Mutated Tao Chapter 448: Anklet


Chapter 448 Anklet

Seeing Bai Lingmiao’s huge reaction, Li Huowang seemed a little speechless. “What are you talking about? As I told you, it is the black Tai Sui in my body used to suppress hallucinations, but now I don’t need it to suppress hallucinations, so it has come out of my body now.”

As he spoke, Li Huowang picked up Li Sui’s bamboo hat, revealing clusters of black and sticky tentacles underneath.

Hearing this, Bai Lingmiao immediately noticed the most critical information, with ecstasy on his face. “Oh?! So you will never have to fall into hallucinations again?”

“No, I still have to go. Things over there have not been handled properly, but now they are barely under my control.”

Bai Lingmiao was overjoyed immediately, looking much happier than Li Huowang. “It’s great! Meng Qiaoyi Qinlan┤Su Xiao is the first to cure his own defects!”

Looking at her joyful smile, Li Huowang felt a little guilty in his heart. She undoubtedly cared more about him than he cared about her.

After thinking about it, Li Huowang took out a gold ring wrapped with a red string from his arms. He bent down and gently took off Bai Lingmiao’s white shoes.

“I still remember that when I came out of Qingfeng Temple, I had no money to buy food, so you melted your gold anklet and bought me steamed buns.”

Looking at the gold anklet on Bai Lingmiao’s jade-white ankle, Li Huowang said with a complicated expression: “I said at the time that when I got rich, I would buy you a bigger one. I’m sorry, this time Too many things happened on the road, and I didn’t have time to buy it for you until now.”

Bai Lingmiao blinked her white eyelashes slightly, and then said nothing more. She just gently leaned down and snuggled into Li Huowang’s arms.

Li Huowang looked at Bai Lingmiao’s body. The joy and love covered up the desire and evil. At this moment, she was the same as when the evil spirit had not entered her body. There was no change.

While Li Huowang was caressing Bai Lingmiao’s hair, smelling the fragrance on her body, and enjoying this rare peace, Li Sui next to him moved to the table next to him, plated it up, and raised his two eyeballs Staring intently.

“Dad, what are you doing?”

It was very curious because it had never seen such a thing, and Li Huowang had never told it about it.

“Is your son having trouble with his brain?” Bai Lingmiao asked angrily, burying her head in Li Huowang’s arms.

With a chuckle, Li Huowang let go of Bai Lingmiao, walked to Li Sui and whispered a few instructions to him. Soon, Li Sui crawled out of the open wooden window like an octopus. Went to play with steamed buns.

When he closed the window and turned around, he saw an excited Bai Lingmiao rushing towards him.

Li Huowang hugged her in a panic and was about to speak, but was blocked by the softness and smoothness of the other party. At this moment, the desire on Bai Lingmiao’s body was obviously much brighter than the others.

After a long time, Li Huowang lay on the bed, hugging Bai Lingmiao who was wearing a white lotus bellyband, enjoying the tranquility after the storm, and softly recounted their experiences after the two separated.

Bai Lingmiao, who was nestled in Li Huowang’s arms, curled up and played with the red thread gold ring on her ankle fondly while listening.

But as he talked, Li Huowang suddenly stopped talking when he mentioned that the cultivation techniques could be faked to cultivate the real ones.

“If both sides can become true, then would it be bad for Bai Lingmiao and Yang Na if I do this to them?”

Li Huowang fell into trouble. He had never thought about this problem in the past because he always felt that one of the two sides must be false. Thinking about this problem was a complete waste of time.

“Say, why don’t you say anything?” Bai Lingmiao gently pushed her long hair into Li Huowang’s arms.

“It’s nothing. There’s nothing to say about the hallucination. How was Niuxin Village while I was away?” Li Huowang changed the topic lightly.

“That’s it. What else can you do? I’ll help you hire some people to plow the fields. There’s too much land in the village. Zhao Wu and the others can’t plow it. Besides, they’re not doing it. Farm work material. ”

Li Huowang nodded clearly, thinking of the unfamiliar faces in the fields.

“By the way, although you are a slave privately, in public, you have to respond when they call you godfather.”

“Godfather? What is this called?”

“The name of Daliang is that the emperor of Daliang is benevolent and virtuous. He does not allow others to keep slaves, so Ren Yazi can only use another excuse to sell him.”

“Hey, Li Huowang, despite your young age, he is both a godfather and a biological father. He is really quite senior. Haha.”

While the two continued to whisper, there was a knock on the door of the boudoir. “Miaomiao, it’s time to have dinner.”

That was Xiaoman’s voice. There was a hint of shyness in her voice, but she just gave a reminder and then fell silent. She naturally knew what the two of them were doing inside.

“Hey, let me tell you something fun. Recently, Zhao Wu and Gao Zhijian had a tense relationship with Xiao Man. The two of them surrounded her like flies, but she was annoyed.”

Li Huowang got out of bed and put on his clothes. He tugged on the skin on various parts of his body to feel the recovery. “That’s good. It’s up to her to choose. Anyway, it’s her own path. We can’t help with this kind of private matter.”

When the two people, who had changed into new clothes, took their seats at the main table, people at the table of about ten people, led by Lu Zhuangyuan, raised their glasses one after another.

“Come, let’s toast the little Taoist! I wish the little Taoist everything goes well!” When Li Huowang picked up the wine glass and drank it, the dinner table suddenly became lively.

A few tables away, Li Huowang could hear Gou Wa’s loud, showy voice. “That’s my Senior Brother Li! My buddy! He’s like a god! He can fly in the sky and escape from the earth, spread his beans to form soldiers, and is omnipotent! That was the day when we met a group of water bandits while we were on the road.”

“How much alcohol is this?” Li Huowang, who was frowning, couldn’t help but rub his swollen head. He was really not good at drinking because of his sensitive body.

“What degree is it? The Zhuangyuan Red wine that Leader Lu bought specially, it should be good wine. If I had known I would have changed tea for you, you can just eat something and go to bed to rest.” Bai Lingmiao answered.

Li Huowang shook his head vigorously, immediately left the table and walked out of the Bai family courtyard.

When he bent down and pressed his throat against a tree, he immediately vomited out all the wine he had just drank, and suddenly became much more awake.

At this moment, a hand next to him came up with a face towel. Li Huowang immediately took it and wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth.

But when he turned around, he found that the man was Er Shen wearing a red hijab.

Looking at the lights in the yard in the distance, Li Huowang looked at the blood-red red hijab of the two gods with a very complicated expression.

“Senior Brother Li.” Li Huowang watched the changes in her body, and for a moment he seemed to see the Bai Lingmiao from the past coming back.

After hesitating for a long time, Li Huowang finally took out a new gold ring wrapped with red thread from his arms and handed it over.


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