Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 2293: Spirit-chasing Bell

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“Blood Shadow Soul Devourer! Be careful, brother!”

Shadow couldn’t help but let out an exclamation.

“You actually know the blood lord’s unique secret technique, so you have long wanted to take the blood lord position!”

Xue Ji also opened her mouth slightly, and she was in a mess.

“Unique secret technique? Heh! We came from the same school, why can Xue Wushuang learn it, but this seat can’t!”

Wu Tianren was covered in blood all over his body, and whispered like a **** devil:

“Even if you are a strong man at the peak of Void Return, you will have to die in the face of Blood Shadow Soul Devourer, boy, today is your death day!”

“It’s over! I was killed by this kid!”

Tan Aoshuang was full of regret.

This kid is too ignorant.

I didn’t have to die.

It’s okay now, I was killed by this little bastard!

“Returning to the peak of the void, nothing more than ants!”

The corners of Jiang Tian’s mouth curled up slightly, and he stepped forward without fear.

He raised his fist and smashed it against thousands of evil spirits.


A sky-shattering bang came, and clusters of blood directly hit the surrounding trees, mountains and rocks.

During the spread of the **** light, countless flowers, plants and trees were all withered in a radius of thousands of miles, and all the mountains and rocks collapsed and turned into ashes.

“It’s over! This brother must be dead!”

The harsh wind blew so hard that Ying Ying couldn’t open his eyes, but he couldn’t resist a burst of regret in Ying Ying’s heart.

Xue Ji and Tan Aoshuang also gathered spiritual energy to form a protective shield against the powerful blood energy.

“I don’t know how to live!”

Wu Tianren slapped it with one palm, and Jiang Tian was expected to die.

Stand there motionless with your hands behind your back.

The wind whizzed past, and the sand and gravel all over the sky were blown away.

“This is your unique secret technique? It’s so disappointing!”

At this time, an indifferent voice sounded.

“What! It’s…so fine!”

Shadow’s eyes widened.

This Blood Shadow Soul Eater is the unique secret technique of the Blood Shadow Sect!

Xue Wushuang used to rely on Blood Shadow Soul Devourer to fight against a strong man who had half-stepped his way, and he did not lose the wind in the slightest.

Wu Tianren’s palm is no less powerful than Xue Wushuang’s Blood Shadow Soul Eater.

Jiang Tian is fine!

It’s incredible!

“Great! You’re all right!”

Xue Ji’s face covered with tears suddenly became agitated.

It never occurred to Jiang Tian that he was unscathed.

Not only that, Jiang Tian actually looked calm and breezy.

Looks like I and grandpa are saved!

“He can actually resist Blood Shadow Soul Devourer! Is he really a transformation god!”

Tan Aoshuang wiped her eyes with disbelief.

He is confident that he is the top three in Haizhou Tianjiao list.

But even if I am myself, I am afraid it will be difficult to resist this bone-destroying blood shadow soul devourer.

Jiang Tian didn’t have any trouble at all.

It’s so disgusting!

“You are fine!”

Wu Tianren’s originally confident face was full of surprise.

I am a strong man at the peak of returning to the void, while the opponent is only in the state of transforming gods.

Even if I didn’t go all out just now, the first level of realm is the first level of heaven.

The opponent is Huashen after all!

How could such a situation be possible.

“Blood Shadow Soul Eater, that’s all!” Jiang Tian smiled contemptuously.

“Boy, there must be something precious on you!”

Wu Tianren’s eyes suddenly burst into greedy eyes, and he sneered:

“It turned out to be a treasure that can resist the blood shadow soul devourer. It seems that the old man will not kill you today!”

“It turned out to be a treasure!”

Shadow nodded slightly.

The world is full of wonders.

If it is said that Jiang Tian is a treasure, it is not difficult to understand.

There is a holy land in Taiyuan Continent, named Taiyuan Holy Land, under it are six caves, and each cave is in charge of several continents.

There must be such a magic weapon in the holy land and the cave.

Actually speaking, the cave and the holy land are a bit far away.

