Mutated Tao Chapter 436: History


Chapter 436 History

“Brother Zhuge, it’s me! Li Huowang!” Li Huowang pointed to the body controlled by Li Sui and explained. Only then did Zhuge Yuan know what happened.

After he accepted this explanation, Li Huowang didn’t care about anything else and shouted quickly: “Brother Zhuge, leave here first! It’s not suitable to stay here for a long time! Both Supervisor Tiansi and Zuowang Dao in Daliang got into a fight, so you can stay any longer. Iā€™m afraid it will harm Chi Yu!ā€

Zhuge Yuan shook his head and pointed to the palace in front of him, “No, I’m waiting for Qingjun to start, so there’s no reason to give up halfway.”

No matter what Li Huowang had just experienced, from Zhuge Yuan’s perspective, he followed the others into the palace and forced the little emperor of Daqi to abdicate.

At this time, around him, some soldiers and generals in battle armor, as well as various civil servants, surrounded Zhuge Yuan, as if he was the leader.

Seeing Li Huowang’s anxious look, Zhuge Yuan said confidently: “Don’t worry, I’ll be there for everything, no problem.”

Li Huowang looked around, and there was an obvious difference. The golden light was the beam, while the snow-covered one was Daqi. The inner gold was white on the outside, and the layers were extremely clear.

And Daliang’s weird chanting sound disappeared very abruptly, as if it was blocked out. Xinpan’s ability was so miraculous that he could even block Si Ming’s influence.

“How long will it take?” Li Huowang asked again.

“It will take at most one stick of incense to reach the Zen room in front of us where the Empress Dowager is chanting Buddha and chanting sutras. The little emperor is also there. All we need to do is ask him to issue an edict to abdicate.”

Li Huowang looked at the body controlled by Li Sui, thought for a while and then gritted his teeth. “Okay! I’ll help you! Fight quickly!”

As Zhuge Yuan continues to move forward, the environment around him is also changing, and some of the people he is fighting will also be involved.

But at this moment, neither the people from Supervising Tiansi nor Zuowangdao seemed to pay attention to Zhuge Yuan’s intention.

Looking at these people passing by around him, they quickly turned into fleeing palace maids and eunuchs. Zhuge Yuan seemed to have thought of something, and his brows gradually tightened.

When the door of the Zen room was pushed open suddenly, some kind of deep chanting sound accompanied by wooden fish came towards the face. “Sa Bo is punished for dragging, and the sand is lifted from the room. Yeah, there is no such thing in the south.”

A group of monks in yellow robes filled the entire Zen room. They formed a circle on three levels inside and three outside. In the center of the circle, an old abbot in cassocks was facing away from them. Taking a razor and shaving a child with a pale face.

Li Huowang knew that child. He once pretended to be him in front of him. He was the little walking corpse emperor of Daqi.

“Sorship? Are all the monks in Zhengde Temple crazy? Let a zombie convert to Buddhism?” I don’t know who said it, but these monks are still doing their own thing.

The razor scraped gently until the last bit of hair fell off. “Amitabha, you are so good. The three thousand troubles in the world of mortals are over. From now on, you will be a disciple of Zhengde Temple. If anyone dares to be unkind to you, he will be an enemy of Zhengde Temple.”

As he spoke, the old monk in cassock slowly turned his head. When Li Huowang saw his face, he was stunned and blurted out subconsciously. “Monk?!”

The old abbot in front of me looks like him, who is he? ! It’s the illusion of the monk around me!

Here, the monk can only be an old monk with no temple requirements, but in Daqi, he is the abbot of Zhengde Temple!

For a time, Li Huowang suddenly understood a lot. This Daqi was not the Daqi of a thousand years ago. When he came to Zhuge Yuan, he did not travel through time and space to a thousand years ago, but came to another timeline.

Li Huowang subconsciously raised his head and looked at Zhuge Yuan beside him, remembering his nickname Storyteller and the previous severe punishment for privately printing history books on the sign opposite Jian Tiansi. “Zhuge Yuan’s Daqi is another history of this chaotic world!”

These things poured into Li Huowang’s brain with a bang. In the past, he had never been able to understand what was going on around Zhuge Yuan. Now he suddenly understood what Xinpan was. He was a door, and one door could pass through. A door to another history!

The Zaiwang Road that came before was actually another Zaiwang Road in history! And in this piece of history, the monk became the abbot of Zhengde Temple!

Just when Li Huowang was thinking about these periods in his mind, he didn’t know what Zhuge Yuan said, and the entire Zhengde Temple in the Zen room stood up with a roar.

As they clasped their hands together, some furtive eyes, big or small, appeared and disappeared from the ring scars on their heads.

As the chanting in their mouths continued to get louder, the corners of the mouth of the huge Buddha statue on the wall began to rise slightly.

“Masters! Since we are practitioners who eat fast and chant the Buddha’s name, I’m afraid it’s not good to be so entangled in the mortal world?” Zhuge Yuan picked up a picture scroll and opened it suddenly, and some monks in the meditation room suddenly disappeared.

He used the turbidity of the heart in the painting to hide all the monks.

“Bah!!” The monks clapped their hands one after another, like King Kong with angry eyes. His eyes suddenly bulged out, then opened like a peacock’s tail. Thousands of **** hands stretched out from their backs.

Just when the fight was about to begin, suddenly the whole meditation room began to shake, and then the strange sound that could loosen a person’s emotions and sufferings was heard.

The moment this sound sounded, some Daqi people around Zhuge Yuan fell to the ground and screamed, and then their bodies began to become chaotic.

“What’s going on!” Li Huowang turned around subconsciously, and Daliang’s huge vertical pupils stood there like a big mountain.

“Brother Zhuge!! We can’t stay any longer! No matter what it is! Daliang has begun to affect Daqi!!” Li Huowang covered his ears and yelled crazily.

However, faced with such a situation, Zhuge Yuan smiled coldly on his face. “Hmph! Don’t try to deceive me! You just become so huge, so what! What’s fake will always be fake!”

After saying that, Zhuge Yuan took out the old almanac from his arms and started writing it quickly. But before he could finish writing, his huge eyes suddenly opened, and Zhuge Yuan immediately knelt down on one knee in pain. The translucent umbilical cord appeared and disappeared on his body, and billowed violently in the dark clouds in the sky.

At this time, it was very difficult for Li Huowang to even move. If you continue like this, I’m afraid you and Zhuge Yuan will die here!

Li Huowang simply took out the dagger and slashed deeply along his neck.

Clatter, the blood-red Daqianlu quickly spread out on the ground. “Wood liver! Spleen earth! Lung metal! Kidney water! Heart fire! The five elements are placed in the leap!”

As Li Huowang patted his five internal organs, his five senses began to gradually merge, and Li Huowang sensed the existence of Ba Hui.

Then Daqianlu’s red bamboo stick twisted into a worm and quickly penetrated into his body. It ate the minced meat and entangled with each other and continued to reproduce. After a while, it occupied Li Huowang’s empty chest and began to move out. overflow.

But unlike his extremely frightening body, Li Huowang felt that he was very good at this moment, his body no longer hurt, and his mind was no longer confused.

And no matter how big the huge vertical pupils are, the weird sounds can no longer affect him.

The five elements cannot be used indiscriminately because the five internal organs must be sacrificed and can only be used once per life, but Li Huowang doesn’t care because this is not his body now, but Bei Feng’s body.


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