My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! Chapter 1314: Apologizing is useful, so why should we follow the rules?


“Someone, go and clean her wounds first. We’ll go to gathering place No. 4 right away. Really, you’re here even if you want to die. Why don’t you let me clean it up tonight?” He clapped his hands and picked up the things on the ground. Jacket, Liehu ordered in a deep voice while suppressing his breath.

Only three points of health are completely insufficient to afford a burst of strength of more than ten points.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a strenuous activity with someone, and my physical strength has indeed declined horribly.

In fact, boxing is afraid of young people, as long as there is not a huge gap in physical fitness between the two.

Tal takes advantage of the weapon and only needs to persist for a few more rounds, and maybe the Hunting Tiger will soon show its flaws.

But unfortunately, except for Sumo, no third person knows this secret.

In the eyes of others, Yehu suppressed Tal almost the whole time, as if an adult was teaching a child a lesson, and he controlled the latter.

“Master Yehu, we can’t wait until night. Going to gathering place No. 4 now to kill the managers there might cause chaos?” After Xiao Yang translated, Liu Zhi was a little surprised.

“People have guessed what you were thinking. They sent someone to inquire about the news. If he hasn’t gone back after a few hours, do you think he is a fool and can’t guess what happened?” Liehu sneered.

Originally, he planned to wait until night to deal with Singer and let Liu Zhi handle it by himself, whether it was to intimidate other deputy lords or to achieve his own political goals.

After he has investigated the territory clearly, he will lead people to carry out real operations.

But now Yehu has changed his mind.

Singer took the initiative to send two of his henchmen to kill him. This was undoubtedly an excellent opportunity. As long as Singh can be killed within this time difference, gathering place No. 4 will surely fall into chaos.

After he has investigated the territory clearly, he will lead people to carry out real operations.

But now Yehu has changed his mind.

Singer took the initiative to send two of his generals to kill him. He would never have thought that Liu Zhi would come back with such decisive revenge.

With this time difference, as long as Singh can be killed, Gathering Area No. 4 will immediately fall into chaos.

Wait until night, as long as Ji Wuming comes forward to take charge of the overall situation at gathering place No. 4.

There just happened to be a precious space gap, so I simply went back to Ji Wuming’s No. 1 gathering place and caused some damage, causing the entire territory to become chaotic.

In chaos, when a person’s energy is stretched, flaws will naturally appear.

“Kill Singer and go to gathering place No. 1 to cause havoc at night?” Liu Zhi was startled by Yehu’s bold idea, and instinctively wanted him to keep a low profile first.

But after thinking about it, there is actually nothing wrong with doing this.

As long as his target is the leader of the Red Flower Gang, he will face Ji Wuming sooner or later.

Now give him some trouble as early as possible, and then look for opportunities to break through…

“Lord Yehu, I don’t need to trouble you to deal with Singh’s matter. He is the only one left. I can easily handle it with my help.”

“Can you do it?” Liehu glanced at Langley on the ground, knowing that he planned to start with her.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have no problem dealing with a rotten drunkard!” Liu Zhi patted his chest and didn’t want to rely on mercenaries to do everything.

After all, until the end of this civil strife, the mercenary will definitely leave the Red Flower Gang, regardless of whether he becomes the winner or not.

If he really becomes a lord by then, but has no reliable people under his command, and can only pretend to be powerful in the Tianyuan territory, he will definitely encounter no less trouble than he does now.

Furthermore, people like Yehu are also very conspicuous. They can stay in the warehouse during the day and try not to be discovered by too many people.

“Take this woman and let’s take a small road to gathering place No. 4.” Liu Zhi left the warehouse, immediately called a few confidants and ran away.

The distance between the two gathering places is about ten kilometers.

Although the road has been stepped on by people and is flat and open, it is also crowded with people and news spreads quickly, which can easily expose their whereabouts and purpose.

In contrast, the path that cuts directly across the farmland is much more hidden.

This is lunch time and there are few people around, which can greatly reduce the risk of being discovered.

Although the path is rugged and the traveling speed may be slightly slower, the advantage is that it is safe and can catch Singer off guard.

Soon, when a smell that was even more stench than that of Gathering No. 2 began to appear on the tip of his nose, the group of tents in Gathering No. 4 slowly appeared in front of Liu Zhi.

There are about 40,000 people living here, but there are only about 2,000 tents. It is common for more than ten or twenty people to squeeze into a tent of 7 to 8 square meters. It is a veritable refugee area.

