Mutated Tao Chapter 494: Night visit


Chapter 494 Night Visit

“Okay, let’s go away. I’m so embarrassed to be here.”

Chun Xiaoman held up the bamboo pole in his hand to get rid of the showy dog, walked to the collapsed man, considered his speech for a while, and then slowly asked: “Why do you come to our village? Why do you come? Our village kills people on sight? When have we ever offended you?”

Faced with Chun Xiaoman’s questioning, the man quickly poured out everything he knew, for fear that if he were slower, the rope would touch him.

“We were driven out by the soldiers on horseback, and we ran out of food on the way to escape, so we listened to the witch’s instructions and found a village far away from the government to find food. As a result, you are the only one nearby. The county seat is the farthest.”

“Soldiers on horseback?” Chunxiao was confused after hearing the other party’s meaningless words. He joined them to cause trouble in Niuxin Village. There was no special reason at all?

“?Meiqian lowers the capital and pry?? Then why do the soldiers of Daliang chase you away?”

“We are the Dharma!” As soon as he said this, the Dharma believer suddenly became much calmer and raised his chin high, as if the name had some power to support him.

“Tell me, is there any royal law? Is there any heavenly principle? There are so many immortals named Buddha! They never take a second look. Why do those court dogs dislike our surnamed Yu Ershen? ! ”

“Hmph! I’ve talked about the great witch who can communicate with Yu’er Shen! Don’t look at these Daliang’s lackeys now! They are like the grasshoppers after autumn, they can’t jump for a few days!”

“Just some time ago, God Yu’er appeared! That night was the supernatural power of God Yu’er! In the future, he will completely appear and descend to the earth! Hehehehe! By then, our Dharma religion will be the state religion! We Dharma people will take turns to be the state religion. Emperor! No food, no labor! Eat fat every day!”

“What is this person talking nonsense about? Is he crazy?” Gouwa said, staring at the person in surprise.

Gou Wa couldn’t figure it out, but Lu Zhuangyuan, who was well-informed, saw some clues from it.

“Oh, these guys are not money-stealing thieves! These guys are rebels from King Xian!” He patted his thigh anxiously.

“It’s over, it’s over, I ran all this way just to avoid the disaster, but before I’ve had peace for a few days, chaos is about to break out again!”

“Rebellion? Just based on those trash?” Lu Xiucai said disdainfully, but when he thought of that weird little woman, the disdain on his face gradually disappeared.

I couldn’t understand other words, but everyone present could understand the word rebellion. In their minds, rebellion meant war, death, and famine.

Chun Xiaoman, who looked nervous, squatted down in front of the man and asked, “Do you teach many people?”

“Of course! In the entire Jiangnan Dao alone, there are at least millions of people! And the whole world is the people of Yu’er Shen! It’s just that some people have enlightenment early, and some people haven’t!”

“The same goes for you! I advise you to surrender early and submit to us Yuershen!”

Although these words were suspected of boasting, they still calmed the people present.

Zhao Wu said with an ugly face: “We have killed so many of them, will they take revenge on us?” No one can answer this question, and everyone has a stone on their mind.

“Don’t panic, Senior Brother Li has been away with Miaomiao for a while, it’s almost time for them to come back.”

These words immediately made everyone’s faces look much better. Li Huowang was like a **** in their eyes.

As long as he is around, this **** rebel teaching is not worth mentioning at all.

“Miss Chun, I think we can stock up on more grain and forget about the autumn harvest. If the world is really going to be in chaos, then this grain will be our life.” The experienced Lu Zhuangyuan was thinking more than others at this moment. Just a few more steps.

“Well, Zhao Wu, let’s **** some of the gold. Let’s fill up the granaries first! We can discuss other matters in detail when Brother Li comes back!”

“Zhijian, take turns to arrange a few rural soldiers to keep vigil at night, just like when we were on the road. It’s best to bring two more dogs! Some things that people can’t see, they can see.

With Li Huowang away, the others began to move under the command of Chun Xiaoman. Originally, Gao Zhijian was more suitable as the backbone, but he stuttered.

Just when the lights in Niuxin Village were brightly lit, there was a knock on the wooden door of Li Huowang’s courtyard in Shangjing City. “Is Mr. Er at home?”

Li Huowang suddenly woke up from his nightmare, and his hand had subconsciously grasped the weapon under the pillow.

“Is Mr. Er at home? Could you please open the door? My master has invited you.”

Listening to the sound of the clock a few streets away, Li Huowang realized that it was only the third watch of the night and he didn’t know many people in Shangjing City. Who would come to see him in the middle of the night?

“Senior Brother Li, there are twelve people outside the door, and there is also a big sedan” Miaomiao whispered about everything outside.

“Get dressed, grab your luggage, and wait on the second floor. If the people who come here are evil, let’s kill them and leave for Beijing quickly under the cover of night!” Li Huowang wore a red Taoist robe and hid the Zisui sword behind his back. Walk towards the courtyard gate.

Just when Li Huowang, who was concentrating on the matter, reached out to the wooden door latch, the skinless face of the red Zhongzai Wangdao suddenly emerged from the door latch. “Let me check it out for you. The person shouting is a eunuch,”

The corners of Li Huowang’s eyes twitched slightly. She put her hand into his faceless and eyeless head and pulled it gently, and the courtyard door was opened.

With his keen sense of smell, Li Huowang immediately smelled a mixture of aroma and urine smell. Hongzhong was right, the fat-faced, beardless old man in front of him was a eunuch.

What surprised Li Huowang even more was that the old **** was holding a very familiar jade cat in his arms.

“Hehehe~ I have met Lord Erjiu.” The old **** hugged the jade cat and bowed respectfully to Li Huowang, then said in a flattering voice: “Please get in the sedan, my master. Please go to his house and talk about it.”

It seems that after the little emperor calmed down, he remembered himself as a little person again.

When Li Huowang got into the large sedan chair that was as big as a small house, eight strong bearers lifted the sedan chair at the same time and took him towards the Daliang Palace.

The eight-person lift was very smooth, giving Li Huowang the feeling of riding in a car. He also experienced the highest-grade sedan, the eight-lift sedan.

When the sedan entered the huge maroon wall, it did not stop. Instead, it was carried all the way towards Emperor Daliang’s palace. After waiting until it reached the door of the palace, he slowly tilted the sedan and asked Li Huowang to get off.

The golden roof, red door, and golden glazed tiles glowed silver in the moonlight. On the ridge of the same shining silver roof, there were rows of small glazed beasts squatting. The faces of the little beasts all had the characteristics of Emperor Daliang. mask.


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