Mysterious Noble Beasts Chapter 708: : maintainer

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Everything about Shi Yu was wiped out in the universe.

Except for a specific group of people, everyone has forgotten the King of Gods who rose like a comet and became the most powerful terrifying existence in the universe at an incredible speed.

However, the vast universe never lacks strong people.

When Shi Yu disappears, a new supreme being will naturally regain his position as the overlord of the universe.

There will naturally be new beings who will attain the cosmic level, be ranked supreme, and become famous throughout the world

Countless years after Shi Yu began to contract the universe, the pattern of the universe has undergone great changes.

This area of ​​the Milky Way has become a paradise for the tonic race.

It has become a holy land coveted by countless tonic races.

There is no other reason, just because there is a peerless strong man who has never risen from humble beginnings and achieved the cosmic level by participating in the baby race, and he breaks through the cosmic level here.

Ginseng Baobao has been blessed by nature and single-handedly changed the fate of the tonic races in the universe, allowing some races with no fighting ability to have the fastest update on @82中文网! A chance to become stronger through practice and protect yourself.

Countless tonic races call him the Santian Emperor and consider him to be the greatest existence.

Of course, there are countless races who want to tear off the skin of the baby ginseng. After all, although it is not easy for the tonic race to practice the “Emperor Sutra”, it has also changed some race relations and left many races hungry.

However, the ginseng baby standing on the little purple star looked at the sun and moon and didn’t care about this.

Not many people know that this Emperor Shentian is actually the pet beast of a forgotten person. Everything it does is to help that person contract the universe as soon as possible.

“It’s been 200 years…”

Shen Baobao put down his doctor’s hat and felt that he was too stupid. Although he successfully passed the “Heart of the Emperor of Heaven” and attained the cosmic level, it took him a full two hundred years.

Two hundred years may be a little too long for it and Shi Yu.

But fortunately, I succeeded in breaking through in the end, and lived up to everyone’s expectations. I have gathered the power of the immortal medicine in the universe, and continuously delivered nourishing power to Shi Yu.

Day after day, year after year

Shi Yu only knew that the pet beasts were working hard, and he could clearly feel the power that each pet beast conveyed to him.

Especially the ginseng baby… It should have broken through the universe level.

Shi Yu became more and more awake. In the chaos, he felt that he had had a long dream, as if he was watching the flowers in the form of a dream, re-experienced the memories of his previous life.

Shi Yu felt that this should also be a resistance to the will of the universe. The other party wanted to sink him into the memory of his past life and forget about this life.

But it didn’t know that Shi Yu had developed good resistance when he made the contract with the Queen, and the power of Chong Chong also made Shi Yu extremely sensitive to dreams.

It failed again.

“Whatever methods are available, just use them.” Shi Yu said, but what was waiting for him was eternal darkness. It seemed that there was no need for any new methods at all.

As long as Shi Yu is trapped in this eternal darkness, so that Shi Yu cannot perfectly integrate, that will be enough

Shi Yu froze on the spot, then pondered for a long time, and said: “My use of the power of time and space is not up to par, and my understanding is not adequate.

“The key to contract and fusion of the universe lies in time and space.

“I forgot some crucial step, and the will of the universe is interfering with my memory.

Shi Yu indeed feels that the Contract Universe is still missing a step.

He did remember it, but at this moment, no matter what, he couldn’t remember it

It was as if his thoughts were imprisoned, preventing Shi Yu from thinking in that direction.

“Chitong, do you remember?


“Don’t you remember either?

Shi Yu fell into deep thought, but unfortunately all contact with the outside world was cut off. Apart from feeling the nourishing power of the pet beasts, he could no longer receive any information from the outside world.


The power of nourishment!

Shi Yu was stunned, and suddenly patiently sensed the continuous nourishing power, trying to gain some information from it

The nourishing power of different scales is transmitted one after another, as if forming a string of codes and constructing messages!

This is the “password” that Rin forced Shi Yu to learn.

This kind of code will not be detected or targeted by the will of the universe, but it can form a vital message.

“Plain, row, time, space…”

His brain felt a twinge of pain, and Shi Yu suddenly froze and figured out something.

