Rise From Doomsday Chapter 1: 、Valley carrion



The desolate land, the beast roars.


This is a different continent, a world different from modern civilization. Rumao drinks blood, the weak eats the strong, this is the world of Warcraft.


The weeds are withered and yellow, reaching the waist of a person. In a valley with a concave shape, Liu Wei’an was confronting a carrion corpse. A tumbling claw to avoid the carrion, using both hands and feet, rushed out two meters, Liu Weian quickly backed away, pulling away, his fingers flicked behind his back, and a wooden arrow had appeared in his hand, moving amazingly fast. The bow is like a full moon, and the arrow goes like a shooting star.




In the center of the left eye of the carrion, two inches deep. The dark red blood shot out, and the eyeballs were pulverized. If anyone sees this scene, they will be surprised.


The carrion is formed by the abnormal change of the corpse. The muscles are atrophy, the water evaporates, and the hardness is abnormal. The ordinary wooden arrows can’t be shot at all. Liu Wei’an’s wooden arrows are unusual. The arrow shaft is made of wood, but the arrow is The animal bones are extremely sharp, and the arrow feathers are made of pheasant feathers, which can increase the speed.


Liu Wei’an touched his backhand, but felt empty, his face changed, and the strong wind hit his ears. Without even thinking about it, he moved his bow and arrows upwards, but only heard a click, hard as iron peach and poplar wood. The hard bow was broken into two pieces, a huge force came, and the tiger’s mouth was immediately shattered. Liu Weian twisted his body and shrank as much as possible. He passed under the armpits of the carrion, and rolled several times on the ground. A few meters away, staring at the carrion corpse, gasping for breath.


There are two carrion corpses in total. One was shot by him in the left eye. He was about 1.7 meters tall, but because he was not straight, his back was slightly arched. It looked only 1.6 meters tall, and his body was already decayed. Almost half, the whole presents a color of dead gray and dark red intertwined, which makes people look cold. The clothes are tattered and stained with blood. They have turned purple and black. The hair is dry. White maggots can be seen wriggling, tender. The body crawled from the left nostril to the right nostril, and then disappeared into the rotten flesh. A damp dark red trace was left.


The other one has a short head, at least half a head short, and the body is more decayed. You can see thick bones where the clothes fall off on the chest, densely packed maggots burrowing holes in the rotten flesh, and the eyeballs have long been corroded, leaving behind. In the eye sockets of the next two black holes, only one pair of claws is sharp as a knife.


This is very difficult to understand. Every part of the body is decayed. Only the fingers are dry but not damaged. The nails grow wildly, nearly three inches long, sharp and shining with cold light.


Liu Wei’an gasped twice and immediately controlled his breathing, making it as gentle and slow as possible. Although this is the periphery of the cemetery, after thousands of years of erosion, the corpse gas has already spread over. By five minutes, Liu Wei’an had already felt heart-stuck and chest tightness, and his physical strength had dropped, but the fat he had gotten made him unbearable to leave.


He has been wandering around the cemetery for a week. He has already figured out the general law of action of the carrion. He basically does not act alone. Whenever there is a movement, he will all jump out. The reason why these two carrion corpses After breaking away from the large army, the front group took a lot of effort to draw it out, but unfortunately they died before leaving the army. A team of twelve members was wiped out. Liu Wei’an originally decided not to find it again today. When the opportunity comes, I will leave, so thank those in front of you.


Liu Wei’an is an archer, so he chose an archer because he was afraid of death. The archer is a long-range attacking unit. When he can’t fight, he will be tens of meters away from others even if he escapes. This is his main purpose for choosing an archer, and his secondary purpose is that other weapons are too expensive. Knives, guns, swords, halberds, axes and hooks are expensive. He can’t afford them. They are all made of metal. He doesn’t know how to make them. Only bows and arrows can be made on-site and made at any time without spending money. So after a few seconds After careful thinking, he became an honorable archer.


However, the surprise is that his shooting talent is quite high. After a few days of practice, the hard bow made with a half-sling level has an astonishing 90% hit rate within 10 meters, and a 6 hit rate within 15 meters. Yes, but the shortcomings are also obvious, beyond 25 meters away, there is no power.


Liu Wei’an was also helpless to let an archer go to fight the carrion in close quarters. The carrion body was hard, more than ten meters. Even his special animal bone wood arrow could not cause much damage to the carrion. Important One thing is that the carrion corpses are too lazy, beyond a certain distance, they will not feel the breath of living people and will go back to sleep. There is no such thing as that kind of carrion corpse that comes out to bask in the sun.


Two carrion corpses swayed towards Liu Wei’an. If someone is confused by their speed, they will definitely die miserably. Liu Wei’an saw with his own eyes that most of the team in front had lost most of it like this. .


When the two carrion corpses approached Liu Wei’an for almost five meters, they suddenly burst into shape, like two black shadows, rushing over, as fast as lightning, their sharp claws swept across the air, making the sound of breaking through the air. Liu Wei’an was prepared early, and leaned back and made a motion similar to an iron bridge. He saw four paws scratching past his clothes, and the cold edge made his hair stand up and drumming. With the strength of his whole body, he smashed it out with a head-sized rock that he had prepared for a long time.




