Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 2291: Taiyuan Continent

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Void cracks can realize instant space jumps.

For Jiang Tian in his previous life, this is of course nothing.

At that time, he could even create a world by raising his hand.

But now, he is only cultivating as a god.

Even to split the void, you can only rely on the giant beak demon knife.

If you want to split the void, even Jiang Tian has to be promoted to return to the void, and you can do it by using secret methods.

Jiang Tian fell into a huge chaotic space.

The surrounding space keeps breaking and recovering.

“It’s dangerous! You must leave as soon as possible!”

Jiang Tian’s eyes flickered.

For him today, the void is extremely dangerous.

If you don’t leave as soon as possible, you may be completely swallowed by the void and exiled to an unknown place.

Unless it is the power of the gods, it is possible to get involved and rescue it.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The scenery around Jiang Tian keeps changing.

That is the projection of Fangfang World.

“It’s okay, let’s go out and talk!”

Jiang Tian’s thoughts turned, and he kept scanning the pictures around him.

In these scenes, some are full of ghosts, some are barren, some are mountains of swords and seas of fire, and some are lightning and thunder…

There are many.

Suddenly, Jiang Tian saw one of the pictures.

There is a large forest on it, vast and boundless.

“Looks like a living world! It’s you!”

Jiang Tian ran his exercises, and unprecedented potential burst out of his body, and he plunged into the picture.


The surrounding space suddenly shattered.

Countless broken avenues attacked Jiang Tian.

This is a necessary process for crossing space cracks.

Although Jiang Tian has the power of all gods and is in the extreme state of transforming gods, he survived the disaster only after drawing out a ray of breath from the mother of chaos, Shiding, to resist.

Even so, he was in tatters.

Even the divine body has cracks to varying degrees.


Jiang Tian appeared beside a big tree out of thin air.

He gasped for breath and looked around.

Then feel the world carefully.

“Fortunately, it’s aura!”

Jiang Tian let out a long sigh of relief.

There is spiritual energy around, which means that Jiang Tian has left the ancient fairyland.

And the place I came to is the world controlled by the central star field.

Jiang Tian looked around and couldn’t help but smile wryly.

At this moment, I am like a down and out beggar, his clothes are torn.


Suddenly, just as Jiang Tian put on his clothes, he heard a loud tremor.

Then there was a huge fluctuation of spiritual power.

Jiang Tian quickly hid his figure and spread his consciousness out.

There are many unknowns in this world, it is better to be careful.

Soon, within the coverage of Jiang Tian’s consciousness, Jiang Tian saw a picture.

I saw a black pagoda exuding a **** aura, piercing through the air, and there were several monks with not weak cultivation levels chasing after it.

From time to time, they used to shoot out streaks of sword energy condensed with spiritual energy, and the black pagoda kept dodging, stretched left and right.

“Blood Shadow Lost Tower?! Taiyuan Continent!”

Jiang Tian’s heart skipped a beat.

Jiang Tian is very familiar with this black pagoda.

In the previous life, Jiang Tian once returned to the Taiyuan Continent and pushed Aoxuezong horizontally.

At that time, the Blood Shadow Sect who ruled the Xiexiu sect in Haizhou was Jiang Tian’s pawn.

The suzerain Xue Wushuang, known as the unparalleled blood lord, is obedient to Jiang Tian.

A lot of things were done to gather information and surround and kill Aoxuezong.

And this blood shadow congealing tower is Xue Wushuang’s natal magic weapon!

At this time, the Blood Shadow Condensing Soul Tower is running wildly, and there are still people chasing it. I am afraid that it is in trouble.

“I didn’t expect to come to Taiyuan Continent!”

Jiang Tian smiled wryly.

As a monk, Jiang Tian never believed in the theory of destiny, he only believed in himself.

But now in a trance, he really believed it a little bit.

He couldn’t help but think of that name again: Ye Qiushui.

Maybe, coming to this world is to let myself pay off the debt!

“Xue Wushuang, you did a lot of things for me in the previous life, but this time I saved your life, it will be evened!”

Jiang Tian disappeared in place with a thought.

