Rise From Doomsday Chapter 2154: 、Benefit selection


Adjutant He is a shrewd person. The more shrewd a person is, the more he has a characteristic that he is worried about gains and losses and has difficulty making decisions. Therefore, Adjutant He can only be an adjutant and cannot take on major responsibilities alone. In comparison, Master Qian thought more thoroughly, or in other words, Master Qian was more precious about his life.

Liu Wei’an called Master Qian out alone, and after just a few words, Master Qian knelt down and surrendered, expressing his willingness to cooperate in any way.

“From now on, the Governor will ask the villain to go east, but he will never go west. If he asks the villain to kneel down, he will never stand.” Master Qian said it loudly and with awe-inspiring justice.

“Do you know what this governor wants to do?” Liu Wei’an looked at Master Qian with interest. He had seen many cooperative people, but people as cooperative as Master Qian were rare. He hasn’t even started using coercion or inducement yet. After all, it’s only the opening remarks.

“The Governor wants the Fourth Young Master and the Eldest Young Master to compete for the title and trigger civil strife in Xuanze Province.” Master Qian said.

“Is the governor’s intention so obvious?” Liu Wei’an touched his nose.

“This is in the best interest of the Governor.” Master Qian said.

“You can see through it, and your old master can naturally see it too.” Liu Wei’an said.

“The Marquis has been in seclusion all year round and never sees him once a year. All matters of the Marquis’s residence are taken care of by the eldest son, the second son and the second master.” Master Qian said.

“Second Master?” Liu Wei’an immediately realized that this was a neglected person.

“The second master fell ill when he was young and had both of his legs amputated. He can only use a wheelchair to move around. Therefore, he basically does not go out. Outsiders rarely know about the second master. Before the several young masters reached adulthood, everything in the Marquis Mansion was handled. The second master is in charge, and all the young masters respect the second master very much,” Master Qian said.

“What do you think the governor should do now?” Liu Wei’an asked.

“Write a letter to the eldest young master.” Mr. Qian said almost without thinking, with a hint of flattery: “Let the Marquis Mansion pay the ransom for the ransom. The lion will open his mouth. As long as the eldest young master or the second young master hesitates, the fourth young master will definitely have resentment in his heart. .”

“You are a good master, you think more comprehensively than this governor,” Liu Wei’an laughed. No matter what master Qian’s mentality is, his move is indeed vicious.

No matter what the Marquis Mansion chooses, he is the winner. If he takes the ransom, he has earned the ransom. If he doesn’t take it, the Fourth Young Master may not be able to express his resentment, and there will definitely be a rift between the brothers of the Chu family.

Master Qian even said he didn’t dare.

“I would also like to ask Mr. Qian, what should I ask for in this ransom?” Liu Wei’an asked.

“First, the martial arts secret books. There are a large number of martial arts secret books, cultivation experiences, and some ancient books and fragments hidden in the Sutra Pavilion of the Marquis Mansion. The second is gold and silver jewelry. In the treasury of the Marquis Mansion, There are countless gold, silver and jewels, and the third is talents. In recent years, in order to prevent being liquidated and suppressed, the Marquis Palace has been secretly recruiting talents. Some experts and special talents in the Han Dynasty who were thought to be dead were actually recruited by the Marquis Palace. The last point is women. There are more men than women in the Ping An Army under the Governor. In the short term, there is no problem. Over time, the yin and yang will be imbalanced, which may lead to trouble. The Marquis Mansion has considered this problem a long time ago, and raised There are many girls.” Master Qian said.

“The Marquis is scheming.” Liu Wei’an said. Talent recruitment is something that everyone can think of and is not unusual. However, preparing girls in advance is not something that ordinary people would consider. After all, once a war breaks out, everything will be done. When a young and strong labor force is needed, women cannot compare with men in terms of strength or will, and will only become a drag.

It takes ten years to cultivate people and a hundred years of planning. Without far-sightedness, one would not have thought of the ‘imbalance of yin and yang’.

“It was the second master’s suggestion to keep girls in captivity.” Master Qian said.

“How many years has Mr. Qian been in the Marquis Mansion?” Liu Wei’an suddenly asked.

“It will be exactly thirty-nine years next month.” Master Qian replied.

“Go and communicate with Chu Xunzhou first and see his attitude.” Liu Wei’an said.

“Yes!” Mr. Qian responded respectfully. When he stood up, he hesitated and said, “I suggest that the Fourth Young Master be punished first!”

“How do you say it?” Liu Wei’an liked Master Qian more and more.

“The Fourth Young Master has a somewhat stubborn personality. If you want him to change his mind, you have to go through big ups and downs. The Fourth Young Master has been well-fed and well-fed since he was a child, and he has never experienced any hardships.” Master Qian said.

“It has to be one of our own.” Liu Wei’an chuckled, “Go down.”

The elephant has to do the torturing things. The elephant has a simple and single-minded mind. He only has tasks in his mind and will not be affected by external factors. The elephant’s method of torturing people is very primitive and can have a different shocking effect.

When Chu Xunzhou was roughly captured by the elephant, he still wanted to resist, but was punched in the stomach by the elephant, and the condensed energy was instantly shattered. Chu Xunzhou’s talent was very high and he was an out-and-out master, but compared to a pervert like Xiang Xiang, he was far behind.

The elephant raised its iron fist, starting from Chu Xunzhou’s toes, punching it down one by one, looking for Shuyuan www.zhaoshuyuan. comChu Xunzhou’s feet immediately felt as if they had been grinded by a meat grinder. The skin, blood vessels, and bones were mixed together. The soles of the feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs… After smashing the left leg, he smashed the right leg. The speed was neither fast nor slow. Let Chu Xunzhou fully experience every pain. Sweat burst out from Chu Xunzhou’s body. In a short time, his gorgeous clothes were wet, as if they were fished out of water.

At first, Chu Xunzhou was still very stubborn and kept silent. When the elephant started to hit his right leg, he finally couldn’t help but scream in pain.

Chu Xunzhou suddenly trembled and fell unconscious. He immediately showered his head with ice water. Chu Xunzhou woke up with a jolt. At this time, Liu Wei’an walked in, looked at Chu Xunzhou who had no trace of blood on his face, and said kindly: “Which will the Fourth Young Master choose between continuing to be tortured or being sent to the hospital?”

“You want me to surrender with this little trick? Liu Wei’an, you overestimate yourself.” Chu Xunzhou sneered. Although it was so painful that it was difficult to speak, the expression on his face was full of ridicule and disdain. .

“Then I’ll come back to see the Fourth Young Master later.” Liu Wei’an smiled slightly and was not in a hurry. He walked a few steps and suddenly turned back to Chu Xunzhou and said, “The elephant’s attack is neither light nor heavy. If not I accidentally broke the Fourth Young Master’s Dantian, please don’t be surprised.”

Chu Xunzhou’s expression stiffened for an instant, and a trace of fear flashed in his eyes. The destruction of his body was just a trauma. Pain was inevitable, but it was not a big deal for the Marquis Mansion. The Marquis Mansion had the holy medicine of flesh and bones. , but if the Dantian is broken, the nature will be different. If the house falls down, as long as you have money, you can rebuild it. If the Dantian is gone, the land has been taken away, and no amount of money will be of use.

“Wait a minute-” When Liu Wei’an walked out of the room, Chu Xunzhou spoke. After saying these two words, it seemed that all his energy had been exhausted, leaving only the sound of heavy breathing.


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