Mysterious Noble Beasts: Remarks at the end of this book

Published:, the fastest update to the latest chapters of Unscientific Beast Control!

Happy New Year everyone!

Then, finish scattering flowers!

Finally finished the book, I feel relieved and can take a good rest. Calculating carefully, from writing the first book to now, the transition has been almost seamless, without much rest.

I started the second book before I finished the first one. I was hospitalized just after I finished the second one. I started the Beast Control immediately after I was discharged. Until now, I am mentally exhausted and weak. So, next I want to Take half a year off!

After five years, there are a lot of occupational diseases, and it’s time to take good care of them.

In the best years of my life, I devoted myself to writing novels. I missed a lot of things and experienced several turning points in my life. It’s time to look back. Of course, I have no regrets.

Returning to Beast Control, the results of Beast Control are obvious to all. When anti-theft was not turned on at the starting point, the average subscription had already exceeded 50,000. The highest result of Beast Control has doubled several times. Now, it is 80,000. Duojunding has definitely broken many people’s original understanding of the achievements of Yuju-ryu. Is this still a niche subject? It’s a pity that the word count of half of the books has not kept up with the good policy, otherwise I might have the opportunity to join the 100,000 average subscription club. Next, let it rise slowly after it is finished. Thanks to Shiyu, Eleven, and Gemmao for their company, everyone can rest now.

Of course, after reading this review, I think everyone will be more concerned about the release time and subject matter of the next book. As mentioned above, the first step is to take a break for half a year. If nothing unexpected happens, the book will definitely be released in the second half of the year. of!

As for the subject matter, I remember once sharing my creative ideas with you. First of all, it is still the beast-control style, but in order to distinguish it from the unscientific style, I will add some elements from other categories and combine them, and also to make my writing a little fresh. feel.

For example, beast control + fairy knight.

Beast control + unlimited streaming.

Beast control + online games.

Beast control + the fourth natural disaster.

Royal beast + Western fantasy.

Beast control + supernatural powers, etc.

Or, maybe some new trends will emerge in the next six months, let’s see then! You can also vote on which category you are most looking forward to.

That’s all I have to say. After half a year’s rest, I will announce the new book. See you all for the new book. Thank you all!

On January 1, 2023, the light spring flowed.


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