Mutated Tao Chapter 466: Column


Li Huowang, who was in darkness, gradually frowned after hearing Liu Zongyuan’s words. “You said that when you were in Shangjing, Supervisor Tiansi and the others put up the Golden Palace Formation to deal with natural disasters?”

Although he was involved in it when he went to Beijing, his attention was completely attracted by Bei Feng during this period, and he had no time to think about the reason why Emperor Liang and Jian Tiansi got involved together.

Afterwards, I made random guesses, thinking that the Emperor of Liang was so mobilized that he wanted to achieve enlightenment and become an immortal for himself.

Now it seems that the situation is exactly the opposite. Jian Tiansi and Emperor Liang wanted to use the Eye of the Mountain Ghost to fight against the natural disaster of the dog eating the sun.

For a time, Li Huowang’s thoughts became much clearer about what was happening in the entire Daliang, but soon a trace of regret appeared in his heart.

In the incident when he went to Beijing, he did not seem to have a positive identity.

But before, Jian Tiansi had no news at all. How did he know that Jian Tiansi was really setting up a great formation to save the world from natural disasters.

Jian Tiansi’s consistent style really made it impossible for him to think about this.

“No, Brother Li, you are right about this, it is Xiaosheng’s fault.” Li Huowang tilted his ears slightly, listening to Zhuge Yuan’s voice.

“This matter was Xiaosheng’s fault from beginning to end. I was deceived by Zuowangdao.” Zhuge Yuan’s voice was filled with self-blame and grief.

“From the beginning of cutting the whiteboard, I am afraid that I have fallen into the trap of Zuowangdao. Maybe the little corpse emperor of Daqi controls the government is also Daqi’s method of Zuowangdao. Both sides sit together and forgetdao. Cooperate.”

“They did this not to avenge the dead white board, but to use my Xinpan identity to reunite the two parties, and then together defraud Doulao and steal Jian Tiansi’s The Eye of the Mountain Ghost.”

After hearing the news about Liu Zongyuan, Zhuge Yuan, who was a party involved, dug out much more information than Li Huowang.

“You’re not too sad anymore. After all, you’ve done it too? Meili Chong Nang Sulfur School? If you want to blame me, blame Zuo Wangdao.” Li Huowang couldn’t help but persuade.

Before Zhuge Yuan could answer, Liu Zongyuan on the side thought Li Huowang was talking to him and immediately answered it.

“Brother Er is too polite, but I’m not sad. I didn’t go to Beijing as a errand. What kind of fate are you risking? I hid in Qingqiu that day.”

Using these words, Liu Zongyuan continued to chatter: “Hey, decades ago, I cleared my seat and forgot the road once. I didn’t expect that it would happen again after so long.”

“These things that give birth to sons without eyes are just like the maggots in that latrine. They can be found no matter what.”

“Hey, Brother Er, I tell you, don’t tell anyone else. I heard that this time Zhiwangdao completely **** off the higher-ups. After the natural disaster is sorted out, I’m afraid they will have to inform everyone. The Tianxia Supervisors launched a thorough campaign against them.”

“Originally, when we went to Beijing, the one who killed Zuo Wangdao was dead, but now there is a big one, and the one who killed a thousand swords, Zuo Wangdao, may be completely gone.”

Hearing this, Huo Wang immediately sat up straight and even clenched his fists in excitement. “Then this is a good thing! I hate Zuo Wangdao the most! Supervisor Tiansi should have done this long ago!”

“Yes, Brother Er, don’t I know that you hate Zuo Wangdao deeply, so I came here to see you, but I didn’t expect that you are actually blind, hey.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Li Huowang said quickly: “I can kill even if I’m blind! Let’s set off now!!”

“Hey, it’s okay, Brother Er, you’d better heal your wounds. Don’t try to do this. There are many capable people in the Tiantian Division. One less of you is not a big deal, and one more of you is not more. .”

In fact, Li Huowang expected that Liu Zongyuan would not accompany the blind man on errands. He did this just to maintain his past personality and show off.

I still have a lot of troubles going on, and I really have no interest in getting involved in this.

After chatting about the business and exchanging pleasantries for a while, Liu Zongyuan’s attention inevitably focused on the terrifying-looking Li Sui.

“Hey, Brother Er, in your Nestorian religion, humans are not considered a problem, so why do you even have to skin dogs?”

Li Huowang reached out and touched Li Sui’s hard skull head. “She’s not a dog, she’s a spiritual beast that happened to happen by chance. After all, I’m blind and she’s just for self-defense. Even though she looks scary, she’s sometimes much more reliable than a human being.”

“Really? It really takes a good chance, most people don’t dare to raise such a spiritual beast! Do you sell this thing?”

Hearing this, a threatening growl suddenly came from the depths of Li Sui’s throat, and he flashed his white teeth at Liu Zongyuan who was standing aside.

“Quiet, Brother Liu is just joking.” As Li Huowang slapped Li Sui’s neck with his hand, he quickly withdrew his hostility towards Liu Zongyuan.

Feeling Li Sui’s abnormality, Li Huowang couldn’t help but have a headache. In the past, Li Sui was very simple, just like a child, but now he is like this.

It seems that due to the steamed buns in her body, her character is also mixed with animal nature.

“Okay, Brother Er, since that’s pretty much what I said, I’m leaving. You can recover slowly and don’t panic.”

With that said, Liu Zongyuan stood up and was about to leave, but was immediately stopped by Li Huowang.

“Brother Liu, wait a minute, since you are well-informed, do you know which sect’s magical power can make people change their eyes? You also know me now”

“Well…you really don’t need to go to those people for this matter. It’s easy to be deceived in their territory if you are unfamiliar with the place. We ourselves have ways to do it.”

“You have done so many errands, so Jian Tiansi must have paid you a lot. Take the Yang Shou Dan that Jian Tiansi gave you and exchange it in the library in Shangjing. It will definitely help you recover your eyesight.” The exercises and instruments.”

After saying this, Liu Zongyuan left quickly. In the dim environment, Li Huowang sat there alone, silently stroking the back of Li Sui’s neck with his hand.

Too much has happened recently, and he needs to sort it out now. “Li Sui, bring me a piece of carbon and a piece of rice paper.”

“Yeah, okay dad.”

Soon, a piece of rice paper was spread in front of Li Huowang, and a piece of black charcoal was rolled up by the tentacles and stuffed into his hand.

Li Huowang took the piece of black charcoal and used the sharp point on the paper to list his current troubles one by one from top to bottom.

One: Bai Lingmiao’s eyes were almost blind because of too much sunlight. Moreover, her fragile body has a short lifespan.

Two: The anomaly of natural disasters. Since Jian Tiansi’s plan was ruined by Zuo Wangdao, there might be another natural disaster like this in the future. I am not afraid of it, but how can I keep Niuxin Village in such turmoil? Preserve and survive in the environment?

Three: My past was modified by the Yin-Yang Doula, and my past in Hongzhong is still a hidden danger, and I have to find an opportunity to get rid of it.

Four: Cultivation, this matter must be persevered, not only related to Zhuge Yuan’s resurrection, his own overall strength, but also related to the authenticity of the real world.


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