Star Odyssey Chapter 4399: Shen Jian

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Ten years have passed since Jiang Feng was first invited to the Shen Xing universe. Ten years is enough for Jiang Feng to see this universe clearly.

Lu Yin teleported again and again, and finally came to Shen Xing’s universe. Under the mirror light technique, he quickly found Jiang Feng.

He had made an appointment with Jiang Feng, the first time they entered Shen Xing’s universe, and so on.

A teleportation, Lu Yin stepped on the mountain peak, not far away, Jiang Feng was sitting calmly, it was not surprising to see Lu Yin coming.

“Uncle Jiang, how are you doing?” Lu Yin asked.

Jiang Feng said: “I don’t know if the immortality of Shen Xing’s universe is suitable for joining the three universes.”

Lu Yin was surprised. What Jiang Feng said meant that this Immortal Realm might not be a good person, but he might not necessarily be a bad person either.

People cannot be completely judged by good or bad.

Lu Yin brought Jiang Feng to a rather prosperous starry sky city in Shenxing Universe, sat in a restaurant by the window, ordered some dishes, and spoke slowly.

Jiang Feng said slowly: “Chen Xing Universe is very strange. If it is said that the red clothes under the stars cultivate the same artistic conception, then Shen Xing Universe cultivates the same kind of exercises and the same combat skills.”

Lu Yin was surprised, there is such a thing?

A whole universe practicing the same kind of exercise?

He thought that all the red clothes under the stars would be unified if they practiced the Ruthless Dao, but he didn’t expect there to be a more unified one.

“Fanxingquan is the exercises and combat skills practiced by all the practitioners in Shenxing Universe, um, this is it.” Jiang Feng casually took out a boxing book and threw it to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin took it at a loss, so casual?

Jiang Feng said: “Don’t look, it’s a very common boxing technique. The essence lies in the remnant star in the sky. It’s called the Big Dipper remnant star.”

Lu Yin looked at the starry sky, and Jiang Feng looked at the same time. What he saw was a broken star hanging high. Most of the star had been broken, and the remaining half seemed to be continuing to break. There was dust scattered around it that was visible to the naked eye .

Jiang Feng aside, Lu Yin hadn’t discovered it before, this remnant star is interesting, because it can be seen no matter where in the universe.

One side of the universe is huge, not to mention the universe, even the solar system may not be able to see a broken star clearly.

But this star can be seen by everyone.

“Cultivators of Chen Xing Universe use Fanxingquan as the basis to cultivate, and their unique skill is to pull the power of the Big Dipper Remnant Star. Wei Shen sees that Yongsheng is pulling the power of his fist, but he still can’t see the limit of Beidou Canxing’s fist power.”

“There is a legend in the Shen Xing universe, whoever can completely draw down the power of the Big Dipper remnant star will be invincible in the universe.” Jiang Feng said.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows: “What a big tone.”

Jiang Feng smiled: “Yeah, the tone is very loud, I can only say that Shen Xingyu’s knowledge of the world is too shallow, I have read their history, the strongest is this Shen Jian, but this person shrinks back Shrinking, even the old enemies of the Shen Xing universe dare not deal with them, let humans and those old enemies consume each other, lacking the momentum to move forward, such a person can become the strongest in the Shen Xing universe, how can this universe dare to say that it is invincible.”

Lu Yin is not interested in the power of the Shen Xing universe. This universe is only two stars in the unknowable evaluation, which is considered very weak. Having an immortality is the limit, far inferior to the original Nine Heavens universe. , invincible? The smaller the vision, the more invincible a person thinks.

There were many invincible legends in the Tianyuan Universe, where there was no ancestral realm.

He used to think that he was invincible, but the more he saw the distance, the more ridiculous the word invincible was.

However, among the same level, he really thinks that he is invincible, no matter how big the distance is, no matter how old the ages are, this is not only what he thinks, but also what Xianling thinks, and even the unknowable thinks.

I have never heard of a rogue level who can single-handedly kill a strong man who fits the two laws, and he is the first one.

“Let’s talk about Shen Jian, Uncle Jiang, you are not sure whether you want to be drawn into the three universes, what did he do?” Lu Yin was curious.

At this time, Xiao Er served the food, and the downstairs was very lively.

Just as Jiang Feng was about to speak, a loud noise shook the ground. Lu Yin looked at the street and saw two people fighting, chasing and fleeing.

Shen Xing’s universe is based on Fanxingquan, so, people in this entire universe practice boxing?

The boxing method that impressed him the most was the middle-aged man in Chinese clothes who fought against the Ten-eyed Crow. He was one of the nine basemen, and he teamed up with Hongshuang and another old man to kill the Ten-eyed Crow.

This scene is the past he saw when he harvested the crow’s body.

The old man must be the owner of the seventh barrier, he saw the seven needles of Yanmen.

There is also Ji He who has mastered boxing techniques.

Jihe was hidden too deeply by Hong Xia this time, and he couldn’t find it.


There was another loud bang, and Lu Yin frowned. Both of them had exerted a destructive power far beyond their own.

Their power all comes from the Big Dipper remnant star, but he didn’t see how they pulled the Big Dipper remnant star’s power, can’t see? Or, is there another way?

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze and looked at the fanxing boxing score with great interest, which was quite interesting.

