Mysterious Noble Beasts Chapter 709: :The end of beast control

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Is the universe conscious?

Whether the will of the universe exists or not.

Is it instinct, or is there someone behind the scenes?

This is a topic that has never changed in ancient times, and it is something that strong men from countless eras want to understand.

But starting from today, this issue has a final conclusion for the time being.

“Wake up, wake up.”

In addition, the will of the universe can also sleep.

Obviously, Shi Yu felt someone slapping his face. Shi Yu opened his eyes slightly and found that he was resting on the lap of a sword spirit with red hair and red eyes. He felt familiar fluctuations, and Shi Yu Said: “Red pupils…

“It seems it was successful.” Shi Yu breathed a sigh of relief and gradually regained consciousness

It turns out that the will of the universe can also get tired and fall asleep. Now, he has a brand new will of the universe

“Is this the deepest place in the space of consciousness?” Shi Yu stood up with difficulty and felt his infinite power. It seemed that he could decide whether the birth and death of the universe would be restarted with a single thought.

This feeling made Shi Yu very excited, but what excited him the most was that he actually pulled Chi Tong back

“Chitong, how do you feel? Are you okay?

“Come, let me see.”

“Don’t be in a daze.” Chitong urged Shi Yu: “The most important thing is not done yet, don’t forget to repair the universe

Chi Tong was tired, and it was indeed the right thing to follow Shi Yu, otherwise this guy would be careless.

“Yes. Repair the universe.” Shi Yu was suddenly startled, suddenly thinking that the God of Destruction had also cursed the parallel universe next door.

After becoming the will of the universe, Shi Yu realized that the universe really had no consciousness.

Those resistances can only be said to be a rule instinct.

There is only this kind of instinctive universe, which can only be updated as quickly as @82中文网 in a short period of time! The crudest way, like restarting, is to combat some scars. As the timeline lengthens, some specific races may be born to save themselves, but this will take too long

But now, after he becomes the Lord of the Universe, he can use softer and more subtle ways to change some situations.

“Come together.” Shi Yu invited Chi Tong and said, “After all this is done, we will go back quietly and give Eleven and the others a surprise.

“It should be, it’s been a long time, right?” “Okay~~”

Milky Way.

After a long absence, a young man wearing a panda suit and a small sword pendant hanging around his neck appeared here. He had a strange expression as soon as he appeared in the starry sky.

Somewhere, I felt a familiar voice calling me.

“Shi Yu save me——_”

The source of this sound was very far away, spanning countless time and space, but Shi Yu immediately recognized the owner of the sound.

He coughed dryly, crossed over, and arrived outside the ruins of a certain era. He glanced across time and space and looked inside


I saw a gray-faced big cat trapped in the ruins, unable to get out. Inside the ruins.

Gem Cat is such a hateful person. Why is she so bored that she comes to explore the ruins by herself? At this time, she is crying every day and the earth is not working. She probably can only wait until the baby ginseng and the others find out that she is missing, and then come Save yourself.

It can be said that Gem Cat has made a wish for every person he can think of who can save him.

“Everyone is good, come on, it’s been 100 years!” Gem Cat was about to cry. No one has noticed her for 100 years. It’s damning.

“Teacher Ying, what do you think, you came to a place like this alone.” When Shi Yu was in the outside world, he first smiled, then casually destroyed the ruins, allowing the gem cat to come into contact with the outside world.

At the same time.

Feeling that the ruins were collapsing and gradually becoming aware of the outside world, the gem cat was stunned, its eyes full of surprise.

“This voice, Shi Yu??”

She was extremely excited and incredible, saying: “Is it Shi Yu?

“It’s me.” Shi Yu slowly descended in front of the gem cat and said, “Why didn’t you call Eleven and the others to explore the ruins together?

“Wait a minute, you actually…that is to say, you have become the sustainer of the universe?!!!” The gem cat was shocked, happy and mixed with various emotions. Unexpectedly, after making a wish for a long time, it made a wish to the most unlikely person.

“Chew Mi!!” When he saw the gem cat teacher, his red eyes also transformed into a bird, landing on Shi Yu’s shoulder, looking at her with joy.

“Red Eyes!!!——” The gem cat girl cried, as if she saw her relatives.

“Wow, you guys have been gone for a long time…

Shi Yu sighed slightly, it’s been a long time, if he hadn’t @82中文网 the fastest update! The perception was wrong. It took him and Chitong a total of 100,000 years. In other words, he and the gem cat teacher had not seen each other for 100,000 years.

Fortunately, Teacher Gem Cat is strong enough. Well, although she is still at the peak of Super God and not at the cosmic level, 100,000 years is nothing to her.

I fell asleep

“We just came back after success.” Shi Yu said: “Well, I sensed your wish right away

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”” Gem Cat said: “I miss you so much.”

