Sinmonger Chapter 27: Tracking



Somewhere in Hawaii, a beach house. .+?(.+bsp;s*


This house has a basement. It is said to be a basement. In fact, only the entrance looks like it. When you go down, there is nothing. In fact, the entire basement is a freight elevator that can be activated by finding a hidden switch.


The elevator leads to a secret underground facility, the space below is unbelievably huge, comparable to the reflection city of Venice.


In a laboratory, Stranger was wearing beach pants, a floral shirt, and a very trendy hairstyle. Through the glass on the wall, he was observing two “patients” in the opposite room. The two were the Lord and Jueying. At the moment, they were in a deep coma, their whole bodies were immersed in liquid, and they were floating in two strange cylindrical containers.


A tall figure came to Stranger’s side, handed a glass of juice with a small umbrella, and drank a bottle of cold beer himself.


“The bartender guy by the beach had to put the umbrella into the glass,” said the blood owl when he handed the drink to Doctor Shi.


“Thank you.” Dr. Shi took the drink, and his eyes returned to the other side of the glass: “I’m curious, why did you pick up these two dying people who were on the opposite side of you, and save them? Live, for experimentation?”


“Rescue them, just to kill them.” Xue Xiao replied.


“This answer confuses me even more.” Dr. Shi took a sip from the straw.


“Do you know the Sharu game?” asked the blood owl.


Doctor Shi was stunned for two seconds: “I’m surprised, why do you know…but I probably understand your logic.” He paused. Doctor Shi asked again, “What are your plans after that? Are you going to seek revenge on Tianyi?”


“I have nothing against him. You don’t know him.” Xue Xiao said: “Seeking revenge from him is like attacking the clouds after being struck by lightning. Thunder doesn’t hate you, and neither do you. You can hate him, but he doesn’t take it seriously.”


“Haha…Is that mirror face going against the sky?” Dr. Shi said casually, but his expression changed slightly after he said the words: “By the way…if you didn’t die, would the mirror face go against the sky? Still alive?”




May 2102, Dublin.


Late night, cold moon and cold stars.


On a side street. Fu Yue walked quietly.


The streets were empty, and the air was heavy and cold. Fu Yue suddenly stopped and said, “Since you’re here, don’t hide.”


The voice just fell. A mirror mask appeared out of thin air more than ten meters in front of her, and immediately transformed into a human form. The mirror face sneered: “Yue Yao is right… She is a beauty, no wonder Tianyi is interested in you.”


She replied calmly: “Do you really need to mention that name as soon as you speak?”


“What? Have you had a falling out with him? Ha, you’re a mortal man. I always thought that Tian had some irresistible attraction to human women. It turns out that he has nothing to do with ordinary people. Two different things.” The mirror face smiled and said: “It’s really boring, I originally thought that after swallowing you, I would leave your head and take it to Tianyi. Let’s see what his expression will be like.”


Fu Yue ignored this and said, “You are the mirror face?”


“I am the **** who is about to receive your power.” The mirror face replied, and the body liquefied, merged with the black water gushing out from the mirror, and turned into the state of a black snake: “Mortal, you can accept your fate, you That ability is what I will acquire sooner or later, but now it is just to meet your destiny in advance.”


Fuyue knows that a war is inevitable, and it may be difficult to escape. Although she is not sure, she will never sit still.


But she hasn’t done it yet. I heard the voice of another person.


It was a familiar voice, and she couldn’t tell whether she felt disgust or nostalgia when she heard it.


“I knew that Genesis couldn’t kill you either.” Tian Yi walked out from a corner, “but your injuries look quite serious. Hehe…the foundation is damaged, and if you want to recover completely. It just takes some time. Days are not enough.” He looked at Samael: “So you planned ahead to swallow this prey ‘sooner or later’. Once you acquire her powers, you can not only recover, but also gain eternal life. “


Samael bowed his snake body, guarding like an animal encountering a natural enemy, and facing other opponents like a different person: “Hey…why are you here…”


“Of course it’s because I’ve been following her. I’m where she is, and the bookstore is nearby, just lift your foot.” Tian Yi replied casually: “Samael, What you can think of, I have naturally thought of it long ago, how could I possibly let you gain her abilities?”


“You follow me?” Fu Yue suddenly asked Tian Yi in a questioning tone.


“Hey, that sentence I just said was very long, did you hear the word “stalking”?” Tian Yi asked.


“It seems that you are very busy after slaughtering the city.” Fu Yue replied angrily.


Unexpectedly, Tianyi replied in a natural tone: “How could I wait until then to start tracking? You are more important than Tiandu. I have kept my heart since you left the submarine. The book’s surveillance network. The tracker made by the gunsmith is finished in mid-March, and I can only take a breath.”


“What! What!” Fu Yue heard the words “tracker” and instinctively searched the pockets of her jacket and trousers.


This matter has been planned for a long time. In Tiandu, before the gunsmith teleported the bookstore away, he did not forget to instruct, “After we leave, you can move the bookstore back, and then you can start to do what I have done in advance. Please make ‘that device’ Don’t worry about how we retreat.” It can be seen that in Tianyi’s mind, this matter is really a higher priority.


“Don’t be fooled.” Tian Yi said proudly, “It’s in one of your molars.”


Fu Yue’s expression changed: “Impossible, I haven’t been to the dentist recently.”


“Cut… do you need to wait for you to go to the dentist with a device for eavesdropping and tracking? In one night, I have installed even eight teeth.” Tianyi said: “Do you remember two? A few months ago, I woke up one morning with a headache and a dull ache in my teeth.”


“Mirror face, let’s kill him together first.” Fu Yue raised her head and said to Samuel with a smile.


Samael was completely speechless after the two quarreled, and even for a second or two he had the thought of “How about I come back another day?”, but then he realized “This dog man and woman look down on me!”.


So, at this moment, he was angry, “Don’t be wordy! Tianyi, even if my injury is not healed at this moment, you can’t stop me!” With a roar, the black light burst out, the target was not Tianyi, but the other side Fuyue. (To be continued..)


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