Sinmonger: Day 1


December 3, overcast.

When I opened my eyes, it was already past ten o’clock in the morning. I didn’t need to open the curtains to know that the sky was cloudy outside. The damp air seeped into the house, the bed, and my bones.

I have only two choices: I can either get myself a cup of coffee, or close my eyes and expect to open them again on December 4th.

Anyway, I finally got up.

Today, as always, I’m sitting in the shop, praying that people don’t come to my poor place.

A cloudy afternoon is like the few minutes in line before a child gets an injection, or the tens of seconds before a ghost appears in a horror movie.

You know bad things are bound to happen, but you can never tell when the first drop of rain will fall.

Thanks to the weather, a few hours passed quickly, and until four in the afternoon, there really wasn’t a single customer.

For me, it’s an intoxicating time where I can sit behind my desk and read a book and drink coffee in peace, undisturbed by anyone.

At 4:30, someone pushes the door and comes in, well, I hate him.

But he still gave me a little surprise, because he didn’t come to buy books, he came in to rob.

When this guy came up to me with his gun drawn, I really wanted to complain to him, because it’s getting harder and harder to deal with dead bodies lately. .

I did the math, pulled the teeth, shaved, sawed into six pieces, which would take about half an hour, and another hour to drive him to Bob’s pig farm, when I got back Bloodstains and **** have to be cleaned up, and it’s too late to prepare dinner.

So I raised my hands, put on a terrified look, and told him in a trembling voice, the money is all in the drawer, please let me live.

I think I acted very realistically. The eyes, tone, and body movements are perfectly portrayed. He should turn his head away after taking the money, so that I can continue to enjoy the good time alone.

But when he reached for the drawer, I suddenly remembered that I had no money of any kind…

So, after he opened the drawer, he saw half of the pizza left by me, and half of the mouse left by unknown creatures. Then he got angry, put a gun to my head while talking dirty, and asked me with wide eyes if I thought it was fun to play with him.

Because I was afraid that he would get too excited, I finally had no choice but to stuff his entire pistol into his esophagus.

As this guy thumped on the ground, I figured it out – Philly is so bad, I’m moving.

Now the streets are full of this kid who wants to get “quick money” with a broken gun, but he wandered around for a long time and ran into such a dilapidated bookstore. I really doubt this kind of person. IQ. According to common sense, if you plan to rob small and medium-sized stores, you should undoubtedly first choose the catering industry and daily necessities stores; followed by ticket offices, clothing, and home appliance industries; the worst choice is the store that sells furniture, antiques, and books.

Don’t today’s people even have time to estimate the daily turnover and risk factor? So what store are you robbing? If you just come to a private house with a weapon, it’s not over, there will always be some cash in the house.

Oh, sure, cash doesn’t make sense right now, and it’s better to go to the subway and loot the homeless than to come to me.

Several dozen seconds passed, and it seemed that his symptoms were about to go into shock, but he was still struggling to crawl to the door.

I walked in front of him and closed the door, flipped the OPEN sign behind the door to the CLOSE side facing out, and lowered the roller shutter on the window next to me. He was crawling up to my feet when I turned, and I broke the bones of his elbows just in case.

Finally, I can go back to my comfortable sofa chair, take a sip of coffee, pick up the book, and continue the pleasant time.

I estimate that with his current physical condition, it is very difficult for him to stand up. Even if he barely stands up, he can’t use his mouth to turn such a large doorknob. He should die in about half an hour, and the body is just fine Block the door, perfect.

In any case, today is still a nasty day in general. Until the end, there were some things I didn’t understand, such as the relationship between me, the mouse, the pizza, and the unknown creature and their place in the food chain.

Hmm… forget it, it doesn’t matter either.


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