The blood shadow coagulates the tower.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong!”

A young woman in red was holding an old man with gray hair, crying loudly.

The old man’s complexion was pale, his breath was out of order, his eyes were closed tightly, and he was in extremely poor condition.

“Sacred Maiden Blood Princess, please express my condolences! Senior Wushuang has the Nine Transformation Bone Erosion Powder in his body, I’m afraid it won’t work!”

Beside him, a tall and luxuriously dressed man said softly.

“Tan Aoshuang, you are not allowed to say that! My grandfather will be fine!”

The Holy Maiden of Xue Ji turned her head, her alluring face was full of tears.

“Saint, this is not the time to talk about these things, hurry up and use the secret method to activate the pagoda, otherwise you will definitely be caught up by that **** Wu Tianren!”

In the pagoda, a burly man roared loudly.

The Blood Shadow Sect controls most of the cultivating sects in Haizhou, and has great influence

One day ago, it was the day when Xue Ji succeeded the Holy Maiden. Unexpectedly, the Great Elder Wu Tianren poisoned the wine, intending to poison Xue Wushuang and completely control the Blood Shadow Sect.


At this moment, a huge force that Pei Mo could resist suddenly blocked the way of the Blood Shadow Coagulation Tower.

The Blood Shadow Condensing Tower trembled violently, and the bodies of the four trembled and fell out of the pagoda.

The four of them panicked for a while, looking at the visitor nervously.

I saw a man in rough linen clothes.

Although the clothes are not eye-catching, the man’s face is like a crown jade, and his whole body exudes a dusty temperament, just like a banished immortal.

It is Jiang Tian.

“Damn it, I didn’t expect Wu Tianren, a bastard, to have ambushed a long time ago!”

The burly man’s heart trembled, and his face showed horror.

This person was able to force the Blood Shadow Condensing Soul Tower to stop easily, which shows that his cultivation base is not weak, at least he has the initial stage of Void Return.

“It’s over! Grandpa, it’s Xue Ji who failed to protect you!”

Xue Ji’s face was full of tears, holding Xue Wushuang in her arms.

“Boy, I am Tan Aoshuang, the holy son of Aoxuezong, get out of here quickly!”

Tan Aoshuang’s face was cold, as he gathered aura, a large sheet of frost suddenly condensed around him.

“Tan Aoshuang?”

A cold light flashed in Jiang Tian’s eyes.

I didn’t expect to meet this kid when I first came to Taiyuan Continent.

In the previous life, Ye Qiushui married Tan Aoshuang of the Aoxue Sect in exchange for the elixir for herself, but in the end she disappeared, not even her body was found.

“You know it’s me, so get out!”

As soon as Tan Aoshuang saw that the other party recognized her, she immediately put on a haughty posture and squinted at Jiang Tian.

“I beat you, Tan Aoshuang!”

A cold light flashed in Jiang Tian’s eyes, and a surge of spiritual power directly hit Tan Aoshuang and sent him flying.

Tan Aoshuang fell to the ground immediately, feeling that Shenzang was a little broken.

“Wu Tianren’s running dog, I will fight with you!”

The burly man burst out with endless blood and evil spirits all over his body, and he punched Jiang Tian with a punch.

“You better rest!”

A faint halo appeared all over Jiang Tian’s body, and he directly bounced the big man away, but did not hurt him.

Because Jiang Tian knew this person, he was Xue Wushuang’s most loyal subordinate, Shadow.

In his previous life, he was also one of the people who worked hard to help himself.

It’s just that they didn’t expect that the Blood Shadow Sect and the Aoxue Sect were involved.

Could it be the butterfly effect caused by my time travel?

Jiang Tian walked towards Xue Ji and Xue Wushuang step by step.

“You…what do you want to do!”

Xue Ji’s voice trembled, but there was no fear in her heart.

Her perception told her that the man in front of her was not in danger.

“I’m here to save you!”

Jiang Tian walked over, just about to use his skills to treat Xue Wushuang.

“Save? Can you save it!”

At this moment, a cold snort sounded.


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