My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! Chapter 1267: Waste Route, Starry Sky Plan!


“Mr. Kanekilov, I probably understand your appeal. Do you want to use the future of the Northern Alliance and the Northern Icefield to gamble with us on the resources we urgently need now?”

While Sumo was secretly contemplating the pros and cons of the five major sectors, the leader of the Golden Eagle, Eisley Frutos, interrupted Kanekirov’s chatter.

This time there was no famous scene where the whole world spoke Chinese dialect.

Frutus spoke in a skilled British accent and stated his point of view very quickly.

“With all due respect, if Mr. Sumo wants to use the future of Tianyuan Territory to seek urgently needed support from us, then I will be very happy to support a batch of necessary supplies in the next period of time. But your Northern Alliance”

Speaking of this, Frutus on the other side of the communicator sighed: “Do you know the difference between 30 million people and 100,000 people? Even if we really have so much material to support you, what should you use? How to transport supplies to the far northern ice fields?”

The gap between 100,000 people and 30 million people is three hundred times.

According to the current minimum standard of living recognized in the wasteland, if you want to maintain the most basic labor ability, you need to consume at least five kilograms of materials per person per month.

Multiply this number by 30 million people, and the monthly material demand reaches a terrifying 150,000 tons!

Of course, this is not a big problem on Earth. Two 100,000-ton international cargo ships can easily pull it over.

But the key point is that the place where everyone is based now is the wasteland!

Before this big river that runs through five plates appeared, Sumo had already known the information in advance, and only arranged for the research institute to set up a research task on water vehicles, without any intention of actual combat. idea.

Now if it were the other three companies who didn’t know, they wouldn’t have prepared the shipyard in advance.


Why is Carnegielov so stupid? Doesn’t he know the current situation and rashly make such an unrealistic request to degrade himself?

Gong Zhengyang, who was secretly listening to the conversation, murmured in his heart, wondering if the North had sent a “fake” lord.

However, the reality is that Carnegielov is really that stupid!

Long Anguo and Frutus may not be familiar with each other yet, but in the future ruins, Sumo had already read the information about the first leader of the Northern Alliance.

Use a close adjective to describe him, probably… ideal chicken soup pie?

If you still have to find a more appropriate character template, it must be the famous ‘Ze Sheng’.

The reason why Carnegielov was voted as the first leader by all the territories in the alliance was because of the chicken soup that came out of his mouth and some great ideals that were completely unrealistic but heart-stirring.

In the decisive election, he unabashedly declared that he would lead everyone to work together to get rid of all the difficulties faced by the Northern Alliance in just one year.

Kanekilov promised not only to fill the alliance’s warehouses with food, but also to build an armed force that would terrify any force.

Logically speaking, survivors who have been working hard in the apocalyptic wasteland for two years should never believe such an obvious picture.

But the reality is that the survivors still do this. ….

You dare to go up and say that the situation we are facing in the north is very difficult now. When I took office as the alliance leader, I did not have the confidence to lead everyone out of the predicament. I can only say that I will try my best to develop in a good direction.

I’m sorry, this kind of mediocrity please go away immediately. We don’t need this kind of waste to become the leader of the alliance.

It can only be said that even a meaningless mouthful of chicken soup has its own unique value in that special era.

The reason why many people can persist in living depends on Kasheng’s invincible chicken soup brainwashing.

Of course, Kasheng’s subsequent fate was also very miserable.

This kind of bottomless promise must have a deadline to be fulfilled.

Over and over again, as everyone discovered that Carnegielov only had words.

The Northern Alliance was briefly in chaos because of this, and almost had a fight internally over certain issues.

In the end, this ridiculous farce ended with one-fifth of the alliance’s territory being forcibly merged, and Kasheng eating a few peanuts in public and almost being beaten to pieces.

Suma thought he had changed reality. That special dark period had not come, and the Northern Alliance would choose a more pragmatic leader.

However, some things that are destined cannot be changed just because they want to.

Kanekilov still undoubtedly became the first leader of the Northern Territory and sat at the negotiating table.

“I know, I know.”

