Mutated Tao Chapter 470: Village


“Creak.” The wheels of the cart made two narrow car marks on the ground.

Li Huowang sat on the front board of the car, trembling with his riding whip to drive the horses, while Li Sui, wearing a raincoat, sat beside him, looking curiously at the sparrows on the branches through the newly hung black gauze under the bamboo hat. .

Li Huowang reached out and knocked on the carriage. “Miaomiao, there’s no need to stay in there every day. It’s so boring. It’s dusk now. You can come out and get some air.”

Bai Lingmiao opened the curtain and gently sat next to Li Huowang. He took off the white gauze covering his eyes and looked around.

Looking at the delicate side face, Li Huowang found that Bai Lingmiao seemed to be a little different. If her eyes were pink in the past, her eyes had turned pink and white now.

What this means is naturally self-evident.

Li Huowang reached out and squeezed her hand gently and comforted: “It’s okay, we will be arriving in Beijing soon. When we get there, we will definitely find a solution to your eyes.”

Among the four things, Niuxin Village’s self-protection problem has been temporarily solved, and the next most urgent thing is Bai Lingmiao’s eyes.

This matter is very urgent, but fortunately it is not as difficult to solve as imagined.

After witnessing the previous battle between Jian Tiansi and Zuo Wangdao, Li Huowang didn’t think it was difficult to change his eyes in this chaotic world.

“Senior Brother Li, why did you ask me to follow you?” Bai Lingmiao asked in a soft voice.

“Of course you have to come. This is to cure your eyes. How can you cure it if you don’t come?” Li Huowang replied matter-of-factly.

“Oh.” Bai Lingmiao lowered her head and responded softly.

“Are you tired? There is a village ahead. We can stay there tonight instead of sleeping on the carriage.”

“Don’t worry, at the current speed, we will almost be able to reach Shangjing tomorrow night. By then, not only will you be able to see everything clearly again, but you will also be able to open your eyes in broad daylight.”

“Well, okay, Senior Brother Li, I listen to you.”

This was not the first time for Li Huowang to go to Beijing. He was already very familiar with the road. When the sunset in the sky was about to disappear, a series of villages appeared in front of him.

But as he got closer, Bai Lingmiao’s face showed a hint of worry. “Senior Brother Li, it’s the same here.”

It looks fine up close, but as soon as you look closer, some of the adobe houses are crooked and look crumbling. Weeds and messy spider webs mean that these houses have not been inhabited for a while.

Although Li Huowang’s face was solemn, there was no surprise because this was not the first time he had encountered this situation.

Although that natural disaster lasted only a short time, the unlucky villages basically lost some people.

Even if some villages are lucky and nothing happens, that is just an exception.

This is not a matter for one or two villages, this is a matter for the whole world. God knows how many people died in this process.

“Who are you looking for?” An old voice made Li Huowang hold the hilt of the sword instantly.

But seeing that these words were spoken by an old man with only a few teeth left in his mouth and a trembling crutch, Li Huowang let go of his weapon.

A black cloth hangs on his right shoulder, which means that someone in the family has recently passed away. …

“Old man, it’s me, do you remember? I stayed here last time.” Li Huowang walked up to him, snapped his fingers between his eyes and said.

The old man stared at Li Huowang’s face for a while, and suddenly said in realization: “Ah, it’s you, little baby, come on. There are many empty houses in the village now. You can stay here as long as you like this time.” .”

When he saw him walking forward, Bai Lingmiao quietly walked to Li Huowang and said, “Senior Brother Li, do you really know him?”

“No, it’s just some tricks. The old man has a bad memory.”

As the man led the two of them inside, gradually other people in the village appeared in front of Li Huowang.

These men and women were holding large bowls, squatting or standing around under a big banyan tree, eating and chatting while it was still dark.

Seeing Li Huowang’s carriage, everyone looked at it. Many people who were familiar with the old man would chat with him casually. “Master Zhao, are there relatives at home?”

Although their expressions were normal, all of them had black cloth hanging on their arms. This was the most black cloth hanging on Li Huowang’s eyes.

Soon, Li Huowang was brought to a small courtyard with a clean earthen house. “This belongs to my youngest son. He died in the first two years, so you can live here.”

“Thank you so much. Mr. Zhao, I still bother you so much.”

“Hey, what you said is right. It’s just a temporary stay. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.”

Looking at his retreating back, Bai Lingmiao said with a hint of sympathy in his voice: “Senior Brother Li, it seems that many people died here because of the last natural disaster.”

Hearing this, Li Huowang immediately looked at Zhuge Yuan. At this moment, he stood silently in the distance in the air, with his back turned to him silently.

The speaker has no intention, but the listener has intention. Based on Li Huowang’s understanding of him, Zhuge Yuan would definitely blame himself for the deaths of these people.

“Forget it, it’s all in the past, don’t talk anymore, I’ll go to the well to get water and make a hot meal.”

Because we have to travel tomorrow, we have a casual dinner. After the two wash up, they go to bed.

Li Huowang thought nothing would happen at night, but at midnight, he was woken up by Li Sui, who was responsible for keeping watch.

Li Huowang glanced at Bai Lingmiao who was breathing slowly beside him, and asked in the lowest voice to Li Sui beside the bed: “What?”

“Dad, they are singing an opera outside.”

“Huh?” Li Huowang glanced at Bai Lingmiao again, got off the bed lightly, opened the door and walked out.

Soon under the banyan tree, Li Huowang saw a group of people forming a circle, dancing and dancing.

They were none other than the villagers under the banyan tree before, and even the old man who led Li Huowang before was also there.

“Dad, what are they doing?”

“Shh, don’t make any noise, let me take a look.”

Li Huowang frowned gradually. He seemed to be related to a sect he had never seen before.

But what was puzzling was that when the old man took them into the village, he had clearly checked carefully and did not feel any malice from his various emotions.

“Could it be that they are just like Shitai, barely good people?” Li Huowang thought for a while and finally decided to wait and see what they were going to do.

No matter whether they have any ill intentions towards him or not, at least Li Huowang is not afraid now.

Because of the distance, what they were saying could only reach Li Huowang’s ears intermittently.

“I have suffered endless embarrassment and all kinds of dissatisfaction. Yu Ershen, everything is not satisfactory. I have no money and no food. Yuershen, I have all my clothes.”

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