My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! Chapter 1270: Strange land, familiar civilization!


The blue flag flutters in the wind on the river. Its color is like the purest blue in the sky, forming a sharp contrast with the green of the river.

On the river, nearly fifty ships of various sizes were lined up neatly, forming a spectacular fleet.

The fleet cruised slowly on the Dragon Immortal River, like a giant dragon swimming on the water, domineering and majestic.

Because they have just left the factory, each ship looks very clean and tidy, and the paint on the hull sparkles in the sun, showing the fleet’s sophisticated equipment and strict discipline.

If placed in the previous Tianyuan territory, it would have been almost impossible to organize a fleet of this size in just half a month.

However, with the rapid development of light and heavy industries, many things have become within reach.

Especially when the entire territory worked together and devoted all its resources and strength, the speed of shipbuilding was jaw-dropping.

Nowadays, no less than five brand-new ships slowly sail out from the “Yuanyang Shipyard” every day and fall steadily into the river.

Perhaps in less than two months, the fully prepared fleet will be able to start its first long-distance trade journey along the river!

Of course, before that, daily necessary patrol training is still needed.

The fleet needs to accumulate enough experience before actually traveling and will prove itself in the next war.

It’s dinner time now.

In the small canteen of the central command ship, the hatch was pushed open by the observer on duty and broke in.

“Captain, there seems to be some there.”

The observer organized his words, and some didn’t know how to describe the more than twenty small sampans.

The observer who came in later helped him add: “A group of outsiders came. They probably sent people here after knowing the location of our territory.”

It’s actually easy to judge.

If you are planning to move to Tianyuan territory, you will more or less bring some luggage with you.

But on those small sampans, they only saw scattered supplies, and the rest was pitiful.

Obviously the initial plan of these guys was to travel lightly and rush to Tianyuan territory as quickly as possible.

“Send people to contact them.”

The fleet captain Cui Lu pondered, and then warned: “Be careful, don’t capsize in the gutter.”

As one of the first people to greet Soma when he returned from the ruins of the future, Cui Lu was not only a veteran of the origin camp, but also witnessed the rise and changes of the territory

However, in the past year, he has not been reused. He has only quietly served as the captain of the border guard, guarding the tranquility of the territory.

But I don’t know why, at this critical moment of forming the fleet, I got Sumo’s personal call.

Became the captain of the “Polaris”, the first central command ship in the Tianyuan Territory.

When he received the news, Cui Lu was undoubtedly terrified, but at the same time he was also pleasantly surprised.

He didn’t understand where Sumo got the news that he had retired from the navy, and he didn’t know why Sumo was so confident in using him. Even the evaluation period was only half a year.

But from the moment he became captain, he vowed to use his dazzling performance to secure this position. …. .

He will use his own life and honor to defend the lord’s vision and trust!


The two observers responded in unison and immediately took the order to leave.

The fleet took action quickly, and the six guerrilla boats sailed towards the shore like arrows.

At the same time, the other ships began to slowly adjust their formations, showing an orderly fighting posture.

First, the six frigates increased their speed slightly, like a solid shield, tightly protecting the command ship “Polaris” in the middle.

The remaining twenty-two guerrilla boats were arranged in a large column of 8-8-6, forming a sharp and powerful thrust formation, treating the more than twenty small sampans on the shore as imaginary enemies. .

This is for military training!

cruising all the way, the fleet really couldn’t find anyone who could be regarded as a target.

When Liu Zhi suddenly opened his stance and showed an attacking posture, Liu Zhi and his party, who were standing on the shore and observing, suddenly started to sweat profusely.

If it weren’t for the bright Tianyuan flag hanging on every ship, they might not be able to stand it for a few seconds before turning around and running away.

“These iron lumps look like they have just been put into the water. It is difficult to imagine how strong industrial manufacturing capabilities they have.”

Liu Zhi clicked his tongue.

But then I remembered the Hope I had seen in the disaster live broadcast a year ago, and my tumbling mood quickly calmed down.

Some unreasonable things happen to the human Su Shen, and they seem to be normal in his territory.

Most people are confused at first, but as time goes by, they can figure it out on their own.

The people on the shore did not continue to wait anxiously.

