Rise From Doomsday Chapter 1896: , Dingfengzhu


Bianhuang is short of people. Because of the wave of Warcraft, too many people have died. Although the Ping An Army has used its greatest strength to save people, the number that can be saved is still very limited. Now there is a serious shortage of people in Borderland. Relying on fertility to increase the population obviously takes too long. Water from afar cannot save the fire that is close by. Slaves are the best fillers.

Warcraft Continent is different from Earth. Earth has insufficient resources and overpopulation. Warcraft Continent is the opposite, with abundant resources and sparse population. Whether it is for production and construction or to deal with Warcraft, people are needed. Liu Wei’an condescended to condescend to the throne. A leader of the Cao Gang talks about business, instead of robbing him directly, not because he is afraid of the other party, but because of Ma Debang’s channel supply.

This kind of gang can’t do serious business, but it has its own set of crooked ways. This is the so-called cat path and snake path, each of which is different.

Because of the young men in Chinese costumes, Liu Wei’an, his team, and the Cao Gang also paid attention to the couple. Therefore, when the couple was in trouble, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Sister, what’s wrong with you, don’t scare me, what’s wrong with you?” The woman panicked, she spoke out, everyone’s hearts lit up, and they secretly said: She doesn’t look very good, but her voice is very sweet. She shook the man’s head, but he showed no sign of waking up. His face turned blue and foam came out of his mouth.

“Sister? Why is it a woman’s name?” Hunjiang Niu underestimated.

“It’s terrible to be uneducated. Can’t Ajie and Anjie do it?” Nie Pohu said. The woman’s accent had some local flavor and was not very standard. It was difficult to judge the specific words from the sound, but she heard the wind Yi Qing suddenly blurted out: “Qingxu, Qingrong!”

“Miss!” The woman stood up reflexively, glanced at Feng Yiqing, and immediately sat down again, panicking, like a child who had done something wrong, and said in a low voice: “No, you called me wrong People.”

“Qing Rong, it’s really you, what’s going on?” Feng Yi stood up enthusiastically, her face changed drastically.

“You got the wrong person. I’m not Qingrong, and she’s not Qingxu.” The woman quickly denied it with a very unnatural tone. She probably didn’t believe the lie herself, and she didn’t know what to do for a while.

“What happened? You don’t even recognize me?” Feng Yiqing was extremely anxious and her tone was a bit serious.

“Miss!” The woman knelt down with a thump, her voice already laced with tears. Feng Yiqing looked at Liu Wei’an. Liu Wei’an glanced at the woman named Qing Rong and made sure she was not hostile before walking over with Feng Yiqing.

“Qing Rong has met the lady!” Respectfully greet her, a standard gift from a noble master and servant.

“Get up and talk!” Feng Yiqing couldn’t care less about these false courtesy.

“Yes, Miss!” Qing Rong stood up and looked at Liu Wei’an uneasily.

“He is a good man and sent me home.” Feng Yiqing grew up with two maids. She knew what Qing Rong was thinking with just one look from the maid.

Qing Rong was relieved, and the trace of vigilance in his eyes disappeared.

“Let’s talk later, otherwise, this person will die.” Liu Wei’an reached out and held the hand of the man who was lying on the table, his body convulsing involuntarily. The man’s hand was delicate, smooth, and boneless. .

As the true energy was transferred, the man’s body returned to calm, the blue color on his face became much lighter, and his complexion became much better. Qing Rong and Feng Yiqing were watching from the side, not daring to take a breath. At the table next to them, the young man in fine clothes wanted to stop him, but he was worried about the owner of the inn. After all, he didn’t dare to move and watched coldly.

After about half a cup of tea, Liu Wei’an withdrew his hand and said to Feng Yiqing: “The internal injury is entangled with a toxin. If you want to treat the internal injury, you must first detoxify it. If it cannot be detoxified, she will only be 12 Hours of life.”

“Ah!” Qing Rong suddenly became anxious.

“Don’t worry, there will be a way.” Feng Yiqing was also anxious at first, but when she saw Liu Wei’an’s calm eyes, she couldn’t help but calm down.

When Liu Wei’an walked back to the table, Nie Pohu had already written a letter and handed it to Ma Debang, saying: “When you arrive at Baili Pass, give the letter to a man named Xiang Jichu, and he will Money for you.”

“Don’t worry, I, Mr. Ma, are trustworthy.” Ma Debang put the letter away close to his body, said hello, and left with his men. After a while, he saw the army of slaves starting to move downstairs.

Ma Debang is not interested in the grievances between lovers and young people in Chinese attire. He is a smart man and does not want to meddle in other things. There was a battle, so I took the people and left in a hurry to avoid trouble.

He didn’t know Liu Wei’an’s identity, but he had guessed the identity of the young man in Chinese clothes. He was someone he couldn’t afford to offend, and even the entire Cao Gang couldn’t afford to offend him. Without revealing your identity, it is best to withdraw first.

“Don’t you have a place to stay? Stay one night and leave tomorrow.” Liu Wei’an said.

In World of Warcraft, inns usually serve two functions: food and accommodation. Dining is in the front and accommodation is in the back. The rooms are a bit shabby, but they are better than clean.

Liu Wei’an knew that there must be a lot of things to talk about between Feng Yiqing and Qingrong, and Qingxu also needed to cure her poison, so he decided to stay one night on the second floor. After all, there were outsiders, so it was not convenient to talk or eat. Likewise, accommodation is also ridiculously expensive, and again, you pay first and check in later.