“In other words, you haven’t gone to see Eleven and the others yet.

“Yes.” Shi Yu said: “I wanted to surprise them one by one. I came out secretly and didn’t call them. What’s the matter with you.”

“I didn’t expect that I am so strong and there are still ruins that can trap me.” Gem Cat said with tears in his eyes: “I just want to break through to the universe level, is it so difficult…

After one hundred thousand years, some of Gem Cat’s ideas gradually changed. She was bored and finally wanted to reach the cosmic level. Her goal was naturally to achieve a breakthrough through evolution through gem-like cosmic treasures.

So, exploring the ruins of the era became her main direction.

The exploration of some ruins before was indeed relatively smooth, but this one is just pure bad luck

“By the way, do you know that the pattern of the universe has changed a lot now?” Gem Cat changed the subject, not wanting Shi Yu to delve deeper into the matter of her being trapped.

“I have thought about it, but I haven’t understood it specifically yet. It should be caused by the universe erasing the memory of me and Eleven and others in the world.” Shi Yu said.

“Yeah,” said the gem cat, “Except for us, no one will remember you after 100,000 years.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Shi Yu smiled slightly.

“Let’s talk?” Shi Yu originally wanted to use his cosmic willpower to check the history of the universe and see the experiences of his pet beasts and acquaintances.

However, now that he met Mr. Gem Cat, he felt that maybe it would be more humane to understand the changes through chatting.

It’s better to use the power of the universe’s will less often. Shi Zi doesn’t know why, but he has this feeling in the dark. He hopes it won’t be so fragrant.

The changes in 100,000 years are not insignificant

But it is a pity that in the past 100,000 years, apart from Shen Baobao and Chi Tong, there are no other pet beasts that have been promoted to the cosmic level in Shi Yu’s team.

On the contrary, Chongchong and the Queen have broken through to the realm of Universe 2.

At this time, except for some old antiques, most people have forgotten what the contaminated land was like, and only remember the new region of the Milky Way.

Of course, 100,000 years have passed, and the Milky Way now has many new myths and legends. In the words of Gem Cat, they were all created by Shi Yu’s pet beast

100,000 years ago, Eleven challenged the universe overlord Seibos alone and won. People forgot about Shi Yu, but remembered the new [Universe Overlord] named Eleven. It defeated the once invincible Sai Bos. Persia is the strongest in the universe.

Nowadays, under the leadership of Eleven, the Iron-Eating Beast Clan has become a famous fighting nation. They conquer the universe to mine resources and then send them back to the Milky Way. They have replaced the original Saipos Army and become a new force. The invincible army of the universe.

Under his command, he also gathered super powerful men such as Quasi-Beast King Bu Lu and Lin Xiuzhu.

Chongchong has built a super dream universe network that connects the Milky Way, the Cosmic Sea, the Overlord Territory, the Zerg Brood, and the Behemoth Empire, linking the entire universe together.

Beings who log in to the Dream Universe Network can freely use the Dream Universe Network to communicate, entertain, and experience novel things, and the price is only to have a certain amount of physical strength drained.

Today, the Cosmic Dream Network has long become the most popular special secret realm in the universe, and the Creation Dream Butterfly is also known as the “Lord of Dreams”.

Baby Ginseng sits alone on the Little Purple Star. Today, the Little Purple Star is the second largest star in the Milky Way. It still does not breed new life here, but it welcomes foreign tonic races to settle in.

This is a holy land where countless tonic races come to “worship the emperor”. 100,000 years after the ginseng baby changed the fate of the tonic races, the universe has given birth to many tonic races of epoch gods that can defeat the super gods and become the dominator in the starry sky.

And [Emperor Shentian] has always been the beacon guiding them forward.

In comparison, Susu had worked hard for 100,000 years. She temporarily gave up her duty of purification and just continued to awaken some people’s memories.

For 100,000 years, the universe has not stopped erasing Shi Yu. Even if someone recovers his memory, he may still be erased a second time.

Susu is like a recorder of history, helping some people to remember Shi Yu.

However, although most people still forget Shi Yu, even if the history has been changed, people have not forgotten that the Dark King was killed by a purifying star spirit and star sea spirit named Su Su. Many people They all vaguely remember that there is such a supreme purifying life in the universe

What Rin does is the most difficult thing. It has been updated the fastest on @82中文网! Assist other pet beasts, or help one team of pet beasts better accomplish their goals, or help the second team of pet beasts break through to the universe level.

Of course, maybe Shi Yu didn’t perceive it clearly, but it was indeed Lin who commanded every pet beast after Mu and nourished Shi Yu for 100,000 years. At the same time, every moment , all conveying some information through changes in nourishing power.

Shi Yu’s final success in contracting the universe was completely inseparable from Lin’s silent guidance.