After adjusting their formation, the guerrilla boats heading for contact quickly and steadily sailed toward the shore. As the distance shortened, the light and heavy machine guns on the boats were also set up one by one, demonstrating a powerful deterrent.

Soon, the six ships stopped steadily about 20 meters away from the shore, maintaining a certain safe distance and showing enough sincerity.

Immediately afterwards, a powerful and majestic male voice came from the loudspeaker of the leading boat:

“Friends in the front, please don’t panic. We belong to the Tianyuan territory and belong to the “Polaris” fleet of the Tianyuan Army.”

“The area you are in now is our daily patrol range. In order to ensure the safety and misunderstanding of both parties, we sincerely request that you send a person in charge to communicate with us.”

Instead of taking advantage of the gap between the two parties to be aggressive, he was unexpectedly elegant and easy-going.

The moment the voice fell, Liu Zhi and the four of them were relieved, and joy could not help but flow out of their hearts.

Although during the early radio contact, people from the Tianyuan Territory Liaison Office stated that the territory would not discriminate against any force.

But without real contact, they will inevitably still have thoughts of one kind or another.

After all, the place where everyone is now is no longer a civilized modernity, but a barbaric wasteland where fists speak!

Civilization has been lost in this land.

By chance, you can still retain even a tiny bit of territory, which is the best of luck!

“Hello, Captain, Captain, I am”

Liu Zhi walked out of the crowd and hesitated for a few words, not knowing how to tell the other party his identity.

There is no way, they have a clear name for the fleet, they are purely a pheasant team. …. .

Gristing his teeth, Liu Zhi simply announced his family: “We are diplomats from the Honghua Gang, and we have contacted your territory on the radio before.”

“The Red Flower Gang?”

After receiving the key news, the central command ship quickly called the radio and contacted the territory.

Detailed information was received in about a minute.

“Are you all members of the Red Flower Gang?”

“No, we came together from four territories, including the Black Shark Gang, Shenwei Territory, and Fire Phoenix Valley.”

The names are really impressive.

Hearing Liu Zhiru’s name, as well as the approximate distance and location from Tianyuan’s territory.

When the contact staff inquired, it turned out that they had reported to the territory through the radio station a few days ago.

In this case, the alert is lifted!

The attack formation began to slowly retreat to the cruising formation, and the weapons that were set up were also withdrawn.

Under the warm invitation of the majestic male voice, Liu Zhi and the others were invited onto the guerrilla boat in a daze, and then were taken to the central command ship.

“Hey, this is so majestic.” Stepping onto the silver-white gangway of the central command ship, I felt as stable as walking on flat ground.

Recalling the embarrassing appearance of Yao Feng when his group came here, Pang Pang Yuan’s eyelids twitched and he couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air.

“Look at the workmanship, the seams, these solder joints are too exaggerated.”

Song Chunrui, who was in charge of the industry in the Shenwei Territory, also noticed the huge gap and stared at the seams of the steel plates for a while.

As soon as the expert takes action, he will know whether it is there or not. His fingers gently slide over the ridges, feeling the almost flawless workmanship.

This gap is too obvious.

For territories that have been settled in the New World, the first step to develop is agriculture and industry.

Among them, agriculture is not difficult. As long as you learn the agricultural knowledge often communicated on the World Channel, coupled with continuous practice and proficiency, you can achieve good results.

However, industrial development is a road full of thorns.

Creating something from scratch is a step that trapped nearly 70% of the territory.

It is another step from existence to perfection, and it has trapped nearly 20% of the territory.

Once you are proficient, it is another step to develop a standard. Currently, there are very few areas that can achieve this.

Song Chunrui knows very well that industrial development does not happen overnight.

Just by looking at the assembly level of this command ship, one can guess the current level of light industry in Tianyuan Territory.

It’s close to modern times, it’s probably already reached modern standards!

“Don’t think about what is available and what is not available, look at their weapons and equipment”

Wang Bi, who had been silent all this time, said secretly, leading the three people’s eyes to drift towards the patrolmen on duty on the command ship.

The attire looks like a special force, and it can be said that he is armed from head to toe to the teeth!

