Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 4868: Cao Yuyang



Latest website: The letter burst open in Mo Nian’s hands, and a blazing flame rose up. Once the stance spreads, it will be instantly burnt to ashes.


“Tips for carving bugs”


Mo Nian snorted coldly and grabbed it with a big hand. The flame had just exploded a few feet, and Mo Nian’s palm formed stripes of lines to trap the flame.




As soon as Mo Nian’s big hand exerted force, the flame rapidly shrank, and the dao pattern was compressed into a ball the size of a pigeon’s egg.




Seeing this method, even Long Chen admires it. Mo Nian’s move is really powerful. If it is Long Chen, in the face of this kind of flame outbreak, he will choose to let Huo Linger absorb it.


If you deal with it yourself, although it won’t make it explode, it will definitely be a little embarrassing when you are in a hurry, and there is absolutely no such ease as Mo Nian.


“Sure enough, that guy is too vicious, he wants to kill people.” Yutong was shocked and angry, and was afraid for a while, but fortunately she was not curious to open it in advance, otherwise with her strength, The letter would kill her.


“Such a naive challenge book, very good, he succeeded, successfully provoked the anger of Mo Ye, not bad, worthy of praise.” Mo Nian weighed the sealed flame ball in his hand, He said with a sneer.


“What’s the name of the person who sent the letter?” Long Chen looked at Yutong.


“He called himself Cao Yuyang and said nothing else.” Yutong said.


“What is that?” Mo Nian couldn’t help frowning.


At this moment, a voice came: “That Cao Yuyang is the youngest son of Cao Guofeng. He has a good talent since he was a child. He was sent to the Brahma Pill Valley through management, but because of his talent, the fire of his life has no life. Qi, unable to make alchemy, was thrown back.”


“Big Brother Wujiang”


Long Chen and Mo Nian looked at the sound, and it turned out to be Xing Wujiang. At this time, Xing Wujiang was full of energy and full of energy. Maybe it was a happy event, giving people a feeling of radiance and temperament. , is completely different from before.


“Since it’s a return, he dares to challenge us? Where did he get so much courage?” Mo Nian was a little puzzled. After all, Cao Shaoqing was just killed by Long Chen, and Cao Guofeng planned to pay for his son as well?


Xing Wujiang said with a smile: “After this Cao Yuyang was returned by Brahma Pill Valley, Cao Guofeng continued to beg his grandfather to tell his grandmother, and through some means, sent Cao Yuyang to the Fire Temple.


I have to say that Cao Guofeng still has some means, but Cao Yuyang is also very good, and took root in the Fire Temple.


Although it didn’t make a name for it, after all, being able to stay in the Fire God Temple is not a general generation. I have seen that kid before.


Although I don’t know how strong he is now, but with his talent, he can’t compare with you. The reason why he came to challenge him must be someone who supported him. “


“The Temple of Fire?”


Long Chen and Mo Nian thought of the name at the same time.


Xing Wujiang said: “It should be, this time Tianmu Mountain opens, and the Fire God Temple also has disciples to participate, but what level, I am too busy to ask.


However, with the resentment of the Cao family towards you, they will definitely spare no effort to fan the flames, and want to use Cao Yuyang to thread the needle and let you face the arrogance of the Fire Temple directly.


Obviously, the Cao family hates you to the bone, and even some can’t wait for Jiang Yizhou and others to take action, and want you to die directly in Tianmu Mountain. “


After Xing Wujiang said this, Long Chen suddenly realized, but the Cao family’s method seems to be a bit funny. He already has a mortal feud with the Fire God Temple and Brahma Pill Valley, and he still needs him to provoke?


“Brother Wujiang, you came here at this time, is there something to take care of us?” Mo Nian asked.


“I came here to tell you that according to secret information, Tianmu Mountain has opened this time, and Tianjiao at the level of the Son of Destiny has come.


But it’s unclear which faction and race it came from. I’m afraid you will suffer, so I will tell you in advance.


In addition, there are so many arrogances in the Demon City. I think you two can go out for a walk. Big Brother has nothing to help you, but in the Demon City, after all, we have the final say, you are right! “Xing Wujiang laughed.


Long Chen and Mo Nian laughed immediately. Xing Wujiang knew that Long Chen and Mo Nian had been staying in the Yuling Clan. On the one hand, it was for retreat, and another important reason was that they did not want to cause trouble to Xing Wujiang.


After all, this is Demon Demon City, and Xing Wujiang is the city owner. If something happens in Demon Demon City, they are afraid that Xing Wujiang’s face will not look good.


Xing Wujiang has been “busy” to death recently, and he has never cared about the two of them. He feels very guilty in his heart. Now all the arrogance of every day are gathered in the Demon City, and all kinds of opportunities and resources will follow.


This is a big opportunity for anyone in the Demon City. Xing Wujiang doesn’t want Long Chen and the two of them, because he missed the opportunity, so come and say hello.


After all, as the city lord, if he can’t let the two brothers be free on his own one-third of an acre, then he is too useless as a city lord.


“Hey, I’m relieved to hear what you said, eldest brother. I’m just planning to buy something.” Mo Nian smiled.


“Okay, then you should be busy first, mention my name if something happens, and don’t dare to say anything else. Before you tear your face with Fang Tianyin, as long as I am here, you can walk sideways in the city.” Xing Wujiang He patted his chest.


If it was before, Xing Wujiang would never have said such arrogant words. After all, at that age, it is difficult for young people to be arrogant and domineering.


But with Long Chen and Mo Nian, he seems to have returned to his boyhood, and the feeling that everything is in control is back.


After Xing Wujiang left, Long Chen and Mo Nian tidied up a little and said hello to the patriarch Yuluo, but the patriarch Yuluo was still a little Because the current city of demons is mixed with dragons and snakes, The four major city guards have their own ghosts. Although there is a guarantee of punishment without borders, Yuluo still feels that it is not safe enough.


The Yuling Clan agrees with Long Chen and can go through fire and water for him, but in fact the Yuling Clan never trusts anyone easily. Long Chen took a lot of effort to convince Yuluo not to let her follow, nor let her follow him. Accompanied by the four elders.


However, Yuluo still asked Long Chen to bring sisters Yutong and Yufei, because in case of any danger, Yuluo will determine their location as soon as possible.


Of course, Long Chen would not refuse this proposal from the patriarch Yuluo. The two sisters Yutong and Yufei are well-behaved and sensible, and they are the same age.


The four walked out of the Feather Spirit Clan together. When they just walked out of the door of the Feather Spirit Clan, Long Chen felt dozens of spiritual thoughts and swept them unscrupulously.


“Shit, it’s time to teach them a lesson.”


Mo Nian’s face sank, these guys are as annoying as flies, and his fire can’t be suppressed.


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