Mutated Tao Chapter 451: Gao Zhijian


Chapter 451 Gao Zhijian

Li Huowang opened his eyes suddenly. When he sat up from the messy bed and looked to the right, he found that the sun was shining slantly into the window. It had been bright for a long time.

“Did I oversleep again?” Li Huowang didn’t care about the blood all over his body, hurriedly put on his clothes and walked down the wooden stairs.

“Brother Li, good morning.” Zhuge Yuan held the fan in his hand and held his hand towards him.

“Brother Zhuge, morning.”

Seeing the other party, Li Huowang immediately slapped his head in annoyance. He had relaxed as soon as he returned to the village. Zhuge Yuan, who had the grace to save his life, was still waiting for him to save him. Practicing cultivation techniques is far more important than anything between men and women.

He picked up the steamed buns and pickles on the table and ate a few random bites, and then drank it with white porridge. Li Huowang found a quiet room in the Bai family courtyard, and began to practice the cultivation technique by sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. Dharma comes.

According to the obscure text on the technique, Li Huowang wrapped the divine fire from both eyes around the innate body. The next step was to push the innate body through the roots in his body in turn. Chakra, abdominal chakra, navel chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, Agnya chakra, crown chakra.

Let all your emotions and sufferings be filtered through the invisible and colorless innate body one by one.

This process was very difficult. Li Huowang felt like he was trying to push an elephant away with a wheelbarrow. After pushing for a long time, he couldn’t move at all.

But he is not in a hurry. When it comes to cultivation, you cannot rush it for a while. What is important is to persist for eternity.

Since Beifeng’s tricked Xin Su can do it, then he can definitely do it too.

I don’t know how long it took, but when Li Huowang opened his eyes exhausted, he found that the sky outside the window had become a little dark.

At this time, the entire ear room became crooked, with the floor and walls bulging and falling.

Seeing this scene, Li Huowang couldn’t help but frowned. The practice of this cultivation technique will cause strange changes in the surrounding environment. It seems that I am afraid that I will no longer be able to practice in Niuxin Village, and I need to find a place where it is not easy to accidentally hurt others.

Li Huowang stood up and walked towards the door. When he opened the door, he was surprised to find a young man standing abruptly on the ceiling above him.

When the young man saw Li Huowang’s appearance, he immediately fell back in horror. He was obviously frightened and crawled backwards on his hands and feet against the ceiling.

Just when Li Huowang looked at this man in confusion and guessed his origin, Gao Zhijian’s tall figure actually hung upside down from the ceiling and walked towards him.

When he saw that silly big man, Li Huowang immediately realized that they were not hanging upside down, but he was hanging upside down!

As soon as this thought came out, Li Huowang felt his feet loosen and fell towards the young man’s position.

With a quick dislocation, Li Huowang landed firmly in the air. In shock, he stood up and looked into the wooden door of the ear room behind him again.

The training place had already been turned upside down, the ground had become the ceiling, and the beams were below. I had just stood on the ceiling for so long, and I didn’t even notice it.

Immediately afterwards, Li Huowang became more and more determined to change the training venue. It was really weird to practice the cultivation method like this.


Li Huowang raised his head, looked at Gao Zhijian in front of him, reached out and patted his forearm, “How old are you? Why are you growing taller after not seeing each other for a few months?”

“Yeah.” Gao Zhijian said, pointing outside with his hand.

Li Huowang looked at his solemn look, thought for a while, then raised his feet and led him outside.

“Godfather, godmother asked me to take you back for dinner.” The young man who was paralyzed on the ground with fear just stood up quickly and said.

“I’ll be back in a moment, let her eat first.”

When he arrived at Gao Zhijian’s home, Li Huowang saw the other party holding a pile of stones and garbage, and he felt very guilty and handed it to him.

“This is.” Li Huowang identified it for a long time before he realized that this thing was the slate book he had given him, the same piece that Danyangzi regarded as a treasure.

Through Gao Zhijian’s stammering explanation, Li Huowang knew that just one afternoon some time ago, the heavenly book was broken without warning, and then some inexplicable words came from it, which seemed to be ridiculing the delusion of becoming an immortal. .

“It’s okay, your beauty is dangerous. This matter has nothing to do with you. This thing itself is used to deceive people.” Li Huowang explained to Gao Zhijian.

Although I don’t know when Danyangzi got this so-called Heavenly Book, judging from how hard he worked to collect so many pieces of heaven and earth to refine the elixir, this period of time should be very long, at least there will be Three years and five years.

The so-called Lao Junye in his mouth was naturally sitting in Wangdao and pretending not to run away.

Not only Danyangzi was deceived, but also the mandrills in the cave before, and many more deceived people around the world.

Such a large-scale, long-span, and almost universal scam cannot be accomplished overnight. It may even take decades or even hundreds of years to deploy.

Such a grand scam could only be the work of Dice.

The dice guys worked hard to collect the lies from so many people who were deceived, just to find the right opportunity to recruit Doulao’s incarnation and let it steal the sacred mountain ghost that Emperor Daliang finally managed to get. Eye.

The way of heaven in the long-dead Shenshan ghost seems to be chaos? confusion?

“It’s just a little strange. According to what I know about them, haven’t the Dice been thinking about how to deceive Doulao into taking away the Heavenly Way, and plan to directly become a saint in the body to replace it? Why would they help Doulao? Could it be that they were being attacked by Doulao? “Grandma was lied to?”

Li Huowang, who was a little distracted, woke up with Gao Zhijian’s hand, “Sorry, I’m thinking too much, Gao Zhijian, are you okay?”

“Yes.” Gao Zhijian finished speaking concisely, turned around and walked towards the house.

Soon Gao Zhijian came back, holding an art of war in his hand. Li Huowang still remembered this, which he had gotten from Peng Longteng’s body.

“This, this, this, is…yes, military strategists practice…practice.”

Li Huowang took it in surprise and flipped through it carefully. He was a little surprised to find that there was actually a military training method hidden inside, which taught others how to increase evil spirits and control evil spirits.

“Have you practiced?”

“Yes.” Gao Zhijian nodded, looked around, walked to the giant halberd in the distance, clenched his cheeks and roared, forcibly picking up the heavy weapon.

As a strong evil aura spread from Gao Zhijian’s body to the surroundings, the headless Peng Longteng began to get excited, and his huge palms sometimes clenched and sometimes relaxed.

“Drink~!” Along with a roar, a strong wind blew Li Huowang’s hem and hair back violently, and the huge heavy halberd hit the ground heavily with the force of a thousand pounds.

The ground shook in an instant, and the stone bricks on the ground were broken every inch. Li Huowang even felt an earthquake.

Li Huowang was shocked. Gao Zhijian had practiced so well without saying a word. If he had grown taller, his strength would have been close to that of Peng Longteng.

Should I say that he is a genius with great intelligence and strength, or should I say that the military skills are easy to practice?


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