Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 3039: : Dilemma

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“I have my own way of doing this, don’t worry, Fellow Daoist Jiang.”

Yan Qiluo smiled and said: “Then Jin Yan takes my identity into consideration, so naturally he will not embarrass me easily!”

Her identity is naturally the daughter of the old sect leader.

At the beginning, in order to successfully ascend to the throne, Jin Yan once said that he would treat all the relatives and friends of the old sect leader well.

This is also the main reason why Yan Qiluo has been able to thrive in Lieyang Sect these years.

Jiang Tian thought for a moment, then nodded.

Let Yan Qiluo go back, just in time to test Jin Yan’s attitude.

If Jin Yan attacks Yan Qiluo, it is enough to prove that Jin Yan is fully aware of his plan.

On the contrary, you are safe.

“That’s fine, let’s go!”

Jiang Tian immediately took Yan Qiluo and left the Lieyang Forbidden Territory.

After burning incense, the two appeared in front of the mountain gate of Lieyang Sect.

“If anything happens, crush this jade talisman immediately and send a message to me.”

Jiang Tian handed over a jade talisman and instructed.

“Don’t worry, Fellow Daoist Jiang, Qiluo knows.”

Yan Qiluo took the jade talisman from Jiang Tian, ​​with a warmth flowing in her heart.


Jiang Tian cupped his hands and disappeared into the air.

Looking at Jiang Tian’s back, Yan Qiluo couldn’t help but blush.

Over the years, her beauty has spread far and wide in the Lieyang Sect, and there are many people like Jin Shuo who covet her beauty.

But there are very few people who really care about her.

A smile appeared on her face, and she flew towards Qiluo Peak happily.

At the same time, inside the main hall of Lieyang Sect.

“Sect Master, the disciple who was guarding the mountain gate just now sent a message saying that Elder Yan has returned!”

A disciple walked into the main hall and bowed.

“Come back? Very good!”

A sneer appeared at the corner of Jin Yan’s lips, and he ordered: “Send someone to invite Elder Yan back immediately. This sect master has important matters to discuss with her!”

The Lieyang Sect, the main peak.

In the main hall, all the elders of Lieyang Sect gathered together. Jin Yan was sitting in a high position, and beside him stood two elders, Tianhuo and Dihuo.

“Qiluo, see the sect leader.”

Yan Qiluo walked into the hall and bowed as usual.

Jin Yan had a majestic face and an unkind voice: “Elder Yan, I didn’t expect you to be promoted to Hedao!”

“Thanks to the sect leader, Qiluo has some enlightenment and has been promoted.”

Yan Qiluo raised his hand.

Since she dared to come back, she had no intention of hiding her cultivation.

Sooner or later, he and Jin Yan will fall out.

“Really, what a great opportunity Elder Yan has obtained!”

“Elder Yan is really talented. I didn’t expect that overnight, he would be promoted from returning to the void to Hedao. It’s really enviable!”

“Elder Yan, you still need to move around more in the future!”

Everyone raised their hands with smiles on their faces.

“This is natural. As a fellow disciple, I should take care of myself.” Yan Qiluo nodded with a smile.

“I wonder what opportunities Elder Yan got?”

Jin Yan looked at Yan Qiluo with a scrutinizing gaze, “No one in the sect was aware of such a big thing being promoted to Hedao.”

“This is all thanks to Elder Jin.”

Yan Qiluo rolled his eyes and already had the answer, “On that day, Elder Jin begged Qiluo to go to Lieyang Forbidden Territory to interrogate the red-bearded old ghost. The aura contained in the magma in the Forbidden Territory gave me some insights. .”

“Jin Shuo, this useless thing, actually did a good thing.”

Jin Yan sneered, and then asked: “By the way, I heard that Jin Shuo attended Elder Yan’s gathering of piano friends and had some conflicts with a casual cultivator named Jiang. Is this related?”

Hearing these words, Yan Qiluo’s heart sank.

After all, the question came to Jiang Tian.

“It is true that Elder Jin made a bet with Daoyou Jiang that day and made a soul contract. Later, because he lost the bet, he almost suffered a thunderstorm from heaven.”

Yan Qiluoyan said concisely and concisely: “Fortunately, fellow Taoist Jiang finally calculated the time of heaven’s punishment, and this allowed Elder Jin to survive.”

“Oh, so that’s it!”

A cold light flashed on Jin Yan’s face, and he sneered: “Elder Yan really has high regard for that fellow Daoist Jiang!”

Changing the topic, he slapped his chair and shouted angrily: “Do you know that Elder Jin and the disciples of Yaoyang Peak are all dead now!”

“Sect Master, what does this have to do with Qiluo?”

Yan Qiluo’s heart sank.

Is it possible that Jin Yan really guessed something?

“Yan Qiluo, how dare you deny it!”

Jin Yan said angrily: “Do you know who the casual cultivator named Jiang is?”

“Qiluo doesn’t know.” Yan Qiluo certainly couldn’t admit it.

“Since you don’t know, then I, the sect leader, will tell you!”

Jin Yan said angrily: “That casual cultivator surnamed Jiang is Jiang Taichu of Xuantian Sword Sect in Haizhou! A few days ago, the Holy Son Jin Yang went to the secret place to look for opportunities, but he was killed by Jiang Taichu!”