At the same time, as the only cosmic mechanical master in the universe who maintains the “Cosmic Dream Network” together with Chong Chong, Rin also monopolizes almost all technological products surrounding the Cosmic Dream Network, and at the same time serves as the largest battleship supplier for the Iron Eater Fleet. Shang, the whole universe knows that a certain mechanical master is also extremely rich and is an indispensable partner of [Universe Overlord Eleven] and [Lord of Dreams].

Few people know that these powerful, terrifying, and indescribable supreme creatures are actually one person’s pet beasts.

Of course, in terms of notoriety, it is Xiaoji and Yaya. These two guys have never stopped fighting for a hundred thousand years.

One side is expanding the continent in the Milky Way, and the other is leading some obedient abyss tribes in the Milky Way to expand the star sea.

Even strong men who do not live in the Milky Way know that there are two super ferocious beasts here. They fight whenever they disagree, causing the star field to shake at every turn. Their combat power can be called a quasi-cosmic throne

Even the supreme sacred beast of peace in the galaxy, a certain turtle god, snake god, and cat god, faced with the war between them, can only retreat and go to maintain peace in other places, not daring to care about them.

Unlike other pet beasts, the Queen’s purpose was very clear from the beginning to break through Universe 2 and feed back more power to Shi Yu. She did it. The Queen has always been a ruthless person and doesn’t talk much. Since her awakening He lost his past life memories and has been silently supporting Shi Yu.

“Where’s Qi?” Shi Yu and Teacher Gem Cat kept chatting for a long time, but they didn’t hear what Teacher Gem Cat said about Qi

“That pink-haired lolita.” Gem Cat said: “I hurt myself from taking drugs.” –

“For 100,000 years, I spent almost half of my time sleeping.

Shi Yu:???

“It seems that the Queen can refine a kind of elixir that can temporarily allow the time elves to reach the cosmic level.

“In order to continue to give you feedback based on the cosmic level, Qi takes drugs from time to time. Now she is almost producing antibodies. I doubt whether you can strengthen her to the cosmic level.”

“Wait a minute, you didn’t feel her feedback.

“I feel it, I feel it.” Shi Yu said: “This guy is so cruel, isn’t that pill delicious?

This elixir seems to have been developed by Senior Yue Rabbit

Hearing that every pet beast was fine, Shi Yu breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and said, “Not bad.

I’m looking forward to meeting them. ”

“We’ve been chatting for so long, let’s go. They probably all want you to death. Although they are all emperors of the universe, given their condition, it’s possible for them to secretly wipe their tears in the middle of the night, huh.” Gem Cat said. .

“Yes.” Shi Yu nodded.

“By the way, in addition to pet beasts, don’t forget some people.” Gem Cat said: “It’s been so long, but there are also some people who have been waiting for you to come out successfully.”,

Shi Yu was slightly startled and nodded.

The next moment, he looked up at the starry sky.

At the same time.

On the battleship of the Overlord of the Universe, a childlike child still maintained his childish attitude. The red panda with closed eyes sitting on the throne of the Overlord suddenly opened his eyes. Few people knew that the Overlord of the Universe, who was invincible to the universe, actually It’s this form. 1

On November 1, I saw the fastest update of @82中文网 in front of me! The figure’s black eyes were startled for a moment, and the next moment, they were filled with tears 3


In the cosmic dream network, the creation dream butterfly and insect are created.

On the little purple star, the ginseng baby sits cross-legged on the earth

In the Milky Way and the sea of ​​stars, you can rest peacefully.

The city of machines, the shadow of the ship girl who dominates mechanical civilization

The Queen, Xiaoji, Yaya… In front of each of Shi Yu’s contracted beasts, the figures of Shi Yu and Chi Tong appeared at the same time or at different times.

One by one, when they saw the figures of Shi Yu and Chi Tong, they were all shocked and delighted, with countless emotions brewing in their eyes.

“Everyone, I’m back.”

“I’m finally back. I’m exhausted… and thank you for your hard work.

“Next, do you want to start a new journey? I have already thought about the content.” Shi Yu looked at them with a smile.

“!!!” The pet beasts cheered loudly, of course!!!

Some pet beasts are born weak and unwilling to be ordinary.

Some pet beasts are of weak race and have big dreams.

Some pet beasts break their cognition and resist fate

Some pet animals serve to protect life and protect death.

Some pets are pure and flawless, but they change because of themselves.

Some pet beasts, dedicated silently, should be the soul of the group…

No matter in the past life or in this life, Shi Yu has always been a beast master, and Shi Yu also likes this profession very much.

So, if the era restrictions are broken and the other 10 eras are allowed to reappear in parallel time and space, Shi Yu has a new dream.

It is to let the beast control system flourish in every era, and hope that more people can find their own bond.

As the sustainer of the universe,

Open up a new era of beast control in the universe!

Complete the book.


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