirrel tree, looking up.

Squirrel lowered his eyes and looked at Lu Yin.

“Tianji asked?”

The squirrel was not surprised, “What do you want to ask?”

“Aren’t you curious why I knew you were Tianjiwen?” Lu Yin wanted to find more clues about the fate of this squirrel.

The squirrel looked calmly: “Tianjiwen never asks questions, he only answers them.”

“Where is Niuniu?”

Squirrel said: “I can’t answer this kind of question. I can only answer questions that are related to you and can be deduced on the spot.”

“Remind you, don’t waste time, I don’t have much time left. Originally I just wanted to see this land of life, it’s your chance to find it.”

Lu Yin nodded: “Then, I would like to ask, how should I practice?”

The squirrel stared at Lu Yin and looked at him. In his eyes, the wisdom was replaced by the stars, as if the entire world of heaven had descended and enveloped Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes changed. Squirrel, who had no cultivation, gave him this feeling. This was not cultivation, but something indescribable, and he didn’t know how to describe it. It was as if the world of heaven had turned into this squirrel.

What kind of power is Tianji asked?

After watching for a while, a strange color appeared in the squirrel’s eyes for the first time, which was much brighter than before: “Can you help me erect a monument?”

“Build a tomb and erect a monument?”



“In your name.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed: “Then your monument may not be erected for long. I have many enemies, both inside and outside the sky.”

The squirrel smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, even just for a moment.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, not knowing what Tianji Wen was thinking, but agreed: “Okay, what’s your name?” “You name it, I don’t have a name, and by the way, you are me “Being the first living being found after Tianji Wen, and also the last living being.” After the squirrel finished speaking, he slowly got up, climbed down the tree trunk, and approached Lu Yin.

Then he came to Lu Yin’s eye level and made a tired voice: “Your cultivation path is different from that of all living beings.”

“Staying pure to the universe is your path.”

Lu Yin was confused: “What do you mean?”

The squirrel replied: “Don’t practice discipline.”

Lu Yin was surprised: “Don’t follow the rules?”

Following the laws of the universe is a necessary step towards eternal life. This avatar of him has been looking for laws to fit in, but this Tianjiwen actually said that he doesn’t want to follow the laws?

The squirrel’s eyes became brighter and brighter: “Each person’s cultivation path is different, which also leads to different upper limits.”

“The upper limit not only comes from the path of cultivation, but also from the understanding and purity of the universe.”

“A bucket of water can be one meter square, but if the bucket is big enough to hold an ocean or even a universe, the bucket is still a bucket.”

Lu Yin’s body trembled and he looked at the squirrel blankly.

After the squirrel finished speaking, his body suddenly fell.

Lu Yin hurriedly caught it and held it in his hands.

The squirrel took a few breaths, then gradually disappeared and died.

It only has a life span of a hundred years, and since becoming a Tianjiwen, Lu Yin is the first and last creature to ask about it, as if its existence is only for Lu Yin.

It could have lived for a while longer. Lu Yin felt this way, but those last words made him die, as if his body couldn’t bear those words.

Lu Yin raised his head and looked at the stars of the Tianji Realm. Even at his height, some things could not be explained.

The masters have all asked Tianji for advice.

What exactly is Tianjiwen?

It stands to reason that the Lord cannot find the direction of Tianjiwen, otherwise Tianjiwen would have been taken over by the Lord clan. But why can fate be found?

Unless she has been asked by Tianji herself.

Lu Yin erected a monument for this squirrel under the tree. His name was Squirrel, and the person who erected the monument was Lu Yin.

He built a monument in his name, which is a promise.

I don’t know how long this tomb can last.

“Legend has it that Tianjiwen, who taught the master, died after answering the master’s question. Lord Lu, this Tianjiwen seems to have been born for you. You will definitely become the master.” Kou said, looking at the tombstone.

Lu Yin’s eyes are complicated, do you dominate? He also had no confidence, as the ascending channel was blocked.

But since this Tianjiwen keeps oneself pure about the universe, then let’s go and give it a try, it’s a clone anyway.

Using Tianji Wen’s metaphor, the bucket of your clone must be big enough.

Now that the clone has an active heart, the clone’s body is constantly nourished and strengthened with the blood of the original body. It is already a bucket. If he wants to continue to expand this bucket, he first thinks of the world of disaster.

The power of evil can be transformed into any power.

The clone did not cultivate any power, it was directly transformed into the purest physical power, which is also power.

“Let’s go to the realm of disaster.”

“Master Lu wants to gamble on the power of misfortune?”


“Isn’t this good? I know something about the misfortune world. Biao belongs to the misfortune world. If he loses the bet, he will be really weak.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just a clone, and if it doesn’t work, just use the luck bag.”

“That thing is useless.”

“Grabbing a few more will have a psychological effect. Let’s go to Lanqiong Realm first, and then we’ll talk about it.”

Kou had no choice but to head towards the passage leaving Tianji Realm.

Among the four extreme crimes, the one who recognized Lu Yin the most was not Gu who was the first to be rescued, but this bandit.

It was rescued from under Wan Teng by Lu Yin.

Kou’s gratitude to Lu Yin was almost not as much as for his original crime, so he was willing to become Lu Yin’s mount.

It really didn’t want Lu Yin to lose his bet in the world of misfortune, but there was nothing he could do if Lu Yin insisted on going. Just when Lu Yin was walking in the seventy-two worlds, the three masters of life, time, and cause and effect joined forces to let the creatures hidden in the master of luck attack human civilization, constantly transferring human hatred to the master of luck, causing Qi luck

Fight against humans together.

Among them, the most influential battle was between Chang Tu and Lai Jiu.

Chang Tu is the peak combat power of the two laws, and Lai Jiu is the main sequence of luck and a strong man of the three laws.

Chang Tu’s strength is naturally far beyond Lai Jiu’s opponent. In this battle, Chang Tu was seriously injured and directly used the fourth sword to kill Lai Jiu. Even so, Lai Jiu still caught the fourth sword. He may be cut, but he will not die.

Fortunately, Chang Chu appeared in time and took Chang Tu away, otherwise Chang Tu would have died on the spot. Only because Chang Chuo had regained his peak strength could he save Chang Tu’s life.

But although Chang Tu was not dead, it was difficult for him to take action again.

Chang Shu did not take action against Lai Jiu, and the agreement between humans and the Lord is still there. After this battle, countless people in Xiangcheng were angry and wanted to seek justice for Chang Tu. For a while, many people began to find trouble with Qi Luck. However, strong people in the three laws of human civilization are indeed scarce, so they can only let Bao Luck be punished. , Biao and their four poles

Zui takes the lead and targets the master of one or three laws of luck. Haha, the old guy and Da Mao also took action.


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