When Yan Qiluo heard this, his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

I didn’t expect Jin Yan to even find this!

“Sect Master, Qiluo doesn’t know that the casual cultivator named Jiang is Jiang Taichu!”

Yan Qiluo bowed, pretending to be frightened.

She raised her eyes and looked at Jin Yan. As long as he refused to admit it, Jin Yan would have nothing to do with him.

While Yan Qiluo was observing Jin Yan, Jin Yan was also observing Yan Qiluo.

Actually, all this is just his speculation.

He only knew that Yan Qiluo had colluded with outsiders.

But I only have a rough guess about Jiang Tian’s identity.

As for what he said to the elders at Yingmei Courtyard in Qiluo Peak, it was all to frame Yan Qiluo.

I want to take the opportunity to remove it.

Isn’t that casual cultivator named Jiang not Jiang Taichu? The master in Yan Qiluo’s mouth is someone else?

Jin Yan couldn’t help but frown.

The reason why he summoned Yan Qiluo was to confirm Jiang Tian’s identity.

The appearance of Yan Qiluo now made him a little confused.

“Yan Qiluo, you colluded with outsiders to kill me, the elder of Lieyang Sect. Do you really think that since you are the daughter of the old sect leader, this sect leader will not dare to touch you?”

Jin Yan stood up suddenly, and a powerful aura came down like a mountain bearing down on him.

In the entire hall, the air suddenly solidified.

Most of the elders present are at the peak of returning to virtual reality.

At this time, he didn’t even dare to breathe.

“Sect Master, Qiluo is wronged!”

Yan Qiluo knelt down in fear and shouted out his injustice.

If it had been before, she would have been unable to withstand such strong pressure and tell the truth.

But this time is different from the past. Now she is in the Hedao realm.

Even if I feel a little depressed, I can still resist it.

In the main hall, a deathly silence fell.

After a moment, a voice broke the silence.

Just listen to Elder Dihuo chuckle and say: “Sect Master, Elder Yan is also an elder of our Lieyang Sect, so he should not do anything to kill fellow sects.”

“So, this sect leader has wronged her?”

Jin Yan looked at Elder Dihuo angrily.

“I don’t mean this, I just want to give Elder Yan a chance to prove her innocence.”

Elder Dihuo bowed.

Yan Qiluo looked at the two of them and frowned slightly.

What the **** are these two doing when they sing together?

“It just so happened that we caught the accomplice of the casual cultivator named Jiang, why not let Elder Yan go and interrogate him.”

Elder Dihuo chuckled and said: “First, we can find out the true identity of the casual cultivator named Jiang, and now, we can also let Elder Yan prove his innocence. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!”

Everyone nodded after hearing this.

“Sect Master, this is a great plan!”

“Yes, we are all from the same sect, so we should be given a chance.”

“I believe that Elder Yan is definitely not the kind of person who would harm his fellow disciples!”

Listening to everyone’s words, Yan Qiluo couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

The accomplice mentioned by Elder Dihuo is naturally the Luo Qingyun mentioned by Jiang Tian.

Unexpectedly, Jin Yan and Elder Dihuo were singing in harmony and waiting for him here.

“Sect Master, I think Dihuo is right.”

Elder Tianhuo said: “Now that Elder Yan has been promoted to Hedao, his illusion skills must be extraordinary, even if he is interrogating monks of the same level, it is no problem!”

After hearing this, Jin Yan could not help but nodded, “Elder Yan, since everyone has pleaded for you, then I will give you a chance to prove your innocence! Are you willing?”

Yan Qiluo was in a dilemma.

If you accept this task, you must interrogate Luo Qingyun.

If there is no result, then Jin Yan will definitely not let him go.

But if he refuses, I’m afraid Jin Yan will do something to him now.

This Jin Yan is really good at calculating. He actually used two prongs to force himself to this point.

If I had known earlier, I would not have returned to Lieyang Sect!

“Qiluo is willing to prove her innocence!”

She took a deep breath and finally decided to stall for time and find another way.

“Very good! Elder Yan, I hope you will not disappoint this sect leader! Otherwise, you will know the consequences very well!”

Jin Yan’s eyes flashed with cold light as he stared at Yan Qiluo.

“Please rest assured, Sect Master, Qiluo will definitely go all out and not let Sect Master down!”

Yan Qiluo had no choice but to nod.

Jin Yan ordered in a cold voice: “Heaven Fire and Earth Fire, you will accompany Elder Yan to the place of detention.”


The two elders of Heavenly Fire and Earthly Fire bowed at the same time.

“Elder Yan, the place where that kid’s accomplices are imprisoned is on the main peak, please!”

Elder Earth Fire smiled slightly, turned into a ball of flame, and disappeared from the spot.

“Qiluo resigned.”

Yan Qiluo cupped his hand towards Jin Yan, turned around and took it deep into his arms.

A piece of jade talisman was crushed silently.

“Yan Qiluo, even if you are promoted to Hedao, what will happen? If you want to fight with this sect leader, you are still too young!”

Seeing Yan Qiluo leaving, Jin Yan’s lips curved into an undetectable sneer.


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