Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 1: Rebirth


Opened my eyes in confusion, feeling the wet and sticky feeling on the back. The clothes were tightly attached to the back and it was uncomfortable. Lu Yang’s memory was frozen at the moment he fell off the cliff.

“Is this death? It turned out not to be that terrifying. It’s just that people who jump from a height will fall like Shaqima. I don’t know if he looks like it now.” Lu Yang laughed at himself. think.

Isn’t it just death? Lu Yang was calm. The revenge of the previous life should be reported, and he didn’t leave any regrets. It’s just that, why is there so much unwillingness in his heart?

Should I believe in the wrong friend, or should I accept my fate?

In 2040, the earth’s industrial civilization will have an explosive development. Machines have replaced most of the artificial labor. In contrast, the population of the earth has reached an unprecedented 12 billion due to the improvement of medical standards.

Unemployment, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, popular grievances, and demonstrations have become synonymous with all countries.

In order to solve this problem, various countries have joined together to make various efforts. One of them is the joint development of a 3D holographic simulation network called “Second World” by the nine most developed countries using high technology. The game has fulfilled the dream of global players for decades.

This game has only one server. All players from all over the world compete here. More than 3 billion people have entered the game, making the game popular with capital. When the official exchange of currency in the game and real-time currency is officially opened The function of, really achieved the effect of alleviating the pressure of some unemployed population.

Lu Yang was originally a child from an ordinary worker’s family. Taking advantage of his spare time in college courses, he also entered the game in order to subsidize his family and became a cashier in a studio. However, Lu Yang did not think of himself. Such a small person unexpectedly broke into the famous hall, not only created a small guild of 5000 people, but also established a defensive fortress in the top wild monster area.

It takes half a day for the top wild monster area to be in the closest system city. Lu Yang was welcomed by all players immediately after establishing this fortress. You can buy medicines, repair equipment, auction house transactions, and rest offline. In progress.

Relying on this fortress, not to mention the daily advancement of gold, even if the daily advancement of ten thousand gold is not an exaggeration. At this time, Lu Yang has reached the most glorious moment in his life, and he thought that relying on this fortress could give his family Bringing a better life with brothers, but Lu Yang did not expect that this was just an illusory dream.

On the third day of the creation of the fortress, Liu Jie, the chairman of the first guild in China, who is also the real Chinese summer super giant, brought three hundred members of the main group to visit in person, and wanted to buy it from Lu Yang. Down the fortress.

Lu Yang naturally cannot agree. The price given by Liu Jie is only 10% higher than the cost of construction. It is basically calculated by using Lu Yang and the others as coolies. Besides, this fortress is the result of the joint efforts of 5000 brothers. Lu Yang was elected as the boss. Coming to manage the fortress represents the brothers’ trust in Lu Yang. If it is sold like this, how will Lu Yang face his brothers in the future.

After rejecting Liu Jie, Lu Yang worried about the other party’s revenge. Although his brothers had 60 third-ranked mages, he also had the heart of the devil and was not afraid of the crowds of the other party, but in order to prevent sneak attacks, Lu Yang and the union The three vice-chairmen negotiated and asked them to lead three main groups to guard the city for 24 hours in shifts.

After being nervous for a month, there was no movement from Liu Jie, which made Lu Yang gradually relax his vigilance.

As the saying goes, success and failure are also trusted. It is Lu Yang who fully believes in his friends. On the third night after he lifted the alarm, the brothers from the upper and lower bunks of four years in college are also the main MT of the group. Huang Xiang told Lu Yang that a new boss was found in the top monster area, and it would take all three main groups in the guild to be able to destroy it.

Lu Yang didn’t doubt that he had him, and immediately led the three main groups to a valley map under Huang Xiang’s leadership. However, when he got there, what Lu Yang saw was not the boss, but the China First Guild. Chairman Liu Jie’s sneer face and his twelve main groups, 12,000 top 200 members.

Lu Yang realized at this time that Liu Jie did not give up the idea of ​​obtaining his own fortress, but he changed a way and used a lot of money to make his men betray and lead him to the map of the valley where he could not escape. , And release the enchantment that cannot be used to return to the city.

That night, Lu Yang and the three main groups in his hand were killed at least forty times in a row by the opponent’s forced combat resurrection.

All the equipment of the three thousand main group members were exploded, and the losses were heavy. The fortress was breached by Liu Jie’s other six main groups, and all Lu Yang’s efforts were lost.

In order to build this fortress, Lu Yang borrowed a lot of money from the bank. At the beginning, relying on the fortress and the gang brothers, Lu Yang could easily repay these loans, but now the fortress is destroyed and the equipment of the main group members is gone. Lu Yang completely lost the ability to repay. Faced with the huge debt and the desperate eyes of his brothers, Lu Yang chose to escape in a panic, and shut himself in the house all day for drunkenness.

Lu Yang thought he would spend the rest of his life in this endless pain and struggle, but one thing completely awakened Lu Yang.

