Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 2762: :Three-legged Golden Crow

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“Come then!”

This time, Jiang Tian did not sit still and wait for death.

His figure flashed, and in an instant, he appeared in front of Elder Xuan Qing.

“So fast!”

Elder Xuan Qing was shocked.

But as an eternal sword **** and a peerless genius, he still remained calm in the face of danger. He raised his hand and grasped it in the air, and a black blue long sword appeared in front of him.


Jiang Tian’s palm was blocked by the Xuanqing sword, and a crisp cry broke out.


Jiang Tian smiled slightly and advanced instead of retreating.

The big hand directly held the Xuanqing sword.


A blazing flame burned.

“So hot!”

The temperature in the surrounding area increased instantly, and everyone seemed to be in a blazing furnace.

“My soul is about to burn!”

“Damn it, the skills this kid performed are even more advanced than those of my Lieyang Sect.”

“Hurry up and form a defensive formation, otherwise our souls will be completely devoured by the flames!”

Everyone who lost their bodies was frightened and wanted to use their own defense formations.

“Stop it, give me your spiritual power!”

Wen Xin, who had re-condensed his physical body, shouted at everyone and at the same time raised his foot.

A burst of green light circulated, and dense formations formed a huge defensive formation, covering Holy Son Lingxu and all the elders.

“I can’t maintain this formation for long, send me spiritual power quickly!”

After Wen Xin reshaped his body, his body suffered a lot.

Everyone did not dare to be careless and sent pure spiritual power into Wen Xin’s body.


A spherical light mask completely enveloped everyone.

“Damn it, I feel like I’m going to burn up!”

“Hurry and hide at the edge of the formation!”

The eyebrows and hair of the three short mushrooms burned on fire, turning into a stream of light and flying to the edge of the barrier under Jiang Tianbu, keeping as far away from the source of the fire as possible.

“The fairy’s sword actually has spirituality!”

Sikong Changfeng and others were shrouded in the faint light emitted by Qiushui Sword, and asked in surprise.

Ye Qiu Shui nodded and said “Hmm”, looked at Jiang Tian and said with a smile: “He gave it to me.”

“This senior gave it to me?”

Sikong Changfeng was stunned.

Whether it is in Taiyuan Continent or in the Central Galaxy, spiritual treasures that give birth to spiritual wisdom are extremely rare.

Even if the level of a spiritual treasure is not high, as long as spiritual wisdom is born, strong men from all sides will come to **** it.

Even many old monsters whose blood has clotted and stopped living will be released from seclusion because of this.

And now, Jiang Tian actually gave away a sword with spiritual intelligence?

“What a big deal!”

Elder Wu sighed.

It is too arrogant to give away spiritual treasures as soon as they say so.

“He still owes me one. I also want the same spiritual treasure as the lady!”

Xiao Man said dissatisfiedly: “He told me several times that he wanted to give it to me, but he didn’t give it to me. It’s true!”

“You still want to give it away? What a joke!”

Sikong Changfeng’s eyes almost popped out.

Do you really think that the spiritual treasure that births spiritual intelligence is Chinese cabbage? Are you giving it away just like you said?

“It’s really…ah!”

Elder Wu was speechless for a while.

He suddenly had an idea in his mind that he must have a good relationship with this senior later.

Even if you can’t get a spiritual treasure with spiritual intelligence, you can still find a chance to get a high-grade one!

On the other side, feeling the blazing temperature, Ah Da had already formed a formation in front of him.

“Senior Demon Dragon, won’t you come in and hide?”

Ada looked at the magic dragon on the side.

Jiuyou glanced sideways at him and sneered: “I want to go in, but can you still support such a large formation now? I have a strong body, and I can still withstand the current temperature!”

The blazing flames were still burning, and Jiang Tian was like a **** of fire descending to earth, clutching the Xuanqing sword tightly.

“Chi chi chi!”

The Xuanqing sword instantly turned red.

Even Xuan Qing, who was holding the hilt of the sword, instantly emitted a burnt smell.

“Even the monks on the periphery were almost ignited. How long can you hold on in the center of the flames?”

A sneer curled up at the corner of Jiang Tian’s mouth, looking at Xuan Qing who still persisted.

