Mutated Tao Chapter 475: Spiritual Evil


“Four hundred?!” Li Huowang’s pupils shrank slightly when he heard the quotation. He didn’t even need to look at his gourd to know that there must not be that much in it.

“Don’t think it’s too expensive. This was a good thing from the Daqi period, a thousand years ago. There are no eminent monks who can obtain relics while sitting in apocalypse.”

Li Huowang really didn’t mind that it was expensive, but he really didn’t have that much. He had been busy solving hallucinations before, so he didn’t remember to earn the Yangshou Pill.

“How much Dharma eyes did you have before?” As long as Bai Lingmiao can see her, Li Huowang doesn’t care if she becomes ugly.

“Five hundred.” The eunuch’s words completely dispelled Li Huowang’s idea of ​​replacing it with a cheap magic weapon. He did not expect that the magic eye was actually more expensive than the relic.

He can finally see that no one in the world is more evil than Jian Tiansi.

The Yang Shou Dan, which was earned through hard work and hardship outside, ended up being exchanged for nothing in the inner treasury.

Without Yangshou Dan, Bai Lingmiao cannot be given the relics, and without the relics, Bai Lingmiao will end up blind soon, which is definitely something Li Huowang cannot tolerate.

I remember that Li Zhi only had four Yangshou Pills in his gourd, but now he needs a full four hundred Yangshou Pills. Even if he wants to grab them, he doesn’t know where to grab them.

“But I killed her whole family, so this little effort is nothing. No matter what, Bai Lingmiao must get this relic!” Li Huowang walked towards the outside of the inner treasury with heavy steps.

He did not go out from Jiantiansi, but went directly to the lobby full of screens, where the Yamen of Jiantiansi received errands.

The people are still the same people, but facing them, Li Huowang’s attitude has changed from hostility to a more normal attitude.

Although the people of Supervisor Tiansi look down upon human life, the whole world cannot live without these people.

“Erjiu?! You’re actually still alive. I thought you were dead.” Li Huowang didn’t bother to explain anything again when he heard the man named Nangong say the same thing as Sima Lan before.

“I want to take on errands. Which ones pay the most?” Li Huowang asked directly.

Looking at Li Huowang’s somewhat heavy expression, Nangong Ziqing took out a book and handed it to him without asking, “You can find it yourself. That’s the last page.”

Li Huowang opened it directly, and a message written in cinnabar red pen jumped directly in front of him, “Sit in the red road of forgetfulness, no matter life or death.”

His eyes stayed on it for a while, and Li Huowang began to turn the book forward.

Zi Wangdao makes a fortune, Zui Wangdao is the west wind, Zui Wangdao whiteboard, Zui Wangdao, Zui Wangdao, several pages in a row are Zuo Wangdao, Liu Zongyuan’s previous news is correct, Supervisor Tiansi is really following Sitting on the forgettable bar.

Although these rewards are valuable, Li Huowang really doesn’t want to have contact with those scammers.

Three Yuans and Four Happinesses are all related. They are dog-skin plasters. If you kill one of them, you will not be able to get rid of the troubles that will follow, just like what happened to Zhuge Yuan before.

“Brother Erjiu, didn’t you say you wanted to take revenge on Zuo Wangdao? Why didn’t you accept it?”

“I have avenged that revenge at the cost of one eye. The person who killed the Great Elder, Zai Wangdao, was killed by me myself.”

After carefully flipping through a few pages, Li Huowang’s hand suddenly stopped, and his fingers slowly passed over the two calligraphy characters. “Spiritual evildoer?”…

Below the name is its reward, four hundred and thirty Yangshou Pills and five years of Immaculate Yangshou.

He raised his head and looked at Zhuge Yuan who was standing next to Nangong. “Spiritual evil? Spiritual generation?”

“Brother Li, this is not the Lingzi generation, all the others are, except this one.” Zhuge Yuan showed a trace of disgust on his face.

“Yes, it’s Lingshi.” Nangong opened his mouth and took over the conversation. “But do you really plan to continue this errand? Don’t get jealous when you see Wuju Yangshou. It’s really better to deal with it than to deal with Zaowangdao. At least it’s safer.”

“Is this spirit so dangerous? Where did it come from?”

“It’s dangerous~, it’s definitely less dangerous than the turbid heart and the plain heart. In fact, whether these spiritual evils are easy to deal with depends entirely on what they are attached to.”

“If it hangs on a human being, it would be better. At most, it would be considered a crazy half-immortal. But if it hangs on some powerful Xie Chong, or something else, hehe, then it would be very painful. ”

“It’s like some weird parasitic thing.” Li Huowang began to ask Nangong about some details about the spiritual evil.

What is very confusing is that the parasitic things of these spiritual beings are different, and their abilities are completely different. In some cases, their magical powers are completely opposite.

Looking at the various records about spiritual evil in the book, Li Huowang began to evaluate and judge whether he could handle this situation with his current strength.

After thinking for a moment, Li Huowang finally decided to accept this job. He now has the strength of Hongzhong and is no longer the Li Huowang he was before. You may not necessarily be afraid of this evil spirit.

Even if you can’t fight, there is still no problem in escaping.

And not all spiritual beings are powerful. This book also records that a monk got lucky and encountered a spiritual evil hanging on a dog’s tail grass, and got a big deal for nothing.

“That’s it, no more choices.” Li Huowang stretched out his finger to pass over the red ink pad and pressed **** the book.

“Okay, these are the four places that the spies found that may contain spirits. You can visit them all.”

“You want me to find it?” Li Huowang reached out and took the map.

“Of course, do you think such a generous reward is for nothing? But now that you have all the cards, you can find a few more people to help you work together, so that the risk can be lower.”

Li Huowang didn’t intend to find anyone to join him like he remembered before. He directly took the map, turned around and walked outside.

If you find one more person, you will have one more person to share the reward. If the reward for this job is divided, it will not be enough to buy the relics.

After staying in a small courtyard in the capital for just one night, Li Huowang took Li Sui and Bai Lingmiao on their way.

He thought he would be able to find the spirit evil spirit soon, but he never expected that the first two places were actually fake, and no trace of the spirit evil spirit was found.

One and a half months passed in the blink of an eye.

“Bah bang bang.” Bai Lingmiao leaned sideways, holding up a wooden stick and beating Li Huowang’s red Taoist robe on the big stone by the river.

After knocking for a while, Bai Lingmiao picked up the Taoist robe and swung it into the rushing river, then placed it on the stone and started rubbing it.

Without Yi Zi, this is the only way to get it clean.

After washing Li Huowang’s clothes, she washed them very carefully, followed by her own. They were bought for her by Senior Brother Li in Shangjing.

The clothes are very beautiful and she likes them very much.

After washing all the clothes, she put them in the tub and stood up.

Bai Lingmiao, who was holding the wooden basin, picked up a bamboo pole as thick as a finger from the ground, and kept beating it in front of him while walking towards the direction of the carriage.

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