However, the people living there don’t care. Instead, they feel very safe about it.

As long as there is no shortage of food, there will be no problem even if you live there for ten or twenty years.

For others who couldn’t stand this kind of environment and still had some basic requirements for the quality of life, they basically moved to the No. 3 gathering place, which is half adobe and half tent.

So once chaos breaks out at Gathering No. 4, it will never calm down in a short time.

“Okay, you can get out now, go back and tell Singer to come here to meet me.”

Glancing at Langley, who had lost too much blood and looked pale, Liu Zhi sneered and ordered someone to untie the rope.

After being freed, Langre’s body was shaking slightly due to blood loss, but she tried to stand firm, gritted her teeth, and staggered towards the tent group with full of anger and unwillingness.

If she hadn’t seen the hunting tiger kill Taal with such devastation, she might still have thoughts of revenge.

But now, she has made up her mind to run away as soon as she sees the two of them.

Liu Zhi introduced the group of weirdos, and his plot was definitely not simple revenge, but the position of lord.

As long as he cannot be prevented from becoming a lord, he will definitely be liquidated a second time afterwards!

It’s a pity that this idea only lingered in her mind for a few seconds.


A crisp gunshot sounded in the wilderness, and the bullet stably passed through Langley’s chest.

“Damn it, you really dare to go away when I ask you to go away. With such a brain, you still dare to say that you are engaged in assassination, intelligence, and attacking the streets!” Liu Zhi blew the muzzle of the gun, put his right eye at the aiming position, and pointed Langley, who was twitching on the ground, was shot again.

The shot was accurate and opened a fist-sized **** hole in the neck.

“Liu…Brother Liu, how did you kill her…kill her?” The boy next to him looked confused.

“Otherwise, are you still going to ask her to go back to bring reinforcements and report the news?” Liu Zhi looked into the distance and saw that many Nile people who heard the gunshots had already rushed out.

Although Langrei has not been found yet, it will definitely be a matter of time to follow the direction of the sound.

“Let’s go, do you want to make a bet?”


“I bet Singer will run away from the alley as soon as he receives the news.” Liu Zhi reached out and slapped the boy next to him on the back of his head, feeling a little resentful that iron could not turn into steel.

“Is it possible that you really plan to go into this cesspool and kill Singer?”

The boys looked at each other in a daze, and the one who was slapped looked aggrieved.

“Let’s go, people are coming, let’s squat over there.”

While the crowd was attracted by the sound of gunfire, several people calmly moved their positions and came to the path outside gathering place No. 4.

After a while, Langley’s death really caused a sensation. I don’t know what the person who found the body shouted, and hundreds or even thousands of people rushed out of the tent.

This is the territory of the Nile people!

Although they are not top-notch in terms of combat effectiveness, in terms of unity…

Well, unity is not high on the list either.

Only when watching the fun, the Nile people ran faster than the Chinese aunt.

Thousands of people gathered in an instant, and the entire gathering place fell into chaos.

After waiting for more than ten minutes, the chaos did not stop, but Liu Zhi saw a figure running out of the gathering place with sharp eyes.

It’s so familiar, so hateful!

“Isn’t this coming?”

After receiving the news, Singh didn’t even pack up the supplies, but hurriedly put on inconspicuous clothes and ran out.

Who knows how panicked he was when he heard the news that Langley died at the door of the gathering place.

Don’t Liu Zhi want to live?

Is he planning to break out and start a war to seize power directly in the gathering place?

In order to prevent being killed together and to pass on the news, Singer ran out of the gathering place along the path, planning to hide until night.

However, just a few steps after crossing the path, I saw Liu Zhi leading people up from all around.

What the **** is this a trap?

Singer suddenly felt a chill in his heart, and the hairs on his back stood up involuntarily.

“Damn it, it really is you!” Singer did not dare to put his hand to his waist to grab the gun, he could only grit his teeth and said.

He was only one person, but Liu Zhi brought six people with him.

Even if he is a sharpshooter, there is no way he can escape unscathed in this situation.

“Don’t forget, I am also the deputy lord of the Red Flower Gang. It is a bad rule for you to kill me!”

“Bad rules?”

As if he heard a joke, Liu Zhihuo laughed out loud.

“How dare you tell me the rules?”

“Why didn’t you mention the rules when you were eating the King’s meal? Why didn’t you mention the rules when you took people to rob supplies? Why did you forget the rules when Ji Wuming was treated like a dog and disgusted me?”

