Mutated Tao Chapter 452: Hospital


Chapter 452 Hospital

On a cold day, Gao Zhijian, dressed in bunting, walked up to Li Huowang with steam on his head, excitedly pointed at the book of war and said, “Practice.”

Li Huowang understood what the other party meant. He was planning to let himself practice this military skill. He shook his head slightly. “No, you can practice it yourself, I won’t need it now.”

If you had just come out of Qingfeng Temple, if you could get this thing, you would definitely regard it as a treasure.

But compared with the cultivation techniques that he is practicing at the moment, as well as the magical powers of sitting and forgetting in Hongzhong, this military strategist’s hard work seems a bit too useless.

As for being headless and immortal, I can also be headless and immortal now, as long as I don’t let myself find out that my head has fallen off.

“But having said that, after practicing this technique, won’t your personality change?” Thinking of Peng Longteng’s personality, Li Huowang couldn’t help but worry about Gao Zhijian.

“No.” Although Gao Zhijian answered quickly, Li Huowang still felt the change in him. You must know that he had done the stupid thing of squatting on other people’s graves and eating wild rice with the monks.

If Gao Zhijian in the past made me feel stupid, now Gao Zhijian is full of energy.

“Okay, then practice hard. This technique is also a good thing for you.”

At least from the current point of view, although this military evil spirit makes people become extroverted, it is not necessarily how serious it is.

After chatting with Gao Zhijian for a while, Li Huowang was ready to go back to the Bai family compound for dinner.

Just when he walked to the door, he suddenly thought of something, turned to Gao Zhijian and said: “The military master’s body-refining magical power is not very effective when practiced by one person. They are used by thousands of troops. Yes, aren’t there a lot of tenant farmers in the village? You can try to teach them and select some who are savvy.”

If there is such a small team of military guards in Baijia Village, then no matter where I go, I don’t have to worry about the backyard catching fire.

Because Li Huowang did not accept military skills, Gao Zhijian, who seemed a little lonely, his eyes lit up instantly, he held the military book tightly and nodded vigorously.

When Li Huowang returned to the Bai family compound and had dinner, he told Bai Lingmiao about this matter, “Okay, this is better. They have something to do during the slack time.”

“You can give them more wages as appropriate. Even though they are our private slaves, they still have to win people’s hearts.”

Bai Lingmiao, who was holding the ceramic bowl, rolled her eyes at him, “What nonsense are you talking about? He is our godson, how can I treat them badly?”

After saying that, she stood up and took the bowl to serve the rice.

“What’s wrong with your feet?” The keen Li Huowang immediately noticed that Bai Lingmiao was walking strangely.

“Nothing, there is a hole in the ground, I bumped it a bit.”

“Don’t run out when your eyes are covered with gauze.” Li Huowang scooped up half a bowl of soup with a large ceramic spoon, drank it to moisten his throat, stood up and walked outside.

“Hey! Li Huowang! Where are you going at this late hour? Can’t you just stop for a while?” Bai Lingmiao caught up and asked.

“No need to wait for me, just leave a window for me at night.”

Li Huowang jumped quickly among the tiles, rushing towards the tall Niuxin Mountain behind the village.

While passing by an empty house, Li Huowang shouted: “Li Sui, follow!”

“Okay.” Li Sui’s tentacles quickly put down the struggling steamed buns and followed.

The two of them followed the path until they reached the halfway point of the mountain before stopping. Li Huowang looked at the densely packed graves in front of him with some surprise. “How come so many people died?”

Halfway up the mountainside are densely packed with grave mounds, with some green will-o’-the-wisps looming among them. They look very permeable in the dim environment.

But Li Huowang doesn’t care. He has been in this ghost place for so long and has seen everything else, but he has never seen a ghost.

Looking around, Li Huowang walked into an empty flat land. It seemed that people were being buried here. They must have buried enough, so it was empty.

He said to Li Sui on the side: “I’ll go down there, and you can help me keep an eye on it. If there are any strangers or dangers, just get into my belly and wake me up.”

Things here are temporarily stable, but in reality there are a lot of troubles on the other side.

“Okay.” Li Sui said, holding up the two eyes with double pupils, and a slit of his mouth was exposed on his slippery body.

Li Huowang took a deep breath, sat down cross-legged on the open space, and gently revealed the innate body wrapped in his divine light.

As the surroundings twisted and collapsed, his pupils gradually lost focus and looked around calmly.

While Li Sui was doing his work seriously in the bushes, he suddenly felt the sound of footsteps approaching.

But when it saw the appearance of the visitor with its own eyeball, it immediately relaxed its vigilance.

“Mom, it’s so late, why don’t you go back to bed?” Li Huowang said softly to a wooden tablet in front of him.

At this time, a hand as white as jade slowly stretched out and gently touched Li Huowang’s cheek.

“Li Huowang, Li Huowang, is this what you call hysteria?” Bai Lingmiao squatted in front of him and stared at his face, saying with a hint of helplessness in his voice.

“Mom, it’s clean enough, don’t wipe it off.” Halfway through Li Huowang’s words, his face was covered with another wet towel.

“What’s wrong with washing it a few more times? Can it remove the skin? It will be better if you wake up now and brush your tooth again.” A soft plastic toothpaste was stuffed into Li Huowang’s mouth.

Although this caused Li Huowang to complain again, the two of them could not help but smile.

Looking at Sun Xiaoqin who was wiping his hands, Li Huowang thought for a while and said, “Mom, what do the doctors here say? When can I get out of here?”

This is a hospital, but to put it bluntly, it is a prison. It is just a special prison for mentally ill people. Not only do I have no personal freedom here, I can’t even move a finger.

Since we are determined to make this place real in the future, we must naturally make it true.

If you want to do something here next, the first thing you need to do is get out of here, even if you just send him back to a private hospital.

“Do you think it’s depressing to stay here?” Sun Xiaoqin looked up at him.

“No, it’s just that I’m a little worried about Yang Na, and I don’t know how her illness is now.”

Sun Xiaoqin picked up the towel and basin without saying a word, and walked out the door.

The ward was so quiet at night that I could hear clearly the quarrel between my mother and someone.

“Comrade, you are joking. What do you think.”

“Look, my son is already sick and can be transferred to a better environment. It’s unlucky for you… to imprison a prisoner.”

As footsteps sounded, the two people’s voices got closer and became more intense.

“If you don’t let my son go out, then I won’t pay you! You can raise it for nothing!”

“What you said is right. These prisons are all public and funded from above. One more and one less will not go into my pocket. Even if you don’t pay, we won’t let him leave. ! ”

The man’s words softened. “You also have to think about others. Your son really doesn’t know what he is made of. He is made of iron and does not hurt. Most people are no match for him. What if he goes crazy on the street?”

“Since your son can kill seven robbers, he can kill seven students!”

“My son would never do this!”

A broad hand pointed in from the door window. “You won’t do this? Do you think he can tell the difference now? Your son is mentally ill!”

As soon as these words came out, the ward became quiet for a while.

After thinking about it for a while, Li Huowang asked in the direction of the big hand: “Then what should I do to get out of here openly?”

But the big hand ignored Li Huowang’s crazy intentions and led Sun Xiaoqin out towards the door. The peaceful conversation between the two gradually faded away.

With a “pop” sound, all the lights in the wards were turned off.

Li Huowang frowned slightly and looked at the flashing night vision camera in the corner, thinking about how he could get out of this predicament.


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