Reincarnation of the Heaven Chapter 3863: Mutation, Fengming

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Hong Jiaoling did not rest for too long. She was exiled to the alien void and did not suffer any harm. One day of training was enough.

On the next day, Hong Jiaoling decided to take Xiao Naihe to Xinhongshan.

“It seems you are the only one left. The others have no plans to come.” Hong Jiaoling looked at Xiao Naihe and couldn’t help but say.

Originally, everyone who entered the top ten of the competition had the opportunity to go to Xinhongshan for a chance, but the plan could not keep up with the change.

The great academy competition almost destroyed the entire Xianmen Academy.

Zhe Tianhou was killed by Xiao Naihe. Even a powerful person like Gong Wentian was killed by the powerful avatar.

Xiao Naihe’s evil reputation spread throughout the entire Immortal Ancient City almost in a day. Many powerful people wanted to visit him during this period, bringing many benefits, just to see Xiao Naihe.

However, Xiao Naihe’s reputation was not a bad thing for him. On the contrary, it saved him a lot of trouble.

Those who had targeted Xiao Naihe before all had their tails between their legs and did not dare to have any more thoughts.

Even Sage Typhon, who had targeted Xiao Naihe everywhere before, left the academy that night and disappeared without a trace after seeing Xiao Naihe’s strength, fearing that Xiao Naihe would come to his door.

Of course Xiao Naihe ignored these things, because his only purpose now was to take Yun Weixue back.

“After you three arrive at Xinhongshan, don’t wander around and follow me closely.”

Above the space shuttle.

Hong Jiaoling was a little worried. Donghuang Qianxuan and Donghuang Qianyu were lucky enough to say that there was a strong man from the Donghuang family serving in Xinhongshan, and someone would naturally pick them up when they arrived at the sect.

But Hong Jiaoling did not dare to underestimate Xiao Naihe at all.

A guy who can kill Zhe Tianhou and escape from Gong Wentian, who is no weaker than his master, must have many trump cards that he doesn’t know about.

I am afraid that he will cause some trouble in Xinhongshan.

Seeing the old **** Xiao Naihe and Donghuang Qianyu gently blowing tea beside Xiao Naihe, Donghuang Qianxuan couldn’t help but take another look.

She had met this man several times and did not know Xiao Naihe well.

Until the day before yesterday, her father asked her to take her sister to Xinhongshan to find her aunt, and she had to take good care of her sister.

But Donghuang Qianxuan is such a smart person. She can clearly hear her father’s hidden meaning, which seems to be to let her and her sister follow Xiao Naihe.

She has heard about Xiao Naihe’s reputation too many times in the past few days, including which academy is the strongest, the Ancient Immortal Queen, etc. Even the family members hope to get benefits from Xiao Naihe.

It can be said that it was her sister Donghuang Qianyu’s blessing that she fell in love with Xiao Naihe.

“What is the origin of this man that deserves his father and the others to value him so much?” Donghuang Qianxuan thought as he secretly observed Xiao Naihe.

The speed of the spacecraft traveling through the realm is extremely fast, and it can travel thousands of miles almost instantly after breaking through the void.

After leaving Immortal Ancient City, several people entered a realm that belonged to the New Hongshan Sect.

When the flying boat entered the periphery, waves of spiritual power spread out from the void.

Xiao Naihe, who was taking the cake handed over by Donghuang Qianyu, paused slightly in his hands and looked up.

“Is this the spiritual power of the magic circle? No wonder outsiders can’t enter your new Hongshan at will!”

Xiao Naihe is also very accomplished in formations, but the spiritual power of the formations scattered around New Hongshan is definitely very clever. Even Xiao Naihe couldn’t construct such a huge and sophisticated magic circle.

A faint smile appeared on Hong Jiaoling’s pretty face: “This is the ‘Eternal Spiritual Illusion Array’ jointly created by Master and the seniors of the sect. Master said that no one can break it under the ancient immortals. .”

“No one under the ancient immortal can break it? Is it so powerful? What kind of magic circle is this?” Donghuang Qianyu was shocked.

“Isn’t this possible? Isn’t it possible that even half-step ancient immortals can’t crack it now?” Donghuang Qianxuan frowned, somewhat disbelieving.

Xiao Naihe glanced at her, and then said: “This magic circle combines time, space and illusion. All kinds of ingenious spiritual powers are integrated. Unless the ancient immortal comes, no one can break it.”

“It seems that Brother Xiao Dao also has a lot of research on battle tactics.” Hong Jiaoling’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

When she was about to say something else, the flying boat suddenly shook, as if it was falling into the void of rocks.

At this moment, a ray of light shot up from the distance and reached into the sky.


A phoenix cry that resounded throughout the world spread throughout the spiritual realm. Even Xiao Naihe and others who were thousands of miles away could clearly feel the power of this phoenix cry.

Xiao Naihe’s pupils shrank and he stood up suddenly, fixating on the source of the sound.

The light that broke through the clouds was like a spear, directly shattering the entire clouds. Even the space was penetrated and turned directly into nothingness.

“What is that? What a terrible noise.” Donghuang Qianxuan was shocked.

Hong Jiaoling’s face changed drastically and she lost her voice: “That’s the location of the sect. What happened inside? It’s so powerful that not even the sages in the world can unleash it.”

Suddenly, Xiao Naihe’s figure turned into a stream of light and rushed directly into the distance, even the space was destroyed.

Others don’t know, but Xiao Naihe knows very well that the mana wave just now definitely belongs to the ancient phoenix. This aura is exactly the same as that released by the phoenix skeleton he obtained.

The phoenix cry just now is probably derived from the ancient phoenix.

“I left the Phoenix skeleton next to Wei Xue and placed the Phoenix Heart in her sea of ​​consciousness to prevent her from being excluded from the skeleton space. Why is her aura so restless now?”

Xiao Naihe frowned. He was sure that there was no life on the phoenix skeleton, and it was definitely dead.

But in the strong phoenix cry just now, Xiao Naihe vaguely felt a strong vitality.

“Could it be that the phoenix heart and the phoenix skeleton really come from the same ancient phoenix?” Xiao Naihe suddenly made a bold guess.

He got the Phoenix Heart from the Tomb of Reincarnation. He never expected that it would have such a great origin.

The skeleton left behind by the ancient phoenix is ​​indeed without the breath of life, but if it can be integrated into the heart of the origin, it is not impossible to wake up directly.

You must know that the legendary ancient phoenix has the ability to rise from the ashes.

However, compared to the ancient phoenix’s rebirth from the ashes, Xiao Naihe was more worried about Yun Weixue’s safety.

“I hope I can catch up. At least my body has not sent any danger signals, and it is still safe for the time being.” Xiao Naihe breathed out, released all the power of his Tao body, and flew towards Xinhong Mountain at full speed.

The closer to Xinhong Mountain, the heavier the spiritual power that permeates the void becomes. Even Xiao Naihe, the eternal Taoist body of a world-defying sage, can clearly feel the pressure.

Just when Xiao Naihe felt more and more heavy in his heart, a deep voice suddenly sounded in his ears: “People from the outside world, leave immediately.”


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