Star Odyssey Chapter 4987: Supreme Sequence

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The next moment, Lu Yin took out four things. The **** things were the flesh and blood torn from the bodies of the four three-law masters.

I captured the four masters when I defeated them. I didn’t kill them, and I haven’t killed them until now. I just peeled something off from them. It was for this moment, and it was also for this moment that the power of death was deliberately left in the fleece civilization.

If you don’t get some evidence, it means you didn’t do it.

Feeling the regular aura of four strands and three rays, all the creatures in the shy courtyard trembled.

He is definitely a master of the Three Laws. What did he do this morning?

Sheng Qing’s pupils flickered as he looked at those things, then looked at Lu Yin, his eyes changed completely: “I don’t know who destroyed the fleece civilization and handed them over to you, but it’s definitely not something you can do. Arrived.”

Lu Yin smiled ferociously on his skull face: “Old guy, you don’t understand how big the universe is. I killed these guys with my heart and why do I need to report to you? If it weren’t for the destruction of Qilong Civilization In the first battle, I have already settled the score with you.”

As he said that, he threw Sheng Yi away casually: “This trash is just for you to step on, to let you know that the Karma Master Clan can’t suppress me.”

“I, Chen, destroyed the fleece civilization, which is the supreme sequence of death.”

Sheng Qing’s pupils froze, and the arrow of cause and effect fell suddenly. He didn’t want to wait any longer and killed.

The next moment, the darkness was overwhelming, like clouds pushing all the arrows of cause and effect sideways, and Sheng Qing’s familiar voice sounded: “You have said that my death is a supreme sequence, and my status is comparable to that of the dominant clan of creatures. Sheng Qing, are you right? It would be wrong if it takes action.”

Lu Yin slowly turned his head, and a familiar figure came into view, and it was coming.

He had never heard the sound of Qianji Guiyan, but Sheng Qing had obviously heard it.

At this moment, Qian Ji Yan easily deflected all the arrows of cause and effect, shocking Lu Yin.

This is the strength of Qianji Guiyan after he has mastered the art of keeping silent. Every step closer brought pressure to him, and this pressure was even higher than that of Shengqing.

In the shy courtyard, on the altar, figures walked out one after another, coming from the seventy-two realms, and some from the dominant clan.

There are also creatures approaching from the direction of the seventy-two realms.

Looking at this scene.

So much has happened since Death One returned. Especially after entering the inner and outer heavens this morning, what happened to him was shocking.

He gave the whole inner and outer world the feeling that he was not afraid of anything, but he could still survive.

Lu Yin watched Qianji Guiyan step forward and stand between him and Sheng Qing.

How to say it? As expected.

When he reveals that he has exterminated the Qilong civilization, it means that the Death Alliance must stand up, otherwise the Death Lord’s promise will be worthless.

Bringing out the executioners and destroying the Qilong civilization is what the Lord of Death wants to do right now.

Especially the extinction of the velvet civilization is a top priority in death.

The upholstery civilization was launched by the other four masters to restrict the death alliance. The upholstery civilization will never be destroyed, and the death alliance cannot raise its head day by day, because the upholstery civilization is clearly against the death alliance.

For other leaders, the value of fleece civilization lies here.

They know it themselves.

In the future, once the Lord of Death is free, he will take action against them, and they have been waiting for this day.

It is better to be used than not to be used.

At least during the period of being exploited, the fleece civilization was brilliant.

But no one expected that the Qiling Civilization would be exterminated by Lu Yin, not even the four masters, nor the Qiling Civilization itself.

The entire universe knows what the extinction of civilization means along with death.

Now that Lu Yin is taking this matter, he has a broader way of survival than the one Sheng Qing found for him, and he has more control over it.

Sheng Qing slowly landed. Facing Qian Ji Ju Yan, it was not qualified to be condescending. Although Qian Ji Ju Yan was not a creature of the Death Lord family, it was too special.

“Thousands of tricks, are you going to protect him even if you die?”

Thousands of Machines are funny, the bear’s face is more ferocious than Lu Yin’s skull face, and the other half is still mechanical: “Isn’t this what you want too.”

Sheng Qing’s eyes were downcast: “He has damaged the dignity of my Karma Master clan.”

“So what?” Qianji Guiyan said the same thing as when Lu Yin killed Sheng Mie, and it was more unpleasant than anyone else’s words: “Can’t we step on your Karma Master Clan?”

“You want to start a war?” Sheng Qing growled.

Qianji Guiyan said disdainfully: “Come on, go through my test first.” After saying that, he turned to Lu Yin and asked: “Chen, if I stop Sheng Qing for you, what will you do?”

Lu Yin raised his skeletal arm and clenched his fist, “If you come from the Karma-dominated clan, I will kill one, and I will kill a pair if you come.”

“How dare you.” Sheng Qing shouted.

Qianji Guiyan laughed and said, “That’s right. My status as the highest order of death is not lower than that of any creature from the dominant clan. Shengqing, do you want to give it a try? Let’s see how many of you in the Karma Reunion Realm can stop you now.” Live with him? I’m really looking forward to it.”

Lu Yin took a step forward and stared at Sheng Qing: “Old guy, be brave, let’s have some fun.”

Sheng Qing gritted his teeth and remained silent.

In Shy Court, all the creatures trembled, and the Karma Master clan was suppressed. They did not expect to see such a thing one day. The dominant clan was actually suppressed.

Supreme sequence?

That is someone who can control a world by himself.

For example, Bu Qing, who is in charge of the Qing world.

