Mutated Tao Chapter 496: Dice


“Oh, what can I do? I just need a little favor from you.”

Listening to the fat stall owner in front of him saying this, Li Huowang smiled to himself.

“You really think highly of me. If you can’t even handle things, what use can I be?”

The fat man did not immediately answer Li Huowang’s words, but hurriedly entertained the guests. After waiting for the people to leave, he walked under the stall and took out two small wooden stools, sat on one himself, and threw it to Li Huowang. one.

“Come, sit down, don’t stand and talk. You are the only one who can do this. If I can’t do it, I will be noticed by Dragon Vein.

Li Huowang looked at the fat head and asked with a hint of ridicule:

“Last time, we all completely offended Supervisor Tiansi to death, are you still not satisfied?

It seemed that Li Huowang didn’t care at this moment, but at this moment, he was already very energetic.

Just because this person is none other than the leader of Zuowangdao, Dice!

It is impossible for Li Huowang to forget the terrible things about him as he is also a member of Zuowangdao.

What he likes to do most is to deceive liars. It can even be said that he may have deceived more than half of the people in the entire Zuowangdao.

“Hey, what you said is, if we don’t rob the Supervisor Tiansi’s things, then we won’t offend them?”

Dice reached out and grabbed two leftover fried dough sticks, put them into his mouth and chewed them.

“Hongzhong, last night, the emperor of Daliang was trying to win over you, right? Oh, why are you running away from such a fun thing?”

“You go back later and agree to the emperor’s solicitation. After that, you can find a way to make him succeed in ascending the throne.”

Dice told what kind of help Li Huowang had.

It’s not surprising that Li Huowang wanted to get involved in the Daliang royal family’s fight for the throne.

But no matter what they were going to do, Li Huowang had no intention of joining.

“Boss, I’m not free now, you can find someone else to do this.”

Facing Li Huowang’s decisive refusal, Dice said with a smile: “What’s wrong? He’s not a child anymore. Stop being so angry. Don’t worry, as soon as the emperor ascends the throne, you will have nothing to do with him.”

“Hongzhong, there aren’t many of us in this palace to begin with. We were swept away some time ago, so it’s most convenient for you now. One more thing, don’t forget that you still owe me a favor. ”

In Dice’s hand, he took his oily hand and patted Li Huowang on the shoulder, “Look, right? It’s a matter of emotion and reason, so you have to do this job.”

Favor? Li Huowang didn’t remember that the favor this guy talked about was not even in Hongzhong’s memory.

“I won’t do this job, Boss Dice, you’d better find someone else.”

After Li Huowang refused again, he stood up neatly and was about to leave.

“After the last time, there are not many people left in Zuowangdao. I advise you to cultivate yourself for a while first.”

Facing the dice whose strength far exceeds his own, Li Huowang can only bet that he will not be at odds with a three yuan at this time when the opponent is being chased and intercepted by Jian Tiansi.

If you don’t want to be deceived by Zuo Wangdao, don’t follow his path from the beginning.

Li Huowang had just walked a few steps when the sound of dice suddenly came from behind him again, “Boy, are you serious about not doing this? If you really don’t want to do this, don’t blame me for not retaining the friendship of the same family!” Li Huowang turned around and looked again. He said calmly to the dice:…

“Boss Dice, what’s wrong? Do you want to be **** me?”

“What you said is right. We are not reckless soldiers. How could we be so **** our own family?”

Hearing the friendly tone of the other party, Li Huowang sneered in his heart.

“Let me tell you, just a month ago, you owed me a favor and asked us to keep something. It’s fine if you don’t do it, but don’t blame me for releasing the thing.”

“Huh?” Li Huowang frowned. He was very sure that a month ago, he had no contact with any Zuowangdao. Or maybe the dice had already started to deceive me?

“Boss Dice, it’s boring to play like this,

I’m tired from what happened last time. I want to take a good rest. You go find someone else. ”

After saying that, Li Huowang threw the cold food in his hand to the ground and walked towards the carriage.

Facing Li Huowang’s departure, Dice did not chase him, but hurriedly received the new guests.

Just as Li Huowang was driving his carriage towards the west gate of Beijing, the fat stall owner shouted loudly to the carriage in the distance: “You brat! Take your time! If you only practice truth and not practice falsehood, Beware of going crazy! ”

Although it was safe to leave Shangjing and Dice did not do anything extraordinary, Li Huowang was not naive enough to think that the matter was over.

After coming out of Shangjing, Li Huowang, Li Sui and Bai Lingmiao ran non-stop,

In order to avoid being deceived by the dice, he did not even come into contact with any living people along the way.

When you are hungry, you go up to the mountains to hunt and go down to the rivers to fish, living like a savage.

“Crackling.” The flames licked the fish skin with its scales scraped off, and roasted the arm-sized river fish stuck with bamboo skewers until they were brown.

After carefully sprinkling some fine salt, Bai Lingmiao held it in front of Li Huowang.

Li Huowang, who was guarding the surroundings, shook his head lightly,

“You eat first. I’m not hungry.

Bai Lingmiao handed the grilled fish to Li Sui’s arms, picked up another one and started grilling it again.

“Senior Brother Li, how long do we have to get to Niuxin Village?”

“We won’t go back for now, don’t bring this trouble back to the village.

“How long will we stay outside? How many years?” Bai Lingmiao asked worriedly.

“That’s not the case. Since Zuowangdao wants to get involved in Daliang and seize the throne, then as long as the new emperor ascends the throne, no matter whether Zuowangdao succeeds or not, they should not bother me anymore.”

What Li Huowang is more worried about now is what tricks the dice will play in secret. As the leader of Zuowangdao, this person is definitely not in vain.

When he finds someone, the trap behind him is basically set, and he is just waiting for others to get through.

Thinking of this, Li Huowang slowly clenched his hands unwillingly. His strength was still not enough.

If you have achieved great success in cultivation, why should you be so taboo on him?

After hurriedly eating the grilled fish, Li Huowang got into the carriage to rest, but he did not fall asleep so that he could wake up immediately if there was any disturbance.

Later in the middle of the night, Li Huowang and Bai Lingmiao, who was huddled in his arms, opened their eyes at the same time.

“Senior Brother Li, there is movement in the woods to the east.”

“Yes, I heard it too, let’s go together to see what’s going on, so as not to be transferred away from the mountain.”

As the three people continued to approach, they heard the sounds of fighting and shouting, as well as the sound of weapons clashing.

When Li Huowang saw the battle in the distance through the gaps in the trees, he immediately understood what was going on.

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