Reincarnation of the Heaven Chapter 3865: Unrest

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The Scepter of Karma is a once-in-a-lifetime treasure with the power of cause and effect. Although Xiao Naihe has never delved into the depth of this treasure.

But with his current ability, he can fully grasp the treasures under the ancient immortal weapon with just one glance.

“Use the power of cause and effect to directly reverse it. No matter how strong your formation is, I will turn it into nine useless dragons.” Xiao Naihe was determined.

The ‘Kowloon Capital Formation’ consists of nine branches. If it cannot be cracked at the same time, even if only eight of them are cracked, the remaining one branch will instantly give rise to nine complete branches.

If he had not obtained the formation inheritance from Nantian Formation Saint, even with Xiao Naihe’s current strength, he would not be able to break the ‘Nine Dragon Capital Formation’ for a while.

Then I saw Xiao Naihe placing the Karma Scepter in front of the gate of the ‘Nine Dragons Capital Formation’, and then Xiao Naihe deduced the formation, and a vast force burst out from within.

In an instant, the aura of the anti-world sage fully emerged. Under Xiao Naihe’s control, the holy power in the karma scepter soared, like a storm of stars, sweeping through every corner of the ‘Nine Dragons Capital Formation’.

With a “pop” explosion, the power of the Karma Scepter was directly reversed and exploded. The entire periphery of the ‘Kowloon Capital Formation’ was filled with terrifying crushing power, as if the entire ‘Kowloon Capital Formation’ was about to be destroyed. Refined.

At the same time, in a certain hall in Xinhong Mountain, a group of people were besieging a mysterious portal.

The leader is a man in red robe, handsome, with starry eyes and a sword.

There are seven strong men below who are leading the charge, using their magical powers, and are attacking a portal with blue light.

“He is worthy of being a legendary sage. Even though he is seriously injured, he can cast the forbidden technique of ‘Du Guang Barrier’ from a distance.” Zhang Ziyou clapped his hands and showed a smile.

“But even if this forbidden technique traps you inside, how long can you hold on? When that adult kills the Zhong Ling Sage, the people inside will definitely die.”

After hearing Zhang Ziyou’s words, the faces of many new Hongshan experts hiding in the portal secret realm turned pale.

“If we don’t fight them, when will the end of hiding here come to an end.”

“No, the sect master finally opened a door for us. If we go out now, we will definitely not be the enemy’s match.”

“Yes, then the way out that the sect master has finally worked out for us will be ruined.”

“Elder Donghuang, you are the most senior senior here, please make the decision, what should we do?”

Several new Hongshan disciples looked anxiously at a beautiful woman behind them.

As the Dharma elder of Xinhong Mountain, Donghuang Zhiruo has a very high status in the huge Xinhong Mountain. In addition, Donghuang Zhiruo is kind to others and is trusted by his disciples.

Many disciples are now showing fear. The last battle resulted in many casualties. Now these disciples are the only ones left trapped here. There is a sense of despair among everyone.

Seeing this situation, Donghuang Zhiruo couldn’t help but sigh. Although she was a ninth-generation sage, her combat power was not high, so she was arranged to **** the enemy away.

Many of the strong men in Xinhongshan were killed in order to fight against the enemy, leaving only a few seriously injured who were brought to this secret realm.

At this moment, Donghuang Zhiruo knew that if she didn’t stand up, the spirits of these disciples would easily be unsustainable.

“This secret realm was opened up by the sect master at the beginning. It is impossible for the strong men under the ancient immortals to break in for a while. Now that the sect master and the mysterious enemy are fighting, he may not lose, and we have already We sent a request for help to Xianmen Academy. When the sect leader takes action, we will have a chance to counterattack.”

Despite what he said, Donghuang Zhiruo felt that there was little hope.

Yesterday, Xinhongshan was attacked by forces from Beiqiong Mountain. With the Zhongling Sage and the Holy Maiden absent from the sect, they defeated a large number of sects in one round, resulting in numerous casualties.

Fortunately, the sect leader rushed back in time, otherwise more people would die.

But a mysterious strong man came from Beiqiong Mountain. His strength was no less than that of Zhong Ling Sage. When he met Zhong Ling Sage, the two were inseparable.

Nowadays, Xin Hongshan is very powerful. If the sect leader loses, then they are not far from death.

“I didn’t expect Beiqiong Mountain to be so ruthless. It directly tore up the contract signed fifty years ago, attacked our new Hongshan, and even invited a powerful man with heavenly strength.”

Donghuang Zhiruo sighed secretly in her heart, Xinhongshan and Beiqiongshan are both famous sects in the Eastern Realm, and the two sects have had many conflicts for thousands of years.

Later, Xianmen Academy came forward and negotiated with Xinhongshan and Beiqiongshan, and signed a three-thousand-year contract. The two sects were not allowed to invade each other for three thousand years, and this was the reason why many years of peace were achieved.

But now that Beiqiongshan has torn up the contract, Xinhongshan is directly in danger.

Even if Xianmen Academy wants support, I’m afraid it won’t be able to come for a while.

“By the way, how is that little girl doing now?” Donghuang Zhiruo suddenly asked.

“Elder, this junior sister has not woken up since she went into retreat some time ago.” A female disciple replied.

Donghuang Zhiruo looked at a woman behind her. The woman was wearing white clothes and had a solemn look on her face. There was a faint pressure surrounding her.

“The sect master said before that once this woman enters our New Hongshan, it will take at least a hundred years for the new Hongshan to fly. Unfortunately, time does not wait for our New Hongshan.” Donghuang Zhiruo showed a bitter expression. , with a sad tone.

If Xiao Naihe were here, he would definitely find out that the woman in white is Yun Weixue.

Outside the door, Zhang Ziyou was still preparing to continue to arouse the girls. Suddenly, he thought he noticed something and looked outside suddenly.

“The Kowloon Capital Formation was broken, what happened? Did Xinhongshan come to support?” Zhang Ziyou frowned and muttered to himself.

Immediately said to his companions: “You continue to attack the portal of the secret realm, I will come as soon as I go.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Ziyou staggered and flew directly out of the hall.

He ran straight down the mountain and was about to continue walking when his heart suddenly moved and he stopped immediately.

Zhang Ziyou subconsciously looked up at the sky. At this time, a man was suspended in the air, his eyes fixed on him.

At that moment, the hair on Zhang Ziyou’s body stood up, probably sensing an unprecedented crisis.

After Xiao Naihe broke through the ‘Nine Dragon Capital Formation’, he was about to enter the mountain, but suddenly he saw Zhang Ziyou flying out from inside and suddenly stopped.

“Who are you?” Zhang Ziyou suppressed the discomfort in his heart and shouted sharply at the person in mid-air.

“Come up here.” Xiao Naihe was too lazy to talk nonsense and stretched out his hand to grab it from the distance.

The five fingers suddenly resembled a tornado, tearing apart the defenses surrounding Zhang Ziyou, making him vulnerable to a single blow.

Zhang Ziyou’s expression changed drastically. With just one move, he knew that the person above him was a presence that he could not resist.


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