The rock hit the wooden arrow in the left eye of the tall carrion. The powerful force caused the wooden arrow to penetrate the carrion’s head, exposing the white animal bones and an arrow body. It fell to pieces on the head of the carrion, and the nose of the carrion was smashed. Several maggots were smashed, their bodies shook, and they fell to the ground, their bodies twisted and twisted, and they couldn’t get up.


After Liu Weian smashed the rock, his body had already rolled out on the ground. After a period of observation, he found that the carrion was not flexible due to the stiffness of the muscles, especially the bending of the waist, which was a blind spot. Holding the broken bow in two hands with each other, the short carrion’s ankle was locked with the bowstring, and the short carrion corpse slapped and squatted on the ground. Liu Wei’an jumped up, picked up a basin-sized rock and slammed it on the back of the carrion corpse.




The rock is torn apart, the carrion is not a big deal, and a few strands of yellow hair are slowly falling. The carrion body was stiff and rose flat. Liu Wei’an was too late to find a stone at this time. He jumped up and stepped on the carrion corpse’s back. As soon as he touched the carrion corpse’s body, an irresistible force passed over. The body swish has already flown out.




Liu Wei’an slammed into the ground five or six meters away, with his vest facing down. Unfortunately, he was pressed on a rock the size of a human head. Liu Wei’an’s throat was sweet, and a mouthful of blood spurted out, only to feel He seemed to fall apart, and his mind was dizzy, but he was dizzy, the carrion was not dizzy, he smelled the smell of blood, and immediately became violent, like a black shadow moving sideways on the ground, twice as fast as before. There is more.


Liu Wei’an felt dizzy and felt the dark shadows sway. I don’t know where the catastrophe is approaching. Based on the feeling, he felt that he was rolling three hundred and sixty degrees. Amidst the sound of strong wind breaking through the sky, he heard a sound of metal rubbing, which was very ear-piercing. The rock had been torn apart, cut by claws, and the cut surface was smooth.


During the crisis, Liu Wei’an bit the tip of his tongue severely. Under the severe pain, his brain quickly became sober, and suddenly he found that the man had rolled under the feet of the carrion, and the carrion’s feet were stepping on his abdomen. Surprised, it’s not trivial. Don’t look at the body of the carrion corpse that has been rotted by more than half. It looks light and fluttering, but its strength is amazing. A dull voice sounded.


The carrion’s foot rubbed the edge of the body and stepped on the ground. The dust was flying, and several consecutive actions almost exhausted Liu Wei’an’s physical strength, but at this moment he had to work hard, rolling continuously, suddenly caught a glimpse With the broken bow still wrapped around the carrion’s ankle, he immediately got an idea and reluctantly took off. One hand grabbed the broken bow and quickly wrapped around the other foot. Just as that foot was just lifted, the body was immediately lost. Balanced, fell towards Liu Wei’an, Liu Wei’an was shocked, and rolled away again.


This carrion corpse is covered with rotten flesh maggots. If it is touched, it will not be cleaned for several hours.


Liu Wei’an quickly got up and ran to the big carrion. The big carrion was still shaking but couldn’t get up. Liu Weian ignored it and quickly drew out the animal bone wood arrow, not wanting to use too much force. Vigorously, a drop of liquid splashed on the thighs, and in an instant, white smoke came out of the clothes sneered, rotten a hole, the liquid stuck to the meat, and quickly rotted, and a piercing pain spread all over the body.


Liu Wei’an’s face changed drastically. The carrion liquid is definitely a poison comparable to strong acid aqua regia. In the former group, two of them were accidentally splashed by the liquid, and they became bones in less than ten minutes. ~IndoMTL.com~ is terrifying. During the breath, there was already a thumb-sized hole in the thigh, and the hole was expanding rapidly, and the severe pain hit every cell like a tide.


Liu Wei’an gritted his teeth and drew out a small dagger, about six inches long, with gleaming silver light, a touch of determination flashed in his eyes, he slashed against his thigh, the dagger was sharp, and a piece of meat the size of an egg was slashed away. The terrible pain irritated the brain nerves, sweat fell like rain, blood gurgled down from his thighs, but Liu Wei’an didn’t have time to deal with it. Without saying a word, he ran to the short carrion corpse quickly and thrust into the eye socket. At that time, the carrion rose, and the two forces acted at the same time, and the arrow was inserted abruptly, but it did not penetrate. The carrion corpse stimulated by the blood of the thigh became more irritable and jumped one meter high.


Liu Wei’an was overjoyed. While squatting down, he stretched his hand on the dangling broken bow. This stroke was very powerful. The bowstring that had just been loosened once again entangled his feet. The short man rotted. After the corpse fell on the ground, his body became unbalanced and fell head-on. With a snap, the beast bone wooden arrow pierced the brain and pierced out, and the beast bone wooden arrow could not stand the force and broke.


The short carrion also became like the big carrion. His body shook, but he couldn’t stand up. Liu Wei’an gritted his teeth, went to a corpse, and picked up a machete.


On the outskirts of the valley, one in the east, one in the west, and a dozen corpses, all belonging to the group in front of them. When the people died, the weapons naturally remained. Liu Wei’an’s face suddenly changed slightly, and he saw some stains on it, as if it were about to corrode. This knife has cut the carrion corpse, and it is no need to think that it is due to the liquid.


Even steel can corrode, so Liu Wei’an has a better understanding of the toxins of carrion liquid.


It took more than half an hour to cut off the heads of the two carrion corpses. Liu Wei was almost exhausted, lying on the ground, not wanting to move.


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