Across from the communicator, a strong man wrapped in a black and gray coat said that he had a very headache now.

I don’t know how crazy I am.

Yesterday, during his daily inspection of the alliance territory, he boasted loudly that he would definitely get a batch of urgently needed support for the northern border from those super territories.

It’s okay if not many people hear it.

The key is that there were many lords present at the time, and they were all important members of the alliance.

If he cannot complete it, these people will definitely be disappointed, and his position as the leader of the alliance will probably be questioned.

Just a question?

The four aides next to Carnekilov lowered their eyelids and sneered secretly, as if the matter had nothing to do with them.

In the eyes of ordinary people, Kasheng is the leader of the northern alliance who saves people from distress and will definitely lead everyone to take root in the wasteland.

But in the eyes of many lords and smart people like them, Carnegielov’s big-mouthed promises are just looking for death.

Now it seems that he has gained a lot of influence, but if he fails to complete it next time, he may have to die without a burial place.

As for helping Kasheng fulfill these commitments?

It’s really unnecessary and impossible. After all, if they can help fulfill these exaggerated promises, why don’t they run for the leadership of the Northern Territory?

However, just as the four of them were breathing and thinking wildly, another voice came from the other side of the communicator.

And as soon as he opened his mouth, the staff almost screamed in surprise.

“Mr. Kanekilov, I can support you with a batch of resources.”

It was Sumo who spoke.

Although in terms of scale, a territory of 100,000 people supporting a territory of 30 million people seems to be a joke.

But no one who heard this sentence at this moment doubted its authenticity. ….

The name of a person, the shadow of a tree, this is the human God Su!

If you have to question what he said, then how many people in this New World can you trust?

Under Gong Zhengyang’s secretly shocked look, Sumo leaned back on his chair and continued: “And we can provide the most urgently needed food, weapons, and light and heavy industry assembly lines in the north.”

As soon as these words came out, not only Long Anguo, who had not yet spoken on the other side of the communicator, was confused.

Even Frutus, who had just interrupted Carnegielov, was a little dumbfounded.


Are you doing this for charity?

Is the Northern Alliance, a loose organization that obviously has no big effect in the early stage, worth investing at such a high cost?

For a moment, Frutus even regretted that he had not mentioned earlier that the golden giant eagle also needed support.

“That’s great, Lord Soma, the Tianyuan Territory is really the savior of the Northern Alliance!”

Kanekilov in front of the communicator had a look of surprise on his face and stood up from his chair, the wrinkles on his rough black face squeezed together.

He doesn’t care about the number of resources he can attract, how many there are, or what specific aspects they are.


You still dislike the small quantity, which is not what you want?

This is a resource I begged from the human God Su. If you have the guts, go get one and let me have a look.

Suddenly, there was a feeling of twists and turns, and Ka Sheng was so happy that he almost smiled crookedly.

However, he did not forget the most basic exchange of interests and the way to deal with the world. After all, to become the leader of the Northern Alliance composed of more than 30 million people, chicken soup and ideals alone are not enough.

Somo gave him enough face, so he had to reciprocate the favor no matter what and give him enough face.

“Lord Su, if you need anything, just ask! Although our place is barren, as long as we can find it, we will definitely collect it for you.”


This is what I was waiting for!

From you to you, the status of the two of them has changed slightly.

Su Mo raised his eyebrows and thought that although Kasheng likes to brag, he is really talented in terms of understanding.

Prioritizing cooperation with the North was not an impromptu decision on his part.

In fact, after confirming the appearance of Changlong Xianjiang Ruyue, Sumo had already decided to identify the first important trade partner as the Northern Alliance.

Long Banner Territory is located in the western wilderness. Although there are many wild plants and mineral resource points, its own demand is large in the short term, making it difficult to export.

The golden giant eagle is in the Southern Fire Domain, with even fewer resource points, and has no trading value at all in the early stage.

Only the Northern Icefield where the North is located.

There are a lot of precious mineral resources here, and they are not difficult to mine.

Inspired by Ka Sheng’s call, it is easy to mine large quantities of minerals for trade.