In order to prevent Lu Yang from spending the rest of his life in debt, his parents, who had retired for 10 years, decided to retire early in a state-owned enterprise.

In less than half a year, my father was inexplicably injured by a heavy object on the construction site, and died before being sent to the hospital. The death of his father dealt a great blow to the mother. Soon after, the mother also passed away.

In a short period of time, his parents died one after another, making Lu Yang desperate for life. He thought his father’s death was an accident, but when he was brought to the ground by Liu Jie’s running dog, Wang Teng, he told him sarcastically that everything was Liu. When Jie instructed him to do it, Lu Yang knew that Liu Jie didn’t want to give him any chance to stand up.

Just when Wang Teng was about to kill Lu Yang, he learned that the comrade-in-arms of Lu Yang’s parents, Han Cheng, had come from outside and happened to rescue Lu Yang and take him abroad.

Five years, five full years, Han Cheng taught Lu Yang to exercise and learn how to kill. Five years later, Lu Yang became an internationally renowned mercenary “blood fire” with his hatred. A team of mercenaries returned to China and spent a lot of money to buy Liu Jie’s time to go home. Then Lu Yang ambushed at the door of his house. The moment Liu Jie entered the house, a shot exploded Liu Jie’s head.

At that moment, Lu Yang finally felt a sense of relief. He wanted to continue hunting down other people who had killed him. However, Liu Jie’s family would use all their strength to hunt him down. Lu Yang could only leave temporarily with the mercenary group. Unfortunately, Lu Yang was discovered by the police and Liu’s killer when he approached the border.

In the process of chasing and fleeing, Lu Yang led the police into the mountain in order to cover his injured brother, and was eventually intercepted on a cliff.

Faced with the police’s persuasion to surrender, Lu Yang only sneered at the corner of his mouth. The vengeance in his life had been reported. Lu Yang had no regrets and lost the reason to live, so he jumped off the cliff and chose to commit suicide.

It’s just that the moment Lu Yang jumped down, there was a smiling face and eyes without a trace of impurities in front of Lu Yang’s eyes. To say that there was regret, it was her.

She is Lu Yang’s university classmate, named Shen Mengyao. She is so beautiful, so not stained with dust. At that time, Lu Yang was just a humble ordinary person in the school. Every time she smiles, she can It gave Lu Yang great encouragement. At that time, the two walked very close, but Shen Mengyao’s family was distinguished.

Lu Yang wanted to wait until he was able to confess. Unfortunately, Liu Jie did not give him that opportunity. Five years later, when Lu Yang came back, he inquired about Shen Mengyao’s news, but he got the arrangement of Shen Mengyao’s family. Marrying as a woman, it’s just that she’s not happy.

Not reconciled, if you don’t believe in friends wrong

If I can have more development time

If you can become stronger




The resentment in his chest made Lu Yang stretch out his hand and hit the wall next to him. The intense pain instantly occupied the entire nervous system.

Lu Yang’s eyes suddenly widened.

“Isn’t I dead, why can my arms still move, why do I still have nerve touch?”

Lu Yang hurriedly sat up to examine his body, and found that his body, which should have fallen into a Shaqima-like body, was still intact without a trace of injury. After touching his back, the sticky thing on his clothes was not blood but himself. Sweat from just lying in bed because of the sultry weather.

Lu Yang is dumbfounded, what’s going on, he didn’t die, he was still alive intact? How could this be possible? Even in 2050, I have not heard of the resurrection of those who can smash to pieces intact. Even if there is, it is impossible to use it on oneself. Moreover, where is this?

Looking up and looking around, Lu Yang found that he was sitting on a dilapidated single bed at this mosquito net covered the single bed tightly.

Open the mosquito net, and you can see it is an old wooden table that has been used for many years.

There is a line on the wall above the table: You forget your shame!

The moment Lu Yang saw these four words, his whole body was cold and his scalp numb, and he couldn’t believe that this was the old house I lived in when I graduated from high school. These four words were the beginning of the last semester of his high school. The purpose of going up was to motivate him to take the college entrance examination, but Lu Yang clearly remembered that the words his mother redecorated the house later had been erased, why did it appear again.

There are also some damaged plastic stools, a wooden dining table folded in the corner, and an old 42-inch TV set. All these were thrown away by myself and bought new ones. Why are they returning now? Once in this room, is it possible that he is reborn?

Looking up at the clock, Lu Yang turned on the TV with some uncertainty about one minute before twelve noon, and broadcast it to China Central Radio 1.

Looking at the noon news broadcast, the female host said in person: “Hello everyone, audience friends, today is June 16, 2040, the seventh day of the fifth lunar month…”

At this moment, Lu Yang’s head banged, and he rushed out of the house to the outside, looking at the main building of the university that had been relocated 5 years ago. At this time, it was still located in the original place intact. , Lu Yang couldn’t help his excitement, and slammed his fist against the wall in front of his house, shouting angrily in his heart: I am really reborn.

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