This morning has become the highest sequence of eternal life with a law. Unprecedented in ancient and modern times, the law of death will definitely protect him with all its strength.

Above the starry sky, cause and effect fill the sky, and arrows are like clouds.

Sheng Qing suppressed the aura of terror and stared at Qian Ji Guiyan.

Qianji Guiyan stared at it without paying any attention.

All living beings are waiting for Sheng Qing’s decision.

Thousands of tricks to protect Lu Yin from the dead come from the determination of the Death Alliance, and more importantly, the determination of the Lord of Death. If Sheng Qing wants to kill him, it will inevitably trigger a war.

In the current situation, the cause and effect alliance is attacking the fourth barrier, and almost all the masters have gone. As a last resort, even the hidden Tianmen Realm, which has long surrendered to the cause and effect alliance, has been exposed, and the death alliance originally lacked strong people.

With two protagonists fighting like this, I really don’t know who will win and who will lose.

Will the other masters really help the cause and effect? not necessarily.

Sheng Qing’s eyes suddenly opened wide, and the arrow of cause and effect suddenly fell.

Lu Yin was shocked. He didn’t expect that Sheng Qing would really take action. Was he desperate? He was about to resist, but then he realized something was wrong. All the arrows of cause and effect bypassed them, and their targets were other living beings in Shy Garden.

The arrow of cause and effect is like a rain curtain that cleanses the heaven and earth. It sweeps across in an instant. In an instant, the heaven and earth are clear and clear.

Except for Sheng Qing, Tianmen, Qianji Guiyan and Lu Yin, all the other living creatures in the shy court died. Including the cause and effect master family of creatures.

Lu Yin’s eyes fell on Sheng Yi’s body. Sheng Yi died simply and simply.

Sheng Qing completely washed the shy court with blood and left without saying a word.

Tianmen also left in silence through the altar.

Lu Yin looked deeply at Sheng Qing’s leaving figure, a chill covering his whole body.

Qianji Guiyan said in a low voice: “This old guy is really cruel. He killed all his own clan just to save face.”

“This debt must be on my head.” Lu Yin said.

Qianji Guiyan smiled and looked at Lu Yin: “It doesn’t matter, we are already torn apart. Don’t tell me that you will be satisfied just because one Shengyi died.”

Lu Yin said: “Of course it’s impossible. I must let the Karma Master Clan give me an explanation. Either apologize or pay the price.”

If we just forget it, it will have no impact on the cause and effect of the fourth barrier.

It is also impossible for the cause and effect to be settled like this. Shengqing blamed Lu Yin for the death of all the creatures in Xiaoting. Although this calculation may not be possible, the other masters will not believe it, but without evidence, it is the same. An unsolved case is also an excuse for other protagonists to attack Lu Yin.

It’s like putting Lu Yin in trouble again.

Sheng Qing didn’t want to lose face, but Lu Yin really took the blame.

It is unknown whether the other lords will take action against Lu Yin, but the karma lords must find trouble with Lu Yin, otherwise what will happen to the creatures of the karma master clan who died in the shy court?

“Did you really wipe out the civilization?” Qianji Qiyan looked at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin stepped back a few steps to let Qian Jiguiyan see it more clearly: “Don’t believe it?”

Qianji Guiyan grinned and shook his head: “I don’t believe it.”

Lu Yin shrugged: “Forget it if you don’t believe it. In the world of cultivation, there are many things that remain unexplained.”

“What if the dead man wants you to explain?”

“Then I’ll pick one that’s similar to the Velvet Civilization and show it how to exterminate it in front of the Lord of Death.”

“Haha, Chen, you are very interesting.”

Lu Yin didn’t answer, is it interesting?

“Now you have become a public enemy in the inner and outer world, except Death, not only because you made a very bad start and made the other masters also dissatisfied, but also because there are other creatures of the masters in this shy court. They I’m not that stupid. Blaming everything on you is just an excuse. Have you figured out how to deal with it?”

“No, please ask Senior Qianjiguiyan to give me a way.”

“I have no way.”

“Then I will follow senior? I guess no one would dare to do anything to senior.”

Qianji Guiyan laughed and disturbed his head, the same as when he practiced the Shukou Kung Fu: “You can’t just follow me, I have my own things to do, and you still have to seek explanation from Karma.”

Lu Yin said seriously: “I have to find a way, after all, I can’t beat Sheng Qing.”

“Of course you can’t beat that old guy, unless you break through again. But fighting between the inner and outer world, its own combat power is one thing, there are other ways of fighting.”

“Jie and Fang?”

“You extinguished the Qilong Civilization. From this moment on, Death will grant you a realm. This is a privilege only available to the highest order. Not only that, you can also order all the Deaths to practice together except me and the creatures of the Death Lord family. I hope you will make good use of this power to serve the Lord of Death.”

Lu Yin didn’t expect such a good thing to be able to command other cultivators? Doesn’t it mean that even the Dead Sea is within the scope of his orders?

“Senior, don’t worry, wherever the Lord of Death’s blade points, I will definitely cut through the thorns and thorns.”

Qianji Guiyan burst out laughing. He wanted to say something, but found that maybe it was true. This humanoid skeleton had courage that other creatures did not have.

“Senior, I wonder which realm was given by the Lord of Death?” Lu Yin asked. The Lord of Death definitely got the realm, but among the seventy-two realms, it is impossible to take back all the realms that originally belonged to death. He estimated that he could get back a few realms. That’s pretty good.

Qianji Guiyan looked at Lu Yin and said: “Shadow Realm.”


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