Mutated Tao Chapter 483: New Emperor


Chapter 483 The New Emperor

Half an hour later, the towering maroon palace wall reappeared in front of Li Huowang. Standing at the corner and looking up at it, he felt a sense of oppression like a mountain.

Li Huowang didn’t have a good impression of this place. He just wanted to hand over the business as soon as possible.

Under the guidance of the eunuch, they continued to walk deeper into the palace. Even though Li Huowang had been here once before, they were still a little dizzy in the maze-like palace.

This time, he did not see the golden palaces. Li Huowang judged that the place he went to was not the core location where the emperor stayed, but the supporting buildings on the edge.

Speaking of the Emperor of Daliang, Li Huowang still remembered the news he received from Liu Zongyuan last time, saying that the Emperor of Daliang was about to die. If the news was reliable, he should have been buried by now.

Just when Li Huowang was thinking wildly, the **** leading the way stopped in front of a round arch and said in a half-masculine voice: “That’s it, the chief steward is inside.”

“Auntie, let me tell you, I have something to do with this chief manager. He used to be from the Supervisor Tiansi, and he is half of us. He is easy to talk to.” Lian Zhibei revealed this to Li Huowang as if he had come from before. Inside information.

The two walked slowly into the round arch door. Lian Zhibei led Li Huowang all the way in. She seemed to know the way.

Soon in a warehouse, they found the so-called chief eunuch.

When he learned about the origins of Li Huowang and Li Huowang, the **** with a Chinese character complained in a pinched voice with a look of dissatisfaction on his face.

“Hey, what are you doing, Supervisor Tiansi? It’s been almost three months, and it just arrived now. This is the only thing missing now. The Imperial Master is waiting to death, and the slave family is also worried. Follow and be punished!”

“Eunuch Cao, you used to be an old man in the Tiantian Division. You also know how difficult this thing is to get. We spent a lot of effort to catch it. Look at how fresh this thing is.”

Lian Zhibei seemed to be very good at dealing with eunuchs. He made the **** named Cao smile with a few words.

After a while, a piece of paper with a red seal was placed on Lian Zhibei’s trembling hand. “Which thing should I go to so that I don’t need to waste my time?”

After Eunuch Cao said this, he stopped talking to Li Huowang and wrote something, then threw it into a copper basin and burned it.

Seeing the ashes rising and floating toward the window, Eunuch Cao’s face suddenly became much more relaxed.

He then turned around and ordered the other eunuchs to put the spirits in the box on a jade plate inlaid with agate.

“Then father-in-law, please be busy first, and we won’t disturb you.” With a smile on his face, Lian Zhibei dragged the piece of paper with his hand and slowly left with his **** facing outward.

“Isn’t this place directly given to Yang Shou?” Li Huowang asked in a low voice.

“Of course, of course we have to get it from the warehouse. Let’s go quickly. Let’s go to the warehouse again, okay? Do you have any scraps of silver? The king of **** is easy to mess with, and the kid is difficult to deal with. Take some scraps of silver and go to the **** in the warehouse.”

“Why is there so much going on in this poor place!” Li Huowang couldn’t help but frowned.

Just when Lian Zhibei nervously reminded Li Huowang to keep his voice down for a while, a long roll call broke through the door bars. “His Majesty the Emperor has arrived~!”

After hearing this, Lian Zhibei’s expression changed, and he immediately walked to the corner, knelt down on his knees in an orderly manner, and pressed his head firmly against the ground.

At this time, Li Huowang couldn’t help but want to curse, so he didn’t bother to kneel to the new emperor. He walked directly to Lian Zhibei, moved his body color to the ground, and became invisible.

“His Majesty the Emperor has arrived~!”

“His Majesty the Emperor has arrived~!”

After singing the name three times in a row, Li Huowang finally saw the real master, the new emperor of Daliang, who was wearing a black robe and a golden crown on his head. He was slowly walked over, surrounded by palace maids and eunuchs.

When Li Huowang used his excellent eyesight to see the man’s appearance clearly, his pupils suddenly shrank. I had actually met the emperor of Daliang once before.

When I spent the Spring Festival with Miaomiao, he was the young man who was deceived and spent 500 taels on a fake jade cat!

The Liang Emperor’s formation gradually came closer. When he walked close to him, after carefully looking at it, Li Huowang was very sure that this was the person he met that night.

“He is actually the new emperor of Daliang?!” Li Huowang really didn’t expect that the new emperor of Daliang would sneak out of the palace on the Shangsi Festival to see the girls who had not left the palace.

But on second thought, this seems to be in line with the ridiculous things he can do at his teenage age.

Although he knew that this man was the emperor of Daliang, Li Huowang had no intention of climbing high. In the past few months, three emperors had changed at once. Emperor Liang didn’t look so easy to sit down.

The invisible Li Huowang watched silently. Just when he thought he would survive safely, a white-haired old man with closed eyes next to Emperor Liang suddenly opened his eyes and swept towards him. “Who!”

With his startled shout, Emperor Liang was easily submerged among the eunuchs and maids. And the guards jumped out of nowhere and surrounded Li Huowang’s position.

When he saw that the guards were about to stab him with the weapons in their hands, Li Huowang immediately appeared and raised the Supervisor Tiansi waist badge.

The atmosphere suddenly froze, and the guards seemed very hesitant. This man didn’t seem to be an assassin, but if he was from the Supervisor of Tiansi, why would he hide in this place when he met His Majesty? They turned to look at the Imperial Master at the same time, waiting for his order.

“Who are you! Why are you here?!” An ordinary sentence made Li Huowang feel that it became difficult to breathe and it was difficult to move his body.

This man’s strength is absolutely terrifying. Ever since he obtained the identity of Hongzhong, he has not felt this oppressive for a long time.

Li Huowang raised his head and looked at the old Taoist who said this. When Jian Tiansi fought with Zuo Wangdao, he was also present. This person was the Daliang Guoshi who was holding the Xingxu Sword and kept doing it.

Lian Zhibei on the side quickly reacted and handed over the paper in his hand. To prove innocence.

“I am waiting here, just to run errands for the department, and to disturb the Holy One, I deserve death!!”

After knowing that this was a misunderstanding, everyone present breathed a sigh of relief.

The Imperial Master of Daliang said to an old **** with a dissatisfied look on his face: “What are you doing! How dare you let the appointed Jian Tiansi enter the palace?”

Just when he was about to say something else, he was interrupted by a sound of surprise. “It’s you!!”

Emperor Daliang walked out of the crowd happily and walked towards Li Huowang.

But naturally he didn’t succeed. When he was about to arrive, he was stopped by two old eunuchs.


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