“If you tell me the rules now, you are seeking death!” Liu Zhi sneered repeatedly and winked at the younger brother next to him.

Almost at the same time, six people surrounded him gloomily.

“Surrender, help me find a way to kill Ji Wuming, and I can spare your life.”

“I…I surrender!”

Hearing that Liu Zhi did not intend to kill them all, all Singer’s persistence collapsed instantly.

However, when six people surrounded him like wolves and tigers, they immediately took away the pistol from his waist.

Singer was stunned for a moment and felt something was wrong.

“You lied to me…”

“You are so easy to cheat, you deserve to die faster than others!”

Liu Zhi rushed forward and kicked Singer hard in the chest. The latter fell to the ground gasping for breath.

The depression accumulated in the past few days seemed to be vented in this flying kick.

“Knowing that I have fallen in love with Tianyuan, knowing that I am no longer what I used to be, yet you still dare to listen to Ji Wuming, a street boy, and act against me…Singer, tell me, why are you so brave? ! ”

Kicking Singer one after another, Liu Zhi felt like his whole body was soaked.

Singer fell to the ground and rolled back and forth, moaning and begging for mercy.

“Wait a minute… You’re right, it’s… Ji Wuming asked me to do this. Don’t you Chinese people always say… there is an owner for every grievance and every debtor? You go… to him.” I will take you to find him, and I will help you. As long as you let me go, I can help you kill Ji Wuming, and I will make you the lord!”

“Stop fighting, stop fighting, please, please!”

Liu Zhi almost kicked him in the temple a few times, and Singer could only hold his head and roll around.

“I apologize to you, I will make amends to you, I have supplies, yes, I will give you all my supplies!”

“Are you still dreaming here?” Liu Zhi spat and stepped on Singer’s head: “Don’t insult me, I can see your rags?”

“That low-quality wine is worse than horse urine. Only a beast like you would drink it as a treasure.”

“When I kill you and Ji Wuming, I will become a lord. What will I want in the future?”

“Apologise. If the apology is useful, why should we behave accordingly?”

“Breaking the rules…I will let you have a taste of breaking the rules today!”

Liu Zhi roared angrily, and his anger seemed to burn everything around him.

Every kick he kicked was done with all his strength, as if he wanted to vent all his anger.

It wasn’t until Singer kicked him several times that his air intake was reduced and his air was released slowly, Liu Zhi stopped panting, and then reached out to his side: “Give me the knife!”

Immediately someone next to him handed over a knife. After Liu Zhi took the knife, he slashed at Singer like crazy. It was only when there was no more begging for mercy from the latter that he sat down on the ground. , throwing the short knife full of blood and minced meat aside.

“Bah! You really like to break the rules and treat others like dogs. Now you are killed by someone who breaks the rules, feel good!”

“Go and bury him before anyone finds out.”

When the group came over, they had already brought the guy with them.

Simply dig a big hole on the side of an uninhabited road, fill it with Singer’s body, and that’s it.

As long as it can be delayed for three or four days without being discovered, no one will be willing to pursue the case for a dead person afterwards.

This is a wasteland after all.

In addition to fists speaking, fists speak!

“Boss, you just…”

On the way back, the looks in the eyes of several younger brothers changed.

Liu Zhi usually behaves as a gentle and gentle man.

But the crazy look just now is too difficult for people to associate him with before!


Liu Zhi stopped and glanced at the faces of several people: “Don’t you think he deserves to die?”

“Uh… Damn it, **** it!”

“Yes, he broke the rules and bullied ordinary people. He deserves to die the most.”

“The boss did the right thing. If we don’t kill him, are we still waiting for him to kill us?”

Several younger brothers changed their words one after another, patting their chests one by one to express their support for Liu Zhi’s decision.

They all knew in their hearts that Xing Shuyuan Singh’s death was deserved, but they were surprised that Liu Zhi’s emotions were so out of control.

Liu Zhi obviously knew what they were thinking and said calmly:

“You guys have also followed me to Tianyuan. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand now. If you don’t understand in the future and you lose your life, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

“We are close to Tianyuan. This is a challenge and an opportunity.”

“Whoever dares to block our opportunities is our enemy.”

Liu Zhi’s voice gradually became louder, and his eyes became firm and cold.

“Whoever doesn’t want us to live, then we have to let him die first!”

“Now and in the future, no matter what happens, we are all on Tianyuan’s side. If anyone dares to stand in the way, I will be the first to kill him!”

“Even if **** comes, he can’t save him, that’s what I say!”


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