Mutated Tao Chapter 492: Dharma


“Drink!” Gao Zhijian, naked to the waist, stood at the head of the village waving a giant halberd. Green veins burst out on his body, and the rising blood enveloped his whole body like smoke.

The enemies in front of him were a group of men, women, and children with black cloths hanging on their shoulders. Judging from their appearance alone, they were completely ordinary people.

However, they seemed extremely excited at this time, holding various farm tools in their hands and rushing towards Gao Zhijian desperately.

“Don’t be afraid of this big man!! Go ahead!! We are born as Yuershen, and we will be Yuershen’s ghosts when we die! After death, we can be reincarnated as emperors!!”

With a flash of cold light, the three people in front of Gao Zhijian were instantly cut off at the waist, and their internal organs were covered with blood spatter on the white wall beside them.

But gradually, there were too many people, and Gao Zhijian was unable to cope with them.

In addition, these people suddenly attacked at night, so hastily that Gao Zhijian didn’t even have time to put on Peng Longteng’s armor.

With a “swipe” sound, a sharp stone flew from a distance and hit Gao Zhijian’s forehead, leaving a **** mark.

“Ahhhh!!” Gao Zhijian raised his back, crouched slightly, and with a strong force on both hands holding the giant halberd, he threw the giant halberd in the direction of the flying stone.

The giant halberd weighing a thousand kilograms rotated rapidly with a whirring sound, passing through the crowd like a piece of flesh and blood, flesh and bones blooming in the air like flowers.

Gao Zhijian stepped on flesh and blood and chased towards the giant halberd covered in plasma.

And this group of people were as crazy as they were. Faced with the evil spirit of the military strategists, they were not frightened at all. They held the weapons in their hands and wildly greeted Gao Zhijian with fanaticism in their eyes.

In the midst of this chaos, a needle with white hair flew over and nailed the face of a man holding a hoe.

In his panic, his facial features were like liquid, sliding down his skin from his face into his clothes, and immediately he couldn’t hear anything or see anything.

“Fool!! Hold on! We are here to help you!” Gouwa’s voice made the followers of the Dharma religion turn their heads and look towards the dirt road of Niuxin Village.

When they saw a group of crooked melons and cracked jujubes rushing towards this side, they suddenly burst into laughter. Seeing the corpse on the ground, Chun Xiaoman couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart. He immediately took out the Taoist bell given to him by Li Huowang and shook it violently.

She took a bite of the mud on the ground and loudly ordered to the two Masters You in mid-air: “??@波黹?!” The Masters You, who were constantly overlapping in the air, nodded slightly and looked towards the magicians like ghosts. The believers were taught to pounce on it, and every time it passed through a person’s body, that person immediately became stiff and fell to the ground.

However, this was not enough. Chun Xiaoman parted the Dao bell toward his waist, pulled off his shirt to reveal the yellow paper bellyband underneath, and then took out a sawtooth dagger, tapping his eyebrows, and began to read. .

“Disciple raises his eyes to look at the blue sky. All the masters are by his side! His whole body is transformed into copper skin and iron bones, and he wears twelve iron hats. He wears twelve layers of iron armor, three layers of copper skin, and three layers of iron skin.

Behind her, five people including Lu Xiucai also started to perform the same action at the same time. The saw-tooth dagger broke their scalps, and blood flowed down the eyebrows all over their faces, and finally gathered on the chin and dripped to the ground. …

“The drag knife turned into goose feathers, the iron ruler turned into lamp grass, and the rolled stone turned into water bubbles! Masters and unborn mothers! Please help the disciples and send them to fight quickly!!”

As the last sentence of the curse was finished, Chun Xiaoman, Lu Xiucai and others suddenly opened their eyes and stopped blinking. They raised the sawtooth daggers in their hands and rushed towards the mob in front of them.

“Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang!!” When they saw the sickles and pitchforks stabbing themselves and making crisp sounds, Lu Xiucai and Chun Xiaoman immediately became more confident and raised the blades in their hands to chop at them.

Their swords can pierce other people’s bodies, but other people’s weapons can’t touch them. This is a one-sided massacre. With the addition of these magicians, Gao Zhijian’s situation was greatly alleviated. A few people started Beating such a large group of people suppressing the teachings.

Under their leadership, the people of Niuxin Village mustered up their courage and picked up various weapons to fight back. For a time, the entire Niuxin Village suddenly turned into a battlefield.

Just when more and more Dharma believers were dying, an old woman wearing tattered cassocks and as thin as a dwarf suddenly emerged from Gao Zhijian’s shadow, holding a black jade dagger and stabbed him hard. waist. Gao Zhi endured the pain and looked down, and immediately saw the old woman’s face. Her face was covered by a black rag with a big purple word for witch written on it.

A penetrating old voice came from under the cloth. “Hey hey hey, turn paper money, burn gold and silver, don’t use wine pulp, burn incense, now the year is over, tomorrow will be a new year.

Gouwa, who was looking around, saw this scene and took out a handful of rotten wood Ruyi from his arms. He swung at the old woman.

But for her short stature, she reacted extremely quickly. She pulled out the weapon in her hand and immediately shrank into the chaotic battlefield around her.

“ careful!! There is…

Before Gao Zhijian could finish, the figure of the old woman appeared again behind a girl who had used the magic attack, and she slashed hard along the neck with her black jade dagger.

The body that was supposed to be invulnerable was torn apart. Under her unbelievable gaze, she fell to the ground and clutched her bleeding neck, making a whooshing sound.

“Hahaha!! Everything is going well for Yu’er! Gold bricks are three feet high on the ground, and treasures are hung on the money tree!”

“Nan’er!” Chun Xiaoman shouted out the girl’s name heartbreakingly, but at this moment, she suddenly felt a chill on the back of her neck, someone was behind her!

Seeing that Chun Xiaoman was about to follow in his footsteps, a Mr. You quickly flew down from the sky and forced the elusive old woman back.

But this was just a retreat. At this moment, the situation suddenly reversed. Facing the elusive old woman, Chun Xiaoman and the others immediately stood back to back, not daring to be as unscrupulous as before.

“This won’t work! If this continues, the entire Niuxin Village will be destroyed. No matter how high the price is, I will kill that old woman!”

Chun Xiaoman resolutely rang the bell again. As she followed Senior Brother Li’s instructions and shook her head several times, the number of Master You in the air instantly changed from one to ten. “?@雷黹???y!”

Following Chun Xiaoman’s order, the whole Niuxin Village suddenly became filled with gloomy winds. Mr. You went to the sky and went to the earth to find the hiding old woman. Chun Xiaoman’s three full years of life were not in vain. The old lady was soon forced out of the crowd as they chased and intercepted Mr. You.

Just when the old woman was about to get out of the dark shadow on the side, Gouwa once again raised the rotten wood and flicked it hard. Ruyi’s Xinsu tongue flicked lightly, and her mind was instantly confused. Filled up. The huge heavy halberd came down from the sky with a whistling sound, and hit the old woman hard. The force of a thousand kilograms instantly crushed her mortal body into mud.

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