Mutated Tao Chapter 438: Doulao


Chapter 438 Dou Lao

In Houshu, Qingqiu, Siqi, and Daliang, every person who was deceived by the stone slab had a faint purple light emerging from their eyebrows.

They didn’t lose anything. If you insist on saying so, the only thing they lost was the feeling of being deceived at this moment.

These purple lights gathered together and continued to gather rapidly towards the imperial city of Shangjing. These things attracted the attention of all forces.

The faint purple light in the sky flew from all directions and kept getting into the black points of the four dice.

With the addition of these purple lights, the square heads of the four dice became larger and larger, more and more purple, and their bodies began to gradually disappear from the world, as if they themselves were false.

As their bodies disappeared, the sound of the dice chanting became louder and louder, and finally became as if it was the only sound in the world.

“These Zuowangdao guys still want to rely on their mortal bodies to fight against Si Ming? There is absolutely no such possibility!”

Emperor Liang raised his head and glanced at the mask that was not ready yet. Although he thought it was unlikely, he did not dare to ignore it.

As he waved his hands with flipped dragon scales, the black clouds in the sky rolled and curled directly in that direction.

Seeing this scene, other people in Daliang also started to help, and the battle, which had been a little cold for a while, became fierce again.

At this time, the remaining Zuowangdao suddenly seemed to be dying, desperately rushing towards that side, blocking the approach of the black cloud.

In this chaos, the dice’s chanting ended.

“If all sentient beings are in trouble, if you name them, the great masters will ask for help from the sufferings. The great compassion and great wishes, the great sages and great mercy, the Holy Spirit, the Empress of Heaven, the great sage Mo Li, who holds the sky. Yuan Ming fights against Lao Tianzun!”

At the moment when the last word “Zun” stopped, the six points on the faces of the dice separated from their bodies, wrapped in a stream of faint purple light, and disappeared into the extremely dark clouds in the sky.

The next moment, everyone in Siwangdao raised their heads at the same time and shouted to the top of their heads in unison. “Dou Lao Yuanjun, come quickly! Da Nuo is about to wake up!!”

“Wow~!” The thick clouds that had been in the sky all night disappeared as quickly as foam meeting water.

Li Huowang, who was about to leave this place, stepped away from his feet and stepped directly into the ground with his right foot.

The ground is indeed still there, but the texture has become very special, as if it has turned into some kind of liquid.

Not only the ground, but even Li Huowang’s own body was so soft. If it weren’t for the support of the worms in his abdomen, he would have fallen completely into the ground.

“What on earth is this…” Li Huowang subconsciously raised his head and saw the Yin-Yang Taiji Fish very high and far away, like a sun in the sky.

No, it’s two wheels, no, it’s four wheels! As Li Huowang looked at more and more, he even felt that his eyes were getting more and more.

Just when Li Huowang’s thoughts were divided into six parts, he heard the proud laughter of the dice in the distance.

“Hahaha, I lied to you! Da Nuo actually didn’t wake up yet. Look, I scared you like this.”

With a bang, the dices laughed loudly and unscrupulously towards the sky, not respecting their own orders at all.

“Look what I got you,? You found one!”

“Brush~” The huge Yin-Yang Taiji fish quickly grew in size, covering the entire sky instantly like a huge lid.

Not only the ground, but the entire Shangjing City began to become very unstable at this moment. Some things that should have existed disappeared, and some things that should not have existed appeared out of thin air.

At this time, Li Huowang was also struggling. Even though he was in the state of the Five Elements, he seemed so small in front of this thing.

Li Huowang looked up again. Now he could see more clearly. Those were not Yin and Yang Tai Chi fish, but two oceans entangled with each other!

“And there is something under the black and white seabed.” Li Huowang obviously saw something. He hugged his head in pain, dark red blood gradually flowed out from his seven orifices, and his head was swollen with a longevity star painted on it. So huge.

This is the first time he has seen Siming in the real world, and it is also the first time he has understood how powerful this kind of existence is, even just a glance is not enough.

Just when some kind of chaotic and distorted perception began to gradually erode everything about Li Huowang, a strong pain pulled him back.

Li Huowang’s body seemed to begin to break apart, and scars appeared out of thin air without warning, bringing endless pain to Li Huowang, and at the same time, it also made his consciousness gradually clear.

After regaining consciousness, Li Huowang found that he was moving. He was sitting on a picture scroll. Zhuge Yuan, with a serious look on his face, controlled the picture scroll and moved on the undulating ground.

At this moment, this narrow scroll is like a wooden boat, taking them out of trouble.

“Brother Li, sit still, let’s leave here first.” Looking at the completely changed color of the sky, Zhuge Yuan’s face was solemn, but he was not panicked at all.

The other party’s calmness made Li Huowang relax a little. He just wanted to find Beifeng, but he didn’t expect to be involved in such a big thing.

Is this Si Mingdou Lao who sits in Wangdao? Zuowangdao, they got this thing out! , what on earth are you going to do! !

When Li Huowang looked at the giant eye again, he found that the giant eye was wrapped in a golden mask and flew quickly towards the Yin Yang Tai Chi in the sky.

It seems to be struggling with something else. As it fell into the white eyes of the black sea, the entire sea began to stir.

But what is absolutely certain is that with only one eyeball, it is no match for the thing under the sea.

Zhuge Yuan raised his head and stared at everything above his head, and said in a very rare low voice: “Brother Li, I hope I am overthinking, otherwise.”


“Nothing, let’s get out of here first.”

As Zhuge Yuan took out the judge pen and wrote the word “quick” in the air, the canvas under them moved faster.

Sometimes the time is very fast, sometimes it is very short. When he saw the gate of the imperial city appearing in front of him, Li Huowang’s heart was beating fast.

He doesn’t care what is happening in the sky. The only thing he knows now is that he will soon find a way to get rid of the illusion of mind from Bei Feng’s mouth!

“Brother Zhuge, please borrow your old imperial calendar when you get out. I need to force you to find out–” As soon as Li Huowang said this, he suddenly stopped.

He looked tremblingly at the Tai Chi ocean covering the sky. In the white circle in the black sea, there was an erect pupil floating at the moment. It was the eye behind the golden mask before.

At this moment, those eyes were staring directly at me! !


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