Mutated Tao Chapter 445: Li Jiancheng


Chapter 445 Li Jiancheng

Snow-white walls, bright energy-saving lamps, and light green explosion-proof glass welded with iron bars.

Wrapped in two layers of straitjacket, Li Huowang watched everything around him quietly and seriously.

The very monotonous environment around him seemed so vibrant in Li Huowang’s eyes at this time, as if the color tone had improved out of thin air.

This is because everything is real and not false.

Li Huowang learned from Hongzhong’s memory that Xinsu’s extremely powerful ability was that the innate power in his body was not anything else, but a part of the way of heaven.

Just like the turbid heart can tear apart the heaven and the earth, as long as the ability of the heart can be used perfectly, it can also be faked to cultivate the true.

After understanding this, the confusion in Li Huowang’s heart completely disappeared. He didn’t need to distinguish between true and false. As long as he cared about it, whether it was true or false, it could become true.

The sound of “clang” and the sound of the iron door made Li Huowang look towards the door.

First, two tall prison guards walked in from the door, holding police weapons in their hands and wearing bulletproof and stab-proof vests, standing on one side like door gods.

From among them, walking in was Sun Xiaoqin carrying a food box. She seemed to be dissatisfied with the existence of the two of them.

“You young people are really, oh, you have already said that nothing will happen to you as long as I am here, but you still insist on following me. One is not enough, so two of you are here at once. Everyone in this prison is… Very free? ”

The prison guards were also full of complaints about this. “Aunt Sun, please don’t embarrass us. This is a dead order from above. Even though we are within the system, the harvest will be guaranteed during droughts and floods, but our salary is only a few thousand yuan a month. Now the house prices are more or less per square meter. In order to do this It’s really not worth risking your life for just a few dollars.”

Sun Xiaoqin seemed to want to continue complaining. When she saw Li Huowang looking at her, she immediately walked over happily carrying the food box. “Son? Wake up! Come and eat. Today, I made your favorite winter melon and pork ribs soup!”

Li Huowang looked at the other person’s face, that face that was extremely familiar but also very kind.

The plastic short-handled spoon picked up half a spoon of rice from the food box, then picked up half a piece of ribs and winter melon, and finally delivered it to Li Huowang.

Li Huowang put this simple but delicious food into his mouth and chewed it gently.

He enjoyed this rare delicacy calmly, and no longer had to worry about whether he was eating winter melon ribs or rusty nail mud.

Looking at Sun Xiaoqin’s eyes with crow’s feet, Li Huowang said softly: “Mom, there is no need to hang around me 24 hours a day. You should also rest regularly. I will get better and better in the future.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? The more this time comes, the more difficult it is to stay away from people around you!”

Hearing this, Li Huowang stopped trying to persuade him, because he knew that it would be useless to persuade him based on his temper.

This meal was finished in a rare and rare calm, without any accidents.

Just as the two prison guards guarding the door could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, they saw one of his colleagues walking into the ward with a man in his forties or fifties.

“It’s okay, this is the father of bed 13.”

The three prison guards saw the man walking towards Madman Wu’s bedside carrying a bag of small oranges in a red mesh bag.

“Dad.” Li Huowang stared at this strange man. He didn’t have much waking time, and he only had a handful of times when he bumped into his father.

“Why are you here? Why didn’t you inform me before you came?” Sun Xiaoqin blamed her husband, took his wrist and walked out the door.

Through the window welded with iron bars, Li Huowang saw his parents leaning together with their necks slightly crossed, muttering something, and occasionally peeking at him.

Li Huowang looked at their backs with a complicated expression. The clothes they bought in the past seemed a bit big now, and they had both lost weight.

Five minutes later, Li Huowang saw his father entering the house again, and his mother leaving with the lunch box.

“Want to eat oranges?” A pair of rough hands took out two sugar oranges from the red mesh bag.

Seeing Li Huowang shaking his head, he peeled off the skin and placed it on the bedside table.

“How are you doing?”

“Not bad, the environment here is quite good.”

“How are you sick?”

“It’s almost gone, I mean it.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

The two of them hit it off, but gradually no one spoke.

The conversation between the two ended, which seemed normal. Compared with the mother who acted as the white face at home, the father who acted as the black face did not spend much time talking to each other.

Li Huowang observed the other party silently. The bloodshot eyes and faint dark circles in his eyes proved that the other party was not getting enough sleep.

The slightly yellowed collar and the oily cuffs proved that he had not changed his clothes for a while.

And the somewhat bald head has a lot more white hair than before, and the beard has not been shaved for several days.

And this man is his father, Li Jiancheng.

Looking at his son who was tightly restrained on the hospital bed and the scars across his face, Li Jiancheng sighed deeply. He reached into his coat pocket and took out the shriveled He took out a cigarette from the crumpled cigarette box, held it in the corner of his mouth, and lit it with a green transparent lighter.

He took a deep breath of cigarette and exhaled it slowly. His eyes seemed a little moist as if he was affected by the smoke.

“Master, I’m sorry, smoking is now completely prohibited in the prison area. Please cooperate.”

Hearing the reminder from the prison guard at the door, Li Jiancheng quickly put out his cigarette, looked around but couldn’t find the ashtray, and finally wrapped it up with the peeled orange peel.

“Dad, didn’t you quit smoking? Why did you start smoking again?”

Li Jiancheng smiled and put the lighter in his pocket, “I’m upset. It’s okay. These cigarettes are cheap and don’t cost much.”

“I’m not talking about money, but my body.”

After a long time, Li Jiancheng sighed deeply again and said: “It’s my father’s fault for not discovering that you have this problem earlier. I checked on the Internet and found that the sooner mental illness is treated, the better. If it had not been done before, If you find out, maybe you won’t–“

“Dad, this matter has nothing to do with you!” Li Huowang couldn’t bear it anymore and interrupted him directly.

“This is a physical problem. Since I am a xinsu, this is my life. I can’t escape it. You don’t have to blame yourself. I will take care of it. Don’t worry.”

When he saw the corners of the other party’s mouth trembling slightly, Li Huowang knew that he shouldn’t explain anything to him.

He doesn’t understand the world over there at all. Telling him about his heart condition will only make him think that his condition is not cured.

“The fire is strong.” Li Jiancheng’s words were full of exhaustion and bitterness. “I know you can’t tell the difference. It’s okay. It’s okay if you can’t tell the difference. Dad doesn’t blame you.”

“If you like to stay over there, then stay over there. If this makes you feel comfortable, don’t worry. I have everything here, and dad can still stand it.”

Hearing this, Li Huowang felt sad, but he didn’t say anything else. He was afraid that tears would flow out of his eyes the moment he spoke.

The two father and son continued to sit like this silently until the prison guard came to ask for help. Li Jiancheng, who was tired but tense, stood up, touched Li Huowang’s head with his hand, turned around and left the ward.


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