There is no doubt that if such a monster falls in their territory, just one person may cause chaos.

While Liu Zhi and the other four were immersed in shock, a figure that was not majestic but full of power strode from a distance.

They looked up almost at the same time, and their eyes met Cui Lu’s sharp and firm eyes.

“Thank you for your hard work coming from afar.”

Cui Lu’s voice was low and powerful, showing respect for visitors from afar and also revealing a kind of majesty that should not be underestimated. …. .

Why does this captain have no airs?

This polite tone will make them think that the land under their feet is not wasteland, but the earth.

“I am Cui Lu, Tian is the captain of this Polaris fleet!” Cui Lu introduced himself, and at the same time cast a subtle look at the guards next to him, indicating that they should not be too nervous.

After receiving this signal, the person in charge of the alert immediately took a few steps back, and the pressure in the entire atmosphere was reduced a lot.

“It turns out to be Captain Cui, nice to meet you!”

Liu Zhi and others came forward to shake hands and greet each other with sincere smiles on their faces. They could not help but feel awe and admiration for the captain in their hearts.

The wasteland will release the animal desires in human beings and magnify the dark side exponentially.

However, in Cui Lu, they saw a kind of firmness and justice that transcended animal desires and dark sides, a familiar Chinese military style of doing things!

“Let’s go, let’s sit inside and talk.”

The four of them, Liu Zhi, were led to the reception room and had a brief conversation about their way out and their purpose.

I heard that this group of people persisted on this fast river for nearly ten days relying only on a rickety sampan.

Cui Lu couldn’t help but look sideways, admiring the courage of this group of people.

Although the risks in the canal are far less terrifying than those in the sea, it is definitely risky to travel by sampan alone.

Especially for people who are not that good at water, it is a narrow escape if they really fall.

“Captain Cui, we have no choice. The main reason is that everyone wants to be the first to cooperate with Tianyuan Territory. If we arrive late, we may have to wait until the Year of the Monkey and the Horse.”

After realizing that Cui Lu was not that serious, Liu Zhi boldly made a joke.

“I wonder if you can give us a ride, we can pay for the shipping fee!”

After the words fell, the remaining three people were stunned and couldn’t help but turn their heads and look over.

What did not disappoint them was that Cui Lu did not hesitate and nodded lightly.

“That’s no problem. I see your boats are also connected together. You can take them back with you when the time comes.”

“As for the cost, it’s not necessary. It’s just a matter of course.”

A strange land.

Familiar civilization!

Cui Lu’s humility instantly won the favor of the four people, so much so that they all forgot how to thank him.

The four of them still could not come to their senses until they were sent away from the command ship by the guards and returned to the shore.

“Boss, Boss”

“Their weapons are so awesome. The guard just let me touch them.”

“Hey, hey, I also met someone from my hometown, and they said they went to the territory to treat me to dinner.”

“How is that command ship? Boss, why don’t you say anything?”

The chattering crew members gathered around, and everyone was extremely excited.

After being surrounded and arguing for a while, Liu Zhi and the four of them finally woke up from a dream and slapped their thighs.

“Fuck, why do I want to stay in this Tianyuan territory?”

“Don’t tell me, I don’t want to go back either.”

“I just don’t know if the lord will send someone to come and skin us if he knows what we are thinking.”

“Probably…no, do you think the lord will want to come over after seeing it?”

Before entering the Tianyuan territory, just this familiar atmosphere of civilization made the four of them feel baptized.

It is a sense of security that allows you to put down all pretense and any vigilance.

It’s like returning to Earth.

Yes, standing on the command ship, they felt a sense of peace of mind as they returned to Earth. Stop talking so much and let’s go. Captain Cui is willing to give us a ride. We can reach Tianyuan territory in a moment. ”


“Can we take their boat to the territory?”

“Damn, is it so good?”

The scene suddenly exploded.

More than two hundred people crowded together, dancing like crazy.

Although there is only less than 300 kilometers away from Tianyuan territory, they can reach it in one day.

But it is a rare experience for them to be able to sit on these ships that are obviously high-end goods at a glance.

Even if they have to return to the territory in the future, this experience is enough for them to brag to the sky after returning to the territory.

(End of this chapter)

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