Mutated Tao Chapter 428: Golden Palace


Li Huowang stood there, staring at everything in front of him with wide eyes.

In fact, he has always been indifferent to money, but when a palace made of gold appeared in front of him, he still felt extremely shocked in his heart.

The golden palace in front of me looks extremely solemn and holy, even the white snow falling on it gradually disappears.

“They are all in here…” Li Huowang looked at the **** footprints on the gold bricks in the distance. Carefully maintaining his invisibility, he walked inside.

Walking alone in a golden area, Li Huowang stepped on the gold bricks and looked at the golden palace. He felt as if he was in a dream. How rich is this beam to build such a huge golden city? Come.

Following the **** footprints on the ground, Li Huowang quickly approached the gate of a golden palace. The couplet on the left read: “The emperor’s order is in Jiuwei, but it is difficult, but it is disrespectful.”

The couplet on the right reads, “Heaven’s heart protects your husband’s virtues, and he will always protect you and seek peace.” Li Huogan raised his head, and the huge plaque had three golden characters of Jin Canzhou written on it, “Jin Canzhou” rate section”

“Is this the Jinluan Palace… Li Huowang frowned and stepped in. He didn’t know what the name of this place was now. He was more concerned about where the Xinsu Beifeng he was looking for was now.

The Jinluan Palace is very empty, with nothing except those giant pillars with six-clawed golden dragons coiled around them.

So much so that when Li Huowang deliberately slowed down his pace, he could hear the slight echo of his own footsteps.

“Why are these Zuowangdao running so fast? Also, what are they doing here in Daliang Palace?”

Li Huowang endured the anxiety and uneasiness in his heart and walked quickly towards the six doors at the back of the hall, but when he walked over, he found that there was no door at all!

“Huh?! Ghost fighting against the wall? In this Daliang Palace?” Li Huowang suddenly felt a thump in his heart.

“Dad…” Li Sui suddenly spoke.

“What’s wrong? Now is not the time to talk.”

“Dad, there is something written on your arm.”

Hearing Li Sui’s words, Li Huowang subconsciously raised his hands and saw words carved with a knife on the inside of his left forearm.

“There is something weird about this place. Time and memory will be forgotten. Carve it out with a knife!”

Li Huowang knew very well that these were his notes, but he couldn’t remember when he had written them down after searching through the memories in his mind.

“Wait! I have seen this scene once before!”

Just when Li Huowang was about to take a knife to carve the word “heart turbidity”, he found that the words “heart turbidity” had already been written on his arm.

Bingmu also wrote something else next to these two Dong characters. “He’s nearby, go find him quickly! I’ve been trapped here for half an hour!”

These words gave Li Huowang a creepy feeling at this moment. In his memory, it was only a few minutes after I entered the Jinluan Palace, so why did it take so long!

At this time, Li Huowang also felt a wound deep enough to the bone to appear on his thigh.

“I was injured? When?!” Li Huowang gritted his teeth and broke open the flesh and blood, and found that there were sharp seams on his thigh bones.

Obviously, in order to find the turbid heart, I had already divined it without knowing it.

Keeping the shape of the twisted bone seams firmly in mind and engraved on his hand, Li Huowang began to search in the Jinluan Palace.

During this time, there were more and more handwriting on his arms.

“Have you looked for the southeast corner?”

“I have searched the place behind the Panlong Pillar on the east side, and there is no need to look for it.”

After searching a few times quickly, Li Huogan stopped in front of the center of the Golden Palace, the only place without a handwriting reminder.

Looking at the familiar lines on the gold brick, Li Huowang, with a solemn expression, clenched the handle with both hands and inserted it hard into that place.

Although gold is valuable, it is relatively soft compared to other metals. It is almost like yellow mud in front of the Zi Sui Sword, which cuts iron like mud.

Li Huowang easily pried open the gold bricks. When he looked inside again, he found that the compacted earth below had been piled aside at some point, revealing a building with a red tile roof.

This building buried in the earth is very small, probably only taller than a person. It is similar to some earth temples.

Without saying a word, Li Huowang raised the copper coin sword in his hand and shook it from a distance, “The Vemin Dadava stabs and shoots!”

I saw that the tiled roof of the small temple was lifted directly, and a familiar face appeared in front of him. It was Xin Zhuang, the body of Xin Zhuang that Ji Xiang brought them back with all their hard work!

At this time, its limbs were bent and completely sewn to the body with gold threads. Not only the limbs were sewn, but his eyes, mouth, and everything else on his body were sewn together with gold threads, turning him into a man with a bad heart. stick.

Looking like this, except for his head and chest, he was covered with * with gold pen. These * characters were intertwined with each other, as if he was wearing a * cassock.

These * words are not just on him, but spread from him to the surrounding soil.

The copper coin sword in Li Huowang’s hand swung again. It directly caught the heart and pulled it violently.

Sitting in the small temple, he instantly jumped into the air. As he separated from the golden characters, the entire golden temple seemed to dim a bit.

When Li Huowang saw that there was no new handwriting on his body, he breathed a sigh of relief. The trouble was finally over.

A long time has been wasted, and Li Huowang could no longer waste it. He first glanced at the heart-broken corpse and quickly walked towards the distant exit.

This time, there were no surprises. Li Huogan came out smoothly, but before he could even breathe a sigh of relief, he was stunned when he looked at the golden palaces in the distance. “Wait a minute, isn’t there a turbid heart underneath every piece of gold?”

“Yes, but not entirely.” Hongzhong, who was silent on the side, spoke again.

“These golden palaces are a kind of constellation formation. I know very little about the specific one and can’t tell. Hehe, it seems that the heart turbidity you spent all the hard work to find was taken by them. Come and be the enemy.”

After hearing Hongzhong’s words, Li Huowang’s face became a little ugly. Such a dangerous heart was only worthy of being a formation eye in this place. What were they thinking about?

No longer caring about anything else, Li Huowang quickened his pace and continued to walk in. Now he was in big trouble. The north wind was involved in such a dangerous place, so nothing happened!

Every step of the way leads to wisdom. Li Huowang tried his best to stay away from the surrounding golden palaces and only walked through the empty corridors and squares.

If there is really no way out, then forcefully dig a hole through the golden wall.

Maybe Li Huowang’s method worked, or maybe the person in front of him took care of the thunder on the road for him. Anyway, everything went normally for the next period of time.

Just like this, follow the traces of blood. Li Shi went all the way north. When he passed through a high wall, with his sharp hearing, he heard the sound of eyes and ears a few walls away.

“Found it!” Li Huowang couldn’t hold back his excitement and quickly moved closer to the voice.

When Li Huowang struggled to cross a golden wall again, his eyes suddenly opened up. The first thing that bore the brunt was a black and white vertical pupil in the extremely low dark clouds in the sky. There were sixty-four bronze hexagrams suspended around the vertical pupil.


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