According to the waiter’s explanation, it’s a life in the world. You come and go, and you don’t stick to trivial details. After eating, you will run away without paying attention. The same is true for the hotel guests. When something happens, you will disappear with a swish. You don’t even know it. You have to find someone to pay the bill wherever you go, so it has become the tradition of the inn to pay the bill first. It is not just the inn, but the whole Guan Town has this tradition.


Seeing Fu Jianhu come out of Qingxu’s room, Liu Wei’an immediately looked at her, Feng Yiqing and Qing Rong also looked at her, their beautiful eyes full of anxiety and concern.

Qingrong is the woman in the couple, and Qingxu is the man in the couple. In fact, the two are not lovers, and the man is not a man. They are both women, and they are the maids of Feng Yiqing. Now Their appearance was that of the two of them who had disguised themselves. In order to hide their appearance, they deliberately pretended to be a couple. Unexpectedly, they were still recognized by the young man in colorful clothes.

“The situation is not very optimistic.” Fu Jianling paused, his expression a little heavy, “Currently we are just suppressing the toxin so that it does not spread. If we want to detoxify, we have to find an antidote. My ability is limited, I’m sorry.”

Qing Rong was gloomy, but Feng Yiqing expressed her gratitude to Fu Jianhu. From the fine beads of sweat on her forehead that she had no time to wipe, she could tell that she had tried her best to save Qing Xu.

Liu Wei’an asked Fu Jianhu to rest first. The toxins in Qingxu’s body were extremely overbearing. If not, he could resolve them with his strength. Since he entered the World of Warcraft Continent, the only toxin that the Dark Emperor Scripture could not remove was weeping. Blood curse, now this is the second type. After all, Fu Jianhu is not an expert in this field. In order to suppress the toxins in Qingxu’s body, he spent a lot of energy.

Fu Jianhu went back to his room to rest. Suddenly, Liu Wei’an, Qing Rong and Feng Yiqing were the only three people left in the room. Feng Yiqing and Liu Wei’an both looked at Qing Rong, but Feng Yiqing spoke first and asked Said: “Qingrong, what on earth is going on?”

Qing Rong first glanced at Liu Wei’an before slowly telling what happened during this period.

Feng Yiqing, the little princess of the Feng family, has not gone out since she was a child and lives with the maids most of the time. Feng Yiqing was sent to the Ji family by the Feng family to get married. Feng Yiqing was worried that the maid would be wronged if she followed her because According to the rules, when Feng Yiqing arrives at the Ji family, she must follow the Ji family’s rules. The Ji family will definitely arrange a maid from the Ji family for her.

Qingrong and Qingxu were left behind.

After Feng Yijun returned home, Qingrong and Qingxu heard about the young lady and secretly ran out of the Feng family, preparing to go to the border to rescue Feng Yiqing from Liu Wei’an. However, Although the two of them were eyeing the name of a maid from the Feng family, they had no experience in traveling around the world. They took the wrong path and ran to the second wasteland. Although they were not completely different, they were delayed for more than half a year.

The two found the correct path and were about to hurry up to find the lady when they suddenly met Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu is Feng Yijun’s slave and personal bodyguard. He is extremely powerful. Whenever Feng Yijun encounters a difficult situation, he calls on Feng Jiu to take action. On weekdays, Feng Jiu trains in a cage and will not come out easily.

When Qingrong and Qingxu met Feng Jiu, Feng Jiu had been seriously injured and was dying. What made them even more uneasy was that Feng Jiu came specifically to see them. Feng Jiu told them, Miss, don’t go home, stay in the wilderness, don’t go back to the Central Plains, and don’t go to Ji’s house.

“What do you mean? Why doesn’t Feng Jiu let me go home?” Feng Yiqing couldn’t help but interject.

“I don’t know either. After Feng Jiu said this, he stuffed the Wind-fixing Bead into me and died.” Qing Rong’s face showed uneasiness and fear, “Feng Jiu was also poisoned, and Qing Xu The poison on our bodies was the same. Qingxu and I were chased by unknown people before we could bury Feng Jiu. After that, Qingxu and I hid in Tibet. However, the enemy was too powerful. No matter where we hid, we would be found. Come out, half a month ago, Qingxu and I were chased by the enemy. In order to save me, Qingxu was hit by the enemy’s poisonous arrow. No matter what antidote he took, it was useless. Fortunately, I met the young lady.”

“Who is the enemy?” Feng Yiqing asked.

“I don’t know either. I have never seen it before. Their strength is very terrifying and there are many people.” Qing Rong said.

“What is the enemy’s goal? Just to kill you?” Liu Wei’an asked. ~Soverse.com~No, it’s the Dingfeng Pearl. “Qing Rong is very sure.

“What is the Dingfeng Pearl?” Liu Wei’an asked.

“The Dingfeng Pearl is an heirloom of the Feng family.” Feng Yiqing replied.

“We hid the Dingfeng Pearl and didn’t keep it with us.” Qing Rong said.

“Why don’t you recognize me when you see me?” Feng Yiqing still had questions.

“We thought the young lady was captured, and we didn’t dare to recognize each other for fear of causing trouble for the young lady.” Qing Rong showed an embarrassed expression. She could see now that the relationship between the young lady and Liu Wei’an was unusual.

“Go and wash your face, it looks awkward.” Feng Yiqing said.

“Yes!” Qingrong nodded hurriedly, with medicine on her face, and she herself felt uncomfortable.


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