Mutated Tao Chapter 455: Acquaintance


Chapter 455 Acquaintance

“Oh, oh, oh~~!” As the rooster crows, the sleeping Niuxin Village gradually wakes up.

After washing, it is time to have breakfast. Ordinary people cannot afford breakfast. Except during the autumn harvest, when they eat three meals to ensure the strength of the harvest, they usually eat two meals a day.

But there is no such thing in Niuxin Village. Everyone has breakfast. This is why many people are so grateful to Bai Lingmiao.

He is given food to eat, books to read, and he even gets a share of the food grown in the fields. How can there be such a good employer in the world?

“Hurry! Get up quickly. The porridge at the beginning is too thick, and you are not diligent in eating! What can you do to be diligent in your life!” Lu Zhuangyuan kept banging on his eldest son’s door with his hands.

“Dad, we have money now, let’s start the fire at home.” Luo Juren’s daughter-in-law, Luo Juanhua, felt very dissatisfied that she couldn’t sleep in every time.

“You have money to burn meat on your own? You don’t eat free meals, but you spend your own money to buy food! You are a waste of money, hurry up!”

After scolding his daughter-in-law with a cigarette stick in hand, he turned around with his hands behind his back and went to beat the doors of the disciples’ rooms.

Of course he didn’t ask these disciples to get breakfast, but asked them to get up and practice basic skills.

Lu Zhuangyuan taught them exactly as his master taught him. He was strict but single-minded. If he didn’t practice well enough, he wouldn’t be allowed to eat.

Originally, to practice singing in major operas, you must start practicing from a young age. At such a young age, they must be more diligent if they want to get ahead.

Amidst the high and low voices of his disciples, Lu Zhuangyuan led his entire family towards the Bai Family Courtyard.

As soon as they entered the courtyard, they saw Yang child directing the two of them to carry a pot of hot porridge into the lobby.

He just put a smile on his face and walked in, but when he saw that his rebellious son Lu Xiucai was there, his face suddenly dropped. “Humph!”

In the face of this little son, he was beaten and scolded, but this beast accepted death and refused to listen to anything he said.

Facing the hostility of his own father, Lu Xiucai cursed and said things like “Old bastard, wait and see, one day” from time to time.

Taoer, the wife he bought, looked at his father-in-law and husband in silence from behind, seeming to be thinking about something in her heart.

“Oops, everyone is here.” As Gou Wa’s unpleasant voice sounded, others immediately saw him walking in, supporting his pregnant wife.

“Yes, it’s almost time to give birth. It’s already full term. I guess my son will be born in just a few days.” Gou Wa said to Lu Xiucai with a smile.

Lv Xiucai showed a trace of disdain on his face. “Did I ask you? What are you showing off for?”

“Hehehe.” The beaming Gouwa helped his wife sit down, walked to Lu Xiucai and asked in a low voice: “Xiucai,? ​​Mei Qiao 裢 ㄑ У annoyed ρ? Huh?”

“Still like that, I’m slow to practice since I don’t know how to read. What’s wrong? Do you want to learn?”

Gou Wa smiled and said, “I don’t want to learn that stuff. How tiring it is. I took a walk after breakfast and waited for lunch.”

“My four acres of land are cultivated by others and the food is harvested. I don’t have to do anything. I have food every year. It feels so comfortable. I have endured so much hardship, so I need to have a good rest.” .”

Traveling around with Senior Brother Li for so long, I have not developed anything else, but my knowledge has been gained through training. There are not many things in this world that are given away for free, especially if the various magical powers are not well practiced, it is very dangerous.

In fact, what he really wanted to do was to wait for a few months until Lu Xiucai really had no problems, and then he could learn it himself. This could be considered as something he learned from Senior Brother Li.

“Huh, all I have to do is eat and sleep. I have no ambition!” Lu Xiucai looked at Gou Wa with contempt.

“Hey, I have no ambition. I have a son, do you have one?”

While they were talking, Li Huowang led Bai Lingmiao down the steps. The others immediately stopped talking and waited for the other party to take a seat.

Although Li Huowang’s skin is gone and he looks a bit scary, everyone here has long been used to it and has seen nothing more terrifying than this.

When Li Huowang sat down at the main table and picked up his chopsticks, the others began to eat.

Li Huowang ate pickles and salted eggs, steamed buns and porridge, and ate a lot with great movements.

“Eat slowly, you will be reincarnated as a starving ghost, no one will compete with you.”

Li Huowang ignored Bai Lingmiao’s complaints and continued to eat his breakfast.

As soon as I started practicing, the day passed. If I didn’t eat enough now, I wouldn’t eat at noon.

“Hey, no one in Niuxin Village harmed you, why are you covered in blood?” Bai Lingmiao touched the blood scab on his body with his hand.

“Be prepared, don’t worry, you won’t die.”

“Doesn’t it hurt if you can’t die? Are you addicted to pain? I lie with you at night, and you will scare me every night.”

Under Bai Lingmiao’s nagging, Li Huowang hurriedly finished breakfast and walked out of the Bai family courtyard, while Li Sui had already been waiting outside.

The two men, one tall and one short, started walking towards Niuxin Mountain along the rugged path.

But just when he walked out of the village, white mist filled the surrounding woods. Li Huowang, who frowned, immediately grasped the Zisui sword with his hand and pulled it out suddenly. “Who! Come out!”

As the evil spirit soaring into the sky caused the surrounding mist to sway violently, the white mist quickly dissipated, and then a face staring at a wooden mask emerged from the mist.

“Oh, isn’t it because the flood has washed away the Dragon King Temple? The whole family no longer recognizes each other. It turns out to be you, Erjiu!”

“Liu Zongyuan?” Li Huowang looked at the man with the wooden mask in surprise. He remembered this. When he, Ji Xiang and Tuoba Danqing were looking for Xin Zhuo, he was one of them.

The world is unpredictable. The five people who acted together at the beginning have died, and the monk in the heart has died. Tuoba Danqing is trapped in the heart and cannot get out. Now they are the only two left.

When they met again, the two of them sighed with a hint of intimacy.

Since Liu Zongyuan was here, it was naturally impossible to cultivate. Li Huowang immediately took this man to the reception room to serve tea.

Taking a sip of tea, Li Huowang asked with a hint of curiosity: “Brother Liu, you came here specially today. Did Supervisor Tiansi give you some errand?”

Although Liu Zongyuan was also from Supervisor Tiansi, he did not think that this person came because of the important event of going to the capital. After all, at that time, he used Beifeng’s female body, and he could not find it no matter how hard he searched. On oneself.

Soon Liu Zongyuan’s words confirmed Li Huowang’s suspicion.

“Oh, I heard that someone is living here again. I thought there was another White Lotus cult, so I came here to have a look. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”


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