In other words, there may be such a magic weapon in each state’s first-grade sect.

Shadow couldn’t help but look at Jiang Tian, ​​secretly said:

“Could it be possible that this person is a disciple of a blessed land or a first-rank sect in another state?”

“Is it just a magic weapon!”

Xue Ji’s complexion suddenly darkened.

Just now, she only saw Jiang Tian break the Blood Shadow Soul Devourer with a punch, but she didn’t see any shadow of the magic weapon.

It must be the magic weapon of the way of attacking and killing.

But with only one magic weapon, can it really compete against Wu Tianren who is at the peak of Void Return?

“I thought I had such a great ability!”

Tan Aoshuang secretly sneered.

In his opinion, relying on external force will not work after all.

Only if one’s own strength is strong, is the right way.

Wu Tianren is the peak of Void Return after all, Jiang Tian will die sooner or later.

“It’s not that easy to kill me!”

Jiang Tian grasped the void, and condensed a long sword with spiritual power.

“A long sword with condensed spiritual power, boy, are you out of your mind?”

Wu Tianren was surrounded by endless blood and evil spirit, and laughed wantonly.

“Brother, if you have a magic weapon, please use it to fight against this beast!”

The shadow quickly reminded.

“Yes, even if you can’t kill him, if you can injure him severely, we can escape!”

Xue Ji was very anxious.

“It’s a dead end!”

Tan Aoshuang felt very disdainful.

If Xin Dao had this kind of treasure, he would definitely be able to escape.

“If I kill this person, it’s like killing a dog, why use any magic weapon!”

Jiang Tian is indeed very confident.

“Boy, who gave you the courage to be so arrogant.”

Wu Tianren looked down at Jiang Tian from a high position: “Today, the old man will kill people to seize treasures. When the old man kills your sacred treasure, let’s see if you can still be so arrogant.”

After speaking, he raised his hand to grab it, and a dark red bell appeared in his hand.

This bell is the size of a palm, and its whole body is surrounded by a **** aura, with various ghost patterns engraved on it.

It exudes a strong evil spirit.

As soon as it was taken out, the howling of ghosts, foxes and wolves suddenly sounded around, and the wind gusts of darkness.

“Soul-chasing bell! Wu Tianren, isn’t this thing sealed by the blood lord! You actually stole it privately!”

Shadow thumped in his heart, reprimanded again and again, then looked at Jiang Tian, ​​and reminded solemnly and anxiously:

“Brother, this soul-chasing bell is extraordinary, you must be careful!”

“The soul-chasing bell can forcibly deprive a monk of his soul, and the body of the monk whose soul is extracted will instantly turn into blood!”

Xue Ji’s face turned pale with shock.

This soul-chasing bell is the treasure of the Blood Shadow Sect.

But the method, the bell, is really against the sky, and Xue Wushuang never uses it when flying as a last resort.

Unexpectedly, it was stolen by Wu Tianren!

“This is the soul-chasing bell!”

Tan Aoshuang was also an eye-opener.

He has heard that Xue Wushuang, the suzerain of the Blood Shadow Sect, once used this soul-chasing bell to fight against the strong in the early stage of the Hedao!

The reason why Xue Wushuang was able to dominate the evil cultivators in Haizhou is because of this soul-chasing bell.

Relying on the soul-chasing and soul-hunting bell, Wu Tianren can display his half-step cultivation!

The little **** in front of me is sure to die!

“Boy, hand over the magic weapon on your body, I will make your death easier!”

Wu Tianren held the soul-chasing bell and looked down at Jiang Tian from above.

“It’s ridiculous to want to deal with me just because of your broken bell!”

Jiang Tian sneered.

At that time in the ancient fairy world, wasn’t the immortal artifact, the soul-hunting banner, hundreds of thousands of times stronger than this soul-chasing bell?

Jiang Tiandao is so determined, how could he be afraid of this.

“I don’t know how to praise! Kill you and take away the magic weapon, it’s the same!”

Wu Tianren yelled violently and shook the simple copper bell.

A crisp and pleasant voice came out.


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