Mutated Tao Chapter 454: Time


Chapter 454 Time

Seeing that the blood-sucking leech was about to crawl onto his shoes, Li Huowang raised his foot and trampled the leech to death. Then he looked at the child Yang in front of him with rare distress.

“This thing often gets sucked into your legs?”

“When plowing paddy fields, it’s inevitable that there will be rotten cow crotches in the water. It just doesn’t matter if it’s not a water snake. In fact, it’s okay if it **** human blood. People have hands and can pull it off.”

“But it will be troublesome if you **** the cow. The cow has no hands and can’t take it off, so you can only let these things **** it. Otherwise, why would this thing be called a cow’s rotten crotch?”

Li Huowang looked at the childish face of the child Yang in front of him. If this child were in later generations, he would probably be in the sixth grade of elementary school, but here, he has already become like an adult.

After thinking about it, Li Huowang patted him on the shoulder and said, “Stop plowing the fields in the future. At your age, you should learn to read in a private school instead of working in the fields. Just let the tenant farmers do the work. ”

When Li Huowang spoke, Niuxin Village soon had a new teacher.

Although Niuxin Village is remote, as long as you have enough money, you can easily find a teacher who has not been admitted as a scholar.

This was not just for Yang child, Li Sui was also in the private school. He followed Liu Huowang’s instructions and listened quietly to the teacher’s lectures without speaking.

Except for them, everyone else would lie on the windows and eavesdrop as long as they had nothing to do, as if the more they could listen, the more they would earn.

Even Lu Zhuangyuan came over with his grandson who was not yet one year old, saying that he wanted to gain more popularity in literature and it would be easier to get the number one scholar in the future.

Seeing this scene, Li Huowang simply opened the door. From now on, anyone in the village who wants to listen can come into the private school, and it will be treated as a welfare in Niuxin Village.

Looking at everyone in the private school who was listening attentively. A slight smile appeared on Li Huowang’s face, and even his gloomy mood in the past became much better.

“Why are you laughing?” Bai Lingmiao, who was standing beside him, asked in surprise.

“No matter how many hardships we have experienced on the road, life is always getting better and better. Isn’t this what they want?”

Bai Lingmiao stretched out her hand, intertwined her fingers with his fleshless hand, and leaned slightly towards him.

“Yes, the days will always get better and better, so if you encounter anything in the future, don’t seek death. No matter what you encounter, it will eventually pass.”

At this time, the teachers inside are teaching other things to the disciples below. “That’s it, it’s no use waiting for you to learn it. I don’t expect you to be a scholar. You only learn some practical things, such as reading and counting chips!”

“If you learn these, you will have good skills and you will never go hungry anywhere! Today we will learn to count chips first!” After the teacher said this, he raised the tube of chopsticks in his hand high.

“There are eleven hours in a day!” He picked out eleven chopsticks from the bucket and placed them on the ground.

“It’s like a salesman going to your village to sell goods. He spent five hours on the way.” The teacher took away five of the eleven chopsticks. “How many hours does he have left to sell goods and sleep?”

“Huh?” Li Huowang’s face became a little ugly.

Feeling the strange expression on Li Huowang’s face, Bai Lingmiao asked in surprise: “What’s wrong? Isn’t this teacher a good teacher?”

“There are twenty-four hours in a day, and two hours count as one hour, so there are clearly twelve hours in this day. I really don’t know where the eleven hours this person said came from.”

“This person can’t even understand the simplest of times. No wonder he can’t pass the examination as a scholar. Let’s find a reason to retreat, lest he mislead others.”

Hearing Li Huowang’s call, Bai Lingmiao’s pink and white eyes revealed a trace of suspicion. “Li Huowang, what are you talking about? This day is originally eleven hours. Where did your idea of ​​twelve hours come from?”

“What?!” Li Huowang’s head buzzed as if something had hit him hard.

He first glanced at Bai Lingmiao in shock, and after receiving her affirmative reply, he rushed directly into the private school and asked the teacher: “Is there really only eleven hours in a day?”

“Nonsense, it’s not eleven hours, how many more hours can it be? What’s your opinion?” The teacher was very dissatisfied with this man who suddenly rushed in and interrupted his professor, his whole body wrapped in white gauze.

With a face full of shock, Li Huowang turned around, looked at the eyes behind him, and asked them all: “There are only eleven hours in a day?!”

For Li Huowang to be so shocked, Yang Xiaowa seemed very confused. “Yes, Senior Brother Li, isn’t it the eleventh hour today? Is there anything so strange about it?”

“Only eleven hours? That means there are only twenty-two hours in a day here? Where did the two lost hours go?”

In an instant, Li Huowang had an illusory feeling about the world.

Bai Lingmiao, who frowned slightly, walked into the private school, took his hand and walked outside. “How are you? Isn’t it normal that there are only eleven hours in a day?”

“No, it’s still wrong.” Li Huowang calmed down and decided to find the answer by himself, “Miaomiao, is there anything in the village that measures time? Take it all out, I want to use it.”

“Something that keeps time? Can a water clock work? That’s the only thing in the Bai family.”


Soon, three huge wooden barrels connected from high to low were placed in front of Li Huowang. The top barrel was filled with water, and the water fell drop by drop along a small pipe. Go to the second barrel.

The dripping time of each drop was almost one second. Li Huowang couldn’t believe it even with the tools, and deliberately remembered it in his heart.

No matter what, the answer Li Huowang got in the end was indeed eleven hours a day.

Although this calculation is somewhat biased, it cannot be biased by two full hours no matter how wrong it is.

Li Huowang, who had not slept all night, finally accepted the reality that there really are only twenty-two hours in a day in this world.

Rubbing the sore corners of his eyes with the back of his hand, Li Huowang murmured to himself: “I see, so the reason why I always overslept in the past is because I lost two hours in the day?”

Since coming out of Qingfeng Temple, I have either overslept or felt like I didn’t get enough sleep. Now it seems that it is a matter of time.

Bai Lingmiao, who was standing behind him, had deep worry in his eyes. “Li Huowang, what are you doing?”

Li Huowang accepted the setting that there are only twenty-two hours in a day much faster than he thought. Since the world is crazy, it is reasonable that the time is abnormal.

He stood up and hugged Bai Lingmiao gently, “In Qingfeng Temple, is there eleven hours in a day?”

“Of course.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“Do I need to tell you something like this? I didn’t know you didn’t even know about this kind of thing.”

While the two were talking, Zhuge Yuan in the distance listened to the faceless Zuowang Dao whispering with an expression that was looking for trouble, “How is it, do you see it? This is the state of confusion!” Have you seen it? ”


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