Mutated Tao Chapter 495: Boss


Chapter 495 Boss

When Li Huowang walked to the entrance of this magnificent palace, he was blocked by a tall guard who looked to be at least three meters tall. “Weapons cannot enter the palace!”

This tall guard looked particularly uncoordinated and weird with his large upper body and short lower body. His face was also covered by a bronze mask, so that Li Huowang couldn’t figure out whether it was a person or something else.

When the purple ear sword and the copper coin sword were grasped by the guard, he retreated into the shadows again, as motionless as a sculpture.

Li Huowang walked into the hall. I found that this spacious hall is supported by many red pillars. Each pillar is carved with a rotating and lifelike golden dragon, which is particularly spectacular.

Such a grand decoration does not look like a palace at all.

Before Li Huowang could observe more, the sound of surprise in the distance attracted him. “Come on, come on!!”

The speaker was the little emperor of Daliang. He was wearing a black and red imperial robe and waved to Li Huowang. If there were not eunuchs around him to stop him, he would have rushed over.

Li Huowang walked three feet in front of him and saluted him. “Erjiu has met His Majesty!”

Ji Lin could no longer care about the obstruction of the eunuchs around him. He immediately rushed to Li Huowang and said urgently: “Erjiu! You have to help me!”

Li Huowang was really confused by the other party’s words. He stood there silently waiting for the other party to continue.

“Father is right, our brothers! They are starting to move! They are going to steal my throne!”

Ji Lin’s eyes showed deep fear. “I can actually not be the emperor. It would be good for me to be a free and easy prince, but if they want the throne, they will kill me!!”

“That’s not nonsense. Could it be that you still naively thought that they would spare your life for the sake of brotherhood?” Li Huowang thought to himself.

Anyway, this trouble is not his. At this moment, Li Huowang is not anxious at all, he just wants to watch the fun.

“Your Majesty, Erjiu is one of the Supervisors of Heaven, and according to the ancestral instructions of his superiors, no one is allowed to participate in government affairs.”

“What a boring person! Then why are there people from the Tiansi Supervisor over there with Third Brother!” Emperor Liang immediately retorted loudly.

Then his voice became softer, “I heard the eunuchs talking about you. I heard that you are very powerful, right? You are the one who found that spirit evil spirit. You can be considered a good talker in the Supervisory Heaven Division. Yes?”

“You know? Apart from these eunuchs, I don’t know who to use in the court now. I have my own thoughts on them all. I don’t even know if they are secretly seeking refuge with anyone!” Emperor Liang His voice became a little shaky.

“Since you were able to remind me of that scam during the Shangsi Festival, your heart must not be bad, right? I beg you, come and help me, I really have no one else to use now!”

“Do you know anyone in Jian Tiansi? As long as you can help me, I can give you an official title!”

Li Huowang frowned when he heard these words. Even though he didn’t know the art of emperors, he could tell that this little emperor was too amateurish.

The influence was actually brought to bear on him, an outsider. He didn’t even have a think tank around him. In this Gu-raising battle, he was afraid that he would be the first to be eliminated. “Your Majesty, please forgive Erjiu for his incompetence and inability to take on such a big responsibility.”

As soon as he heard Li Huowang’s refusal, Ji Lin became angry. “I am the emperor, you must listen to me! Otherwise I will chop off your head!”

Hearing these words, Li Huowang became angry, “Why don’t you join his brother’s sect and find an opportunity to kill this kid directly?”

Just when he was thinking this, Ji Lin’s tone suddenly softened. He held Li Huowang’s hands and said almost pleadingly: “Erjiu, please help me, just help me this time! I really have no other choice, I really don’t want to die!”

Looking at the other party wiping away his tears, Li Huowang felt a little soft-hearted in his heart. However, in such a dangerous matter as seizing the position of the direct descendant, if he makes a slight mistake, he will be shattered into pieces. What’s more, his **** is not clean. In case, in the process, he His true identity was exposed, and everything was over.

“Your Majesty, this matter is of great importance. Please forgive me for going back and thinking about it carefully.”

Ji Lin breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Li Huowang’s attitude changed from refusal to hesitation. “Okay, okay! Think about it slowly! I won’t rush you, as long as you help me this time, in the future when I, the emperor, sit firmly, I will give you as much glory and wealth as you want!”

When Li Huowang slowly walked out of this magnificent palace, he saw with his peripheral vision that as the Emperor of Liang spoke, the old **** next to him nodded gently, holding a pen and writing on the book in his palm. The name draws a circle.

I am afraid that he is not the only person he is looking for to win over tonight. This guy is really ill and needs medical treatment.

Li Huowang naturally wouldn’t consider getting involved. What he just said was just to stabilize him and get out in advance.

As for whether Emperor Liang will cause trouble for him in the future, he must first survive the Gu-raising war.

Anyway, Li Huowang felt that this guy had little hope, and he should not be the only one to refuse his advances.

By the time Li Huowang returned home in an eight-carat sedan, it was already broad daylight.

Find a random beggar, hang your face on him, and throw him home as Li Huowang. With a new look, he led Miaomiao and Li Sui towards the city gate.

As a Hongzhong in Zuowangdao, Li Huowang is still confident that he can deceive those who monitor him.

As expected by Li Huowang, when he was about to leave the city gate, everything was calm and nothing happened.

“You sit down, I’ll buy breakfast, and we’ll eat on the way.” Li Huowang said and walked towards the stall nearby.

The thin beige dough is stretched and fried in the steaming oil pan. It quickly rolls and expands, and finally changes from light to dark in color and finally becomes fried dough sticks.

The steaming mochi that had just been beaten was rolled into a ball, squeezed out from the tiger’s mouth of the fat man on the side, and mixed with black sesame seeds and jaggery.

Fold the crispy fried dough sticks in half and sandwich the mochi wrapped in sesame and sugar. Grab it with both hands and take a bite. The crispy fried dough sticks wrap the soft glutinous rice cake. The strong aroma of sesame seeds mixes with the salty fried dough sticks. Wrap the entire mouth firmly.

“Here are six.” Li Huowang threw the copper coins into the bamboo basket on the stall.

Seeing the copper coins coming in, the fat middle-aged man in his thirties or forties smiled, and his small green bean-sized eyes were immediately buried in the fat and disappeared.

“Hey~! Okay! Six deep-fried dough sticks wrapped in mochi. Please take it, sir, and be careful not to burn it.”

Li Huowang took the food, took a bite and chewed it twice before his legs stopped walking back.

He walked to the stall, spit out the dice in his mouth, and asked softly to the stall owner who was enthusiastically soliciting customers: “Boss, is something wrong?”

The fat stall owner picked up the towel around his neck and wiped the sweat on his forehead due to the heat of the oil pan. He nodded and bowed to attract customers and said carelessly: “Oh, if anything can happen, I just want to see you. Just do me a favor.”


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