At present, the most scarce thing in Tianyuan territory, whether it is industrial development or production modules, is precisely the scarce metal that cannot be found around these territories.

“Of course, we also need some resources, but I believe it is not difficult to find them in the north.”

“Antimony, iridium, europium, holmium, lutetium, cobalt”

Sumo quickly reported a dozen rare metal mines that would be difficult to find even in modern times.

Ka Sheng on the opposite side was very helpful and immediately sent his staff out to ask the person in charge. ….

In less than two minutes, the news was reported.

I only heard a beaming voice coming from the communicator: “Lord Su, we can find all the metals your territory needs in the north, and there are several types that are even stored in large quantities in the warehouse.”


Is the northern ice sheet so rich in minerals?

Sumo was secretly shocked and had an unexpected surprise.

There are countless precious minerals in the areas occupied by the Northern Territory in the future ruins. After the opening of the route, the Tianyuan Territory made a lot of money.

Now that the plate split has produced more resource points, is this wave still not allowed to take off directly?

“But. Now that we are so far apart after the tectonic plates split, has Lord Su prepared a cargo ship in advance?”

After talking with each other, they heard that the two of them had made a big deal.

Long Anguo, who had been silent all this time, finally couldn’t bear it anymore and lowered his voice to ask the doubts in his heart.

Not to mention whether the big river that appeared due to the earthquake connected several major plates and the four major forces.

According to the most optimistic estimates, the distance from the Central Holy Land to the Northern Icefield is no less than tens of thousands of kilometers.

The cargo ships are very different from the wooden ships that previously transported everyone to the New World.

The latter can have no power source and sail only by wind and wave direction, and finally reach the New World.

If the former has no power source, how can it decide the course in this big river?

You must know that even canals on Earth are strictly prohibited for unpowered ships.

The famous Suez Canal was a hot topic for several days because a cargo ship was blocked in the middle of the river. It was not until a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars that the issue was resolved.

“This. We have almost completed the development and are in the testing stage.”

Sumo pursed his lips and gave an ambiguous explanation.

Compared with the light industry that these large territories rely on manpower to build, it is indeed difficult for Tianyuan Territory to catch up.

But in terms of truly cutting-edge technology, no matter which one is up against Northern Territory, Dragon Flag, or Golden Eagle, they all have an insurmountable advantage.

The cargo ship carrying the nuclear power machine entered the river. As long as there is enough light, there is nothing wrong with calling it a nuclear-powered ship.

Let alone sailing to the north, even if it circled the entire New World several times, it would not stop.

“We. Can we purchase directly?”

Long Anguo was stunned, and suddenly asked this sentence cautiously.

Perhaps it was because of Kasheng’s recklessness that the exchange of interests that should have been carried out secretly was brought to light.

Long Qi, who originally planned to test today, couldn’t bear it anymore.

A bunch of staff sitting next to Long Anguo have already submitted the analysis data, and the best option is to ask questions directly.

Sure enough, a satisfactory answer came from the communicator.

“Of course, we not only sell complete boats, but also various accessories and technical solutions.”

Isn’t the main purpose of developing technology to gather more resources?

As long as the Neng Stone is in their hands, these forces, big and small, will not be able to copy the Neng Machine even if it is broken into parts.

And this is also an important reason why the Tianyuan territory can develop in the future ruins.

“Actually, I have such a suggestion. Can you guys listen to it?”

“Please speak!”

“Lord Su, it doesn’t matter if you say so.”

“Lord tell us.”

The three of them spoke in unison, and their conscious and humble expressions made Gong Zhengyang swallow secretly.

You must know that this is the Dragon Flag, the Golden Eagle, the top administrator of the North.

The combined number of the three forces alone has reached nine figures, not to mention the network of relationships behind them.

It can be said that the decisions made by Long Anguo, Frutus, and Kanekilov can affect at least more than 70% of the survivors in the wasteland.

But now, the three of them are willing to listen to Sumo’s suggestions. Doesn’t that mean

“This is a cooperation plan I drew up based on the current situation in the wasteland!”

“I call it.”

“Gypsophila Project!”

(End of this chapter)



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