Rise From Doomsday Chapter 2138: , change your mind


“…Yanyan Province has officially surrendered to our Chu family last month. In Black Moon Province, the Demon King is nothing but a grassy man. The territory he conquered is like locusts passing through the border, with no grass growing. He cannot feed his own army, so he can only use Fight to support war. Once Black Moon Province is completely defeated, the next step must be to target Xiangshui Province. You have also seen the situation in Xiangshui Province. It is a piece of loose sand. Once the army of the Demon King goes south, it will be unstoppable. At that time, whether to surrender or seek help Even Tianfeng Province could not predict it. Jiangdong Province was originally the most promising to become the core of the Central Plains. Unfortunately, the general’s son and Bai Zige are not compatible. One is a former general and the other is a modern general. When the two concepts collide, only one side is destined to win. Only then can I give up. Tianfeng Province is one of a kind. It would be great to sit back and watch the general trend of the world. Unfortunately, time has not waited for me. The Demon King is the reincarnation of the Seven Killing Stars. He will never stop killing in this life. Once he conquers Xiangshui Province, The next step is Tianfeng Province.” The young Marquis moved his eyes from the map to Liu Wei’an’s face, with a little curiosity and a little expectation, “Can Governor Liu block the edge of the Demon King?”

“How many troops does the Demon King have?” Liu Wei’an stared at the map with a strange expression.

“500,000, but if we capture Xiangshui Province, it may be doubled.” Xiaohou Ye said.

“There is no food and so many troops are being levied. Do you really want to mess up this country?” Liu Wei’an said displeased.

“There is no reason for a lunatic.” The young Marquis sighed.

“Can’t the young marquis and the troops of the two provinces stop the Demon King?” Liu Wei’an asked back.

“If the Chu family deploys troops to intercept the army of the Demon King, if there are less, they will not be the opponent of the Demon King. If there are too many, the safety of Yanyan Province and Xuanze Province cannot be guaranteed. The zombies in the two provinces are no less than those in other provinces, but the abyss monsters are not. More than any other province, the Chu family is also in a dilemma.” The young Marquis showed a wry smile.

“Are we going to let the Demon King be lawless?” Liu Wei’an looked at the young Marquis. He didn’t believe that the Chu family would be unprepared.

The young Marquis did not answer, his eyes returned to the map again, “Actually, I am a little strange. The Eye of Hell appeared in Tianfeng Province. It is a time bomb. Governor Liu will not fail to notice this. , why do you still stay in Tianfeng Province?”

“If the power of the Eye of Hell really breaks out, the entire Mars will be unavoidable. I wonder where the young marquis thinks it is safe?” Liu Wei’an asked calmly.

“It seems that Governor Liu has understood the dangers of the Eye of Hell. It was me who was abrupt.” The young Marquis glanced at Huang Yueyue, who had been silent, intentionally or unintentionally, and the complexity in his eyes flashed away. He had ignored this girl before, thinking that she was an insignificant woman, but unexpectedly she turned out to be the granddaughter of the deputy prime minister of the dynasty, which frustrated his idea of ​​using his identity to suppress Liu Wei’an.

The status of the deputy prime minister is no joke. A high title does not mean great power, but the deputy prime minister represents power. Not to mention that he, the young marquis, has not inherited the title. Even if he has inherited the title, he cannot suppress the deputy prime minister based on his status. Because Huang Yueyue has disrupted a series of his plans.

After pondering for a few seconds, the young Marquis said, “In addition to observing the situation in each province, I also want to do business with Tianfeng Province.”

“Young Master, it doesn’t matter if you say it.” Liu Wei’an said.

“I went all the way south and discovered a new type of weapon that is extremely sharp and corrosion-resistant, and is a great weapon against zombies

Weapon, later I found out that this kind of weapon came from Tianfeng Province, so I planned to go to Tianfeng Province. Unexpectedly, I met Governor Liu in Xiangshui Province, which saved me several days of travel. I wonder if Governor Liu is willing to give up his love. “Little Marquis said with a smile.

“It’s all to eliminate zombies, no matter what you want or not, but this kind of weapon is difficult to manufacture and the output is limited. I guess I won’t be able to provide much to the young prince.” Liu Wei’an said.

“Understanding this, I am not a person who imposes things on others. I don’t know the price——” If the young marquis had any point, “Can it be replaced by food?”

“If the young marquis has food, it will be no problem.” Liu Wei’an’s eyes flashed and he said sincerely, “I’m not afraid to tell the young marquis that I, Tianfeng Province, are short of food.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, our Chu family still has some food.” The young Marquis said seriously, “It’s just that the distance from Xuanze Province to Tianfeng Province is long, zombies are rampant, and there is also the Demon King blocking the way. I’m afraid It’s not easy to transport.”

“I would like to ask, how much surplus food does the young Marquis have?” Liu Wei’an looked at the young Marquis with burning eyes.

“I usually don’t care about these things. I just overheard what the butler said. It’s not too much, maybe ten or twenty thousand tons.” The young Marquis said with a smile.

Liu Wei’an was shocked. The Chu family actually had so much food, 10,000 to 20,000 tons. This food cannot be saved in a day or two. According to the food shortage situation on Mars, it would take several years to save so much food, even with the power of the Chu family. In other words, the Chu family had started at least five or six years ago. Layout, what does the Chu family want to do?

