Mutated Tao Chapter 474: Relics


“My lord, do you want this coat? This is a new good thing.” The **** with two copper coins on his face looked at Li Huowang with a smile, and said with his half-male, half-female femininity The voice asked Li Huowang.

“Yes, I want this thing. How many Yangshou Pills will it cost?”

Hearing what Li Huowang said, the **** had a smile on his face, “Hey, sir, you know what you are good at. You can exchange it for thirty years of life.”

“So expensive?” Li Huowang couldn’t help being surprised. He knew the value of this Yang Shou Pill.

“Oh, how can I say that you know the goods? After all, we don’t see many things in this kind of fashion. Let me tell you the use of this coat first. You only need to bring it with you – ―”

“Okay, you don’t need to explain, I want this thing.” Li Huowang picked up the gourd from his waist and poured out thirty Yangshou Pills.

“Sir, you are so generous~! This copper coin coat is yours.” The other party respectfully reached out and took the Yang Shou Dan, Qian’s eyes were full of greed for Yang Shou.

Li Huowang picked up the copper coin mask and put it on his face. The heavy familiarity made him feel a little relieved, and then he turned his eyes to the **** in front of him. “Look at you, you two, who are trying to attract wealth. Are you worshiping the God of Wealth and Wealth? If you worship this thing openly, will the palace not take care of it?”

“Hehehe~ Sir, this is a joke. Who in the world doesn’t worship the God of Wealth, and who can despise too much money? You think so. Hehehe~”

Seeing that the other party did not answer his question directly, Li Huowang simply stopped asking and directly stated the purpose of his trip.

“Hey~, I want to let the blind people see~, this little one is really a little unsure, just follow me, I will let you check it out.”

Immediately afterwards, Li Huowang followed him towards the rows of wooden cabinets. When there were wooden cabinets filled with small squares in all directions, he felt as if he was in a forest.

Especially the further you go inside, the older the wooden cabinet becomes, and there is some green mold in the corners.

I don’t know if it was an illusion, but when he walked through those moldy places, Li Huowang had a vague feeling that he was being watched.

Under the leadership of the eunuch, Li Huowang walked to a wall on the left. There were large and small holes in the moldy wall.

Just when Li Huowang didn’t figure out what was going on, the **** picked up a cinnabar pen from the table nearby, wrote some words on a piece of white paper, then rolled the white paper into a ball and stuffed it into the Inside small bamboo joints, and finally thrown into a hole in the wall.

“Sir, wait a moment, there will be news soon. Don’t worry, I guess I can let your eyes see the things in this library again, but Supervisor Tiansi has been saving them for hundreds of years. What a treasure. That’s a lot.”

“I’m not in a hurry.” Li Huowang said and waited quietly by the wall.

After a while, seeing that the atmosphere was a little quiet, Li Huowang thought for a while and said to the **** beside him: “By the way, father-in-law, do you know about the last natural disaster? Is there any other news in the company?”

The **** listened to this and bowed his hand towards Li Huowang. “Sir, I can help you with the inner treasury matters, but I can’t really help you with the external matters. I haven’t left the inner treasury since I was born.”…

Li Huowang’s body went cold when he heard these words. This big beam used people as tools, and he really did everything he could.

A **** who has never been to the outside world naturally eliminates the possibility of stealing. What is even more frightening is that there may be more than one such eunuch.

“Duo~!” A piece of bamboo was thrown out of the hole in the wall.

The money-eyed **** took it over and opened it, as if he was happy for Li Huowang, and said happily: “Sir, what am I talking about? There is really a way! And there are more than one!”

“Oh?! Tell me!” I really guessed it right. He was just blind. There must be a way to solve it in the Tiantian Division.

“This type is called the Liuzhu Dharma Eye. As long as you bury the fist-sized Dharma Eye into the Yintang point, you can see more clearly, and it can also ward off evil spirits.”

“Only one? The size of a fist? And it has to be buried in the Yintang point?” When Li Huowang thought about it, Bai Lingmiao, who was so blind that he stared at him with the eyes on his forehead, couldn’t help feeling a little panicked.

“My lord, is one not enough? Aren’t you only missing one?” The **** stared at Li Huowang’s blind eyes.

“This won’t work. I have to pass through the Yintang acupoint during the Great Zhou Dynasty. You can use the next one.”

“Oh, the second one is the Golden Bridge Sutra, which is said to be able to resurrect human flesh and white bones after enlightenment. However, the understanding of the enlightenment is a bit high, and it needs to be recited for many years. With sincerity, gold and stone can be opened.”

“Change again.”

The **** made his choices one by one, but was rejected one by one by Li Huowang. It’s not that things don’t meet his requirements, there are other obstructive side effects.

After picking and choosing, there were not many left in the end. Just when Li Huowang was hesitating whether to choose the Dharma Eye from before, the words from the eunuch’s mouth caught his attention.

“This eighth one is a relic of a high-ranking monk who attained enlightenment during the Daqi period. As long as you drink this relic with rootless water, you will be able to gain insight into your mind. This insight will mean you are blind but not blind. , you can know what’s happening around you even without eyes.”

“This seems a bit interesting.”

I seemed to have hit a dead end before. In fact, Bai Lingmiao may not need eyes to see. No matter what method is used, it will be enough to allow her to move freely.

And this so-called clairvoyance, which can overcome invisibility and illusion, can take Bai Lingmiao’s strength to a higher level.

“Father-in-law, I want this.”

“Sir, wait a moment, I haven’t finished yet. This relic cannot be used by just anyone. It must be a destined person with a kind heart. It is said that the kinder the heart, the more powerful the mind will be, and if the heart is Evil people will be saved directly by the relic.”

“Kind heart? No problem, that’s all.” If anyone has the kindest heart along the way, it’s definitely Bai Lingmiao.

Eunuch Qianyan raised his head in surprise, looked at the **** robe on Li Huowang, and then at the two rows of various torture instruments stained with blood at his hem, and asked in a suspicious voice: “My lord, are you serious? Good?”

Obviously, he mistakenly thought that Li Huowang was going to use it for himself.

“Am I kind-hearted? What nonsense! I want this! Get it to me quickly!” Li Huowang said with a frown.

Hearing this, the **** didn’t say anything. He turned around and walked towards the wooden cabinet forest with Li Huowang.

But just after taking a few steps, he turned to look at Li Huowang and said with hesitation: “Sir, I’m really sorry. There is one more important thing that I just forgot to ask. Well, don’t blame me. You’re very straightforward, this relic is worth four hundred Yangshou Pills, can you afford it?”

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