All of a sudden, his ears became clear, Jiang Feng blocked the outside sound, and mentioned Shen Jian Yongsheng.

“Shen Jian, the only eternal life in the Shen Xing universe, has survived for quite a long time, and even once existed outside the historical fault of the Shen Xing universe.”

“Surviving for a long time does not mean how strong this person is. It can only be said that this is an eternal life that has not experienced strong winds and waves, but the position he gives himself and the pressure he puts on himself are the only ones I have seen in my life.”

Jiang Feng looked at Beidou Remnant Star: “This person is ruthless and righteous, and cut off all relationships, whether it is family, love or friendship, even the relationship between master and apprentice has been severed by him. He is a true lonely family. There is no one in the universe who he cares about.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows and said ruthlessly?

“Did you think of the ruthless way?” Jiang Feng asked.

Lu Yin nodded.

Jiang Feng shook his head: “I thought it was the ruthless way at first, but then I realized that he injected all his emotions into this universe, into what he knew, human civilization.”

“He is ruthless and unyielding, and he is not burdened by all emotions. It is to make himself have no weaknesses. His eyes are fixed on the entire Shen Xing universe. For this reason, he sacrificed everything about himself.”

“He is like Master Green Grass, unwilling to take risks. He would rather sacrifice generations to fight and kill those old enemies than take action to destroy those old enemies, because he is afraid that once he makes a move, it will attract existences that cannot be resisted, causing This universe is shattered.”

“This is the conclusion I have observed in the past ten years.”

“Shen Jian Yongsheng is a more pure guardian than Master Qingcao. He eliminates his own weaknesses, and does not care about the gains and losses of individuals or some people. Everything is based on the inheritance of civilization, and the rest is not important…”

At the same time, there is a suspended mountain range behind the remnant star of the Big Dipper. The mountain range is barren, with no grass growing, only one person and one house.

Here is Shen Jian.

Shen Jian looked at the many tablets in the house with his hands behind his back. These tablets were his relatives, lovers, the people he cared about the most, but now they are all turned into dust.

He didn’t prevent anyone from leaving, he closed his heart and cut off all emotions. Only an eternally peaceful heart can protect this universe.

Although his emotions are closed, he is also a human being, and the Immortal Realm is not ruthless. His favorite thing to do every day is to look at these tablets here, as if those people are still there.

Not a word, just look at it like this, very good.

In the northern part of Shen Xing’s universe, a large number of creatures of different shapes rushed out of the mountains crazily, facing countless human cultivators, raised their fists and punched, kill, kill, kill…

The ground was dyed red, and endless cultivators came from all directions. This scene was too normal. In the history of Shen Xing’s universe, this battlefield had a unique position, because this battlefield never stopped.

Countless people prayed to Shen Jian Yongsheng to take action and destroy the old enemy with the power of eternal life, but Shen Jian Yongsheng never made a move, allowing the war to continue for countless years.

In the starry sky city, Lu Yin listened quietly, Shen saw that Yongsheng and Master Qingcao were the same kind of people, no wonder Uncle Jiang was not sure whether he should be pulled into the universe of the three.

If there are too many people like Master Qingcao, once they encounter a danger they think they cannot resist, they will probably be the first to betray. The most terrifying thing is that their betrayal is not considered betrayal, but for the continuation of civilization Inheritance, this kind of psychological comfort is enough for them to do more thoroughly.

It’s like the death of the emperor who lost his mind.

Compared to Master Qingcao, this Shen Jianyongsheng is more skillful and cautious.

Looking at the starry sky, Lu Yin could see the entire Shen Xing universe, seeing a person practicing, seeing the battlefield, and seeing those old enemies of the Shen Xing universe.

Everyone has their own way of guarding.

Master Qingcao guarded by betrayal.

Qinglian Shangyu and the others rely on confrontation to protect.

The ancestor of the Mountain Sword Sect didn’t dare to gamble, so he could only go far away.

This Shen Jian Yongsheng didn’t even have the idea of ​​gambling, he accepted all accidents, just to keep the current situation unchanged, he didn’t want to accept even a little change.

This is exactly the opposite of myself.

I take the initiative to accept the changes, understand the changes, and finally adapt to the changes.

I can’t tell who is right and who is wrong, maybe I was unlucky back then, and Tianyuan Universe disappeared.

Jiang Feng didn’t speak anymore, he thought for several years and still didn’t decide whether to pull Shen Jian Yongsheng into the universe of the three, this is an uncertain factor.

Once joined, it may become the weakness of the three universes.

If it wasn’t Master Qingcao back then, Mijin Shangyu wouldn’t have died so easily.

It is right to add an immortal environment, but this immortal environment is somewhat unstable.

They are very sure that if Shen Jian Yongsheng sees the unknowable and easily destroys a civilization with ten eternal lives like Master Qingcao, he will do better than Master Qingcao.

Lu Yin teleported Jiang Feng to the ancient battlefield: “There is an unknown portal.”

Jiang Feng nodded: “Shen Jian recognized the unknowable portal. He knew the unknowable, so he didn’t dare to make a move. He allowed this war to continue. However, there were no unknowables from the beginning to the end. They were all these creatures.”

“To be honest, this person is both admirable and pitiful.”

“Wait for me a while.” Lu Yin teleported away from Shenxing Universe, returned to Linghua Universe, and brought Master Qingcao.


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