Xuan Qing secretly gritted his teeth and snorted coldly: “How dare you do anything in front of this elder!”

After the words fell, a wave of water rippled out from Elder Xuan Qing’s eyebrows.

It quickly spreads throughout the body.

The originally blazing flame was instantly extinguished.

Even the bright red Xuanqing sword dimmed instantly.

“Chi chi chi!”

As the water mist rose, the Xuanqing sword cooled down completely.

“This water?”

Jiang Tian was stunned and thought of Shui Lingzhu.

“Have you never seen it?”

Elder Xuan Qing sneered, and a burst of blazing sword light suddenly erupted from his body.

“Bang bang bang!”

Thousands of sharp swords stabbed Jiang Tian from all directions.

The strong wind is biting, and there is even a hint of the aura of the avenue in it.

Although he is suppressed by the laws of the Great Dao here, as long as he does not emit the aura of the Hedao realm, he will not be targeted by the Thunder Tribulation of Heavenly Punishment.

As for the aura of the avenue contained in the sword light, it doesn’t matter.

After all, these surging sword lights will dissipate before the thunder and disaster of heavenly punishment comes.

“As long as you can avoid this elder’s move, I will tell you!”

Elder Xuan Qing suddenly withdrew the Xuan Qing sword from Jiang Tian’s hand.

“Puff puff puff!”

He swung his sword a few more times.

As the void shook, spiritual energy rolled wildly, condensing into thousands of spiritual swords containing the aura of the great avenue, and attacked Jiang Tian.

“Little Doyle!”

Jiang Tian was not afraid at all.

He pointed his sword at the center of his eyebrows.


A clear bird song resounded throughout the world.

Immediately afterwards, a blazing ball of light flew up, hovered in the air for several times, and turned into a three-legged strange bird.

“Is this… a fire phoenix? No, this is a three-legged golden crow!”

Holy Son Lingxu frowned and shouted loudly.

“Three-legged Golden Crow? How is this possible?”

“How can he, a mere monk who transforms into gods, contain the most powerful and powerful Golden Crow in his body?”

“I, the leader of Lieyang Sect, have already been promoted to Hedao, but I haven’t even cultivated the Three-Legged Golden Crow. How can this kid do it!”

Jin Yang of Lieyang Sect, including several elders, all looked in disbelief.


Of course Jiang Tian would not pay attention to them.

The sword pointed a little, and the three-legged Golden Crow screamed again.

As the wings flapped, thousands of fireballs fell from the wings.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Fireballs collided with the supreme sword light condensed by Elder Xuan Qing.

A burst of roaring sounds erupted.

In just a moment, thousands of spiritual swords that condensed the aura of the avenue completely dissipated.

“Damn it!”

Elder Xuan Qing gritted his teeth, his face filled with resentment.

This supreme sword formation is one of his methods to suppress the enemy.

I didn’t expect that Jiang Tian would resolve it like this.

“Can I say it?”

Jiang Tian looked at Elder Xuan Qing expectantly.

If it were really one of the Five Elements Spiritual Beads, that would be great.

Elder Xuan Qing hated Jiang Tian, ​​how could he tell Jiang Tian his secret before it was too late.

He immediately sneered: “This elder is just teasing you, do you really take it seriously?”

“This boy is such an idiot for even believing such words!”

“Every monk has his own secrets, how can he reveal them to others easily? Are you mentally ill?”

“I really don’t know how a person like this can reach this level of cultivation.”

After hearing Jiang Tian’s words, Holy Son Lingxu and others immediately ridiculed him.

“Have you seen it? Even children know the truth, but you don’t understand it. Why not become a disciple of this elder, and I will teach you slowly!”

Elder Xuan Qing sneered.

“You are looking for death.” Jiang Tian’s eyes were cold.

“Looking for death? Do you think you can kill this elder with just this three-legged golden crow?”

Elder Xuan Qing sneered and said: “Your three-legged Golden Crow is indeed very strong, but it is still far behind when it comes to me. I am not afraid at all.”

“Huh, do you really think I only have one?”

Jiang Tian also sneered: “I have nine such Golden Crows!”


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