“Universe, oh universe, you have already spent a lot of effort to block the memories of Chitong and I. You can’t block the memories of every @82中文网 fastest update! The memories of the universe-level pet beasts , let alone completely interfere with all our memories!”

“Your obstruction will eventually have loopholes.

I remembered, you really made me forget the most critical step in the contract universe. ”

“Not only must the space consciousness of the beast be forcibly integrated with this universe, but it must also continue to expand and integrate all the parallel universes in the 11th century! Only in this way can we perfectly integrate with the time and space of the universe and completely become the master of the universe!

Shi Yu laughed. It’s easy to say that he realized this. If he wants to further expand and integrate all parallel universes, the first and most important thing is the attainment of time and space…

Shi Yu is still very confident in his knowledge of time and space. After all, he can even travel through the special universe on Shiyu’s side…


Shi Yu expanded with a thought, but at the same time, he also ushered in the most violent resistance in the universe. Different from the previous mental interference, this time, it completely turned into a time and space shock!!!

The will of the universe is like a struggling prey, resisting Shi Yu’s hunting.

The manifestation is strong space-time oscillations, substantial space-time shock waves, each one comparable to a cosmic-level attack, bombarding Shi Yu.


During the fusion process, Shi Yu vomited a mouthful of blood. It felt like the most brutal and straightforward resistance of the universe this time, and it had a greater impact on him.

If the universe could stay like this, it would definitely interfere with his contract. However, just once, Shi Yu felt that the damage and impact of the universe’s shock were much lighter.

In its place, there was a floating spiritual sword in the beast-controlling space, with traces of cracks gradually appearing.

Chitong activated a magical skill similar to that of a scapegoat.

“I will resist and make a contract as soon as possible.” Chitong said firmly. Shi Yu also knew that this was the best way at this time. Let Chitong share the pressure with him. Chitong, who had been strengthened to the cosmic level by himself, resisted This level of space-time oscillation can still last for a long time.

As long as you do it as soon as possible…

“Leave it to you.” Shi Yu nodded, and then devoted himself to the contract universe.

Time… passes slowly.

Shi Yu is speeding up the expansion of his consciousness as much as possible. At this time, his consciousness has been extended back to the parallel time and space where Shi Yu is.

As Shi Yu’s consciousness spreads, Shi Yu can also feel that the universe’s resistance is becoming more and more intense. If it had been before, Shi Yu would never have contracted a “life” that resisted so fiercely. But this time, Shi Yu really had no choice.

Perhaps the ultimate goal for a beastmaster is to experience contracts under all different circumstances. “It’s almost here, right away.”

Shi Yu became more and more excited, because he felt that his consciousness was gradually integrating with the entire universe and space. “Child, do you feel it?”

Shi Yu happily shared with Chitong that @82中文网 has the fastest update! The situation, but very quickly, Shi Yu was extremely sluggish.

It was discovered that the small sword in the beast-controlling space had been completely shattered at some point, and had lost all signs of life. Only the last ray of spiritual power was left, lingering around Shi Yu, blocking his attacks…

The red boy completely disappeared…


The next moment, Shi Yu’s eyes revealed an incomparable determination, and he said: “I can become the sustainer of the universe soon. When the time comes, I will resurrect you.”

Time flies, the universe’s resistance continues, and so does Shi Yu’s contract.

Chitong fought for the most precious period of time for Shi Yu. Shi Yu didn’t know how long this period of time was, but he now vaguely sensed that Chitong should have completed a cosmic-level breakthrough during this period of time.

Unfortunately, as a beast master, I was disturbed by the will of the universe and failed to notice Chidou’s condition throughout the process

The red boy is not dead!

In Shi Yu’s view, as long as he becomes the master of the universe, there is no “death” in his eyes. You can also resurrect the red child

“If you continue to struggle, when my contract is completed, I will completely erase your consciousness. No matter what the cost, you know I can do it.” Shi Yu threatened.


The terrifying power erupted from Shi Yu. At this moment, although the universe was still trembling, there seemed to be a trace of fear in the resistance.

The vastness of the beast-controlling space-time and the infinitely vast space-time of the universe, at this moment, intertwined with the power of time and space, suddenly come together for the final stroke.

A new maintainer of the universe is born.


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