These were not troubled times five or six years ago!

Liu Weixin read the message without hesitation, “Actually, I also feel that the world today is too chaotic, zombies are rampant, and monsters from **** are killing people. However, some people continue to fight among themselves for their own selfish desires. The people in Xiangshui Province People are living in dire straits because of the division of power. No one is in charge of all this. If the government can appoint someone to manage it, I think the situation will be much better.”

“This kind of thinking is not acceptable. Governor Liu, you are also the governor of a province. You cannot rely on the superiors for everything. You must know that the superiors also have difficulties. For some things, if you can make the decision yourself, try not to trouble the superiors. As a subordinate, , what we have to do more is to share the worries for the superiors.” The young Marquis advised, “For the iron-clad camp and the flowing soldiers, Governor Liu’s vision cannot be limited to Tianfeng Province. The people of Xiangshui Province are also big men. Governor Liu cannot ignore the people of the dynasty without saving them.”

Liu Wei’an was stunned for a moment, then showed a look of shame, and gave a long salute to the little Marquis, “The Marquis’s words made me feel ashamed. I thought that I was so selfish before. Here I express my stance to the Marquis. Regarding the situation in Xiangshui Province, Tianfeng Province has no shirking responsibility. After I return, I will prepare to send troops to save the people of Xiangshui Province from fire and water.”

“I know that Governor Liu is not an irresponsible person. So, I will just wait for the good news from Governor Liu.” The young Marquis smiled slightly, chatted a few more words, and left with the others.

Liu Wei’an took Huang Yueyue out of the gate. When he returned, You Mengshou, Fu Jiang and others were already waiting in the hall. Liu Wei’an did not wait for them to ask, and recounted his conversation with the young Marquis.

“What does Mr. Xiaohou mean?” You Mengshou looked confused. He encouraged Liu Wei’an to attack Xiangshui Province and even sent food. How could such a good thing happen in the world?

“There must be a conspiracy.” Elephant said.

“How do you know?” Everyone was shocked. Can the elephant also see the conspiracy?

“None of the good things that come to your door are good things. Sister Lili told me.” The elephant shrank his neck as he was stared at by so many eyes, and Nie Nie said.

Everyone laughed, and the tense atmosphere disappeared.

“The elephant is actually not wrong. He shows his courtesy for nothing, and is either a traitor or a thief.” Head Yang said, “Although I don’t know why the young marquis is so kind, but whether it is delivering food or attacking Xiangshui Province, it is not good for the sky. There is no harm in being cautious, even if we know it is a trap, we have to step on it.”

“Does the young marquis want to use the Xiangshui Province to consume our troops?” Lin Zhonghu has never seen a ghost doctor, but he has heard of how powerful the ghost doctor is. The Xiangshui Province is now dominated by ghost doctors, and he wants to Driving the ghost doctor out may not be an easy task.

“It’s not that simple. If it’s just like this, there is no need for the young Marquis to take action personally.” Fu Jiang said.

“Immortal Cat, you come from the north, do you know the Demon King?” Liu Wei’an suddenly asked.

“I have never interacted with him, but I have seen him from a distance.” The immortal cat said solemnly, “A very scary person.”

“How scary is it?” the elephant asked curiously.

“Killing gold-level people is like slaughtering dogs, effortlessly. His fighting ability is unparalleled. No matter how powerful the zombies are, he can kill them instantly with one move without using a second move. Moreover, this person seems to have endless energy. He was the most terrifying person I have ever seen, fighting from morning till late at night without any rest.” The immortal cat recalled, with an imperceptible fear flashing in his eyes. Find Shuyuan www.zhaaoshuyuan.com

“Is this still a human being?” Head Yang and others all had strange expressions. If they followed the immortal cat’s description, they would only be able to deal with the Demon King with one move.

“He gave people the impression that he was possessed by a **** of death. That time I saw the Demon King, about a kilometer away. When he glanced at me, I felt a biting cold wind. I originally wanted to cross the black moon and save Xuan Xuan. Ze Province, it was because of the inexplicable fear in my heart, the Demon King, that I changed my mind and went south.” The immortal cat said.

“So, the Demon King did a good thing.” Liu Wei’an said with a smile, and the others also laughed. Only the immortal cat did not laugh. The Demon King left a deep impression on him.

“If the Demon King is really that scary, perhaps the young marquis came to us because he wanted Tianfeng Province to contain the Demon King.” Huang Yueyue said.

“Tell me carefully.” Liu Wei’an glanced at her encouragingly.

“If there is no speculation, after the Demon King conquered Black Moon Province, the first target of his attack was Xuanze Province. Xuanze Province has food, but Xiangshui Province is just a mess. Anyone who is not a fool will know how to choose. Xiao Hou I don’t want the Chu family to collide with the Demon King, so I can only find other forces to contain the Demon King. Maybe the person he was looking for at first was someone from Xiangshui Province, but Xiangshui Province was obviously not a suitable candidate. He happened to see us here, and he had an idea In one move, the candidate changed. As for why he was so domineering at first and then changed his attitude, I can’t guess.” Huang Yueyue said.

“If this is the case, do we still want to attack Xiangshui Province?” The immortal cat was a little worried.

“Hit!” Liu Wei’an had no extra words, only one word.

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